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The Greens fail at 2018

18 January 2018

7:52 AM

18 January 2018

7:52 AM

Inhale and all chant together – the Greens have failed at 2018.

Watch through half closed eyes and you’ll observe the Greens make frequent awkward moves. However, when Greens leader Richard Di Natale encouraged members in local councils to push for changing the date of Australia Day, he confirmed their worst move possible if hoping to rally support for 2018.

Announcing in January that one of your party’s top priorities for the year is a date happening in a matter of days isn’t promising much value for taxpayer money for the other eleven months. Where is your forward planning? It’s not as if this is a surprise occasion, this debate happens every year.

It’s not often that Barnaby Joyce speaks for so many, but he did this week – and aced it. “We are building inland rail systems, they’re talking about Australia Day,” Joyce said of the Greens push. “I am completely at ease with Australia Day. I’m very proud of Australia Day, and it is what you make it. We take into account every person who makes up this great nation, the Aboriginal people… Torres Strait Islanders, people who have come from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Greece, Italy, China, Japan, the Arctic Circle. I don’t care, wherever you’ve come from, you’ve come to this nation and this nation is now your home.”

Well said.

It’s not even one month into the new year and The Greens have, once again, confirmed they have no depth, no substance, and rely on a lefty obsession with virtue signalling simple solutions to complex problems.

What date do you suggest, Senator Di Natale? Surely the pain and suffering linked to the date is a construct that will move to wherever you choose in the calendar?

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