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Who is more undemocratic, Putin or Brussel? I say Brussels — by far

Brussels is the bad guy in all this: undemocratic, incompetent Brussels

5 March 2016

9:00 AM

5 March 2016

9:00 AM

The rich are under attack nowadays, never more so than in America, where The Donald continues to trump his critics, amaze and surprise his fans, and drive his haters to paroxysms of sexual fantasy, with Trump as the main actor. National Review, where I got my start 40 years or so ago, devoted a whole issue to rubbishing Donald Trump. There were contributions from great conservatives, such as Thomas Sowell, and great clowns, like John Podhoretz. It was an issue that inadvertently looked in opposite directions while hating The Donald. William Kristol’s bit was in there — the one where he calls Trump vulgar. That he may be, but coming from a true vulgarian like Kristol, it’s a bit rich.

The rich are loathed in America by the media, not by hardworking white or Hispanic people — or Chinese, for that matter. Blacks have been told by their leaders to hate the rich, but they certainly don’t hate rich blacks; they look up to them. But boy, does the so-called élite (they are nothing of the kind, just envious types) loathe those with very big money!

Take the case of the Koch brothers. They are libertarian philanthropists and multi-billionaires, whose moolah derives from oil and gas. A rather homely woman by the name of Jane Mayer, employed by the New Yorker, has made it her life’s crusade to ‘expose’ the brothers. In this, as in her physical appearance, she has failed miserably. There are no skeletons in their closets, except those that give money away, their bones covered in velvet. This has obviously driven Mayer nuts, because she has gone as far as to write a very long book against the brothers in which she calls their money dark. But she has come up with nothing except good old American go-get-’em capitalism at its best. In essence, the book is a long and bitter diatribe against inherited money and great philanthropy. The usual suspects like the New York Times have praised it. I could not even read a review of it, it is just too boring and vituperative; a fantasy by a fantasist, who probably fantasises about Trump’s hair spread all over her while she sleeps.

Jane Mayer may be a very unhappy woman, her unhappiness deriving from her inability to stop the Koch brothers changing the conversation in the good old US of A. That is par for the course among those who wish to control the conversation — the New Yorker, the New York Times, and the so-called pundits on television who think that same-sex marriage is normal and sex between men and women out of the ordinary. As I said, the Koch brothers are libertarians and believe that everyone should be free to do and think as they please, as long as it’s within the law. No, say the uglies like Jane Mayer. Everyone should say what she — the homely one — thinks and says. Not exactly cricket, is it?

Conservatism is by its very nature not ideological. I am a conservative because I do not like change for its sake alone, and love the institutions of family, nationhood and Church. The idea that Trump is against these institutions is ludicrous. So why devote a whole issue against him, as if he were a Hitler-in-the-making? Because Trump does not fit the mould, I suppose; does not follow so-called conservative principles, and other such bullshit. National Review is no longer a conservative journal but a Republican party one. There’s a great difference, but now is not the time to go into it. The reason for the anti-Trump issue is that The Donald appeals to people who don’t know what an oxymoron is, but think it’s someone very stupid. These are the same types who, unlike the Bill Clintons and George W. Bushes of this world, stormed the beaches in Okinawa and Normandy under blistering fire. I love these people as much as I hate the likes of the Clintons, the ghastly Hillary being a shoo-in as the next American president.

So we have the ‘élites’ hating both the very rich, like the Koch brothers, and the lightly educated, like those who stormed the beaches. The irony is that the ones who stayed behind while the dumb ones served own publications like the unmentionable ones I mentioned above. I know I make it sound simple, but simplicity is the closest thing to the truth. Pseudo-intellectuals like to confuse matters in order to establish control over the great lumps that constitute the voting public. Here we call it as we see it. For example: who is more undemocratic, Putin or Brussels? I say Brussels — by far. Who has ignored the voters who are for Trump, while giving a pass to a woman who plays the feminist card when it suits her, and made multimillions by getting paid huge amounts of corporate moolah for speeches written by others? The pundit élite. Who has enabled IS to flourish? Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Erdogan the stealth-Islamist, or Bashar Al-Assad? I say the former. Who was more for the war in Iraq? Bush and Hillary, or the Koch brothers and Trump? Again, it’s the former.

Putin put his money where his mouth is and forced jihadists to the table. Obama, a decent man, played Pontius Pilate. Brussels has turned my country into one vast refugee camp. Who is the bad guy in all this? It’s undemocratic and incompetent Brussels, Brussels, Brussels!

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  • Father Todd Untious

    Putin is a bland nobody. He is there to represent the grey shadowy mafiawho run Russia. Corrupt liars all.

