What are online shoppers most likely to snap up?

11 July 2020

9:00 AM

11 July 2020

9:00 AM

Price of protest

Greenpeace was fined £80,000 for defying a court order and occupying an oil rig in the North Sea. What else have protestors been fined for in Britain in recent times?

£750 for spray-painting a war memorial in Whitehall in a climate change protest.

£430 for spraying slogans on a pavement against Barclays, accusing it of investing in fossil fuels.

£400 for eating a raw squirrel at a vegan food market in Soho.

£150 for chaining themselves to the gates of a nuclear submarine base.

Travel money

The tourism industry is opening up again. Who spends the most: Britons holidaying abroad or overseas tourists coming here?

— In the 12 months to August 2019 there were 71.6 million trips abroad by UK nationals. In all, they spent £46.5 billion.

— In the same period 38.3 million overseas tourists came here, spending a total of £23.7 billion.

— The most lucrative months for the UK tourism industry were:

August | £4.12 billion

July | £3.96 billion

June | £3.58 billion

Source: ONS

Shopping around

The Covid 19 crisis has had the effect of boosting online commerce. Before the lockdown, which goods and services did we buy most, and least, online?

Percentage bought online:

Digital content and subscriptions | 99%

Travel | 80%

Entertainment | 64%

General retail | 57%

Household goods | 53%

Clothing | 44%

Eating and drinking | 14%

Grocery | 10%

Source: Barclays

The next stage

The arts industry has been given a £1.5 billion bailout. How big is the UK theatre industry?

In 2018 there were:

44,237 performances

18.8 million tickets sold

£509 million taken in ticket sales.

The average ticket price was £27.68.

Theatres were on average 61% full.

Source: UK Theatre

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