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No, men are not more of a threat than terrorists

27 July 2017

7:28 AM

27 July 2017

7:28 AM

When does a “comment” piece stop being comment and become a short work of fiction? The answer lies in the Fairfax women’s pages.

“Where is the super ministry for tackling the real threat to Australians – domestic violence?” the author asks. Apparently, there is not enough progress in “preventing men’s violence against women”.

Would you like to know why? Buddy, if you took away the genders from that sentence, you would increase your support and make instant progress.

Within the curious piece, you’ll find a string of astonishingly eccentric, inaccurate words, even by leftist media “standards”. Ready?

“The perpetrators of what the government calls terrorism are the ones we are constantly told to fear. Hate-filled radicalised Muslims determined to rain death and destruction upon us all. It’s the myth and the fantasy of conservatives that all nice (i.e. white) people in Australia will live in constant fear of that bogeyman.”


These left-wing raving lunatics honestly believe that society has nothing to fear from “hate-filled radicalised Muslims”? This is a “myth” and “fantasy”?

Do they stream news from a different planet? It utterly beggar’s belief.

Apparently, Fairfax writers think that the 70 per cent of Australians who are concerned about the risk of terrorism are mistaken.

Supposedly, Fairfax writers believe that the 46 per cent of Australians who think we should be spending more on anti-terrorism measures are wrong.

“There’s no limit to what we will spend to fend off the object of our irrational fears,” the peculiar piece continues.

By “irrational fears”, do mean, like the irrational fear of men that you preach? Do you mean, sleeping next to the enemy – which many women do each night?

Do you mean attempting to justify extraordinary government spend on a fraudulent gendered narrative around domestic violence?

Are you seriously suggesting that we have more to fear from men than Islamic extremists? Yes, that is literally what this crazy scribbler pens: “The violence they commit against their partners and children is far more common and deadly than the violence we are told to fear from Islamic extremists.”

To be clear, you’re saying men are more of a threat than terrorists?


The most dangerous terrorists in this country are fierce left-wing feminists – you’ve just proved that by literally spewing your madness in black and white.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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