    • On the other hand…

      Hardly a ‘nobody’… but what did we ever expect of the former head of the most murderous, hidden, all-invasive network of murderers?

      • Father Todd Untious

        Russia is an utter disgrace. Corrupt at every level. A sick society that most cannot wait to leave.

        • Bendys

          You’re funny.

          • Father Todd Untious

            Why thank you. I’ll be here all week……..Remember the waitresses…………Try the fish.

        • Alex Popoff

          Relax, Russia will give a bribe to your undertaker.

          • Father Todd Unctious

            How very Russian to make such a glib threat.

          • Alex Popoff

            How very westish it is to see threat from Russia even in harmless jokes.

    • Cyril Sneer

      A nobody… that nobody has stopped America in its bid for regime change in Syria. I guess that must really annoy you.

      • Father Todd Untious

        Not at all. I fully understand the paranoia of the Alawites in the face of IS. Russia could care less as long as it keeps its warm water port. Putin is a deliberately placed face. His blandness suits the Mafia.

  • Fritz123

    If we compare “Wow!! and “We came. we saw, he died” to the oderly process and the orderly gallow for Saddam and Abu Grain to the Syrian “civil war”, Bush 2.0 made it even worse. The NYT has twice tried to write this away, but Trump has never been as ugly as her. And maybe it shows how American administration works anyway. He could not close Gitmo etc. But he was a little Nixon in Cuba and thats nice!!

  • Fritz123

    But here: “Brussels has turned my country into one vast refugee camp”, the contrary seems to be true. The EU protects the UK and gets also payed for it — like Tuerkey. The UK is not forced to deal with it alone under the Geneva law. Nobody can blame the EU for this.

    • FriendlyFire

      By “my country” he means Greece.

      • Fritz123

        Sounds more easonable. Thanks. But is this true? The “friends of Syria” and the Geneva law. When the day is over it was Hillary.

      • Fritz123

        The bad Assad.

  • Davedeparis

    Trump does not have a conservative bone in his body.

  • On the other hand…

    He is just kept together by b***it

    • TrippingDwarves

      Is that ‘Brexit’? ‘Bandit’?

      • On the other hand…

        whatever stinks the most!

  • Patrick Roy

    So true all around Taki, except for saying Obama is a decent man.

    • On the other hand…

      That is really unfair. You may not like his politics, but how can you attack this very honourable man’s ‘decency’?

      • Curnonsky

        Because he is a serial liar, demagogue, and narcissist? In other words, Trump’s spiritual father?

      • Patrick Roy

        Say what?

        • johnhenry

          You can say that again. I think Taki, God bless him, was probably on one of his benders when he typed “decent”. He must have meant to say deceitful or decadent.

      • Marxism denies the very concept of personal honour – and Mr Obama has never really broken with his Marxist childhood (Frank Marshall Davis and all), or his Marxist education.

        • enoch arden

          I don’t think Obama would be able to explain what is Marxism, even at gunpoint. This is well beyond the scope of his education. The only connection could be his using drugs in a company of Marxist students.

  • red2black

    Barney Rubble.

  • Charles and David Koch would be utterly horrified to be compared to the Toy Town Juan Peron – Donald Trump (neither Juan Peron or Mussolini were conservatives – and neither is Mr Trump).. As for the European Union – I am campaigning against it, but to say that Mr Putin (who has his opponents murdered) is less bad than the E.U. is obscene.

    • hobspawn

      If only the EU only murdered its opponents.

  • A man who voted for partial birth abortion – decent?!

    Any such is by definition a pagan and a monster.

  • ohforheavensake

    Taxi for Mr Taki, please. Poor soul’s had a bit too much to drink.

  • enoch arden

    Since when and where the Continental European democracy has been observed? Mussolini’s Italy? Franco’s Spain? Pilsudsky’s Poland? Petain’s France? I don’t dare to mention Germany. Switzerland is a traditional democracy, but it isn’t in EU.

  • Bluesman_1

    Very well said. However, Putin is as bad as Brussels the difference lies in intent and incompetence.

    • Father Todd Untious

      Never trust a Greek. The Orthodox culture breeds lies and deceit. Pangiotos Theodoracopulus is Greek.
      He will therefore be a corrupt liar.

  • JabbaTheCat

    Taki back on the Bolivian marching powder?

  • Bendys

    I was under the impression that the elites were the very rich. What are they then ? The super elites ?

    • Father Todd Untious

      Globally the 1% have 26% of the wealth.

      • aspeckofboggart

        And they owe the 10 Pound 2600 each.

      • Bendys

        How do you know ?

  • JohnnyNorfolk

    Obama has divided America like no one else in recent times.