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Seven words to Clementine Ford

13 May 2020

5:00 AM

13 May 2020

5:00 AM

Last week Flat White broke the news that the City of Melbourne has handed over a hefty chunk of ratepayer’s money to far-left hateful exhibitionist feminist Clementine Ford.

The mastermind of the breathtakingly creative #KillAllMen was one recipient of the council’s $2 million COVID-19 arts scheme.

Presumably, this was a special thanks for her contribution to the soaring male suicide rate, gloating about male tears, publically shaming a mentally disabled man and destroying many careers over the last few years?

Always keen to remind us what a weeping pustule on the backside of humanity she is, Ford chose the very same day to publically shamed a 14-year-old boy who sent her some hate mail.

At 39-years-old, she has acquired so much maturity, she decided to publically name and shame the young boy, and post his photo.  

Why? Because of his gender.

Because in her ugly warped world, men are the enemy in every chapter of the fiction novel.

Because #KillAllMen.

“Just shut the f**k up Clementine,” the boy wrote. “Holy sh*t u need to calm the f**k down…” After his first rant, he crassly and callously messaged, “Also put a gun in ur mouth”. 

And with that, Ford had enough cannon fodder to fuel her narrative around “toxic masculinity” for another 500 years.

“Astonishing really, how they meltdown so comprehensively in your private messages while telling you it’s YOU who needs to calm down,” she gloated to her nearly 200,000 sheeple followers. “If you wanted to see what toxic masculinity looks like, this is it.”

She removed the boy’s name and photo “at the request of his mother”, she later wrote.

“There are ALWAYS excuses to be found for why boys and men shouldn’t be held publicly accountable for their behaviour, and always people eager to find them,” she continued. Blah, blah, predictable misandry blahStop it. Stop demanding that people subjected to targeted harassment – in this case, the repeated and unending execution of misogyny, threats and abuse – be the Better Person…”

Speaking of being the “Better Person”, when is it Ford’s turn?  

If a woman is rewarded with ratepayer’s dollars for peddling their own brand of hatred and division, where is the incentive to be “Better”? 

If a woman is rewarded with ratepayer’s dollars for being nothing more than a bully, why on earth would you believe that we can ever stamp out abuse and create a better society?

“Boys like this become men whose behaviour doesn’t suddenly mature just because their bodies have. Instead, they continue to indulge their misogyny and hatred and in the worst of scenarios they more brutally exercise that against women,” the ratepayerfunded toddler continued.

The day after her rant she posted a pretty visual saying, “NOT YOUR SECRET KEEPER” for her diligent followers to send to “the next dude who abuses you privately and expect you to keep quiet about it because he’s afraid of losing face in public.”

I’m calling BS on this steaming pile of manure Ford is trying to pretend passes as being a role model.

I have seven words for Ford: 








Ultimately, if she did so, she would stop receiving such hate mail from young boys.

Don’t be hateful – and you won’t attract hate.  

Don’t try to take the moral high ground – when you’ve chiselled yourself a gutter.

It’s not rocket science.

We should all call BS on Ford’s brand of hatred.

We should all call BS on her lies around masculinity. 

This creature would be expelled if she acted this way in school.

Stop funding her hatred.  

Illustration: Allen & Unwin.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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