Mary Wakefield

Are schoolgirls still fair game for teachers?

I can feel sorry for those who are pursued as I pursued poor Mr W. But I can't accept their self-justifications

20 June 2015

9:00 AM

20 June 2015

9:00 AM

Mr Malcolm Layfield, the former violin teacher at Chetham’s music school, will have been celebrating this week after being found not guilty of raping a former pupil. Malcolm admitted to getting young (though over-age) girls drunk and to having sex with them in the back of his car. But he and his lawyer, Ben Myers QC, were keen to stress that the girls were all up for it. The one who cried rape even wore fishnet tights in his presence, for heaven’s sake.

So no harm done, eh, Malcolm? All’s well that ends well. Raise a glass of that cheap Scotch you kept in the glove compartment for the kids. Perhaps it’ll help you sleep. But if it doesn’t, there’s something I’d like you to think about, in the small hours perhaps. It’s something I’d like all the Malcolms to consider; all those music-teaching men in girls’ schools who’ve found themselves in bed or in their Fiat Pandas with the pupils in their care: you may not have sex with schoolgirls, however provocative you find their tights. You’re in loco parentis. It’s not OK. This idea you all seem to have that the classroom’s incidental; that under other circumstances you might have met and seduced these girls in the real world, in the classical section of HMV: it’s nonsense. Utter tripe. Think back to your adolescence, Malcolms. Were you such a hit with the chicks back then? And if not, just what do you think has changed? Did mid-life confer some special sexiness on your unpromising frame? Is it the bald spot, do you think, that makes you suddenly so hot? The fact is that you’d have made no headway at all had you not known, and had authority over, these girls as children.

I went to two British boarding schools, and in both there were music teachers in the Malcolm mould. At my first school there was Mr W (let’s call him that). Mr W had the complexion of a supermarket mushroom and teeth missing. ‘That slimy little man?’ said my mother, with as much surprise as disgust when she found my schoolbooks defaced by declarations of my passionate love for him.

But I was 11, as are most girls when they begin to board, as are the girls at Chetham’s. And 11 is an odd time for a girl. The sun of childhood is low, shadows fall across once-familiar things and in this strange light any old creep can seem a god.

Poor Mr W. I stalked him. When his yellow Ford Sierra was absent from the school car park I saw no point in living. When it was there, I tracked him down and drifted palely in his wake, both desperate for him to notice me and desperate for him not to.

An 11-year-old away from home knows nothing about ‘normal’. Normal is whatever happens every day. So it seemed perfectly normal for Mr W to be involved with a sixth-former — let’s call her Katie. Katie would emerge from the special music room blushing and smiling and pulling her scarf tight about her neck. Love bites, I told my friends, without knowing what one was. It never occurred to us that anything was wrong or untoward about Mr W, or indeed about any of the other teaching men who soon followed suit and took up with various girls. To an 11-year-old, Katie seemed quite grown-up. I thought her unimaginably lucky and longed more than anything to take her place.

I was lucky, now I look back on it, that I hadn’t the slightest clue about how to flirt. I tried climbing trees, right to their impressive tops, and smoking and looking deep. At 15, on a music trip, I ran into the frozen North Sea fully clothed in a desperate bid to show Mr W how attractively spontaneous I was. Later that night, drying my sodden cigarettes on a two-bar electric fire, I felt I’d played my best shot and missed.

As it happens, just after I left that school Mr W chose again from the pick’n’mix and took up with a girl in the year below me. Like me, she’d fallen for him young, but unlike me, she’d been selected for the music-room treatment. I heard from other girls that she even kept at it after school and shacked up with Mr W for a time in town. Living the dream. As I also heard it, she came to her senses soon afterwards and tried to haul her life back on to normal tracks. I’m not sure how successful that proved.

