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Gang of Nine deluded dictators

It’s time to take back our country

12 September 2020

9:00 AM

12 September 2020

9:00 AM

‘If you want a vision of the future,’ wrote  Orwell, ‘imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.’

Let us hope that any vision of 21st century Australia is not one of the masked DANSTAPO storming the home of that terrified, young pregnant mother, Zoe Buhler. Pinning her arms back and handcuffing her, they took her away. Her crime? Daring to propose a Freedom Day for Ballarat.

Let us hope, too, that the vision is not one of the Gang of Nine (aka the National Cabinet) who have seized power, all so obviously deluded they believe they can change the climate.

Let us hope this is not as bad as Barack Obama’s when he won the Democrat presidential nomination, claiming this was ‘…the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.’

Given the Nobel Peace Prize for no more than winning office, it is not so surprising he judged it in the West’s interest to fund the Iranian mullahs’ nuclearisation programme and to transfer manufacturing and IP, including that purloined, to communist China.

Rather than requiring scientific proof, most of the Gang of Nine believe computer modelling to be scientific evidence of global warming, thus ignoring  the great statistician George Box’s warning that modelling is ‘always wrong’.

What is even worse is that the Gang of Nine were not panicked by run-of-the-mill computer modelling, but instead by modelling notorious for having a long record of exaggeration, including that done by London’s Imperial College.

At the same time, they ignored easily accessible world’s best practice — Taiwan’s, a country the communists insist be treated as a leper.

What Taiwan’s experience demonstrates is that it was most important to control overseas entry and to protect the vulnerable but that it was extremely foolish to lockdown, even briefly, the productive economy.

And as suggested here, the government could even now collaborate with the Americans (and certainly not the WHO) on a process to recover substantial reparations from Beijing.

In anticipating an emergency, provision seems rarely, if ever, made for the proper verification of the power to make subordinate legislation, through, for example, the Executive Council as well explained by Sir Guy Green.

Instead, parliaments were extremely negligent in delegating their terrifying powers to destroy vast parts of the economy, jobs and indeed lives to just one not necessarily wise or even competent politician.

This will, more often than not, be someone who has hardly ever had what many Australians would see as a real job. Theirs will have been an apprenticeship in the too often odious practice of modern politics, which has absolutely nothing to do with good government. As Orwell says, it is all about a ‘mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia.’

Even before the pandemic, our hopeless the politicians had managed to send most manufacturing to communist China and other countries while conducting a hostile campaign against our farmers. Because of them, we will become as much a net importer of food as we are of manufactured goods.

But with the pandemic the Gang of  Nine have created not so much the worst-ever recession, but the first depression since the Thirties. Originally as claimed to be to flatten the curve, this has been surreptitiously changed to doing the impossible, eradicating the virus.

Meanwhile Premier Berejiklian confirmed her dream – but  anyone sensible’s nightmare – of closing down every real unsubsidised power station, asserting that her government must buy Chinese-made trains because Australians aren’t good at manufacturing.

No, Premier. What Australians are not good at is electing politicians with common sense and a commitment to the national interest. Instead, we have politicians who buy foreign trains and ferries infused with asbestos that don’t fit as well as trams whose installation take years longer than agreed and which wrecks thousands of small businesses.

On the other hand our politicians are very good at handing over properties, including a vast bus system without going to tender, giving away a coal-fired power station, looking after powerbrokers and  closing down state borders to win an election and never harvesting water. The Gang of Nine may well succeed in consolidating all this and in turning this once prosperous, happy, free and exceptional country into if not the Venezuela, then certainly the Argentina of the South Seas.

So, if the politicians cannot help, will the courts step in? We have already seen Victorian courts trying to change the criminal law so that guilt is no longer to be proved beyond reasonable doubt, replaced by believing  any victim found when DANSTAPO have advertised. As Beria boasted, ‘Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.’

Saved from this by the High Court, how likely is it this court will act to protect freedom of political speech as implied in the Constitution? Recent decisions in which the court has upheld political free speech exclusion zones as large as 70,000 square metres around abortionists and even some GP’s rooms are hardly encouraging.

The courts may years hence at least expose various malfeasances where ministers have seized more power than even parliament intended, such as the overseas travel ban, but only the taxpayer will pay.

And while the prime minister has failed to show any national leadership over the premiers’ ‘unjustifiable closures of state borders for electoral advantage,’ the High Court has equally shown little interest in hastening that hearing. This contrasts with the eagerness with which the court rushed through the 2010 electoral case. There GetUp! claimed that, as a result, 100,000 names were added to the rolls, thus saving the Gillard government from defeat.

In the meantime the mainstream media have shown no reluctance in terrorising the population by rearranging daily government press releases about outbreaks of the virus and impressing on all the need to ‘do the right thing’ and the fiction that ‘we’re all in this together’.

The sad conclusion must be that like other suppressed people, we shall probably have to liberate ourselves.

On this, it is time surely to take back our country.

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