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Why should we listen to Benedict Cumberbatch on Syrian refugees?

Come to that, I wish all luvvies would just shut up and do what they’re supposed to do – in other words, act

7 November 2015

9:00 AM

7 November 2015

9:00 AM

Because I just don’t know what to think about the Syrian refugee crisis — not even after Simon Schama’s powerfully cogent argument on Question Time the other week, where he explained that if you don’t want to house them all in your guest bedroom you’re basically a Nazi — I thought I might pay the scalps a couple of hundred quid or so to see Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet at the Barbican.

Apparently the really exciting bit isn’t anything he does as the Dane but rather Shakespeare’s rarely performed postscript where Hamlet comes back to life in the terrifying form of a preening, hectoring Old Harrovian luvvie to berate the groundlings for their uncaringness. ‘A pox on the politicians!’ this apparition is wont to declare, more frightful than anything glimpsed earlier on the battlements of Elsinore. And even if you didn’t have a strong view before on those Syrians, you will by the time the collection bucket is rattled menacingly beneath your nose. Simply seeing Cumberbatch, all quavery and exquisitely modulated and indignant, is enough to dispense any doubt. As Homer Simpson almost once said: ‘Luvvies. Is there anything they don’t know?’

Well I can answer that. No there isn’t. I’ve learned from the newspapers, from the TV and social media that there’s not a single problem in the world, great or small, for which the luvvies don’t have the definitive answer.

Ever been struck by the fact that from Jane Austen adaptations to Poldark to Pointless, there aren’t nearly enough black and ethnic minority characters on TV? Well you’re bloody right. Former New Faces and Tiswas star Sir Lenny Henry says so. And it’s not about ‘tokenism’, God no. It’s simply about ‘driving up quality’.

What about ‘ravishing’ — is that a world we should still use? Not according to highly principled linguistic arbiter and sometime Scottish comic Frankie Boyle. He has been looking into its root derivation and was appalled by what he discovered: it’s a bit ‘rapey’, he once warned his nearly two million Twitter followers.

Drilling for oil in the Arctic? ‘A monumental act of selfishness and greed,’ says Emma Thompson — and she should know: she once played Harriet Pringle in the BBC TV adaption of Olivia Manning’s Fortunes of War. Opposite Kenneth Branagh no less.

Fracking? Only the worst thing ever. Just ask the experts, like Dame Vivienne Westwood, who thought up the genius idea of putting safety pins and lots of extra zips, accessorised with dog collars, on outfits worn by people like Sid Vicious in the late 1970s.

Women’s pay inequality? An absolute blooming disgrace. Never mind the fact that in the West, women below the age of 40 are on absolute wage parity with their male counterparts — Emma Watson knows there’s still something scandalous going on, as you totally would if you’d been Hermione Granger in no fewer than seven Harry Potter movies.

Press freedom? Overrated. A bloody nightmare in fact. Just ask the guy who made his name saying ‘fuck’ a lot at the beginning of Four Weddings and A Funeral and has totally no axe to grind about the tabloid press after what happened that time in LA with a hooker called Divine Brown. And if you won’t take his word for it, ask Alan Partridge.

Traitor Edward Snowden? Oh puh-lease. Not a traitor at all, actually, but a bastion of free speech against the sinister authoritarian power nexus of the surveillance state. Susan Sarandon thinks so: she was Janet in Rocky Horror. So does Russell Brand, and he has, like, shagged everyone, presumably including his more famous ex-wife, Katy Perry.

Obviously I could go on like this for days, except the relentless sarcasm has started to exhaust me. And it’s not that luvvies have strong opinions that bothers me — of course they do: they’re articulate, passionate people with a powerful media presence. Rather it’s that all the opinions they have tend in exactly the same wearisomely predictable political direction, and also that this can have a tainting effect on their work — at least for those of who don’t share their smug liberal-lefty Weltanschauung.

I appreciate that this is not a new or original point. But I’m feeling it particularly strongly, having just endured the new James Bond, which in my view is yet another victim of this pernicious, creeping luvvification. In the era of Live and Let Die, Bond was charmingly innocent, brainless and delightfully un-PC. Now, though, the franchise has been hijacked by Sam Mendes, a luvvie with a first-class degree in English from Cambridge, and suddenly we’re supposed to see Bond and the various villains as emotionally conflicted characters with rich inner lives. Killing baddies and shagging top totty is no longer clean innocent fun: everything has to be psychoanalysed and made ‘relevant’ — like those ghastly modern-dress productions of Shakespeare which I’m going to ban when I’m your benign dictator.

Of course, if we went back in time and met the luvvies of yore, I’m sure they would have been just as insufferable. Wordsworth and Coleridge, say: once we’d heard them sing the praises of the marvellously bracing French revolution, we would never have been able to stomach another word they wrote. But the difference was that in the old days the opportunities for luvvies to promote their tediously wrong opinions were so much fewer and farther between. Also, I suspect they had a better idea of their proper place.

You can’t imagine Edmund Kean coming on after Hamlet to give his audience an earful on what he thought of the Corn Laws. And had he done so, I like to think his paying customers would have shown more mettle than the ones who nightly allow themselves to be bullied by the Cumberbatch. Mummers are great and I love them dearly, but just because they can talk posh, quote Shakespeare and pretend to be whatever you want them to be, doesn’t mean they’ve anything worth saying.

