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The week in misandry

2 November 2018

1:19 PM

2 November 2018

1:19 PM

A quick peek at what’s going on the flip side of feminism – where it’s all about women.

Three girls were arrested after the video of a brutal fight at Geraldton school emerged. Two were charged with assault occasioning bodily harm after the bashing of a girl. Where is the government-funded campaign to ‘Stop It Before It Starts’ for ALL violence?

Some of Australia’s most senior judges are going public on problems facing the Family Court system. Meanwhile on their ABC, The Drum panel discussed father’s not being allowed to travel with their sick children from Nauru. Where is the justice for alienated fathers right here in Australia? Where is the outrage about parental alienation that’s happening right now, right across this country?

One of Britain’s most senior police officers said she does not want to see misogyny and misandry classed as hate crimes. Chief constable Sara Thornton said “stretched” forces are already struggling to cope with existing demand and wanted to see a return to “core policing”. There is a nationwide rise in crime and violence. Cue far left screeching, “Patriarchy!”

A judge heard that an Irish woman who has admitted killing her fiancé in Sydney had also stabbed him in the back of the head 18 months ago. And yet, still, she is being charged with manslaughter not murder.

A western Sydney woman who was caught driving six times over the legal limit with her two children in the car has had her licence disqualified for six months. Where is the outcry about bad parenting?

A nine-year-old boy could face sexual harassment charges for passing a love note in class. Think that’s ridiculous? #MeToo.

A woman who stabbed her rapist to death at her home near Brisbane and dragged his body through the streets behind her car has been sentenced to 10.5 years in jail. Far left feminist activists brazenly praised vigilante murders, saying she “deserved a medal” and should be “Australian of the year”.

Clementine Ford tweeted: “There’s a guy behind me in the airport snorting his snot repeatedly up his nose and god help me I’m about to do a murder”. Complete with a GIF of a woman picking up scissors. Can we just take a moment to imagine the blazing fury if a man tweeted this?

UTS male students were not allowed to access their results unless they completed a consent course.

Illustration: Clementine Ford, Twitter.

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