In my experience, the girls who fall hardest for teachers are often the most fragile; the neediest ones. What the Malcolms don’t understand — or what they do, I’m sure, deep down — is that for girls this isn’t about sex, no matter how provocative they seem. The longing of a schoolgirl for a teacher is bound up with the need for protection. It’s a psychic disturbance, a projection. They, we, attach in the way a patient might to his therapist. As the Chetham’s schoolgirls found out later in life, it isn’t wise to break the taboo. There are consequences later on.

In a way, I do feel sorry for the Malcolms. It must be so difficult to resist. Every year there’ll be new girls who loiter — for whom, in this strange bubble-world, you’re the very pinnacle of manhood. Where other teachers are restrained by watching eyes, you have that music room — unsupervised one-on-one tuition. And the mind is a self-justifying machine. It’s hard enough to give up sweets without thinking of 100 reasons not to. How much stronger than a desire for chocolate must be the longings of a one-time music nerd for the sort of teenagers who spurned him back when he was at school?

It’s usual to suggest, when discussing the scandals at Chetham’s or at the Royal Northern College of Music, nearby in Manchester, that teacher-pupil relationships were a 1980s thing; that we’re all wiser and more into safeguarding now. I suspect that’s a dangerously complacent view of things. Mr W was at it in the 1990s and Operation Kiso, the investigation by Greater Manchester Police into allegations of historic sexual abuse in music schools, is looking at cases from 2006.

In his closing statement in defence of Malcolm Layfield, Mr Myers QC suggested that the girls used Mr Layfield for sex, just as much as he did them. I imagined Malcolms nationwide reading the report, nodding happily over their morning papers, thinking schoolgirls are still fair game.

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  • Jankers

    Sounds like Malcolm Layfields music room had much in common with Tim Hunts laboratory, both full of emotional young women bursting with tears and desperate to be loved.

    • Annie

      The only people who’ve cried in the Tim Hunt debacle are Tim Hunt and all his silly followers.

      • Caractacus

        Tell me. Was it right that the racist, sexist, inciting to murder; Diversity Officer Bahar Mustafa kept her job?

        • Annie

          Tell me, which group was it that started a petition to get somebody out of their job ‘cos somebody made them cry?

          • John Dub

            My third reply to you Annie and most most succinct. You’re an ignorant Cnut

          • Ed_Burroughs

            I’m glad you said it, cause I was about to.

  • Kit Hogue

    I couldn’t agree more – when I was at school in the 1980s, there was a general culture among the music teachers employed by the local education authority that teenage girls were fair game. I witnessed the fall-out after a schoolmate fell pregnant by her teacher – although she never had the baby, she went from being a straight-A student to someone who barely scraped through her A-levels.

    I still feel angry that not only did the teacher escape any censure at the time, he went on to become head of the local music service.

  • Gilbert White

    Problem is if take Yewtree too seriously, like in The History Man most of our Leftie lecherurers from the brick reds would be up in the courts in droves. Best we stick to DJs and bit actors for the next century or so until things calm down. Furthermore the author obviously has not heard about all the female teachers and trustworthies taking young boy’s cherries as she?

    • GraveDave

      Problem is if take Yewtree too seriously, like in The History Man most of our Leftie lecherurers from the brick reds would be up in the courts in droves. Best we stick to DJs and bit actors for the next century or so until things calm down.

      You’re right. And it’ll be exactly the same when it all finally comes out about the Tory pederasts of Dolphin Square.

      • Roger Hudson

        You think it will all come out, i wish i had your faith.

        • GraveDave

          Believing it will all come out and the guilty being punished are still two different things. So in that respect Gilbert is right when he says about throwing a few old showbiz has-beens to the wolves. .

      • Gilbert White

        The erect penis does not wobble unlike most of humanity when it comes to Marxist ideology, comrade. The leftists as Bradbury wrote were at young girls left right and centre for all sorts of reasons.