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  • KingEric

    Hear blo0dy hear! I have never understood why the media gives luvvies so much coverage to air their prejudices. It’s all just virtue signalling anyway. After the coverage has died down a bit, they just quietly go back to their mansions and plush homes and live wonderfully on the pots of money they’ve stashed away with barely another thought about their particular “cause of the day”

    • Sue Smith

      I was talking to my doctor today, a Polish immigrant who has been in Australia a few years. We talked about the European crisis and he said, “this has the potential for another war; it is beyond stupidity”. I have to agree.

      • smoke me a kipper

        Sue, who do you propose fights this war?

        • Sue Smith

          The west versus Islam.

          • smoke me a kipper


          • Dogsnob

            Read some history.

          • smoke me a kipper

            So the West and. Islam should go to war because I should read some history!

          • Dogsnob

            No need for that Mr Stompy! You simply have it the wrong way around.
            You should acquaint yourself with the events surrounding the two civilisations so that you might appreciate the likelihood that war is on the cards. A good start would be to google ‘dar al-harb’.

          • smoke me a kipper

            Dear Dog’s unmentionable, history provides loads of evidence as to why the West and Islam should not go to war. It’s happened many times before and nothing good has come of it. Einstein’s remarks about insanity come to mind

          • Dogsnob

            Einstein’s aphorism only holds good when repeated action brings failure. But to some, much good has come from aggression and violence.
            It’s how territory and resources are gained at the expense of others.

          • smoke me a kipper

            However in the instance of West v Islam there is a never ending cycle. Whilst one side may gain a short term advantage in the long run no one wins. Repeating is indeed insanity

          • Dogsnob

            As another big mister said: ‘In the long run, we’re all dead’.
            Meanwhile, the ‘cycle’ as you so cosily picture it, consists of very much one way traffic. I do not prescribe this, I just refuse to turn a blind and hopeful eye to what is clearly happening.

  • James

    I think Ms Greer summed it up best when she opined that mummers were “as stupid as mud”.

  • crosscop

    Poor Benedict has to some way atone for his “coloured people” gaffe – and this nonsense is how he thinks he will gain a few brownie points. His abject grovelling obviously wasn’t enough to wash away his shame and guilt.

    • P Rogers

      You can’t say brownie

      • ExToryVoter

        I think he just did.

        • LittleRedRidingHood

          He can say coloured people as well.
          People need to stop being so bl00dy precious.

      • smoke me a kipper


        • jeffersonian

          gazing into the mirror?

          • smoke me a kipper

            Are you. Why?

      • Patrick_Blankfein

        The Brownies aren’t called the Brownies anymore. I once saw a magazine for Brownies and one of them was a black girl. It was a P.R. dilemma, no? You have to be very careful with language and ethnicity. I am a Honky, and proud to be one, and surely that makes me the Devil’s minion!

    • CalUKGR

      “…Poor Benedict has to some way atone for his “coloured people” gaffe – and this nonsense is how he thinks he will gain a few brownie points.”

      The problem is that in his efforts to ‘virtue signal’ his impeccably progressive credentials he’s trying too hard. He’s a bit of a ham. It’s all a little bit embarrassing. Did he learn nothing at Drama School..?

  • Rik

    Gawd save us from virtue signalling,halo hunting, champagne socialist luvvies,they all have their heads so far up their own arses they must eat tonsils for breakfast every morning.If Cucumberpatch cares so deeply why hasn’t he sent that 11 million to a refugee charity rather than build a palace for himself to queen over in LA??Oh silly me paying for your fantasies is for the little people isn’t it.
    I make an open offer to all the luvvies out their especially Brand and Cucumberpatch i will donate 100% of my income for the next two years to my chosen charity(hope for heroes) if they will donate 100% of their income for the next two years to the refugee charity of their choice,put your money where your mouth is!!!

    • SonOfGud

      your money is safe

  • flippit

    Well, perfectly put but you did miss out that awful prig Martin Freeman, we shouldn’t forget that melange of hypocrisy. My guess is that when us ordinaries mentally rehearse ourselves living the life of the artistically talented but oh so modest and beautiful dreamboats of popular culture, those dreamboats are mentally rehearsing that they think their real selves should be, with serious opinions and all about saving the world and in particular saving the poor. But it’s not about the world and the poor, it’s about them.

  • ill-liberal

    It’s just the new snobbery, and it comes from a whole manner of celebri-leftist from Cumberbatch to Banksy. They despise Joe Public for not being as enlightened or charitable as them and for (as they see it) taking away their opportunity to feel sublime.

    Had they had to share there private schools and doctors with the migrants who head into the country I suspect their tune might change, but for now it’s an opportunity to feel morally superior whilst kicking back with a nice glass of wine in their swanky London (or even worse, LA) pad. They get to have their cake and eat it, knowing full well that they will never have to deal with the repercussions of the action they advocate.

    Him and his mate aren’t even very good in Sherlock (particularly Freeman). I suggest the American show Elementary if you want a modern day twist on the classic, it has a bit of the Columbo about it. Not the greatest show ever but at least you can avoid these two and you get to trade in the insufferable Freeman for Lucy Liu.

