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The working class of the world unite – against the Left

26 February 2022

11:00 AM

26 February 2022

11:00 AM

‘Working men of all countries, unite!’ exclaimed the last sentence of Marx and Engels’s The Communist Manifesto. Looking around the world, one would assume that the working men and women of the world have taken up this cry. Except, they are doing it against the Left.

In Canada, the Freedom Convoy protest began with working-class truckers rallying against Covid mandates imposed by Trudeau’s Liberal Party government. These restrictions essentially made it impossible for them to earn a living unless they took a Covid vaccine. The health orders were upheld, despite data already showing that the current vaccines failed to stop people from either catching or passing on the virus. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of vehicles and tens of thousands of people amassed in the Ottawa protest.

In France, huge protests erupted, starting in January 2022, against Covid mandates issued by Macron’s government. The proposed mandates included the need for proof of Covid vaccination for basic things such as using public transport, visiting a café, or eating in a restaurant. Inspired by the Canadians, a French Freedom Convoy formed, with an estimated 2,000 vehicles and over 32,000 people aiming to converge in Paris. Over a thousand vehicles from France and elsewhere headed into Belgium to continue their protest.

In Germany, grass-root protests involving thousands of people continue to sprout in many cities.

In Austria, hundreds have demonstrated in opposition to Nehammer’s draconian mandates against the unvaccinated, and even those who have recovered from Covid, who have been under lockdown since November 15, 2021. Even the CDC admits that natural immunity is more effective against Covid than vaccines. This follows the mass protest involving more than 40,000 people in Vienna at the end of 2021.

The fire lit by the working class of Canada has reached as far as New Zealand, where hundreds have camped for days outside of its parliament building in protest of the Ardern’s Labour government’s Covid vaccine mandates and movement restrictions. Their vehicles were plastered with messages for freedom.

Over 94 per cent of eligible Australians are fully vaccinated with two doses, but the definition has been changed and a third mandatory dose will now be required. This is despite a recent Israeli study suggesting that even four doses are insufficient against Omicron. Canberra held the largest protest in its history with the Freedom Convoy camped out for weeks with a clear demand – to end mandatory vaccination. Part of this was driven by the imposition of boosters.

These are all largely grass-root and peaceful protests of working-class families against mandates that have deeply impacted their lives for over two years. But if you expect these governments, ostensible of the Left, to respect and sympathize with their plights, you’d be sadly mistaken. What you get from them is disdain and slander.

The Canadian police seized fuel from the protesters, something essential for them to keep warm in frigid weather. Amazingly, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau then froze the bank accounts of the Freedom Convoy protestors with the Emergencies Act, an act of abject tyranny.

In France, Macron said of the unvaccinated, citizens that he is supposed to represent, that: ‘I am not about p*ssing off the French people. But as for the non-vaccinated, I really want to p*ss them off.’

The Austrian government has banned the Freedom Convoy protest, following France and Belgium.

In New Zealand, faced with protesters camped on the parliament building lawn, those in charge turned on the lawn sprinklers all night and blared out the Barry Manilow song Macarena on a loop. Ardern then said that the government is the one faced with ‘intimidation and harassment’, after two years of mandates and restrictions forced on her citizens, backed by the real threat of losing jobs and fundamental rights, as well as fines and imprisonment. Its rules were so rigid and inhumane that a pregnant female New Zealand journalist in Afghanistan, Charlotte Bellis, had to seek refuge with the Taliban as she was denied entry to her own home country.

In Australia, it is ironic that the conservative Prime Minister, flawed as he is, has been the one urging states to open their borders, while the Labor state governments, such as Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia, are those implementing the harshest restrictions and showing the least empathy for their peoples.

And you virtually cannot read an article on these protests without coming across the phrases ‘extreme-right wing’, ‘anti-vaccine’, or ‘vaccine deniers’ in the first paragraph.

The Left wing of most Western nations have mutated so far away from its supposed tenets. The triad virtues of Liberté, égalité, fraternité has long but disappeared from the political heart of the Left. The pandemic was the catalyst that revealed this truth fully to the public. The Left has detached itself from the working class to the point that it barely knows them, let alone care about them. But it’s clear, by these protests around the world, that the trinity of virtues still means something to the working class.

Nick Cohen, a writer of the old Left, wrote a book titled What’s Left in 2007, in which he castigated the political Left for its hypocrisy against its own creeds; hypocrisy that has only intensified since. He wrote that:

There also needs to be a clean break with totalitarianism: both totalitarian regimes abroad and the totalitarian left – if it is still a left – at home. It is incredible that this point needs to be reiterated after the twentieth century; astonishing that we need to go through all that again.

The protests by the working class peoples against governmental tyranny is precisely a revolution against the totalitarian Left.

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