  • Seumas McCoo

    I agree totally, male authority figures have a responsibility to treat people who may fall under their “spell” with integrity and respect. Could the young lady in question give informed consent? I doubt it. By getting into that situation that teacher was abusing the Girl long before he had any sexual contact with her. As far as women authority figures I am not a woman and I cannot judge, but I would believe that teh same basic rules apply to them, kids are kids you don’t get them involved in your games.

    • TrueNorthFree

      Just because you are not a woman does not mean you cannot judge. You most certainly can apply judgment and reason to any situation you choose.

  • Annie

    Funny, the music teacher at my school also had a relationship with a 16 year old pupil. She wasn’t the first.

    • CouchSlob

      At my school it was the chemistry teacher. And the biology teacher come to think of it. And the geography teacher.

  • Annie

    “was lucky, now I look back on it, that I hadn’t the slightest clue about how to flirt. I tried climbing trees, right to their impressive tops, and smoking and looking deep. At 15, on a music trip, I ran into the frozen North Sea fully clothed in a desperate bid to show Mr W how attractively spontaneous I was. Later that night, drying my sodden cigarettes on a two-bar electric fire, I felt I’d played my best shot and missed”

    Lol. I used to hang around the sexy gardener’s shed painting awful watercolours. I expect I’d have worn fishnets if I’d been allowed. God knows what I’d have done if he’d shown the slightest interest, run away in a panic.

    • Mr B J Mann


      Is that the right-on Fem!narsty Annie?!?!?!

      I bet she’s a trustafarian too!!!!

      Was that the school’s gardener?

      Or mummys!

  • Precambrian

    50 years of pushing promiscuity, free “love”, and the idea that 16 year olds are mature enough to consent to sex and voting, all pushed by bohemians, and people are still surprised by this occuring?

    • fundamentallyflawed

      They are only surprised and appalled when its older men and younger women. Older women (such as the one in the news this week) barely raise a ripple.
      Neither do the calls of reducing the age of gay consent to 16 raise any issue- an older man and 16 year old boy is perfectly fine to many of those who would object to an older man and younger women.

      • Annie

        Older women raises barely a ripple? What are you going on about.

        If anything middle aged women having sex with 13 and 14 and 15 and 16 year old boys are regarded by the public as more deviant than their male counterparts. And they end up in jail just the same.

        You guys really do scrape the bottom of the barrel for your victimhood don’t you.

        • John Dub

          “And they end up in jail just the same.”

          They most certainly do not. Any analysis of the statistics would make that clear.

        • Ed_Burroughs

          “And they end up in Jail just the same”. That is fatuous nonsense, we know that women receive more lenient treatment in court. Wake up and join is in the real world, please.

        • GraveDave

          If anything middle aged women having sex with 13 and 14 and 15 and 16 year old boys are regarded by the public as more deviant than their male counterparts.

          Nonsense.The ‘milf ‘thing has been highly fashionable for years in America and Europe. Just look at all the films and comedies we keep making about it.

          • WTF

            With The Graduate being the first biggest ‘MILF’ movie that hit it big time !

          • Annie

            The milf (yuk) thing concerned older women having sex with people over the age of consent. And was invented by Pervy older men, not women.

        • Mystified Man

          You missed the point and you’re wrong. This is about rule by opprobrium rather than law, so your reference to 13,14 and 15 year old kids is irrelevant. And the point still stands; you cannot on the one hand say that people should be completely liberal about sex, as long as it’s legal, and on the other condemn a man for then acting in a liberal fashion.

          And it is certainly the case that outrage is not evenly distributed. If a 35 year old man sleeps with his 16 year old student it’s; “what a desperate perv”. If a 35 year woman sleeps with her 16 year old student it’s; “he’s a lucky charmer”.

        • WTF

          Very few women get jailed and for those that do, the sentence is much lighter. That male teacher who had consensual sexual relations with a mature almost 16 years schoolgirl got 6 years which was totally over the top given the circumstances.

          However, a woman who had sexual relations with an 8 year old boy ended up with just 2 years.

          Get your feminist head out of your rear and google links like the one below !!!!