    • WTF

      They believe they are enlightened purely because of their wealth but when called out on it, their knowledge is lamentable.

      • Australian Inquisitor

        “They believe they are enlightened purely because of their wealth”

        ….. eh??…..

    • smoke me a kipper

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even you. However you don’t have to agree.

      • ill-liberal

        I know.

  • AJH1968

    cnn there is a story of
    a couple who rescue Yazidi women from ISIS (no doubt there are more heroic
    people). This individual however feels that a mawkish soliloquy makes him more
    virtuous. Looking at the vast host of ungrateful uncouth and belligerent
    cretins (mostly of military age) one would have to be a spineless catamite
    to call for a greater assistance and accommodation of these so called refugees.

  • DavidL

    I choose to believe that half of these luvvies are actually closet Conservative voters, who feel bound to pose and platitudinise in the way they do because it would be career suicide to voice any other opinion.

    • ExToryVoter

      I’ve often wondered that given that all too frequently their public pronouncements don’t stack up when put alongside how they actually live their lives.

  • WTF

    Actors should stay the f*** away from politics or hot political issues if they had any sense but too many of them seem to get bored and want to make some lame point on a subject they know little about.

    There’s been a bunch of ‘do gooders’ demanding we accept unlimited migrants of unknown origin or agendas for the west but not a one has offered to take a family in. Sean Penn mixed it supporting Argentina over claims for the Falkland Islands. Some months back we had Ben Afflect backing Islam trying to suggest it wasn’t a problem for the west although he’s gone a bit quieter now. I’m not sure whether he learned his lesson or has been too busy humping nannies and dealing with his imminent divorce. Then we’ve had Quentin Tarantino who called all cops murderers just 4 days after a black cop was murdered in New York and his new film looks to be boycotted by the police in America.

    Why everyone in Hollywood can’t stick to their real acting/directing skills instead of race baiting or cop baiting makes no sense at all. Mel Brooks is the complete opposite who knows how to turn political issues into comedy and send the right message over injustices. He successfully used comical ridicule to raise awareness of slavery but not in a fascist style liberal manner we’re so used to today. Not only that, in Blazing Saddles it wasn’t just ‘Black Lives Matter’ he parodied with the quicksand scene but the fact that thousands of Chinese were used as slaves as well, something the left have conveniently forgotten. I don’t believe Mel Brooks wrote this stuff as a political message but more as comedy but it was far more effective in race relations than Black Lives Matter demanding cops are killed !

  • Itinerant

    Just another traitor.

  • mikewaller

    And why should anybody sensible pay any attention to a guy whose off the wall on global warming, happy to attack the NHS whilst being very well treated by it, speaks out of turn concerning his niece’s scholastic arrangements, had publicly to lick his employer’s boots following a series of errors which in the harsh world he fantasizes about would have got him the chop, publicly betrays his old mucker the PM regarding the latter’s recreational habits when they were both students etc. etc. etc. ?

    • David S

      He’s right on global warming, although it has now been renamed climate change to bring in all manner of other naturally occurring adverse weather events in the absence of any actual warming.

  • Morris Jasper

    The emotive argument frequently possesses the least reason. i.e. ideal work for the luvvie, the most symmetrical of all the meat groups, and the easiest on the eye. It really pains me though, the way Equity members are wheeled out into the political arena, as their presence often signals the fact that very weak cases are being put forward, and very poor arguments are being made. But y’know we won’t notice any of that, because the dishy one out of, whatever, is saying we should think, the thing they are blathering on about, it is a good thing, or alternatively, is a bad thing, simple by virtue of their, commercially lucrative, smouldering good looks, and their alleged ability at pretending to be Danish princes.

    • Australian Inquisitor


      • Morris Jasper


  • Rocksy

    Nothing worth saying? Well not without a script anyway.

  • Marcus

    “..the terrifying form of a preening, hectoring Old Harrovian luvvie..”

    Good stuff

  • porcelaincheekbones

    Rome had the right idea, they treated actors like professional liars and hated them accordingly.

    • Sanctimony

      Hopefully they threw the pseuds to the lions …..

    • Lord Eden

      And yet they enjoyed the Spectacle of theatre and entertainment which is why the former roman world is packed full of amphitheatres.
      The roman playrights happerly stole from the earlier Greek Plays.
      So if you statement is true(which I doubt unless you can qualify it) then it must have been a love hate relationship.

  • plainsdrifter

    Quite agree. We have become neurotic and sentimental. Unfortunately, it takes wars to make people understand what is really important.

    Helen Mirren, who we hear far too much about, and far too much from because she has a big gob, once said the Tories are just a bunch of bloody ex public schoolboys entirely missing the obvious rejoinder that actors/esses are just a bunch of bloody lefties.

    • Sanctimony

      I completely agree…. and the more wrinkly and saggy the old bat becomes in the endless attention she seeks, the more the NHS bill drops in the need for emetics… if I have to look at her ghastly drooping boobs or her flapping triple chins again, I’m going to top myself…..

