Forget Boris. What about Jeremy Corbyn’s womanising?

29 June 2019

9:00 AM

29 June 2019

9:00 AM

He has been married several times, has a way with the ladies and always seems to land on his feet no matter how colourful his romantic life. Not even the 20-year age gap between him and his current squeeze has tripped him up in the court of public opinion.

His looks aren’t conventional and yet women seem to find our potential new prime minister unfeasibly attractive. I don’t get it, personally. But maybe I’m in the minority. When an old schoolfriend of mine met him at a business event recently she posted pictures of herself on Facebook hugging him. He clearly had her completely captivated.

But as he could be the next leader of our country, should we not think a little more closely about his private life? After all,  can we really trust a man who has traded in not one but two wives for newer models?

I’m not talking about Boris Johnson. We all know about his private life. It’s hardly even private, never has been, let’s be honest. Boris likes the ladies. The ladies like Boris. Sometimes it all comes unstuck. Boris has got that magnetism that makes you fall for him despite his faults.

I shared a cab with him when he was campaigning to be mayor of London and suddenly found myself fantasising about cosying up to him on the back seat. I didn’t. He was a complete gentleman. But there was something about him that made me like him more than I was planning to. I could totally see us screaming at each other late into the night, spilling wine on the sofa, neighbours banging on the door.

No, what I find baffling and disturbing is the allure of the other potential PM, the one whose private life we never talk about, the one to whom feminists give a completely free pass. Why does he get away with it?

Jeremy Corbyn has been married three times, divorced twice, and there’s the racy matter of that fling with Diane Abbott. His latest wife, Laura Alvarez, is a Mexican businesswoman he met when she flew to Britain while her older sister Marcela was receiving support from Corbyn in a custody battle.

After returning home, Ms Alvarez, then a banker, began a long-distance relationship with Corbyn, very freshly divorced, which they carried on for years before marrying in Mexico in 2012. She then came to live in his £1 million house in Finsbury Park with their cat El Gato.

She is 49 while Corbyn is 70. Nothing wrong with that. She imports organic Fair Trade coffee, which is laudable, although her company became mired in controversy in 2015 when it emerged that it paid Mexican farmers 93p of the £10-a-packet retail price.

No late-night screaming matches that we know of, but then he lives among his people. The London lefties wouldn’t report Corbyn.

In a rare interview last year with Vice News, Mrs C said her husband was ‘not very good at housework but he is a good politician’. That’s funny because I don’t rate him as a politician so I was assuming he had to be good around the house.

The Labour leader’s first marriage was to Jane Chapman in 1974 and lasted five years. As she revealed: ‘He had quite a good appetite… he would just grab a can of beans and eat it straight from the can.’ Easy tiger.

After that Corbyn had a brief relationship with Diane Abbott, with whom he rode an East German motorbike to the south of France on a camping holiday. This sounds like terrific fun. More fun even than Che Guevara and Alberto Granado touring South America on a Norton 500 cc.

He then married Claudia Bracchitta, daughter of Chilean exiles, whom he met in 1987 at a protest meeting against her country’s military dictatorship — guest speaker Ken Livingstone. ‘She wanted to get off with me,’ Livingstone recalled, ‘but I had to go to meet Kate, my partner, so she went for Jeremy.’

You could get an airport paperback out of this easily. According to investigative author Tom Bower in his biography Dangerous Hero: ‘Claudia was already married, but by the following year she was pregnant with Corbyn’s child and rushed through a divorce to marry her new admirer.’

The couple split in 1999, reportedly over Corbyn’s refusal to send his son to grammar school. But Bower has a different theory:  ‘Friends say the marriage ended because of Corbyn’s behaviour — his financial fecklessness, his thoughtless absences and his selfish refusal to do anything to make his wife’s life more pleasant.’ Oh dear.

‘Life with Corbyn had proved difficult for Claudia,’ writes Bower. ‘Labour MP Tony Banks witnessed just how difficult as one day he walked into Westminster’s central lobby and spotted her standing by the wall, tearfully holding her children.

‘Jeremy, Claudia explained, had promised to meet her two hours earlier. He had not turned up… Banks was not surprised. “When pushed to have a day off,” he recalled, “Jeremy’s idea was to take his partner to Highgate Cemetery and study the grave of Karl Marx.”’

Corbyn’s current wife keeps a low profile and is rarely seen in public. During the general election campaign, her husband went on The One Show on his own while Theresa May and husband Philip were interviewed together.

At last year’s Labour party conference he paid tribute to her from the podium in Spanish: ‘Tu eres mi fuerza y mi apoyo,’ he said, which translates as ‘you are my strength and my support’.

That’s sweet, but it is hardly cutting-edge feminism. I’m just saying, we expect Tory leaders to pay tribute to the little lady when she’s actually a businesswoman in her own right, but the great bearded Marxist?

As a Labour insider puts it: ‘It’s amazing because on the face of it, although Boris takes it to more messy extremes, there is a lot in common between the private lives of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, yet Corbyn largely gets away scot-free without scrutiny while Boris’s love life is splashed all over every paper in the land.’

No doubt the feminists are readying their Twitter feeds for when Jezza beats BoJo. As a Boris believer, I pray that day never comes, but maybe then people will tire of bashing Boris and ask more questions about Jeremy Corbyn, the man.

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