The constant Democratic existential crises

17 July 2021

6:21 AM

17 July 2021

6:21 AM

The Democratic party boasts so many heroes, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. Recently, Rep. Andy Kim revealed that he will be donating his J. Crew wool suit to the Smithsonian Institute. An AP photographer captured the congressman in the Rotunda picking up some trash after the January 6 riots.

‘So I found a roll of trash bags, got down on my knees, and just started trying to clean up a place I love.’ This kind of courage begs the question — can an Emmy award be far behind? After all, not all heroes wear capes, but one definitely wore a cobalt blue suit.

Such acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty are nothing new in the modern Democratic party.

Where were you on that snowy day in 2019 when you first saw that photo of Rep. Eric Swalwell? There stood the California congressman, covered in snowflakes, complete with the caption, ‘It’s snowing in New York. I need coffee. The closest cafe is inside Trump Tower. This is me walking to an alternative.’?

On Fifth Avenue! On the East Side! What courage!

The Smithsonian should have asked for Swalwell’s empty Venti cup for their archives — what a missed opportunity for America’s Attic.

These self-congratulatory moments shed light on the state of the Democratic party. The left needs heroes, no matter how pathetic, because their bizarro-alternate universe is in constant need of saving. In fact, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is convinced the world is going to end in 12 years. She also informed us that global warming is ‘our World War Two’.

Speaking of wars, President Biden described supposed attacks on voting rights as the ‘the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War’. This comes on the heels of Joe informing us that the January 6 riots were the ‘worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War’. According to experts on MSNBC and inexpert members of the Lincoln Project, ‘the insurrection’ was also worse than the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Are you keeping track? The world is going to end in nine or 10 or 12 years and everything that happens is the worst thing that has ever happened.

Not a joke, as the President says.

On Friday, the President upped the rhetoric yet again, declaring that Facebook is ‘killing people’. The progressive left has become the party of ice cream and existential crises. But this much constant hysteria is hard to balance.

So what happens when these doomsday, once-in-a-lifetime catastrophes start bumping into one another? Well, look no further than the Lone Star State. Earlier this week, Democratic legislators in Austin decided to go on the lam. More than 50 Texas lawmakers fled the state in order to avoid voting on a Republican-sponsored election reform bill.

During their harrowing journey, the attention-thirsty lawmakers had to prioritize certain disasters and ignore others. Fighting a ‘Jim Eagle’ voter suppression bill overrode combatting carbon emissions. The group of Dems took a break from what Biden describes as ‘the existential threat of our time’ in order to fly in private planes to DC. Did I mention that the grinning Democrats picked up a case of Miller Lite for the drive to the airport? It only makes sense that they might get parched on their gas guzzling bus ride to the tarmac. Hope they recycled their empties!

Then consider how liberal elites have spent the last year deriding anyone who questions the efficacy of masks. In fact, LA County’s public health officer Dr Barbara Ferrer made the decision on Thursday to reinstate the indoor-mask mandate, even for people who are fully vaccinated. New York governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted this week, ‘Reminder: Masks are still required on the MTA & public transit. Wearing a mask on the train or bus is a sign of respect for your fellow riders.’ Yet, when photos emerged of the Texas lawmakers in the air en route to DC, they were sans masks. Perhaps COVID-19 got wind of the field trip and took the day off too.

Another grave threat that got a mulligan this week? The filibuster. According to our President, the filibuster is a ‘Jim Crow relic’. The Atlantic’s David Litt wrote, ‘The Senate Filibuster Is Another Monument to White Supremacy’. But by fleeing the state and refusing Republicans the quorum they needed to pass legislation, this band of twittering fools was essentially filibustering.Thankfully, liberal filibustering is met with glowing praise and not accusations of racism. Vice President Kamala Harris went as far as to compare the actions of the Private Plane Posse to those of Frederick Douglass (the black abolitionist whose statues have been torn down by wokesters in his adopted New York hometown). Fear not, the filibuster will return to being a symbol of white supremacy by this time next week.

Maybe these issues — global warming, mask-wearing, voter suppression, filibusters, social media disinformation — are uniformly as deadly and dangerous as hysterical liberals purport. But if that were the case, wouldn’t the Texas lawmakers spend more time working and less time tweeting out pictures of their airport caesar salads and sink washed underwear? At a certain point, Americans are going to need a conclusive answer: is the sky falling, or do we have time to stop off and grab a case of Miller Lite?

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