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CNN sucks, Trump triumphs

30 June 2018

9:00 AM

30 June 2018

9:00 AM

‘CNN sucks…CNN sucks,’ the capacity crowd of rank-and-file Americans in Minnesota’s giant Amsoil Arena chanted. This was their down-to-earth message to the mainstream media, who, with the Democratic Party (now so far to the left it would be unrecognisable to JFK) and treacherous FBI and other officials, continue in their increasingly desperate campaign to bring down the President.

Not from the fashionable clubs of Manhattan, nor the chic restaurants of Washington, the Minnesotans were clearly exasperated by the suppression of unbelievably good economic news, tales about non-existent Russian collusion, the exoneration of Hillary Clinton, the canonisation of a pornographic film actress and the standing ovation for the foul ravings of an elderly actor. Then Peter Fonda called, with impunity, for the President’s 12-year-old son, Barron, to be ripped ‘from his mother’s arms’ and put ‘in a cage with paedophiles.’

This campaign reflects the determination of the elites, inspired by that mutated plague bacillus which is cultural Marxism, to change our countries beyond recognition by persuading the rank-and-file to vote for their own destruction.

Despite some successes, a number of the elites’ most favoured projects have been rejected, including the EU constitution, the UK continuing both as an EU milch cow and a Franco-German satellite and in Australia, the politicians’ republic.

The elites’ first reaction has tended to be that of the Brussels Eurocrats, echoed by Bill Shorten about his sleazy politicians’ republic:  the people must keep on voting… until they get it right.

But now people are realising that the mainstream media are complicit, flagrantly breaching their golden rule, ‘comment is free, but facts are sacred’.

They are waking up and more often rejecting what the elites want, just as the Australian people surely will reject Shorten’s fake republican referendum — a plebiscite —if he ever gets the chance to put it.

And to cap it off, the Americans had installed Donald Trump as president. So the elites conclude that the people are not only deplorable, they are beyond reform.

Their solution is radical: the people have failed. Therefore, change the people.

This is already under way. In Britain, without any mandate, the Blairites flooded that small overcrowded island with far too many immigrants who were not only unassimilable, but who were told not to assimilate.

An even bigger change is taking place in the United States, which pre-Trump had also been losing control of its borders. That’s why California, once governed by Ronald Reagan, is now a one-party ‘blue’ state. This was done by flooding the state with illegal immigrants wedded to the Democrats who provide their protection, their welfare payments and expensive public services in return for their illicit votes.


As for Australia, some insist that the Rudd government’s dismantling of Howard’s Pacific Solution was not just gross incompetence, but it was an insidious case of ‘boats for votes’.

Now, even without the boats, our immigration system is not the perfect merit-based model suggested to international audiences. Not only are the quotas far too high, why have so many fit young immigrants from certain countries and certain cultures never worked for long or even at all? Why have we produced so many suspect or actual terrorists? Why did former foreign minister Bob Carr give as his reason for overturning Prime Minister Gillard’s’ instructions on a UN Middle Eastern vote, ‘How will I explain this on the steps of the mosque at Lakemba?’

One of the weapons of an agenda-driven media is to manufacture news, which can include turning something innocuous into a headline-making event. Just recall how they did the bidding of those who wanted to remove Tony Abbott, including some of his more treacherous ministers. They did this by painting something which had occurred with hardly any notice in well over forty countries into close to the most reprehensible act ever committed by any government in the history of the Commonwealth. I refer, of course, to the knighting of Prince Philip.

Another way of manufacturing news is to tell a blatant lie, as the media have in claiming President Trump began the separation of children from their parents. This dates back to the law and policy applied by previous presidents, including Obama. They are even using photographs of children in detention in facilities under the Obama administration. Neither the media, the Democrats, nor the celebrities complained then.

Time magazine even fabricated a cover with a little girl looking up to Trump, crying. Her Honduran father says she was never separated from her mother.

As for the children, a large number are sent unaccompanied, riding on the roofs of freight trains and the recesses between the carriages; many fall off and die. Others are kidnapped and sent by people smugglers and drug dealers. Some are put into the company of unrelated adults some of whom abuse and some of whom abandon them. On one estimate 80 per cent of the girls are raped.

Never noted for their concern about children, the elites were not worried at all about this when it happened under Obama. Indeed, they have never been celebrated for their concern for children. After all, they are the greatest proponents of the 1973 decision of the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade, where politician judges invented a non-existent provision in their ancient Bill of Rights creating a constitutional right to abortion. The result has been the killing of about 60 million babies, 20 million of whom were black. With Johnson’s ill-advised Great Society ‘reforms’, this has significantly damaged the black family as a stable institution, with 70 per cent of black babies now born to single, poor black women.

The solution is simple. Seal the border, build that wretched fence and change the law and policy Trump inherited. But the Democrats are reluctant and the mainstream media won’t report the truth.

The reason is both want open borders, the resulting chaos and fundamental demographic change and an America in decline. This they think will deliver the cultural Marxist nirvana they crave. Heaven help the USA — and us — if  ever they take back power.

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