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Transtrending: the real transgender madness

4 January 2018

9:41 AM

4 January 2018

9:41 AM

The concept “transgender madness” is a misnomer. The phrase ‘transtrender madness’ would more fairly represent the madness in question. So what is transtrenderism (or transtrending)?

Transtrenderism is a state in which a person identifies as a gender different to their sex (male or female) assigned at birth, and do not experience gender dysphoria like transsexuals do. As a transsexual woman, I was psychiatrically diagnosed with gender dysphoria, followed by starting on female hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and of course, assuming the life of the female sex (note that the transsexual experience may vary but will still be along these lines). In other words, the transsexual’s gender dysphoria is a medical condition, a psychiatric disorder where one is born male but strongly identifies as female, and vice versa. As such, gender dysphoria still recognises there are only two genders, just as there’s only male MRT and female HRT. There is no such thing as non-binary HRT, genderfluid HRT and so on.

The reality is that only on the rare occasion will you find someone medically going from one gender to the other out of desperation to stop being miserable due to gender dysphoria, and alternative treatment has not worked. On the other hand, radical gender theory has given rise to transtrenderism in espousing that you’re merely one of the socially engineered 33 genders that you want to be (and counting), which goes against biology and medical science.

The term transsexual fell out of favour due to its allegedly insensitive medicalising of trans people. This is not insensitive at all. Most people are fairly comfortable with their birth sex, but some aren’t, and this invariably has healthcare consequences. Does that mean that people with medical conditions and psychiatric disorders (including gender dysphoria) should be excluded from full participation in society? In general, no, as long as those conditions are managed appropriately. But alas, PC-fuelled sensitivity gave rise to the now ‘preferred’ term transgender. Transgenderism was originally not an issue per se, and it used to be somewhat synonymous with transsexualism. But thanks to the social normalisation and cultural demedicalisation of transgenderism in Western society, transgenderism has opened the door to transtrenderism.

Transtrenderism is transgender appropriation that ultimately rides on the coattails of transsexualism. As we kick off 2018, the Oppression Olympics maintains full-swing from last year, with the push for gender-neutral toilets and the push to make sports language gender-neutral, amongst other Olympic events. As a non-Anglo-Celtic transwoman, it wouldn’t be too difficult for me to win gold using intersectionality at the Games. However I am not participating in the Games, because common sense only lives in the real world, and this is what the real world looks like regarding toilets and pronouns:

Transsexuals generally mind their own business in male/female/disabled facilities that already exist, and this has always been the case. I have been using female facilities for almost 10 years, and to this day I still generally avoid making eye contact with other women I pass by, let alone start conversations. Here, I’m only interested in going in to do whatever it is that I need to do, then leave, just like the other women passing by.

I don’t necessarily ‘pass’ as a woman, but given how I usually dress, and my (efforts of sorts in) physical appearance and gender presentation in general, there has never been an issue for me and the other women using the female facilities from what I can tell. The explanation for this non-issue is the same explanation for why non-binary pronouns are absurd, and why it’s transtrender madness about, not transgender madness.

When you’re out and about in the real world, gender and pronouns are a subconscious judgement, not a thought process the Cultural Marxists make it out to be. When you walk down the street, and pass by a person, you make an effortless split-second judgement about whether that person is male or female, and as such, whether that person would be addressed as sir or ma’am based on their gender presentation etc. There’s no malice here, that’s just how people have ordinarily interacted with each other since time immemorial.

It is clear that any deliberate attempt by the person concerned to transtrend will more or less fail to prompt the internal thought process on what non-male/non-female pronouns to use to avoid potential ‘offence’. It does not come naturally for one to try to suspend their understanding of reality in this matter, amongst others, and this includes the reality that the most common transtrender pronouns ‘they’/‘them’, are plural pronouns as they always have been, not gender pronouns.

The fallacies of the Great Gender Inflation as highlighted above rely on the foundational concept that gender is a social construct. But gender is not a social construct because there are only two genders (with proven biological underpinnings). It should be acknowledged that people’s expressions of gender could be socially constructed, like how fashion and dress is socially constructed, like how blue used to be a girl’s colour and pink used to be a boy’s colour. So whilst society can influence gender expression over time, there still remains only two gender identities: male and female.

The argument that gender is a social construct, and that there are more than two genders, delegitimises gender dysphoria, whether intentional or not. It implies that transsexuals don’t experience a medical condition that’s so life debilitating and misery-causing. I’m not a social construct, and my medical condition is not a political football. If gender really is a social construct, why was I so miserable with being a young man, why have I always strongly identified as female? The fact of the matter is that gender is not a social construct.

Gender describes the manifestations of the two biological sexes male and female, and that allows us to see the differences between male and female. In general, we see biologically driven differences in behaviour between men and women, and that biology comes down to hormones, interactions between genotypes and phenotypes, and brain wiring. It’s an enduring trend we see throughout human history. There are a thousand or more versions to non-binary gender expressions, but there are only the male and female genders in existence. Transtrenderism only exists in politics, not biology and medical science.

Libby DownUnder is an Australian video blogger and writer on social media (mainly Facebook and Twitter). She is a transsexual woman who describes her political views as conservative libertarian.

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