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How can Shorten still be in the lead?

27 April 2019

9:00 AM

27 April 2019

9:00 AM

How is it that Labor, no longer the party of the worker but the voice of inner-city elites and millionaire union bosses, in alliance with neo-communists posing as environmentalists, is leading in the polls?

And this despite announcing plans  to steal the incomes of self-funded retirees, to repeal the constraints on law-breaking union thugs, and to vandalise the constitution, all the while demonstrating both incompetence and duplicity in the campaign and exceptional arrogance to those daring to ask questions.

This is, after all, the party which, with the notorious Phelps-Shorten Medivac Act, demonstrates it will once more  ease the illegal entry of pretend-refugees becoming too readily welfare immigrants. In this the Labor-Greens program mirrors that of the US Democrats and similar European parties in a firm commitment to surrendering national sovereignty, opening borders and running down the economy in compliance with the discredited theory of man-made global warming. While presiding over the entry of armies of illegals, these parties are obsessed with facilitating more abortions with the US Democrats even legalising infanticide.

The question remains. why are they  preferred over a Coalition government which, whatever its weaknesses, is more competent and, on any measure, safer?

It is not so much that the government is not cutting through, the result of their failure to adopt the sort of policies with which Donald Trump is restoring America. Rather the reason is that too many in the mainstream media have for too long not done their duty, that is, informing the people on the truth, without fear or favour.

Notwithstanding the important roles of the newspapers and of commercial radio  and subscription TV, most people and crucially, swinging voters in marginal electorates who will determine the fate of the government, get their political news from free-to-air television bulletins. This is invariably press gallery opinion, where the groupthink is Labor-Greens.

But well-informed voters, such as you dear reader, should never feel superfluous. You can still vote against fake independents  planted in the Representatives to oust conservatives. And you can install in the Senate, especially by voting below the line, a bloc of true conservatives including those from the smaller parties as well as victims of the LINOs (Liberals In Name Only), such as the great General Jim Molin.

The bias of Australian TV news bulletins could not have been better demonstrated than on Good Friday when they acted as an echo chamber of the obsessively anti-Trump US mainstream media in relation to Mueller’s reluctant but unavoidable finding that there was no Russian collusion.

And at home, contrast their soft treatment of the double back-stabber, Bill Shorten, compared with that accorded Tony Abbott. The knighthood for Prince Philip, presented as the scandal of the century, was only the high point in their long campaign in working hand-in-hand with Turnbull to undermine Abbott, a mirror of their equally misplaced campaign to replace John Howard with the disaster that was Kevin Rudd.

In the long campaign against Abbott, trivia, such as eating an onion, winking knowingly over a risqué talk-back caller and the wearing of the uniform of a lifesaver have been presented as matters for extreme national outrage.

Contrast that with the as yet gentle  treatment of the ignorance, arrogance, spitefulness, incompetence and duplicity  Labor has already demonstrated in this campaign.

Unlike the imagined sins of John Howard and Abbott which received a barrage of daily reports over extended periods, the media and especially the TV news has rarely lingered over the far more serious sins of  Labor.

Imagine if Tony Abbott had decided that whenever he ran or cycled, this would be solely for the purpose of providing a media photo opportunity and to ensure its success, he would wear a corset (which Abbott obviously would not need).

The ridicule and contempt of the media would be uncontrolled; this would be treated as proof of his essential dishonesty on all matters of public policy and administration.

Certainly, the mainstream media is at last beginning to be aroused by Shorten’s mishandling of the campaign. A young Channel Ten reporter, Jonathan Lea, showed unusual courage in insisting that the Labor leader state precisely when he would reveal the costs of the opposition’s ridiculous emissions policy.

There are stories aplenty which should not be skated over. One is the selective impact of the theft of franking credits, another the changes to superannuation and the increased taxes on property. With his signature policy to force the purchase of electric cars, Shorten was abysmally ignorant of the recharge time. His deputy admitted to Alan Jones on Macquarie Radio that she had no idea at all of the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, although this is the reason why Labor plans to run down manufacturing and agriculture by imposing even higher energy costs on everyone including the poor.

Then  Shorten announced he would subsidise MRI machines without  knowing how many there were in the country. Then all cancer treatment was to be free at a cost of $800 million; experts said this should be $6 billion. We were told negative gearing changes were needed because the ABS found that only 7 per cent of properties purchased were for new housing. The ABS denied having such statistics with the housing industry saying the figure would be closer to 30 per cent.

Labor had long claimed that it’s  new taxes would cost $200 billion but the Treasury has costed these at $387 billion. Shorten insisted there be no changes to  superannuation whereas the policy is to impose changes costing $34 billion.

In the face of Labor’s weaknesses and missteps and in contrast to manufactured scandals used to whip the Coalition like that knighthood, even if a mainstream media outlet reports these, they then  just move on.

But if the media and especially free-to-air TV now do their duty, there is a good chance that the polls will close up to a level playing field potentially leading to a Shorten defeat.

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