  • sir_graphus

    If you follow Lee Hurst on Twitter it answers the question of why he’s not on TV anymore. He has the temerity to opine that unrestrained immigration might have the teeniest downside to the resident working class. So that’s his TV career over.

    • Curiously Hard

      AKA One Way Traffic.

      • Australian Inquisitor

        Wow, you are SO right.
        It explains why Jamie “Nigel Farage is alright” Oliver is never on our screens, why Anthony “I want to be a Tory MP” Worrall Thompson was never seen again and why Katie “let them die” Hopkins has been banished from all forms of media.

        I know a lefty TV exec conspiracy when I see it…

  • JohnJ

    and you didn’t even touch on Rock Stars. Ahhh Sting – has the stung gone? How can I have an opinion without hearing from the Police.
    But you don’t have the wonderful Peter Garret, not only did our Peter have plenty to tell us as lead singer from the stage. He actually had to act on it once he got into Parliament. Now you must tell all your artists – never get to a position where you are responsible for actions. After one or a few disasters, he left the realm of responsibility and wrote a book explaining how it was just a mistake.

  • Australian Inquisitor

    Absolutely right.
    How dare these “slebs” use their status to bring to the fore the sort of things things which common people should remain ignorant about

    We all know that the CIA has never done anything naughty. Ever. Certainly never covered it up. Anyone who leaks a few thousand pages of evidence to the contrary is just a bad sport.

    It’s obvious that the ONS are just a bunch of loony lefties for publishing stats that show wage disparity related to gender.

    The PCC just had to point to the increase in journalistic standards to justify its existence (phone tapping all a storm in a teacup btw. Met Rebkah Brooks once, cracking girl)

    Yes, I always sleep safe knowing that Murdoch, Desmond, Rothermere and the Barclays are choosing what to publish, what to push for and what to trash in a completely neutral and non self-serving manner. I mean if Cumberbatch feels he has a moral obligation to inform the public, he should have pulled his socks up and jolly well been born into a publishing dynasty like everyone else.

    • Look, Obama, it’s past your bedtime. And I don’t care that Michelle is too busy dreaming about Prince Harry….

      • Australian Inquisitor

        Prince Harry worked very hard to be born into the royal family. He uses his influence to bring the importance of things like conservation into the forefront.
        Well done I say.
        Of course when the likes of Sting, Katherine Jenkins and Taylor Swift do the same it just makes me want to puke.

        Remember, it’s not the message which is important, it’s whether or not you personally like the messenger.

        • Ron Todd

          Conservation that is if you are poor African killing animals to feed your family is bad if you are Royalty killing animals for fun is just one of the privileges of your status.

        • Lord Eden

          Oh come on now there would be Night clubs and pubs going out of business with out the support of Harry Hewitt’s support.

    • Curiously Hard

      You forgot to put a link to your merch page Benny.

    • nelly0042

      How can you breathe with your head shoved up there?

  • Hear, hear.

  • English man

    ‘Mummers are great and I love them dearly, but just because they talk posh, quote Shakespeare and pretend to be whatever you want them to be, doesn’t mean they’ve anything worth saying.’


  • James M

    Because he’s more listenable-to than that beardy chap ?

  • Sue Smith

    What is it he’s describing there in that screen shot above? The size of it looks very small, whatever it is!!!

  • Tamerlane

    Old Harrovian pipped to the post by Old Etonian on Oscar night….oh it’s an old, old story that one…see the OH chip on the shoulder manifest itself live on stage in the nights that follow. You won’t see Redmayne making a spectacle of himself like this, he doesn’t need to.

  • davidofkent

    I don’t listen to Cumberbatch. OTOH, the luvvies provide a good service in providing opinion that we can be assured is entirely the wrong thing to do.

  • ChrisTavareIsMyIdol

    Team America had it spot on with Alec Baldwin and the Film Actor’s Guild

  • Robert Smith

    Wordsworth & Coleridge changed their opinion on the French Revolution after they saw how it turned out. Can’t remember too many luvvies changing their minds. I guess they are always right in the first place.

  • Joey F

    Will Mourinho get the sack? Will Rio ever put on the captain’s armband again? Stay tuned!

  • Arthur Ascii

    Go to iPlayer and watch the exchange on the Daily Politics show yesterday (5th Nov) between Dianne Abbott and a Syrian woman.

    That just about sums up the whole Cumberbatch/luvvie/leftie mindset. They haven’t got a clue because they’re no prepared to listen to the people who should be allowed to speak, the Syrians themselves. They’re too fond of the sound of their own voices, and too busy taking offence or speaking on behalf of people who are drowned out by their sanctimonious speeches.

  • Andrew R

    Frankie Boyle is as qualified to be a journalist as Delingpole. If you don’t like what he says, don’t read it. If you want to argue against his opinions, have at it. But him being a comedian (I can’t imagine anyone believes he qualifies as a ‘luvvie’) has nothing to do with whether he’s worth reading or arguing with.

    • Phil K

      I don’t read him. He’s entitled to his opinion, oddly others who DON’T have their opinion are targets for censorship. And note how they always use PUBLIC MONEY to try to censor them too ?

