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Put a sock in it, whingers

19 August 2019

4:00 AM

19 August 2019

4:00 AM

We are in trouble. But, it seems, everyone is too scared to speak up.

Conservative broadcaster Alan Jones apologised to the New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern for being human this week.

He said sorry for words that came out of his mouth on live radio.

On Thursday he said Scott Morrison should shove a sock down her throat to stop her talking about climate change.

On Thursday evening, Jones told fellow 2GB host Ben Fordham that one had to “man up, pivot, face it, and apologise.” He added, “When that happens I have no difficulty apologising. Earlier today I did write to the New Zealand prime minister Jacinda. Amongst other things I said… I would never wish her any harm and would always wish her the best.”

Put a sock in it is a colloquial British expression that originated in the early twentieth century. Anyone who didn’t arrive in the last shower knows it’s used when someone is being annoyingly noisy and it’s another way to tell them to pipe down.

A little research reveals that the earliest mention of this phrase is in a letter published in 1919. It’s suspected it has a military origin.

And yet, it’s as if this history does not exist.

Sally McManus tweeted, “Alan Jones continues to be seriously triggered by women in power. His rage immediately goes to calling for violent acts towards them. We just want all his microphones to be disconnected.”

The Guardian took the opportunity to publish a list of other times Jones has supposedly said unacceptable things about women in power.

The ABC delighted in running the line Jones “continues criticism of Jacinda Ardern”.

On The Project on Friday night, Lisa Wilkinson used it as an opportunity to talk about “violence against women” throwing some incorrect statistics into her editorial because everyone will be too frightened to question them.

Note to the producer: just this week a Brisbane nurse admitted killing her 10-year-old nephew and the Sunshine Coast local community rallied around a man whose daughter was killed by her mother just before he was given full custody.

If Channel Ten has such an issue with violent rhetoric, it may like to consider the decision to publish the rants of hateful hard-left exhibitionist Clementine Ford on its website? Perhaps McManus would like Ford’s microphone to be disconnected too?

If it is unacceptable for Jones to use an expression which has been floating around in common vernacular since 1919, it is surely unacceptable for Ford to call people “cunts”? Pretty sure that does not have a military background.

If it is unacceptable for Jones to use the old fashioned expression, are we really supposed to believe that it’s progress when someone chooses to write “you are an utter shit”?

To be clear: leftist so-called progressives seriously want us to accept that it is more acceptable to choose those words and publish them than to stumble over your words on live radio?

A woman can call a man “you fucking muppet” and Channel Ten will publish that writer but lobby group Sleeping Giants will call for the scalp of a conservative broadcaster because he is a middle-aged white man?

And that’s not racism?

This is the world we want? I don’t think so.

The pile on to Jones, lead by abhorrent extremists on the far left, is clearly driven by an agenda.

If that is now deemed equality, even the quietest Australian must say, “enough is enough”.

They must stand up and speak up.

This isn’t equality.

This isn’t fairness.

This is an absolute outrage to anyone with a brain and a sprinkling of common sense.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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