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Emperor Xi & Pax Sinica

How the elites sold us to the Chinese communists

11 July 2020

9:00 AM

11 July 2020

9:00 AM

War preparations, a government-imposed recession or depression, shock reporting about an allegedly resurgent Wuhan virus, borders  closed, talk that overseas travel will not be allowed until next year, the Andrews government’s links to the Beijing dictator, more lockdowns in Melbourne with  public housing tenants put under house arrest, the political parties and the mainstream media speaking more in unison than even during a world war— where is Australia going?

Notwithstanding the claims by the politicians and a too easily duchessed media, it has to be repeated over and over that the  lower Australian death rate from  the Wuhan virus, compared with Europe and North America, is not a result of sound policy. It is that we, like Fiji, are a remote island nation.

If we let them get away with this, the next pandemic will be similarly mishandled with lives and businesses ruined and the country faced with a truly massive debt.

We must not repeat this.

Even now, the politicians are still failing to control entry according to world’s best practice. The worst but not only example is Victoria’s, where the government is also engaging in an abuse of power never before seen in Australia. This involves both suburbs and high-rise buildings being locked down and public housing tenants subject to clearly unlawful house arrest. Given the government’s many links with Beijing, such authoritarianism is surely to be expected.

Meanwhile, increasing scientific research continues to demonstrate that similar lockdowns, directed mainly against small businesses and their workers. have proved pointless. Unfortunately, the resort to such unnecessary and costly lockdowns is being greatly helped by the mainstream media’s shock reporting of each and every new virus case, without balancing this by the far more important constantly decreasing death rate.

The lockdown was not to wipe out the virus. It was to make the hospitalisation of the predicted 150,000 cases more manageable.

The sheer panic and incompetence with which the National Cabinet had imposed the mainly small business lockdown, while exempting themselves and the non-essential bureaucracy, has once more been demonstrated. This was in the recent news that they made the dole so attractive that many prefer to stay on it rather than take available jobs.

In addition, as the backpackers depart, they are not being replaced for the collection of the harvest by the long-term, able-bodied unemployed who, as a class, were undeservingly rewarded by a substantial increase in their dole.

At least we still have some backpackers here , thanks to the Senate blocking the government’s plan to impose a flat 30 per cent tax on them. This would have ensured that most would have gone to other countries.

In the meantime, Beijing’s despicable behaviour in hiding crucial information concerning the virus has forced many in the political class to admit, belatedly, that the advent of a Pax Sinica under Emperor Xi is not as desirable as some were suggesting.

They can hardly say that the true nature of the regime was only recently discovered, not only in its cruel and genocidal policies, but also its blatant refusal to follow WTO rules and their theft or forced acquisition of Western intellectual property.

The impact of this was exacerbated in Australia by the extremely foolish unilateral dismantling of protection initiated by Whitlam and accelerated by the much-lauded Hawke and Keating governments.

This has had two disastrous consequences. First, Australia has lost much of its manufacturing which, with our politicians’ gift— the most expensive electricity in the world―— will not return.

Second, in negotiating free trade agreements after protection was abandoned, we had nothing to offer but the surrender of our investment and immigration restrictions.

Accordingly, our government unwisely agreed to treat corporations under the direction and control of the Beijing communists as if they were no different from some Swiss investment company, leading to premium land and other assets being placed under the direct control of a potentially hostile government.

This was extended to water when Turnbull separated water rights from the land, curiously, without a central registry. With the infamous paddock to plate policy, clean quality Australian produce is being sold overseas at a vast profit, presumably without paying any tax.

The extent of communist involvement is larger than revealed through the politicians approving foreign investment by corporations from jurisdictions which shield the identity of the real owners.

Without new farming land being created through water harvesting, we will be reduced, as we already are for seafood, to importing inferior foreign produce. This has been exacerbated by converting good farmland into carbon sinks and national parks. An example is the recent acquisition of the enormous Narrierra cattle station near Narribri. With the nearby Sturt National Park, an area twice the size of the Australian Capital Territory will be withdrawn from food production to become, on past experience, the home of vermin and of an increasingly large fuel load which will seriously exacerbate the intensity of future bushfires.

It has long been obvious that a number of members of the political class and the elites favour in various ways and for different reasons a close or even closer involvement with Beijing .

Nevertheless, the government has now warned of an increasingly dangerous world redolent of the 1930s, announcing that $270 billion is to be spent in the defence of the realm over the next 10 years.

The rhetoric is however more serious than the reality.

The actual increase, $75 billion, is modest and involves no significant increase in the armed forces . Worse, the widely derided Turnbull-Pyne contract to acquire, at a date far in the future, a fleet of twelve nuclear submarines to be converted to diesel, is still to proceed at a total known cost of $225 billion.

Who do they think they are kidding?

Until the subs contract is cancelled, the government is failing to fulfil its most important duty: defending our nation.

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