  • It is understandable and forgivable that celebrities of all sorts take advantage of the media exposure they enjoy and use this to promote their own views – as daft and uninformed as they usually are – as long as they don’t do it during their work hours and force their irrelevant drivel on paying audiences as Cumberbatch did on stage after Hamlet, Marion Alsop and Nigel Kennedy did at the Proms (the latter with remarks bordering on the antisemitic) or Ivan Fischer who called for the end of immigration controls during a concert at the Berlin Konzerthaus. Such clueless but pompous goody two shoes deserve to be booed from their stage.

  • Patricia

    I’d be more sympathetic to the luvvies if they were to form an army and actually fight for all the oppressed people they profess to champion.

  • The Laughing Cavalier

    As I remarked elsewhere on your organ’s comment pages, Mr Cumberbatch is an actor, he puts on make up and costumes, then pretends to be someone else. That is not a qualification for pontificating on world affairs..

    PS the chaps who played Dr Watson is a much better actor.

    • realfish

      ‘….PS the chaps who played Dr Watson is a much better actor.’

      That’d be Martin Freeman. He’s the bloke that appeared in a glossy Labour election broadcasts earlier this year, batting for Weird Ed.


    • smoke me a kipper

      Try telling that to David Cameron!

  • mandelson

    Just a hollow shell who pretends to be someone else for a living and gets obscene amounts of money for it. He can accommodate many “migrants” in his multiple homes if he wishes but we all know that virtue signalling is much easier than action.

    • Sanctimony

      Empty vessels make the most noise…. Not you old bean… I meant Bendydick Cucumberpatch…

      • Haloge


  • smoke me a kipper

    Good point well made. Here’s another one. Why should we lisiten to James Delingpole?

    • EnglandLaments

      No reason. However, we choose to read his well structured arguments, whereas the hapless audience at Hamlet had little choice but to let themselves be harangued by Cumberbitch. I so wish I had been there though, since I would have booed like crazy and thrown the argument back in the silly luvvies face.

      • smoke me a kipper

        I didn’t read it. I’ve read Delingpole often enough to know that his articles are rants with very little logic, and a denial of inconvenient facts.

        • marc biff

          At least you didn’t pay for not reading it.

          • smoke me a kipper


        • Bonzo

          I too find it best not to read articles before commenting on them, it so clouds one’s thinking.

          • smoke me a kipper

            Good point, however my comment wasn’t about the article, it was about the author.

    • Dogsnob

      Balance, perhaps?

      • smoke me a kipper

        Following that logic to achieve that balance you would have to listen to Cumberbatch as well.

        • Dogsnob

          Sorry for the delay, mods are off on one again today it seems.

          I did listen to Cumberbatch, that’s how I can form the opinion that he’s a bit of a tool.

    • FrankS2

      You don”t have to.

      • We don’t. Noone does.

  • Lina R

    Easy for the elite to lecture everyone else about mass immigration – their lives are not adversely affected.

  • EnglandLaments

    Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

    Boo! Hiss! To Cumberbitch!

  • Sue Smith
  • Paul B

    Everyone should speak up. Cumberbatch should make his political views known, his are as valid as anyone’s. But not on my dollar, not when I’m paying him to do something else.

    • Marvin

      What exactly are you paying him for?

    • Patrick_Blankfein

      Your image is a certain Salad Fingers. I sort of liked it for a bit. What has become of Salad Fingers? Do you like Dr Snuggles?

      • Phil K

        Do you always talk gibberish ?

  • amicus

    “…….like those ghastly modern-dress productions of Shakespeare which I’m going to ban when I’m your benign dictator.”

    Bring it on!

  • JOhn Mackie

    “I wish all luvvies would just shut up and do what they’re supposed to do – in other words, act”

    That… acting, is all he is actually doing. Emoting, virtue signalling and acting out something that portrays his sense of moral superiority.

    I actually wish they would stop acting – when off stage or screen.

  • Wiggi237

    Actually all these luvvies are mostly out of touch anyway as they are far to interested in what others in their profession are getting up to!
    There are now awards for almost everyone in Media. You cannot ever see a quiz show without a Media Question relating to someone you have never heard of or has been dead for years! When it comes to Political issues they should keep quiet for most like this guy shows he is out of touch with reality!

  • Patrick_Blankfein

    When the second world war was raging, the real men went to fight it out. The establishment dandy cowards declared themselves (not quite macho, if you know what I mean) and that condition meant no war for you. Ergo, they went off to latterday beeb.

    • smoke me a kipper

      You write with English words the meaning of which are understood. They are joined together into what look like sentences, yet when combined together they make no sense. You have a rare talent. Congratulations.

      • Dogsnob

        Your first ‘sentence’ doesn’t suggest you are a reliable authority on English words.

      • Patrick_Blankfein

        I have William Faulkner in my brain, and Oliver Reed, and Jack Kerouac, and many many others. It is a tormented brew.

        • Sanctimony

          Full-on literary giants…. (apart from the thespian) as well as being three sublime alcoholics… please, Lord, send us more of them….

          Add Hemingway, Steinbeck, Fitzgerald, Jack London, Joyce, Mailer, Hunter S Thompson etc and the booze and inspiration starts to run dry….

      • Patrick_Blankfein

        You should be teaching Eng-Lit with your command of the langue – to dolies.

