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Care about China’s Uighurs? You must be a white racist cultural imperialist

26 November 2019

11:33 AM

26 November 2019

11:33 AM

China is very touchy today about criticism of its inhumane rights regime, but who else managed to miss this truly remarkable take from a few months ago on the persecution of its Muslim minority from Lijian Zhao, a Chinese foreign ministry official with all the self-awareness of Titania McGrath:

Zhao is talking about the 22 countries – which by late last month had become 24 – which collectively voiced their concern at the United Nations about the Chinese government’s abuse of human rights in the western Xinjiang province.

The tweet itself is an amazing example of what happens when you cross the old-style toxic Marxism-Leninism with the new left toxic wokeness of identity politics. Apparently, if you point out that the Han Chinese are committing gross abuses of human rights against their Turkic Uighur minority, that makes you racist.

The Chinese have for a long time seen the Europeans as the “white devil” – gwailou — but it took until recently for the Western post-modern left to catch up, seeing that they too now consider the Europeans to be the primary force for evil in human history. Stalinism, meet wokeism.

Probably more than one million, or ten per cent of the Uighur population, are currently being held in “reeducation” camps (possibly 500 of them), where many are subjected to brutality, forced sterilisation and organ removal. Chinese men are being sent to sleep in the same beds as Uighur women while their husbands are being imprisoned, in an attempt to terrorise and breed out the natives.

The Uighur history and culture are being erased across the region, often literally, with wrecking balls and bulldozers (“In China, every day is Kristllnacht”, editorialises “the Washington Post”). The recently leaked trove of secret internal documents fills the gaps in our knowledge of the communist campaign in Xinjiang, including the staunch support from the very top of the party hierarchy.

But if you are concerned about this mass scale abuse of human rights and cultural genocide, you are a white supremacist.

That “Muslim world”, meanwhile, continues to shake China’s blood-stained paw. Shame on you, Western Islamophobes and neo-Nazis, for your concern about concentration camps.

Welcome to 2019.

Arthur Chrenkoff blogs at The Daily Chrenk, where this piece also appears.

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