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Green energy vandals

28 January 2019

7:17 PM

28 January 2019

7:17 PM

Just as we have recharged this long weekend, our energy networks have had the opportunity to recover from the demands of last week’s heatwaves as demand has dropped

For decades now we have watched green energy dreamers destroy Australia’s backbone industries.

Their incessant attacks on hydro-carbon energy have vandalised our electricity grid, damaged heavy industry, bloated power costs and made blackouts inevitable.

The last coal-fired power station built in Eastern Australia, the small Kogan Creek generator in Queensland, is now 12 years old. We should be building new coal-fired power stations on established coalfields near existing transmission lines.

However, Green worshippers prefer to scar the hills with wind towers, plaster the flatlands with solar panels, and waste money on spider-webs of new roads, transmission towers and power lines. Then when it becomes obvious that this ramshackle system will not produce reliable energy, they waste even more money on humungous lithium batteries, energy-wasting hydro pumped-storage, thumping diesel engines and “load shedding” – PC language for “electricity rationing”.

Parroting tired and discredited climate alarm theories, they oppose any expansion of coal exploration, mining or power generation. They also impede gas exploration, timber-getting and fishing, and continually attack the grazing industries.

No industry has escaped their lethal green shackles.

Who will rid us of these yokes?

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