        • Sanctimony

          What, pray, are dolies…. is it someone in a dole queue, perhaps ?

          • Patrick_Blankfein

            What do you think dolies are? People who work at Goldman Sachs!

    • Marvin

      LBC the radio station for freaks is teeming with them. There is a slight chance that there is one normal thing working there.

  • FrankS2

    Does it really cost £200 to see this loopy luvvie preening his way through the well worn verses of the bard’s greatest hit? At that price, he could take a little bit out of each ticket and fill the buckets without troubling the paying public. Still, as Rod says, perhaps it’s Cumberbatch’s post-play oration that gets the dupes into their seats and keeps them there. But I hear they’re getting cheesed off in Copenhagen about the refugee flood – maybe the State of Denmark is not so rotten after all.

  • Val Brooker

    It’s not a Syrian refugee crises at all. But a tsunami of illegal immigrants mostly from Turkey crisis. Tell them to go home, end of problem.

    • Patrick_Blankfein

      Exactly! Do you feel good about yourself when giving coin to E-European beggars? I feel ashamed that they clutter the pavements; they should be treated humanely for sure, but the community comes first.

      • Val Brooker

        I think they are naive, if they go to Britain they are going to end up queuing up at food banks and living rough. Even with the best will in the world, people can’t help everyone, only one or two. We already have a housing shortage, millions of homeless people and millions of others forced to use food banks to keep their kids fed. People are not going to favour foreign beggars over their own folks set up to fail by the Tories and Blairites.

  • Marvin

    Amazing! A bit of success and these bleeding heart luvvies think themselves as intellectual lefties wanting to cater for the dregs of the Planet. Stick to what you lot are great at, make-up and lipstick.


    And next week we have the cream of the celebs asking us to fund Children in need! And then the week after that they will be on some F#ck1ng red carpet at another award spectacular. Then when things are quiet they will be on a TV appeal for something that I was giving to 50 years ago!!!! (ie water for Africa) And most will want a fee, so a large percentage of your generosity goes into their bank accounts.

  • Patrick Roy

    They act. We do. You know what they say – stick to what you know.

  • Adrian Johnson

    I read today in the Torygraph that IKEA is running out of beds for migrants to Sweden.
    What UK politicians of every party fear to say is that if we paved over every farm and green space we would still be unable to house the people here, far less the ones who will inevitably come if we remain in the wonderful EU.

  • Greenslime

    When this tedious, boring, puffed-up, over-rated, self-regarding luvvie has housed a family or two of these refugees in one of his pads, then I will want to hear his opinions. Until then, this hypocrite millionaire really ought to firmly shut up.

    Until he has put his plentiful money where his mouth is, he fits in the same box as that airhead, Lisa Nandy. She told the Any Questions audience last night that the way to solve the housing problem is to build houses, not blame migrants. NSS! I’m presuming that she is arranging for all of her magic wands to be handed over to the government immediately so that they can be put to use.

  • Viclad

    As mentioned, maybe the luvvies should give up their spare bedroom instead of just being hypocrites. Perhaps the vacation home is available for sacrifice. To the LIV it’s always someone else who pays for them to be bribed, or houses the refugees, or deals with terrorists and criminals. Anyway false narratives are so comforting, like a old stinky slipper. None of that is “their reality,” so it doesn’t exist according to the narcissistic voter and their political rent seeking allies, so the cause of the problem becomes the solution, overleveraging economies with the inevitable and productivity sapping deleveraging, badly exacerbated in a deflationary environment. This dislocation is long overdue, and will raise it’s ugly head as the two headed monster of rising interest rates here and deflation there destroys business and thus job creation under the weight of the incompetent leviathan of bigger government, aka the “cure.” Thus reality – a worldwide deflation with negative yield bonds issued by government to investors selling short on their currencies, a demographic explosion that will induce power hungry governments to borrow even further beyond their obscene & maxed out entitlement levels of today. It all fails when continued taxation drives down productivity with its transactions of decline and reduced standards of living induced by big government. The stupidest voter decisions are usually made when an expansion has run its course and unethical politicians insanely argue they can “direct” economies. Not so much Orwellian as Marxian, with an Entertainment Tonight wrapper provided by an ignorant, biased and unethical media. At least we’ll have cool leaders equipped with their amazing ability to throw hard earned tax dollars at “problems,” sure in their hearts it makes “us” all better off. In Canada we saw an election by social justice warriors for the middle class, helping them with their non-existent crises, while crushing the poor, especially the working poor, with increasing taxation and energy costs. It seems they are no longer the favourites; brokerage politics is so much more fulfilling. This is a new market for conservative and libertarians to be the true societal champions, rather than using boutique theories such as climate change and soak the rich to justify reducing national incomes further and further with government “investment.” Some investment – it always results in a negative return. I hope none of these boutique politicians fancy a career in financial services. They’ll need a “subsidy” to make it.

  • ant

    Actors, by necessity, exist on the edge of emotion. It’s pretty much a mental condition.

    Yes, there may well be exceptions, and not all actors, directors, musicians etc etc are necessarily ‘luvvies’, but the condition lends itself to utterly simplistic, childlike responses to the real world their role in life is from which to escape.

