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Useful idiots at the ABC

6 April 2019

9:00 AM

6 April 2019

9:00 AM

ABC’s Four Corners remains proud of Sarah Ferguson’s three-part nothingburger last June about President Trump’s Russia collusion – its ‘story of the century’. The episodes expire on the ABC website at 8.30pm Sunday June 18, 2033 when I’m 93 and mumbling my rusk.

The ABC boasted, ‘Four Corners investigates the central allegations that members of the Trump team, including possibly the President himself, actively colluded with Russia to subvert American democracy.’ Heedless of grammar, the ABC continued, ‘Months in the making, filmed across the United States, the United Kingdom and Russia, Sarah Ferguson charts the extraordinary allegations, interrogating the evidence and interviewing central characters in this unfolding story that could be lifted from the pages of a blockbuster spy novel.’ Indeed, since the Mueller report has found no Trump collusion after grilling 500 witnesses and documents by the thousand.

Ferguson, now tapped to run ABC’s China office, finished her ‘extraordinary saga’ on a delicious note: ‘News of the infamous meeting [with a Russian woman lawyer] in Trump Tower at the height of the Presidential election campaign, created a firestorm which has yet to be extinguished. [It’s extinguished]. As Trump has come under mounting pressure in the second year of the Mueller investigation his public outbursts have become even more aggressive.” [Trump’s first tweet after Mueller’s report landed was ‘Good Morning, Have A Great Day!’]. The Kremlin’s puppet master now has America dancing to his discordant tune. He couldn’t have planned it better. [Yes he could].’ Lacking action footage, Four Corners treated us to the expense of travelogue shots. I loved Ferguson mooning about Putin at dusk on Westminster Bridge. Luckily no Islamic assassins distracted her reverie. I foresee her being played by Nicole Kidman in Collusion: the Movie.

In common with the ‘progressive’ media, her dog-whistle was that Trump stole the election through collusion with the Kremlin. Hence Trump’s tenure was illegitimate and he would be ousted when his evil-doings are exposed by Mueller.

At least weekly for three long years Hillary’s media shills promoted ‘bombshell’ revelations leaked by anti-Trumpers, typically members/alumni of US intelligence agencies. Ferguson gave James Clapper, director of National Intelligence from 2010 to ‘17, the series’ first, middle and last hyperbolics. (Clapper’s also the darling of Gareth Evans’ leftist ANU). Ferguson omitted that Clapper lied under oath to Congress in 2013, saying that NSA did not illicitly harvest data from multi-million American citizens. Documents leaked by traitor Edward Snowden proved NSA did. Clapper fed his hype to any and all gullible reporters. He told Ferguson that Russia-gate made Watergate pale by comparison.

Ferguson (aghast): ‘So, these are dangerous times?’ Clapper: ‘They are.’ Even after 50 years dealing with spies, he found Putin’s election-meddling ways ‘viscerally disturbing… you know, made me ill.’ Ferguson (aghast): ‘It made you ill?’ Clapper: ‘Yeah.’ Ferguson: ‘Did you share that with your colleagues?’ Clapper: ‘Yes. I think it affected all of you that way.’

So a roomful of US spook-masters goes green-faced if not projectile vomiting on learning that Russia does bad things.  Ferguson harvested ‘allegations’ galore about Trump. He might have pledged favors to Putin to assist his business deals in Moscow. Trump denied it. Ferguson: ‘Questions about collusion with Russia have swirled around Trump ever since.’ Trump’s ‘long winter of discontent [Ferguson majored in English lit] continued through spring with the steady drip of allegations and a widening investigation by the special prosecutor into the business affairs of the Trump organisation. Among the dozens of questions Mueller now wants to put to the President: what dealings did he have about the Moscow project during the campaign?’

Ferguson enjoyed assisting Mueller. ‘For the special prosecutor looking for evidence of collusion this piece of the puzzle could prove to be critical,’ she suggested, interviewing the wife of hapless Downer informant George Papadopolous. Contrary views are pro forma and they flash by in seconds (the series totalled 2 hours 18 minutes). In passing she mentions the notorious Christopher Steele Moscow pee-dossier. ‘The most salacious allegation in Trump’s scandal plagued Presidency’ was ‘put together for the Democrats’, a minor detail. Secretly put together. She didn’t mention the spooks’ corrupt use of it in FISA court to permit them to spy on the Trump campaign.

Her go-to on the pee-dossier was Michael Isikoff, an anti-Trump author, who opined that Trump’s kinks opened him up to Russian blackmail. He admitted the pee-bit was unconfirmed (it still is). Ferguson says the pee-bits ‘have coloured the reception of Steele’s claims of collusion’, whatever that means. She did include a denial by Trump aide Roger Stone. As for Isikoff, he was the Newsweek reporter who co-wrote inaccurately on May 1, 2005 that US guards at Guantanamo prison had flushed a Koran down the toilet. In the predictable anti-American riots by Muslim mobs, at least 17 people died. Isikoff’s boss extended a correction and sympathies to bereaved families and hard-pressed US soldiers.

Ferguson’s ‘extraordinary saga’ never touched the real scandals – deep state agencies spying on Trump’s election campaign and then seeking to depose the elected president. Don’t believe that? The disgraced and fired acting director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe acknowledged the conspiracy last February on 60 Minutes. As the New York Times headlined, ‘McCabe says Justice Department had discussions about pushing Trump out.’ The media immediately lost interest.

Former CIA director John Brennan accused Trump literally of treason for Russia. He had 22,000 spooks and assistants to informally consult. After Mueller cleared Trump, Brennan told TV off-handedly, ‘Well, I don’t know if I received bad information but I think I suspected there was more than there actually was. I am relieved that it’s been determined there was not a criminal conspiracy with the Russian government over our election.’ Trump responded that ‘To be honest, it’s a shame that your president has had to go through this. It began illegally, and hopefully, somebody is going to look at the other side. This was an illegal take-down that failed.”

Hey Four Corners, that’s a ‘story of the century’ for you to investigate. Ferguson dubbed an episode ‘Secrets, spies and useful idiots.’ Were there extra ‘Useful Idiots’ in that tawdry ABC mis-hit job?

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