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Lockdowns are just the start of an era of rule by ‘experts’

28 November 2020

9:00 AM

28 November 2020

9:00 AM

‘Desperate times require desperate measures’ has presumably been the justification for all the lockdowns from which we have been slowly emerging like nocturnal creatures blinking in the light. But let’s not get too excited. The coronavirus can always be relied upon to break out again and before you can say ‘Wuhan’ some of us will be locked up once more, as the luckless English already are.

And so it will go on, but those future lockdowns may not be all on account of the virus. Much will depend on how you define desperate times.

For the inner totalitarian inhabiting every leftist politician – and not only leftists, sadly – lockdowns are a treat. Everybody is nicely in place, catalogued and labelled where they can be checked on (though only theoretically in the case of the Victorian quarantine). Everybody’s freedom is curtailed, which to a leftist is a consummation devoutly to be wished in itself. The snitches and sneaks that thrive in illiberal societies have a field day. Our battle-geared police ramp up their war on the public. And the politicians and bureaucrats who have decreed it all find they have never been happier than when wielding the extra power they acquire by loftily dismissing, on the grounds of ‘science’, all opposition to their policies. Power maniacs such as Daniel Andrews get to play at being dictators, suspending parliament in true repressive style and issuing portentous pronouncements for the edification of the masses, all dutifully disseminated by an adulatory media. Oh the fun of it! – and because we’re in Australia where we don’t go in for political executions, the pleasure is risk-free. No chance of ending up hanging from a lamp post or facing a firing squad.

Having thus tasted the joys of autocracy it is highly likely that politicians of a certain kind will want to impose lockdowns again, even if a vaccine deprives them of coronavirus as an excuse. It will be a case of inventing new ‘desperate times’ as a pretext for new ‘desperate measures’.

This is where the Left, ever rampant in public life, will make its influence felt. Since whatever leftists are obsessing about at any point is always, according to themselves, desperate, with drastic and urgent action needed to avoid catastrophe, suicides, etc., the Left’s repertoire of grievances will be a ready-made source of excuses from which politicians can pick and choose when seeking to inflict on us yet another pile of desperate measures.

Climate is likely to be an early starter. Let’s suppose we have a very hot summer with bushfires. Amid apocalyptic predictions of nationwide incineration you can easily imagine a demand for pandemic-like restrictions to combat the ‘emergency’, which of course will have been caused by ‘global warming’. No cars allowed on the roads to pump their exhaust gases into the sky. Air travel kept scarce. Disposable storage masks – Chinese-made of course: China usually does well out of our self-chastenings – to collect the carbon dioxide we exhale. The public to stay at home with air conditioning banned. Deaths in old folks’ homes from the heat – ‘this tragic toll’, the politicians will say, dabbing their eyes for the cameras, is ‘part of the price we are all paying for our failure to care for the planet.’ And because if the Left has its way, climate panic is set for a long run yet, the ‘emergency’ measures can stay in place sine die, parliaments having been shut down and the citizenry, terrified into compliance by exaggerated media accounts of the horrors in store, loyally on board with their rulers, as apparently most Victorians were, their solidarity expressed in the pathetic slogan about ‘standing with Dan’.

But wait, it gets more sinister. All this, in Australian terms, is at the state or federal level. But to the globally-minded elites who control the purse strings of the world, state and national governments are a nuisance.

With their outmoded insistence on democracy, which globalists denigrate as ‘populism’, nations and states are an obstacle to the elites’ grand schemes of universal ‘governance’ by unelected ‘experts’. We had a taste of government by the unelected with the health commissars running the lockdowns. But even when doing the globalists’ bidding, as in the pandemic when most governments followed the dictates of the World Health Organisation, the autonomous national unit is a thorn in the side of the elites, one they could well do without.

Cue the ‘Great Reset’, that plot by a clutch of squillionaire bankers and other self-enrichers calling themselves the World Economic Forum, with creepy George Soros lurking in the shadows like a pantomime villain. Their goal is to corral national governments into an imperium of technocratic expertise. Insofar as they are permitted to exist, nations will be provinces under the ‘guidance’ of something like the United Nations but with real power to coerce rather than the pseudo-power to issue hypocritical lectures on ‘rights’ or proclaim world lavatory days which is all the present UN can manage. The brainchild of – who else? – a German called Klaus Schwab, the ‘Great Reset’, if it gets off the ground, will be an omnipotent reich, stepping on freedom wherever it can and ordering us all about – for our own good, of course.

There would be no appeal against lockdowns or any other kind of ‘desperate measure’ imposed by such a body. Big Brother would have stepped off the pages of Nineteen Eighty-Four into the capitals of the world. And the nightmare is, there’s little to stop this control freak’s dream coming to pass. Parliaments will vote it in, as the Reichstag voted in Hitler to ‘save’ Germany. In this case it will be to save the world. Pandemics and the climate, the reasoning will be, are global problems and they need to be handled by a global authority. Only a misanthropic national chauvinist could possibly disagree. One can see the editorials in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Guardian. ‘The world is in dire danger from [fill in current “emergency”]. We must not allow deniers and populists to frustrate the concerted international action experts advise.’

‘Racism’, ‘child sex abuse’, ‘trans rights’ – all could be presented as desperate cases requiring desperate measures. Donald Trump would have been a bulwark against such dangerous nonsense but a President Joe Biden will sign up to it with a nod (literally). And so, under cover of a pandemic the elitists long-held ambition for supra-national power will be on its way to fulfilment.

Those who opposed lockdowns as ineffective were more correct than they knew. Lockdowns were a trial run for a permanent and much greater regimentation of us all.

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