What if Hunter Biden actually gets indicted?

1 April 2022

1:52 AM

1 April 2022

1:52 AM

More news is breaking daily on America’s favorite pipe artist. But if you looked at Hunter Biden’s inner circle, you wouldn’t see a group of people bracing for impact.

In fact, you would see photos of Hunter Biden’s wife Melissa Cohen frolicking with friends on the beach in Rio de Janeiro and sipping out of coconuts.

You would see the president in the fake White House set rolling up his sleeve for his second televised booster shot.

But don’t let the Biden family’s schedule fool you: Hunter is in trouble — and they know it.

The Washington Post published a piece this week titled, “Inside Hunter Biden’s multimillion-dollar deals with a Chinese energy company.” The company in question is CEFC China Energy conglomerate.

According to emails from the laptop (which the serious people have now assured us we can talk about), the president’s son pursued a deal with the energy company that landed him nearly $5 million.

Earlier this month, the New York Times “verified” the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop-slash-diary-slash-personal camcorder. The Gray Lady’s sudden admission, buried in the twenty-forth paragraph of a story, left many wondering…why now?

Surely, the brilliant keyboard warriors at the Times were not fessing up about the laptop’s authenticity because of their journalistic integrity. A far more plausible explanation was that the legacy media was softening the soil for a much bigger blow that was coming down the pike.

On Wednesday that blow went from a possibility to an almost sure thing.

Like the NYT, the righteous Washington Post (where “Democracy Dies in Darkness”), was two years late to the party that Emma-Jo Morris and Gabrielle Fonrouge started at the New York Post a month before the election. However, their arrival to the soiree signals that Hunter might finally have to answer for his sordid life of debauchery.

And no, I don’t mean answered for through another book deal or Jimmy Kimmel interview.

The media elites have no other options. They are backed into a corner and will finally have to look at more than Hunter Biden’s very impressive motel artwork.

On Wednesday a top CNN legal analyst (not Jeffrey Toobin) said there is a realistic chance Biden could be indicted by the US government. Now the question we should be asking ourselves is: what if Hunter Biden actually gets indicted? Could Joe Biden’s presidency survive it? If history is any guide, then the answer is no.

Joe Biden is not a man who handles thing well, even during the best of circumstances. He certainly doesn’t thrive under pressure. If you were looking for a statesmanlike figure to rise above these crack-in-the-bathtub scandals — you’d be disappointed.

In the last week, his clean-up crew have had to walk back almost every off-the-cuff comment he made. Whether the president was yelling that Putin “cannot remain in power” or he was informing US troops that they would soon see women standing in front of tanks in Ukraine, almost all of Biden’s ramblings sent his handlers into a tail spin.

Joe starts to crumble and snap when he is asked about his own quotes from hours earlier. When Fox News’s Peter Doocy asked the president about his numerous missteps, a visibly frustrated Biden responded, “None of the three occurred.” Imagine how he’ll respond when asked about Hunter’s shady business dealings in China or Russia or Ukraine.

In the past, the president has struggled to explain what flavor of ice cream he picked out. Do you think he will be able to navigate questions that aren’t just of great legal consequence but also take aim at his family?

Biden’s glass jaw will likely shatter once and for all if he is asked to explain away his family’s corruption. How many reporters will be challenged to push up contests? How many will be called stupid sons of bitches?

Eventually if Hunter is forced to face the music, Joe Biden will have to make a decision. He can either distance himself from his son, the “smartest man he knows,” or he can go all in to protect him.

Turning on Hunter would be a bad look for Joe. After all, he has lied time and again about his youngest son’s innocence. On the debate stage in 2020, Joe scoffed at Trump’s mention of the Laptop from Hell: “Nobody believes it except his [Trump] good friend Rudy Giuliani.” Furthermore, considering his own connections to some of these business opportunities, Biden might not be able to claim plausible deniability much longer.

The other option is that the president would pull all of the strings and executive powers available to him in order to save his son. Politically speaking, that would look terrible for the most transparent White House in history. For voters it would just be another infuriating example of the Biden family’s corruption.

So which route will Joe choose? I’d guess the former. You see, Joe Biden’s family man schtick is as phony as his story about Corn Pop. For all of his blustering and tough talk, Joe Biden has never protected his son. He was more than happy to allow a drug-addled Hunter to do his corrupt bidding overseas and then ask for a cut of the earnings.

A good father would have put his son’s well being over a chance at dirty money. Joe Biden is not that father.

The only reason Hunter has gotten away with his schemes for this long is because the mainstream media protected and defended him far more fiercely than his own family ever would.

Here’s a tip for the Artist Currently Known as Hunter: this time around, don’t count on the Big Guy.

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