          • Annie

            Plenty of male sexual abusers get short sentences too. The judge takes the circumstances of the case into consideration and makes a judgement based on those, not based on MRA ideology.

          • WTF

            Yes some do get shorter sentences when they are are the Islamic persuasion as Judges take that into consideration but for the rest of white men in the country, not so. Just like when women get anonymity when raped whilst the guy gets named and shamed even if innocent, so much for equality under the law !!!!!

      • Pretty much the exact opposite of what you wrote. A hot young female teacher and a male student, and the keyboard warriors write, “phwoar, lucky kid”. A hot young MALE teacher and a male student, and it’s deemed Pedophilia, even if the student is 18 and made the first move.

        This is not advocacy for student/teacher sex, before you start typing out the allegation, it is merely pointing out the double standard.

        • Vladimir_Svareff

          I believe you Derek… honest.

      • Mr B J Mann

        Remember that Labour and Liberty, ahem, DIDN’T support the Pa3d0 Inf0 Exchange!


  • balance_and_reason

    Surely if someone is over 16 then the law is clear…maybe we should change the law if we don’t like it.

    • Roger Hudson

      Exactly, it’s wrong law and should be 18 for consent as well as for everything else. The law can deal with child-child ‘experimentation’ quite differently.

  • Cymrugel

    Teachers who behave like this should be punished to the full extent of the law.,
    It is frankly quite ridiculous to assert as the judge is effectively doing, that a grown man can be seduced by a schoolgirl under his charge, or that the relationship is equal in any way.

    • Roger Hudson

      Actually teachers are usually punished beyond the extent of the law. Even if an adult teacher had a relationship with an adult pupil (over 17 yrs old/past 18th birthday ) they would often lose their job.

      • GraveDave

        It’s a question of trust. But as long as the pupil was consensual and of the right age, I don’t think the teacher ought to lose their job. Maybe be removed from that particular school. But not struck off.

      • Cymrugel

        and rightly so.
        People do not send their kids to school to provide an in house harem for dodgy teachers.

  • MDB50

    So the judiciary manage to make the girl wrong and the older man quite all right thank you, sad and disgusting in this day and age to not have thrown the book at him when will they learn it is not acceptable to use your position as a
    their guardian to make use of these girls vulnerability. when will well she asked for it no longer play our as ok

    • Mary Ann

      She was over the age of consent, if she cried raped after agreeing to have sex then she was wrong, I know a man who was falsely accused of rape his life was hell for months.

      • fundamentallyflawed

        Well something I actually agree with you on.
        There are actually now laws in place to try and prevent adults in responsibility taking advantage of younger and possibly more vulnerable people in their care but this article stinks of some sort of moral crusade because he is an older man. The emphasis on man.

      • Annie

        You know a man who said he was falsely accused of rape.

        • GraveDave

          So he was guilty all along then, because you know better.

  • GraveDave

    Looking back over the last five years or so it would appear that most of the school teacher/pupil relationships have been down to female teachers, including female on female. Just saying.

    • Mary Ann

      it’s got nothing to do with what is going on in the real world, it is all to do with what is good copy, and a male teacher having sex with a 16 year old schoolgirl is not nearly so interesting as a female teacher doing the same thing.

      • GraveDave

        Ah yes, good copy….

  • fundamentallyflawed

    She was over 18 – the accusation was “rape” which was rejected by the court. There is no legal case to answer.
    In the same week a female teacher is charged with multiple counts of sexual activity with 15yr old boys but apparently the problem is men – as usual.

  • HD2

    Until the law was changed earlier this century, what took place in this (and countless thousands of other) cases was NOT illegal: both parties were over the age of consent.

    It was, however, a ‘professional misconduct’ offence, which sometimes led to a sacking and often led to a ‘being moved on’ – which party moved on depending on their value to the school in some cases!

    It is utterly and completely wrong to bring any cases now when the acts which took place were legal at that time. My own feeling, after 36 years as a schoolmaster, is that such relationships have always happened and WILL always happen: irrespective of the law.

