Will Hillary be Biden’s VP?

29 April 2020

6:21 AM

29 April 2020

6:21 AM

Far be it from Cockburn to compare a former secretary of state to a venereal disease, but perhaps Fox News guest Anna Paulina was onto something in 2018 when she was blacklisted for saying Hillary Clinton is ‘like herpes’ because she ‘won’t go away’. Less than two years later Hillary is indeed back in the spotlight and endorsing Joe Biden for the presidency.

Hillary’s endorsement couldn’t come at a worse time for Biden. The announcement that Biden would be hosting a ‘Virtual Women’s Town Hall’ came just hours after the Intercept reported new evidence that seemed to corroborate the account of Tara Reade, the former Senate staffer accusing Biden of sexual assault. Reporters immediately noted the tone-deafness of the timing. The optics became even worse when Hillary announced she would be joining Biden as a special guest, as she’s near infamous for publicly shaming her husband’s female accusers.

Hillary endorsed Biden during the livestream, speaking to his personal character with the cringe-inducing line, ‘I’ve seen him up close and personal now for many years.’ Cockburn couldn’t help but think that Hillary seemed to be angling for a power grab of her own. She was dressed sharply in a feminine turquoise blouse and blazer with matching earrings, plus a pop of bright pink lipstick, looking healthier than she had in years. It was a stark contrast next to Biden, who mumbled, looked down at the floor, and scratched his own face throughout the event.

Hillary even seemed to hark back to her own 2016 electoral defeat at the hands of President Trump, saying, ‘Just think of what a difference it would make right now if we had a president who not only listened to the science, put facts over fiction, but brought us together.’

‘I, like many Americans, really wish we had that kind of leadership now,’ she added.

Perhaps Hillary believes she will be tapped to take over if Biden’s mental issues become too much for the Democratic party to bear, though Cockburn noticed she still has the lingering cough that plagued her in 2016. Maybe she thinks she still has a shot at being picked for vice president. The Democratic party may be eager to swap in Hillary if it means avoiding the cognitive meltdown sure to afflict Biden during a debate with Trump…but surely the Trump campaign is also eager for the chance to stomp Hillary once again. It’s still four months to the Democratic convention — if it happens, that is. Cockburn watches with bated breath.

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