How much does it cost to cryogenically freeze a person (or a pet)?

22 September 2018

9:00 AM

22 September 2018

9:00 AM

Trans mission

Equalities Minister Penny Mordaunt ordered research into a huge rise in referrals of under-18 girls to transgender services. What are the relative numbers of men and women seeking this help?

— The Tavistock and Portman Trust reports a rise in gender identity referrals from 97 (41 per cent born female) in 2009-10 to 2,519 (72 per cent born female) in 2017-18.
— A 2009 survey by the Gender Identity Research and Education Society found 80% seeking medical care for gender variance were born male and 20% female.
— A 2015 study by the US Census Bureau revealed that 65% who had changed their social security gender identity were born male and 35% female.

Flawed forecasts

The IMF said UK growth would struggle to top 1.5 per cent a year in coming years, even if Brexit goes smoothly. What is its record on forecasting UK economic growth?

Forecast date
For year / Predicted / Actual
April 2008
2008 / +1.6% / - 0.5%
April 2008
2009 / +1.6% / - 4.2%

July 2009
2010 / +0.2% / +1.7%

July 2012
2012 / +0.2% / +1.5%

July 2012
2013 / +1.4% / +2.1%
Jan 2014
2014 / +2.4% / +3.1%

Jan 2014
2015 / +2.2% / +2.3%
July 2016
2016 / +1.7% / +1.9%

July 2016
2017 / +1.3% / +1.8%


Steep freeze

The Human Organ Research Preservation Trust, which offers cryogenic suspension for people who hope they can be brought back to life in future, won an appeal against a decision to end its charitable status. How many people are cryogenically preserved?

The US-based Cryonics Institute (offering full suspension for $28,000) says it has:
1,536 paid-up subscribers
170 humans under cryogenic suspension
154 pets under cryogenic suspension
269 humans who have had their DNA but not their bodies preserved

Bad neighbours

A pair of elderly neighbours are said to have run up legal bills of £120,000 in a dispute over a car-parking space blocking a garden gate in Maidenhead. Other recent bills for neighbour disputes:

Six-figures: Reported legal bills run up by wealthy Nottingham neighbours over a one-metre strip of land.
£200,000: Legal costs faced by couple in Somerset who blocked a neighbour’s drive with plant pots and a barbecue.
£750,000: costs faced by a landowner in Wiltshire after losing a case in which he disputed a neighbour’s right of access.

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