    That’s not to say that I condone them, as I don’t. But the idea that it is all down to predatory teachers is to fundamentally misunderstand the situation (with apologies for the split infinitive!) where it can also be the girl who is predatory and it can also be a relationship which does no harm to anyone.

    Indeed, one such relationship of which I am well aware was not only known about by the entire staff and sixth form, but also by the girl’s (professional middle-class) parents: the couple actually lived together throughout most, if not all, of her U6 year (in a school owned flat!), and they remained a couple for about a decade from beginning to end, including her time at Cardiff University, and his time living and working in Oman.

    In all those years in schools, I’d guess that perhaps for half that time there was at least one such relationship of which I was aware within the various schools in which I was employed – and I’m well-known for being ‘the last to know’ about such class- and staff-room gossip.

    I confess that I DID date an ex-pupil (she was in the final year of her Vet course when we got together) back in the late 1970’s – and we remained a couple for some years, with the full knowledge and consent of her parents – indeed, they actively encouraged the relationship, helping us through a sticky patch or two.

    The age gap would have been ~6 years (she >24, me just 30 when we started). At that time, I was a teacher of, and then tutor to, both of her (much younger) brothers – which caused no difficulties whatsoever.

  • Corbus

    Judging by the 14 year old girls I see going to school in the morning where I live – they look more ‘on’ the game than fair.

    • Annie

      I suppose it all depends on whether you think the female body at whatever age is inherently sexual, and whether you think female sexuality is inherently prostitution doesn’t it.

      Because I manage to see 14 year old boys in shorts and don’t think either of those things.

      • John Dub

        “I suppose it all depends on whether you think the female body at whatever age is inherently sexual”

        Ok. A Feminist on a demonize men agenda. So for thousands and thousands of years when the average first childbearing age for women was below 16, then mankind was dominated by pedophilia then?

        Or is that physically girls can be ready long before sixteen but we as a society recognise their need for emotional maturity? But in doing so we now have to pretend that the physical readiness does not exist?

        Its the definition of Political Correctness; the war on noticing things.

      • Ed_Burroughs

        Well they are inherently sexual aren’t they, you prude?! Its part of the human condition. We all know for a fact that girls in their teens dress up like tarts, whilst the boys are still interested in rolling about in the dirt. Or are you too old to remember?

  • Muttley

    I recognise the syndrome. There were not one but two such predatory male music teachers at my posh girls’ school. Throughout my time there, one girl after another fell for their (to me, invisible) charms, and the teachers took full advantage in the set-apart “music block.” It was common knowledge amongst pupils and I know that one of the teachers was given a warning by the headteacher, but not suspended or reported. Much later, that teacher was quietly fired by the school without publicity or proceedings (presumably because the girls had “consented.”)

    • Roger Hudson

      Any male teacher who allows themselves to be alone with a pupil is being very stupid, just don’t do it.

  • Adam

    Quite simply, my child would never do this. I have no children yet, but my child will be as headstrong and self possessed as I am and would never be dirty enough or needy enough to find an ugly 60yr old attractive. I don’t think if have the same issue with this if it was a young looking, naive, very nice and inexperienced 40yr old male geek who actually did have feelings for the 14 yr old in question (if those feelings were reciprocated) rather than the seedy, dirty aspect of an ugly, 60yr old “player” going through 14yr old after 14yr old.

    Parents need to teach their children to be strong. And without any malice I say to the author, if you were this needy, what makes you think your child will be any less needy, unless you are now a much stronger person and have successfully passed on wholesome standards to your child.

    I can tell you right now, any child of mine, guy or girl, would tell a dirty, ugly 60yr old man to “get off!” and would have 100% confidence that their dad would smash this guy up on their behalf if he ever crossed a line. Daddy is strong, I am strong, and this is beneath me.

