The Democrats don’t care what you think about their scandals

17 December 2020

2:00 AM

17 December 2020

2:00 AM

I’ve watched with a mixture of amusement and surprise over the last few days as my right-wing friends have descended into indignation and finger-wagging on Twitter. Their disapproval is aimed at the mainstream media, Democrats, Big Tech and their henchmen over the Eric Swalwell and Hunter Biden developments. The amusement came from watching people post old tweets from hacks like Ben Rhodes or CNN anchor Christine Amanpour, expecting them to atone for being wrong. The surprise came from the same activity — surprise that my friends just don’t get it.

They don’t give a damn. They won.

Specifically, the media, Democrats, Big Tech and their hacks don’t care one jot that their pre-election interviews, tweets, stories and actions were knowingly misleading or worse bald-faced lies. They most certainly don’t care what the rest of us think of them. Their actions succeeded in killing a story that likely would have done in Biden and resulted in Trump’s reelection. In less than six weeks Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take control of the executive branch as Donald Trump and Mike Pence head home.

It seems utterly unbelievable if you think about it, but the fact that the Democrats are now facing a situation in which a top House member got honey-trapped by a communist Chinese spy and that said member thought his best mode of operation was to spend the last four years accusing Trump of being in bed with the Russians is, well, beyond comical. It is a Borat plot. As a member of the House Intelligence Committee, Swalwell knows what the Mueller report told us about Trump’s innocence is right. He also knows that his own conduct, kept hidden from Republicans, should have rendered his membership on that committee null and void.

Similarly, with the joint press release from Hunter Biden and the Biden-Harris team that Hunter is undergoing a tax probe from Delaware’s US attorney, all of the outstanding work done by the New York Post, the Federalist and other right-leaning organizations back in October is vindicated. With that vindication comes the repudiation of everything that mainstream media outlets, Democrats and Big Tech companies said or did in order to kill or suppress the Hunter Biden story before most Americans heard about it.

They even tried to undermine the credibility of Tony Bobulinski who bravely came forward to reveal the Biden family corruption. He had names, dates, locations and details of conversations. Bobulinski’s extensive and credible testimony on Tucker Carlson’s show should have sealed Biden’s presidential fate, but the rest of the media had a higher purpose. Namely, getting Trump out of the White House once and for all.

If you step back for a moment to think objectively about the last four years, the left’s aim has been perfectly clear: take Trump out by any means necessary. From the Russia hoax and all that came with it to the invocation of the 25th Amendment, from the not-so-subtle assassination dreams to the impeachment drama over a phone call (about Hunter ironically), the left did almost all it could to remove Trump after he won the 2016 election. Though it is grossly unseemly to say it, you suspect many Democrats were perversely grateful for the arrival of the COVID pandemic and the death count it caused, as it was the only thing that truly hurt Trump. It is all too familiar to the drumbeat of military deaths the media printed in the paper each week during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars in the run-up to George W. Bush’s reelection.

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The bottom line that is escaping my friends on the right who demand accountability is that they — the media, Democrats, Big Tech and their defenders — simply don’t care what we think about them. We are just deplorables hanging out in those red counties. All they care about is that they won and roughly half the country will adore them for the lies they told to win. Biden is in and Trump is out. Period.

Don’t get me wrong: there should be accountability for people who were knowingly wrong. A compromised media is simply bad for America. Big Tech clearly taking the side of one political party over the other won’t end well. But we are past that now. The right needs to realize that the left will seek victory at any cost so if they aren’t prepared to meet them in the caged arena in a fight with no rules, then they should accept defeat and move on.

Otherwise, start fighting back. I hear Ken Starr might have some time to serve as a special counsel.

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