    Worse, it is simply career suicide if you are a movie star, like dear Benny, to express any form of opinion which diverts from the insidious leftism that infects Tinseltown like ideological herpes.

    A formerly right-leaning, working class mate, who’s now working as a director in Hollywood, this week raged on Facebook against Saturday Night Live for allowing Donald Trump its guest slot. His language and rage bore all the hallmarks of the cultural marxist fascistic left we hear all too often here. It was virtue signalling of the most desperate kind.

    Happily, as we have seen with Brand and Grant, you might get your righteous rocks off, but your mainstream audience will silently desert you. And let’s face it, if your new ‘fans’ are the noisy turds who gave Corbyn a ‘mandate’ and were protesting behind mass-produced plastic masks, I’m guessing they’re torrenting your valuable output rather than actually paying you for it…

    I’m guessing the likes of Disney and Universal might wake up to the fact sooner or later…

    • Pioneer

      They are not all imbeciles. Check out James Woods on twitter.

      “Stupidity is universal, and “liberals” the world over hold the monopoly.”

      • Ghislaine

        How can anyone have a monopoly on something that’s universal? You could only say something as silly as that if you didn’t know what “universal” actually meant.

      • Phil K

        My opinion of James Woods – who DOES have a high IQ – has just went up several notches

    • Patrick_Blankfein

      Acting has never really been considered a respectable career; not far away from prostitution if you read the history of the theatre.

      • freddiethegreat

        “I’m still called an Admiral, yet I gave up the sea long ago.”

    • magi83

      Although Brand’s worldview is sophomoric, to his credit he did venture out of the comfort zone that so many luvvies smugly colonise. That might have more to do with the size of his ego than anything else and he had the good grace to openly demonstrate his total inability to achieve anything positive.

  • Sean L

    I can’t fathom how you pick out either Wordsworth or Coleridge, who both matured into hardcore political and cultural conservatives, as “luvvies”. Besides, luvvies are creatures of the mass media. You could no more be a luvvie in their time than a movie star. But if you wanted to stretch the point surely Shelley or Byron would better fit the bill.

  • Richard

    We listen to them because they want us to. I wonder: think about images and people to whom we have listened in the past. It ancient times the people whose images we would have known best would have been on coins, on in statues. And so they were generally revered. Now the people whose images we know best are thespians. And so our primitive brains still tend to regard such people as leaders. It is the opposite of the old “out of sight, out of mind” of which thesps are so aware. In other words, we listen to them because we are thick.

  • green hackle

    I Agree with every word, As we come up to Christmas we will see more of these useless ponces Begging for our last few Quid, But there is No Chance of of the Stinking parasites put there Very short arms in There very deep pockets, I was very impressed with Cumberbach, What a shame he is Turning out to be Just One More Whining Left wing Ponce..

  • Phil K

    Thought Cumbatch a fantastic actor and cheered when he got the Dr Strange role.
    This has changed my opinion of him for the worse. Pompous hypocritical “Let them all in, but ONLY beside the Hoi Polloi – not near me” approach is typical of the loathsome luvvies trying to impress each other……AT OUR EXPENSE

    • freddiethegreat

      I’ve only seen him in the spoof about Enigma. Niot very good, is he?

      • Phil K

        To be fair, he’s almost as good as he thinks. Excellent. Not the genius he thinks. I like his shows, stopped liking him as a pompous hypocritical PC bullshitting luvvie

  • Alf

    Actors and Luvvies alike have lost reality, that’s why they act in a fantasy world, which clouds their judgment. This is not about helping people in need, it about allowing in an antithetical insane hate filled ideology in to a cramped and at present free country. It is not our responsibility or any other European country. These are Incompatible cutures, one of hate, intolerance, bigotry, mysogyny, racism etc into a democratic free world which is constantly learning and modifying. This will only end up one way as we are seeing across Europe and the rest of the world.

    • kuffir

      Not free for much longer. Theresa May’s “Extremist Banning Orders” will soon mean we can’t even talk about the problem.

      • freddiethegreat

        I can. I don’t live in Airstrip One!

  • ohforheavensake

    You really are a nasty little soul, aren’t you James?

    • Richard Eldritch

      Je suis Nasty.

    • magi83

      Someone has to be.

  • Richard Eldritch

    Never liked Cucumberpatch myself. He’s got one of those ratty self important lemon sucky faces ya just wanna slap.

    • greencoat

      I’m afraid you’ll have to join a long queue.

  • Malcolm Stevas

    Answer: we shouldn’t. In fact, don’t even waste space in a serious periodical on the political opinions of luvvies including Mr Cumberbatch. Some actors might have interesting opinions on other matters than acting, but who cares. When they abuse their role to preach to the audience about refugees or anything else, they go beyond the pale. I believe he’s a good actor (I wouldn’t know, never having seen him perform), and that’s all that matters.

    • magi83

      True, by asking the question you are entertaining the idea that Cumberbatch has something of significance to say on this matter.

  • Chingford Man

    Cumberbitch: social justice warrior, virtue signaller and Grade 1 Hypocrite.

  • Toni Roberts

    I hope you never need to depend on the kindness of strangers.

    • magi83

      Non sequitur – I may at some time need to rely on the kindness of a stranger therefore I must be limitlessly generous to everyone irrespective of the consequences.