    Everyone needs to learn standards and appreciate strength and be disgusted at weakness. Then this will never happen to you or your loved ones. Only to the weak and the needy. I do not hate the weak, I wish I could help them, but I only have control over myself and my standards. I associate with people of higher standards than this. I wouldn’t want to be friends with a women or man who did this as a child, for the very reason that I keep my head above the dirty

    • Damaris Tighe

      In my experience the quote ‘methinks he doth protest too much’ rarely fails to give insight.

      • Adam

        Protest what? I’m 30 and will feely admit I’ve no problem going with a 16yr old girl so long as there is something that mutually develops. I’ve never had any problems getting girls and don’t imagine I ever will. The basic point is that my kids if I ever have any will never be involved in anything so seedy. We are all animals. Some are strong and have personal strength and standards and some are weak and easily led.

        I’m just sick of hearing of this crap. I hate these seedy old men and I view with contempt the weak kids who are led astray. They are both to blame. If you are a string individual, even as a child, you wouldn’t be attracted to a 60yr old ugly player. Simple as that,

        • Damaris Tighe

          Yup. Keeping telling yourself how strong you are.

          • Adam

            What does that even mean?

            I know how strong I am because I’ve experienced how I react to being manipulated or bullied. It isn’t bragging it’s a simple statement of fact.

            If you want to presume people can only state their strengths through pretense to hide their weaknesses there’s nothing I can do about that.

            But you’ve avoided arresting the point and simply attacked me.

            The point was: this will continue until our society rediscovers standards and we teach children to despise the weak.

          • Mc

            Adam, it is good to hear that you have high ethical standards, which you intend to instill in your children. That is a good start, but genetics may counteract your good parenting skills. For example, I had parents with principles just like yours. Nevertheless, my sibling always was an appallingly evil person, whatever my parents tried. In sexual matters, he has been serially unfaithful. In other matters, he has wreaked destruction on a daily basis.

          • Adam

            That’s sad to hear, and I’m sorry, but from my experience thats rare, I find mostly children have roughly the same foundational ethical standards that their parents instil in them. But your right, it could be the case that my child is an anomaly, but this is happening to often in these situations for these to all be anomalies. This seems to me to be systemic.

          • Mc

            Yes, it appears that my errant sibling was an anomaly. Unfortunately or fortunately, parents who are unfit to have children can’t be prevented from doing so. And I’m not sure values can be instilled in parents or children after the fact, such as by government agencies or school teachers.

          • Adam

            I agree. Which is why it is doubly or tripley important for those of us who are lucky/strong enough to already have standards, to set an unwavering example of how people should live their lives. I don’t let friends off for example if they cheat on a partner, I tell them it’s disgusting. Certain words have fallen out of everyday vocabulary and need very much to be emphasised again: honour, dignity, integrity, fortitude…..

            People under the age of 40 turn their noses up at these words, and not just because most contain more than two syllables :-p

        • Clive

          I’ve no problem going with a 16yr old girl so long as there is something that mutually develops. I’ve never had any problems getting girls and don’t imagine I ever will. The basic point is that my kids if I ever have any will never be involved in anything so seedy.
          Bit of a logical discontinuity there. If you had a 16yr old daughter you would prohibit her from having a relationship with, er…you – even though something had ‘mutually developed’. Because it was ‘seedy’.

          I’ve always had trouble ‘getting girls’ mostly because I was fat. Now I’m fat and old so maybe I have a twisted opinion.

          • Adam

            Your basic premise is not true. As I stated, a good looking 30yr old guy who actually cares about my daughter is not at all the same thing as a seedy 60yr old that goes through 16yr old after 16yr old, and perhaps has a flicker of malice in his eyes.

            Take that 35(ish)yr old mathematics teacher who ran away with his 16yr old pupil. I actually thought their situation was somewhat romantic (if stupid and dangerous) and they clearly both cared for each other.

