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Two years of #MeToo disaster

22 October 2019

5:00 AM

22 October 2019

5:00 AM

It began in a whirlwind of fury in October 2017. Blazing flames burst from the mouths of feminists insisting powerful men had wronged womenkind (or often just them) for thousands of years.

“This is a movement, not a moment,” they screeched atop their broomsticks.

And yet, here we are…

Two years later and #MeToo has been a disaster.

It’s been a flop for women.

It’s been a fizzer for men.

Actually, adding insult to this unmitigated mutual disaster, it’s actually sent women flying backwards.

Slow clap…

The Australian recently reported that a study from University of Houston showed #MeToo backlash is very real. Dr Leanne Atwater confirmed that #MeToo is costing women opportunities in the workplace.

In addition to torching opportunities, the movement essentially preaches that women are too weak to stand up to men and say no in the moment.

Honestly, #MeToo lost credibility when it said that a man kissing a women’s head was as serious a crime as rape. Were we all supposed to be all scared to speak up and point out that is complete and utter tosh?

It is not men’s fault if some women are too weak to be assertive or so naïve they say ‘yes’ to business meetings in hotel rooms.

Last week, a lengthy investigation by Buzzfeed (of all places) successfully shredded the leadership of “Time’s Up”, Australia’s answer to the #MeToo movement.

The piece detailed how these so-called leaders “made big promises they couldn’t keep”, seriously criticised Tracey Spicer, and accused the group of “squandering a moment they will never get back.” Ouch.

All this just as White Ribbon closed its doors?

It’s almost as if men and women don’t want to be at war.

It’s almost as if the sensible centre know that feminist ideology is not fact and there is nothing to be gained by ranting about “patriarchy”.

This weekend, The Australian reported that the gender-equality focus is a flawed policy approach to domestic violence.

The article begins: “A major study of domestic violence shows it is significantly linked to alcohol and poverty, contradicting government policy focusing on gender equality as the key to eradicating the problem, leading researchers say.”

Here’s the truth:

#MeToo is a disaster because it does not reflect reality, it is neither empowering nor progressive.

Government policy on domestic violence also does not reflect reality and isn’t working effectively to secure change.

Well, the truth will always come out in the end.

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