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Bill and Penny’s excellent (Korean) adventure

27 September 2017

12:41 PM

27 September 2017

12:41 PM

Bill and Penny are going to Korea!

What fun ! Even better – they didn’t have to pay for their trip! Australian tax payers paid!

Wasn’t that clever of Bill and Penny?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Republic of Korea (that’s South Korea!) is not happy!

Bill and Penny do not speak Korean.  They speak English. So English-speaking officials have to liaise with people at the Australian embassy to make Bill and Penny’s trip go smoothly.

This is a very difficult time to South Korea. But they are very polite people. They will assist Bill and Penny. They can travel to the DMZ and look at North Korea through specially thick glass while loudspeaker music plays from the other side of the border.

They can see Gangnam. Bill does not understand Gangnam Style. 

Penny is smart. She understands Gangnam Style.

They will eat kimchi and drink Korean beer at a lunch hosted by the Ministry. Bill does not like kimchi. Penny will eat kimchi because she is Polite. 

But why are they here in the ROK?

Bill is the Australian prime minister-in-waiting.

Penny is the Australian foreign minister-in-waiting.

They are waiting for the next election in Australia. There is one problem for Bill and Penny in Seoul.

The Americans are Number One Foreigners in Seoul. They are all Trump Republicans.

Some of them even speak Korean. But they all call it the DEE EM ZEE!

When they are back in Australia, Bill and Penny can give media conferences about their trip to Seoul.

And they didn’t have to pay for it themselves.

That was so clever!

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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