            Each situation is different, but if can’t imagine any way in which a 60yr old guy going with a string of 16yr old girls is anything other than seedy. Unless perhaps has the sheer raw charisma and health to pull that off in a genuine way (can’t say I’ve ever met a 60yr old who would fit that description though).

            It isn’t about age, it’s about standards.

        • GraveDave

          Adam had ’em.

  • Roger Hudson

    Further evidence that the laws on majority (adulthood) and age of consent is a mess.
    Children are interested in sex (hetero or homo) from puberty and the law should recognise child-child experimentation but the there should be a total ban on adult-child relations. If the age of consent was 18 then adults could consent to what they would but adult- child sex could be totally illegal.
    The current law is a mess with only adults in a position of responsibility having the proper consent age of 18 applied, and that only happened a few years ago.

    • Ed_Burroughs

      Your position is palpably preposterous. Do you mean to tell us that an 18 year old should be incarcerated for shagging a 17 year old?

  • Ade

    It is also possible, to be a music teacher without seducing anyone.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Golden rule of teaching, don’t screw the students.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Here in Japan, the shortest skirts are on the schoolgirls.
    Gasp, grunt, quick my pacemaker.


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  • Mr Phoo

    I was a pupil at Chetham’s in the ’90s. I’d come from a normal comprehensive school and remember being struck by the strange culture there among the girls of flirting with older men, be it teachers in the school or indeed bar staff at nearby pubs and clubs. They seemed to think they were oh so cool and naughty by wooing these men. I’m still in contact with some of these girls (now women) on Facebook and oddly they still share stories from time to time of their escapades and laugh about how cool and naughty and impressive they were as teenagers.

  • Dex

    So what if it’s a teacher in the same level of position, but with no dominion over the student? The student (as happens quite often in a collegiate setting), does think that experience and intellect has added something “to that middle aged frame”? It’s really about being in a position of control, that’s what we’re saying. Like sexual harassment in the workplace, but in school? (Not in disagreement, but wanted clarification.)

  • WTF

    It seems perverse that the age of ‘consent’ varies depending on the agenda of government or the establishment.

    Some want voting at 16 but are abhorrent over 16 year girls or boys having intimate relations with much older men or women.

    We have an age drinking law of 18 years and some want to raise it to 21 like the USA.

    BUT, we also have the military quite happy to see young men (and women presumably) on the front line where they can be killed.

    After the Woolworth beheading of Lee Rigby by two Muslim nutters, even belonging to a cadets at school and wearing a cadets uniform would put you on the front line of Islamic terrorism.

    There should be a common minimum accepted age for sexual conduct, drinking (smoking) and putting your life on the line rather than cherry picking by the establishment. Where that age should be is up to us and perhaps a referendum would be a good method of getting a consensus rather than leaving it to out of touch idiots and criminal system that gets it wrong too many times.

  • WarriorPrincess111111

    Life never changes! it was the same with the groupies in the 60’s/70’s/80’s. crushes on teachers etc., and it is the same now. The only difference is that such behaviour was not published in the earlier years – it was taboo!

  • Mr B J Mann

    I wish w!mm!n and other infantilised hysterics would make their minds up.

    Apparently young adults are mature enough to vote, never mind have s-x at sixteen.

    And I once turned on the radio after the start of an interview with a woman that was insisting young women had the right to contraception, etc, at school because they had a right to explore and enjoy the joys of sex.

    I initially assumed she was referring to sixth-formers.

    But it turned out she wasn’t even referring to teenagers:

    She was talking about PRE teens?!?!?!!?

    And as for:

    “will have been celebrating this week after being found not guilty of raping a former pupil. Malcolm admitted to getting young (though over-age) girls drunk and to having sex with them in the back of his car. But he and his lawyer, Ben Myers QC, were keen to stress that the girls were all up for it.”

    Even the Fem!narst!es don’t think consensual s-x is rap3 if the consent is enthusiastic!

    This isn’t even statutory rap3, so talking about “guilty of rap!ng” demeans and diminishes real v!ctims of real rap3!