Kamala Harris laughs at a war

13 March 2022

2:29 PM

13 March 2022

2:29 PM

It’s nice to be prescient. On Thursday, in a column titled “Kamala Invades Poland,” I introduced the world to “cackle diplomacy.”

“Silly partisan hyperbole!” I nearly heard as the social media-ites had their say. But then the vice president of the United States did me proud. Just a few hours after my column posted, there she was, holding a press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda.

Some say the people who run our government sent Kamala Harris to Eastern Europe in order to give her a chance to shine in the sphere of international relations.

Watch her performance and tell me what you think. “I am here, standing here. On the northern flank…on the eastern flank…talking about what we what we have in terms of the eastern flank and our NATO allies.”


We all watched the television coverage of just yesterday. That’s on top of everything else that we know and don’t know yet. Based on what we’ve just been able to see and because we’ve seen it or not, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. But just limited to what we have seen.

Oh dear.

Do you know the word “battologist”? According to the excellent Dictionary of Early English, it means “one that endlessly and uselessly repeats the same thing.” (According to Herodotus, there was a Spartan named “Battus” who stuttered, hence the word. But I digress.)

That presser got worse, much worse. In response to an earnest question to about whether the United States was willing to make “a specific allocation for Ukrainian refugees,” Harris laughed, looked at President Duda, and said, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

Then came the cackles. Painful, what?

That was Thursday. On Friday, she had moved on to Romania. Another presser, this time with the Romanian president Klaus Iohannis. A reporter asked, “How long should Americans expect — how long should we be bracing for — this historic inflation and some unprecedented gas prices?”

An excellent question! This is what the vice-president, she who is a heartbeat away from the most powerful office in the world, did in response to the question. First, she looked pleadingly at President Iohannis. Maybe he would save her? Just a little boost, a small lifeline?

He smiled back, but no. It was, after all, her question. She then took about 30 seconds to say this:

In terms of the uh discussions that uh President Iohannis and I had they ranged in subject including the issue of the Black Sea and I’ll let him explain in more detail as he would like but as we are again fully aware and apprised because we are in constant communication with the president with his administration here about the concerns that they have about the entire region and frankly the vulnerability all you have to do is look at the map…

Not even Joe Biden could top that.

Some mean people have been bringing up the 25th Amendment whenever Joe Biden’s name is mentioned, and with good reason. But some of us wonder whether it might be preemptively applied to Kamala Harris. I understand there would be legal complications, but that is why God made lawyers, to sort these things out.

In any event, I have to wonder whether the powers that be — the puppet masters pulling Joe Biden’s strings — did not send Kamala Harris to Eastern Europe to help burnish her image but rather to humiliate her. She was so clearly, so painfully out of her depth that any charitable person had to look away as she cackled and meandered her way to mental paralysis.

She had nothing to offer the Ukrainians, the Poles, the Romanians. She was just there, babbling incoherently.

The execrable Mitt Romney spoke for the neocon war party in demanding that we send the Ukrainians war planes. “Enough talk,” quoth the Grecian Formula pol. “People are dying. Send them the planes that they need. They say they need MiGs… They want MiGs. Get them the MiGs.”

Fortunately, there are still a few people around who do not fancy starting World War III. As far as I know, no one has yet asked Kamala Harris about that. That’s a good thing. Her laughter would, I feel sure, be unbearable.

I am told she returns to the United States tonight. I wonder how much her mission to inanity cost the American taxpayer.

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