Florida’s congressional race to the bottom

16 June 2021

7:09 AM

16 June 2021

7:09 AM

Oh joy! A fake scientist under indictment for hacking wants to oust alleged snow-sniffer and congressman Matt Gaetz, who is under investigation for soliciting sex from an underage girl. Could matters get any more Florida than this?

In an Instagram post worthy of any up-and-coming representative, Rebekah Jones declared her intention to challenge Gaetz for Florida’s first congressional district.

‘I had hoped that someone in the Republican party would step up and primary him, and I’ve yet to see that happen,’ Jones, who is a resident of Maryland, said in her Instagram post. ‘And so, if it takes me going home to Florida to run against Matt Gaetz, then I will do it. If it means getting one child sex trafficker out of office, you’re damn right I’ll do it.’

‘I hope I do better than a sex trafficker,’ Jones told NBC News last week. ‘It’s absurd that he’s still in office. Someone like that should not go unchallenged.’

Jones said she had to announce on Instagram because Twitter suspended her account. She claimed Twitter suspended her for reposting an article critical of Florida governor Ron DeSantis, a darling of the post-Trump right. Twitter says she was suspended for ‘platform manipulation and spam’.

Last year, Jones claimed that she was fired from Florida’s health department because she refused to alter Florida’s COVID numbers at the request of her superiors. She used her newfound stardom to raise nearly $200,000 on GoFundMe and appeared over a dozen times on CNN and MSNBC. But her claims blew up after Charles Cooke of National Review revealed that she ‘did not have the ability to edit the raw data’ in Florida’s COVID database. Luckily, her old boss Ron DeSantis recently signed a law fining Big Tech companies for banning political candidates. Perhaps this whole charade is just a desperate attempt to post on twitter dot com again. Who could blame her? Certainly not Cockburn.

Gaetz’s team responded by mocking Jones for her ongoing legal turmoil. ‘Congressman Gaetz faces no criminal charges,’ his spokesman, babyfaced pundit Harlan Hill, wrote to NBC News. In December, state prosecutors charged Jones with one count of ‘offenses against users of computers, computer systems, computer networks and electronic devices’.

If North Floridians’ only options are a delusional carpetbagger and a potential ephebophile, then Cockburn hopes whoever wins finds themselves cleared in court before they set foot anywhere near Capitol Hill in 2023. Aren’t there enough crooks in Congress as it is?

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