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Yassmin Abdel-Magied? Sack her

26 April 2017

4:59 PM

26 April 2017

4:59 PM

Twenty-six year-old Muslim youth advocate and ABC TV host Yassmin Abdel-Magied has landed herself in some seriously hot water after she made a virtual slap in the faces of those who fought and died for this country by suggesting in a Facebook post that Australians should remember the refugee-inflicted suffering on Manus Island, Nauru, Syria and Palestine (which, by the way, is a nonexistent country/state/whatever).

Not only were Abdel-Magied’s comments disrespectful, despicable and horribly insulting to all who served and sacrificed themselves for this country of ours, they were also totally irrelevant and nonsensical.

She later decided to delete her ridiculous comments after attracting the merciless fury of the Facebook universe (and rightly so).

“It was brought to my attention that my last post was disrespectful, and for that I unreservedly apologise,” she wrote changing her post to simply read “Lest. We. Forget”

Of course, pretty much nobody thought her apology was in the slightest way, sincere.

Instead of standing with other Australians in remembrance of those who served and fell in the defence of this country, Abdel-Magied was busy trying to use it to gain political mileage (as Immigration Minister Peter Dutton rightly called it) in order to gain cheap political brownie points on the virtue-signalling scoreboard with her “progressive” media peers, who, as one veteran lamented, are trying to make out such a sombre commemoration as being some sort of “celebration” (it’s not a party, for goodness sake!)

The fact of the matter is that thousands upon thousands of brave young soldiers fought to keep Australia free from regressive ideologies such as Communism and Islam in various conflicts throughout history. That is the very reason they marched into battle with no clue in the world that they might make it back alive. They fought to keep violent Muslim proselytisers and Communist Marxists from overthrowing the West. Instead, regressive individuals like Abdel-Magied are doing it subtly by seeking to undermine our national identity.

It is not racist to be patriotic. It is not bigoted to honour those who have up their lives so we could live freely. It is not “Islamaphobic” to say that Islam has given absolutely nothing to the West other than hate, violence and death. It is not at all outlandish to get upset over some absolutely immature twit attempting to cheapen the gallantry, bravery and heroism of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

The freedom Abdel-Magied enjoys to make such disrespectful comments is what the people whom we commemorate today on ANZAC day fought and died for. These are values that are exclusively found in Judaeo-Christian principles, not in Islam or some other random religion.

Abdel-Magied needs to understand that “Lest We Forget” isn’t some throwaway line.  It actually has meaning. It’s an expression of remembrance, par excellence. It has dignified origins, a rich history. To cheapen it by equating it to the self-inflicted human suffering by Muslim zealots/trojans trying to illegally immigrate to Australia to make it part of their Islamic caliphate is at the very least deplorable.

The service of all veterans is our Aussie national pride and an integral part of who we are as a nation. If it isn’t Abdel-Magied’s pride (which it doesn’t appear to be), then on behalf of all Australians who care, I would politely request that she take her rascist, anti-Australian, hateful rhetoric elsewhere (like to Saudi Arabia) because such malarkey has no place in this society of ours.

And by the way, why should the taxpayer be forced to fund this ANZAC-hating woman’s rants? Answer? We shouldn’t.

It’s time to call upon the ABC to sack her immediately.

Caleb Stephen is a widely-published Christian freelance journalist, columnist and the founder and editor in chief of TruthJournalism.com. Visit his website CalebStephen.com and follow him on Twitter @CalebSOfficial.

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