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Gender workers of the world, unite!

3 November 2018

9:00 AM

3 November 2018

9:00 AM

‘Surely you mean sex,’ I told the Vice-Chancellor and the other Deans. It was 30 years ago and I had just questioned the use of the word ‘gender’ in some new policy, as well as the ungrammatical ‘they’. I don’t remember the document, but it could have been something like this: ‘If any student of any gender urinates on the Vice-Chancellor’s lawn, they shall be counselled.’

‘That battle was lost years ago,’  the Pro-Vice-Chancellor wearily replied.

As predicted in George Orwell’s 1984, our beautiful language is being converted into Newspeak, as grey, as dull and as unsmiling as any Stalinist city and  designed to restrict all thinking into the narrow channels prescribed by the politburo.

Similarly, ‘carbon’ has been substituted for  ‘carbon dioxide’ and ‘climate change’ for  ‘global warming’ to hide the fact that their computer models have been so totally wrong.

With the long march through our institutions, what is desperately needed today is not the repeated calls for the separation of church and state. It’s the separation of Marxism from state institutions.

Marxism, as used here, is an umbrella term for all movements whose religion is totalitarianism, whether fascist, Nazi or communist. Most draw at least some inspiration from Marx; they are united in their celebration of dictatorship.

Using  left/right  terminology  based on the seating arrangements in the French revolutionary assembly is of little utility in making pointless distinctions within this evil family. Used graphically, this  only tells half the truth, pretending that fascists and communists are far apart. Worse, this encourages the current portrayal of conservatives as neo-fascists. Real fascists and communists are as close today as they were under the Molotov – Ribbentrop Pact.

Instead, I propose a ‘Universal Political  Globe’, a pie chart. Parties and governments committed to a constitutional state under the rule of law are in the top half. Those in the bottom half are not.

The Morrison government is near the top on the centre right.

The Swiss government is at the very top because it always straddles left and right, which is possible in a country which, more than any other, endows the people with real power.

The further down you go, the more totalitarian governments and parties are.  At the very bottom of the circle, where there is also neither left nor right, we find pure evil — Nazis and Leninist-Stalinist- Maoist Communists.

Returning to the word ‘gender’, the real reason why Marxists are tricking people to use this rather than ‘sex’ is to further their attack on the traditional family.

They long ago identified three institutions which were the most dangerous to totalitarianism: the traditional family, private property and the constitutional state which is based on the rule of law.

Marxists especially detest the Judeo-Christian version of the family. This is because the loyalties it produces between husband and wife and parents and children are greater than the loyalty required to the party. The family of course reflects the natural law; as they say, blood is thicker than water.

Having won throughout a gullible West a relatively pointless test campaign for same-sex marriage on behalf of an entirely fictional LGBTQXYZ community, Western Marxists’ real campaign now is  to remove what is impossible to remove, the fact that men and women are intrinsically different and that this is determined at birth.

As we have seen from the madness  in the Tasmanian parliament, some of those who should be defending our core institutions are jockeying to play the role of Lenin’s ‘useful idiots’.

Tasmanian politicians are now considering abolishing the mention of the sex of a baby on a birth certificate. This is to further the impossible proposition that sex, or as they say ’gender’, is no more than a matter of personal choice rather than being determined, as it is, at birth .

In the meantime, Marxists everywhere  now admit that imposing central planning and abolishing both the market and private property and in the process murdering millions and enslaving more, was a ‘mistake’, like forgetting to turn the radio off when you go on holidays.  Warned by the decline and the collapse of the USSR, Marxists in power have, except in North Korea, resorted to the solution devised by Mussolini, used by Hitler and perfected under Deng Xiaoping, crony capitalism. This is to unleash but annex the capitalists provided they accept that they must always do the party’s bidding.  The Chinese communists had a superb model in Hong Kong, a free economy under the rule of law where the British knew that giving self-government would invite communist intervention. People would swim through shark-infested waters to get there to be free. They copied this, but without the rule of law. Interestingly, the Chinese communists are not much interested in the gender follies pursued by Western Marxists; their aim is to restore the primacy of the Middle Kingdom.

With her $18 million property portfolio and as a new ‘concerned’ MP, Dr Kerryn Phelps can surely be relied on to house many of those on Manus if they’re allowed into Australia. But they shouldn’t be. They entered Indonesia as tourists, not refugees. Hiding their passports, they conspired with criminals to force their way into Australia. Dr Phelps should also propose that MP’s publish live versions of their CO2 footprints. Then, before pushing for a federal ICAC, she’ll surely discuss this with one of the many innocent victims of the NSW version, especially  Margaret Cunneen SC (or QC as she ought to be.)

She should also propose that all politicians and indeed school children be able to recite Alan Jones’ succinct summary of essential  global warming facts: CO2  is less than 0.04 per cent of the atmosphere, 3 per cent is man-made and 1.8 per cent of that is Australian. Also, as Matt Ridley explained in this magazine, the contribution of wind power to world energy, brought to the nearest whole number, is 0 per cent. As is solar and tidal power.

They should also all watch the eminent climatologist, Dr Patrick Michaels, revealing to Mark Levin  the shocking truth about global warming. This ‘must-see’ programme was broadcast on Fox News on 21 October.

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