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Turmoil in the Anglosphere

12 October 2019

9:00 AM

12 October 2019

9:00 AM

Well, there’s certainly a fair bit of action coming out of Canada, Britain and the US these days.  In my native Canada they are in the middle of an election campaign. The election will be held on Monday the 21st of this month, under a fortnight from now. I’m sure most if not all readers will have seen by now the old photos of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in blackface (though curiously the politically-correct Canadian mainstream media, almost all of whom support the left wing Trudeau government, have taken to calling it brownface – go figure). These old photos were not revealed by any Canadian press but rather by British and American outlets.  Make of that what you will.

Here’s the thing though. I personally hate the idea of judging someone on the basis of how he dressed up decades ago on the way to a party. I’ll be blunt. Anyone who hasn’t done something stupid in his or her younger days is a far too calculating and scheming person for my tastes. So punishing someone for some decades old ‘sin’, something that today’s über-PC latter day puritans dislike, is a really bad idea for all sorts of reasons. All things being equal, I’d totally refuse to punish anyone for this sort of thing. Of course in the case of ‘Al Jolson’ Trudeau, all things are not equal. That’s because Mr Trudeau is the most woke, PC net-puritan on the planet. Well, he is when it comes to others. And he’s perfectly happy to punish anyone who decades ago infringed what has today become a sin against PCness.  He’s fired his own cabinet ministers for less egregious infringements of wokeness. Plus, everyone knows that had this emerged about any of his own cabinet ministers he’d have fired them too. But for him? No. Herr Trudeau Jr just issues a rather sickening apology about how his life of privilege made it hard for him to realise this was wrong at the time – one unspoken implication of that being that a more onerous standard ought to apply to all of us who weren’t thrust fund children of the super-wealthy – and then the whole lefty press corp falls in line defending him. Not all of them. But most of them.  Different standards for lefties and righties you suggest? Well, you might say that but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Yet ask yourself this. Had these three photos of blackfaced Trudeau instead been discovered about Mr Trump would the press have forgiven him almost immediately? Or indeed ever? To ask is to know the answer. With the best US economy in ages, the lowest-ever black and Hispanic unemployment rates and at least a slowing of the decline in manufacturing, numerous US studies – by lefties not righties – have shown President Trump getting over 90 per cent negative coverage on the main networks. And that includes Fox (which by the way is becoming more and more left-leaning, to the point it is these days by far the most balanced network in the US and starting to lose right-of-centre viewers). To put that in context, Trump gets about the same level of negative coverage as Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. It’s not much better than North Korea’s.

But back to Canada’s election. The Conservative party and Trudeau’s Liberals (the Libs in Canada being the main left-of-centre party – eat your heart out Malcolm Turnbull) are virtually tied in all the polls. They’re both between 33 and 35 per cent. A union party comes next, in the low teens, with the Greens at about 10 per cent. A Quebec-only French nationalist party scoops up most of the rest of the votes. Now in Canada, as with most of the democratic world, voting is not compulsory. So a big factor is which party can get its voters to go to the polls. Plus, there is no preferential voting. You get to tick one name and one name only.  Hence some seats are looking like four-way fights, especially in British Columbia.

The basic picture is this. The Libs own the east coast Maritimes, which is comparatively poor and receives lots of money transfers from the wealthier provinces. (Think Tasmania and you’ll not be far off.) Quebec will go mostly to the Libs and to the Quebec nationalist party, though the Tories do well around Quebec city. The western prairie provinces, where Trudeau is literally hated, lean massively to the Tories, as do the non-city parts of Ontario. Indeed, if Trudeau wins this election I think there’s a fair chance the oil-producing province of Alberta will hold a secession referendum and a not wholly impossible chance it will succeed.

The key will be Ontario and British Columbia. Inner-city Toronto is a Tory no-go zone (as will become true of the big cities in Australia in time). So it’s the outer-suburban areas of Toronto, and the seats in BC that will decide this. As of writing, it’s a toss up who’ll win with a non-negligible chance of a minority government.

That said, all the hysteria around the virtue-signalling, sanctimonious bag of wind that is one Justin Trudeau took only four years to crash to earth, whatever happens. (And I haven’t even mentioned that the Libs have blown out the budget massively and are promising to increase that trend still more.)

As for Britain, the UK Supreme Court decision was an out-and-out disgrace. Three hundred years of a perfectly well-functioning convention surrounding the use of proroguing Parliament – meaning the remedy lies with the politicians and ultimately with the voters – was thrown away by 11 top judges. They opted to give that supervisory power instead to themselves. To say they have become too big for their self-important boots is understating things. The Oxford law professor John Finnis describes the case as a ‘revolution’, a ‘judicial usurpation’, a massive ‘misuse of judicial power’ and so on. And I’d say he’s being kind to them.

That leaves the saga in the US, where my wife and I are currently living.  Next week, I’ll go into depth about this Democrat impeachment crusade. To say it’s political is obvious, not least because impeachment is through and through a political process. As of writing, though with the caveat these things are fast moving and can change in mere days, I think Trump’s going to win this fight and that the impeachment crusade will help him win again in 2020.

In fact, if the Democrats didn’t think Trump was looking like winning I don’t think they’d have gone down this road.  It’s high stakes. The country will be torn asunder.

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