No Love for pornstar Brandi at the Turning Point summit

20 July 2021

11:35 AM

20 July 2021

11:35 AM

Porn star Brandi Love made waves at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in Tampa this weekend after the group revoked her VIP pass.

Love — whose real name is Tracey Lynn Livermore — ticked off social conservatives on Twitter when she posted photos at the event with the caption, ‘It’s good to be around so many young conservatives. Gives me some hope!’

All checked in!

Stats so far:

Anti Adult Haters: 1
Kid Rock Conservatives: 12

— Brandi Love ® (@brandi_love) July 17, 2021

Hours later, Turning Point sent Love an email notifying her that her pass had been ‘revoked’ but said she is welcome to apply for other conferences ‘in the future’. Love responded by accusing the organization of being a ‘cult’ and a ‘Trojan horse’ for organized religion.

Cockburn must first dispel some rumors surrounding the event made by nefarious actors on both sides. DC knucklehead Alec Sears said he was ‘absolutely fucking speechless’ that TPUSA ‘invited an actual porn star to a conference that minors attend’. False. Love bought a VIP ticket like everyone else via the organization’s website for a mere $550.

Next, the 48-year-old Love claimed the organization’s decision to remove her was antithetical to a big tent conservative movement, describing it as an ‘egregious’ example of ‘cancel culture’ to the Daily Caller. But is it really fair to compare an adult film star being kicked out of a high school-college student conference with, say, when corporate technology conglomerates censor newspapers like the New York Post for their coverage of Hunter Biden during the 2020 election? Cockburn doesn’t think so. Love’s recent work includes star turns on My Friend’s Hot Mom and VRbangers. Is it at all surprising that ‘concerned parents’ alerted TPUSA ‘to the extremely pornographic nature’ of her social media posts and panicked for the sake of their children?

Cockburn doubts libertarians would be so up in arms if, instead of their most-watched porn star, a skinhead or antifa member got ejected from the conference. A private conservative organization has every right to decide who can and cannot enter their four-day conference. That right is hardly comparable to a mega-corporation silencing individuals in the public square for political dissent.

Instead of debating porn star rights, perhaps conservatives should focus their mania on issues that affect the daily lives of their actual voters like gas prices, jobs and wages. Until then, they’ll be shouting into the void, lamenting the death of their dear old conferences without realizing they were never cool in the first place.

There’s a happy ending to this tale though: Love is apparently selling ‘I Triggered Charlie Kirk’ t-shirts through her OnlyFans now. Talk about getting bang for your buck…

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