Watch: Jacob Rees-Mogg’s revealing summary of the state of British politics

30 September 2019

1:28 AM

30 September 2019

1:28 AM

Jacob Rees-Mogg has just given a pretty accurate summary of the state of British politics. The leader of the House of Commons pulled no punches as he addressed the Tory faithful at party conference. Mogg said Corbyn is a ‘weak man’, likened shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer to Brutus and said the Lib Dems were ‘extremists’ over their Brexit stance. Still, at least Mogg did have some kind words to say about one politician: his sister, Annunziata:

Like Gulliver tied down at Lilliput, we are tied down by a ragtag, motley collection of feeble, fickle, footling politicians. All in desperate pursuit of a single ignoble aim – to renege on the solemn promise they made to the British people and try to cancel the largest single democratic mandate in our history.

On the left, we have Jeremy Corbyn, self-avowed Marxist, without doubt the most left-wing leader the Labour Party has ever had, who has achieved the remarkable feat of being even more unpopular on his side than ours.

Mr Corbyn would have the public believe that he is a man of principle. Jeremy Corbyn – a man who has spent his career in the division lobbies with our great heroes Iain Duncan Smith, Bill Cash and John Redwood voting against the European Union, only to campaign for Remain. And now Corbyn’s Surrender Act simply offers more dither and pointless delay, at a cost of £250 million every week. This from the gentleman who has spent the last two years demanding an immediate general election, only now to run away from an election once it was offered, in his best impression of Georgie Porgie.

He is a man who claims to have spent his entire career fighting racism, only to allow such virulent anti-Jewish racism to proliferate in the Labour Party that under his leadership it has become the second party ever in this country after the BNP to be formally investigated for racism. I do not believe him to be a bad man, but he is a weak man. Too weak to lead his party, too weak to lead his country.

Behind him stands Sir Keir Starmer, poised, Brutus-like, three feet back, stiletto in hand, awaiting the moment to strike – striking being something the Left are quite fond of. The supposed mastermind of Labour’s Brexit policy, whose much-vaunted helmsmanship has steered the Labour Party into the implausible straits of claiming they want to negotiate a new deal with Brussels – only then to campaign against their own deal in a second referendum.

In friendship false, implacable in hate, resolved to ruin or to rule the state. Truly statecraft unrivalled since the days of Charles II.

In the middle muddle, we have Jo Swinson, Liberal Democrat by name but not by nature. Liberal in accepting the yoke of Brussels. Democratic only in her own mind. It is they who have taken an extreme position – they want to cancel Brexit entirely without giving the people a say.

On the right we have Nigel Farage – supported by the finest politician we have sent to Brussels – my sister. However we must not delude ourselves into thinking that a vote for the Brexit Party does anything other than increase the risk of Brexit being cancelled entirely.

Mr S couldn’t have put it better himself…

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