The truth about Biden’s booster shots

20 August 2021

5:56 AM

20 August 2021

5:56 AM

Don’t let this relatively Fauci-free week fool you. The Biden administration is still laser-focused on the coronavirus.

In fact, as reporters waited anxiously to ask the President about stranded American civilians in Kabul and Afghans falling from Air Force planes, Baghdad Biden stumbled through a teleprompter address about vaccines and left without taking a single question.

America is back!

In his brief remarks, the President assured the American people that he would stand tough against the Taliban. Oops sorry, scratch that. The President assured us that he would stand tough against Republican governors.

See, these red state politicians are ‘setting a dangerous tone’, according to Joe. Maybe he should ask United Nations Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield to send these governors a sternly worded press release. That ought to do the trick.

Biden rails against the governors of Texas and Florida, while somehow neglecting Louisiana, a nearby southern state with a similarly high number of ‘cases’ (which are not to be confused with deaths or even hospitalizations).

What’s the difference between Texas and Florida, on the one hand, and Louisiana on the other?

Louisiana’s governor is a Democrat. So… nothing to see in the Big Easy, folks, move along.

Other than helicoptering back-and-forth from Camp David and eating chocolate chocolate chip ice cream, the President’s number one priority as this week seems to be feuding with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The leader of the Free World trading barbs with a first-term governor over masks in schools feels especially bizarre given the current news cycle. But alas— Joe is obsessed with Ron.

Why? Well, DeSantis is determined to give the people of Florida the freedom to make their own choices. His constituents can choose whether or not they wish to get vaccinated. They can make the decision whether or not their kids will wear masks in schools. All of these choices irk petty tyrants, like Joe Biden, who much prefer giving Americans orders rather than options.

Our bodies, our choice? That’s so… 20th century.

Which is why Biden and his army of experts are moving on to the next chapter in their never-ending Covid-19 story: booster shots.

According to National Public Radio: ‘Health officials are preparing to roll out COVID-19 booster shots in the United States this September.’

If these booster shots have a roll-out like the vaccines, this could be another disaster for the Biden administration. The coronavirus vaccines, which the geniuses in our mainstream media told us would never be developed under President Trump, were being administered even before the former President left office.

Once Joe Biden wandered into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, liberals had everything they wanted: vaccines and a moral, decent President to distribute them!

During the campaign, Democrats compared the vaccines to the Tuskegee Experiment (or as Joe repeatedly called it, the Tuskegee Airmen). Post-January 20, however, taking the vaccination was no longer genocide. In fact, it was your patriotic duty to get jabbed.

Despite the lure of endless PSAs, free lottery tickets, guns, joints, beer, shots of distilled spirits and even Krispy Kreme donuts, more than 40 percent of adult Americans have opted out of getting the vaccine.

Our rulers, frustrated by Americans’ understandable hesitancy to heed the so-called experts’ ever-shifting counsel, have shifted from incentivizing the vaccine to simply mandating it.

In New York City, one can’t experience life in the Big Apple without a vaccine passport, or as Mayor De Blasio calls it the ‘Key to NYC.’ I guess ‘Key to NYC’ sounds slightly better than ‘Papers Please!’… but not by much. And it isn’t just politicians.

Schools like Quinnipiac University in Connecticut have decided to fine students up to $2,275 a semester if they choose to remain unvaccinated. Worse perhaps— they are threatening to cut off the unvaccinated students’ WiFi access.

Woke media outlets like CNN have fired employees over refusing the jab.

If Biden is this desperate to get people vaccinated, it would behoove him to convince Americans that the vaccines are effective against the virus. But thanks to whichever intern is running the Covid-19 messaging at the White House, this administration has gone out of their way to do the opposite.

If you haven’t been persuaded to get the vaccine yet, I’m sure the looming threats of potential lockdowns and mask mandates regardless of your vaccine status aren’t helping. But now, to make matters even less enticing, there is also the prospect of booster shots after you have been fully vaccinated.

By the way, how does this booster shot factor into the current public shaming the Left loves so much? The virtue-signaling promoted by the panic-porn purveyors has been totally embraced by the far-left elite. Right now Americans are being segregated in groups of vaccinated versus unvaccinated.

After Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party in Edgartown on ultra-swank Martha’s Vineyard a fortnight ago, a reporter for the New York Times assured everyone that there was no danger of the event becoming a super-spreader because the private-jet grandees in attendance were much too ‘sophisticated’ to carry the virus.

Now the town of Edgartown has decided to re-impose its mask mandate after a spike – or was it a surge? – in post-party cases. Sophistication isn’t all it’s cracked to be, apparently.

What about everybody who did their patriotic duty and got the shot? They now find themselves on the exasperating merry-go-round of confusing directives and ever-shifting goalposts. Will those people get to keep their NYC keys or their cards or their papers? Will they be grandfathered in to Beautiful People-world or will the non-boostered be banished from polite society?

And remember, Biden only mentioned the need for a third shot. What if you got the single J&J jab? Biden didn’t say if those millions would need a second… or maybe a third vaccination.

The administration can no longer use the lure of normal life as an incentive to push their latest scheme. No Americans who have been paying attention actually believes that they will get their liberty back if they just do what they’re told one more time.

If it isn’t lockdowns, it is masks. If it isn’t masks, it is vaccines. And then masks again. Then double masks (in Philadelphia). Then passports. Then boosters.

The question is no longer when will this madness will end. The question is who will make it stop.

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