      • Toni Roberts

        There are children on that island literally dying of exposure. Have you ever had frostbite? Imagine YOUR child experiencing that pain times a hundred — that’s dying of exposure. The charity Cumberbatch is trying to get people to donate to is Save the Children. He’s mostly focused on preventing children from freezing to death this winter, he gives loads of his own money and time away to help all manner of people in need, at home and abroad, and you think he deserves this reaction — I hope your CHILDREN never need to depend on the kindness of strangers.

        • magi83

          What does philanthropy have to do with government policy?

        • WTF

          Those with real & honest compassion for suffering are the people who go out to the middle east to help but sadly get be-headed for their trouble. Those that sit on their moral high chairs slipping champagne whilst demanding we the tax payers pay to support these migrants need to STFU.

          Five generations of Brits have given their lives in 2 world wars to create a country where we have a generous safety net for own own disadvantaged. Why should we throw that away for a load of ungrateful ingrates who should be fighting their own corner in their own country to create a better society for their own people.

          • Toni Roberts

            Dying children = ungrateful ingrates. Thank you for clarifying.

          • WTF

            At least I don’t conflate young men who should be fighting for their country with a the few women and children whose husbands take reckless chances by trying to cross a sea in a rubber dinghy.

            Are we responsible for their actions that endanger lives ?

    • Cameronio

      I hope you never need to depend on the kindness of Islamofascists.

      • Toni Roberts

        So do I. But you seem to think that the GOOD Muslims who are running in terror
        from the Islamist-fascists should have to depend on them for kindness. They
        watch the news too. They are terrified that their children will literally be
        crucified if they don’t practice their faith the same effed-up way the
        Islamists do. ISIS has condemned the refugees for running from them. ISIS wants
        them all to die, since they view that as Allah’s punishment for running from
        them. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE ON THE SIDE OF ISIS? Imagine a UK taken over by Christian Nazis. How would you feel if, instead of helping, the world told you that you and your children needed to depend on the Nazi’s for kindness.

        • Cameronio


          You should know. You want them here.

          • Toni Roberts

            Ah, so you’re one of those bigots who thinks that ALL Muslims are evil. If Muslim children should be left to die because a few Muslims are evil, then Christian children should also be left to die, sine Christianity certainly had and HAS it’s share of fascists/crusaders/inquisition, killing and stealing in the name of Jesus — a man who (like Mohammad) preached AGAINST killing and FOR tolerance and generosity: He who is without sin, cast the first stone; if you have two coats, give one away, turn the other cheek, etc. etc.

          • Cameronio

            “Evil” is a nonsense word for hysterical, superstitious morons.

          • Toni Roberts

            Tell that to the children ISIS has literally raped to death, crucified, buried alive, and beheaded. Tell that to the Jews who were gassed to death in Hitler’s death camps.

          • Cameronio

            You tell them.

          • Toni Roberts

            Yeah, the children YOU think should stay where they are and risk being raped to death by ISIS. You DO realize that ISIS tortures and kills far more Muslims than anyone else, don’t you? Would you want to stay in a country where YOUR children could be targeted by them if you don’t agree with their EVIL beliefs? I think you’d run.

          • Cameronio

            Asia and Africa are enormous places teaming with other Muslims, that is where refugees should go. They wouldn’t have to risk their lives crossing seas either.

  • Bayesian_Rationalist

    The question really is: why should we listen to James Delingpole, a crackpot conspiracy theorist and editor of the equally crackpot-ish ‘Breitbart’, on anything?

    • Dominic Stockford

      Because he’s right on this? Cos he is.

    • LeoSavantt

      The question is why are you listening to/reading him? You think he’s a crackpot, surely like attracts like?

    • blandings

      “why should we listen to James Delingpole,”

      Tell us why you do?

  • adrian smith

    Delingpole is only saying what I have known for years. I realised what these luvvies were like many years ago when Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna founded Zoo Watch and began to question all zoos and demand they were shut down after playing second fiddle to a scruffy lion in a second rate weepy movie. The fact that this did not make them any kind of experts in animal welfare or conservation seemed to totally escape them. The same is true taday of Cumbernatch and his ilk, and they should stick to what they are really good at which is over the top acting in rather mediocre TV dramas instead of pretending to be experts in politics and sociology, about which it is glaringly obvious that they know next to nothing.

    • greencoat

      That is surely a little unfair. The plight of wild animals trapped in zoo cages (some countries worse than others, as always) is well-documented. And Travers and McKenna put a lot of time and money into their causes – as opposed to giving empty, foul-mouthed lectures before scramming back to the Hollywood life-style.

    • ed t

      ”Delingpole is only saying what I have known for years”- a good job well done, James.

  • Nick

    Cumberbatch is another loonie leftie celebrity who because of his celebrity status has raised himself to a demi-God.

    I would imagine that in his mind,his faecus has no aroma.

    • greencoat

      He’s certainly doing his best to faecus.

  • evad666

    Now where does Cumberbatch actually live and pay taxes? Upstate New York or is its somewhere in California?

  • Lynn

    There is no more room at the Inn Jesus took the last spot, we are comparatively tiny Island the same size as one of the states of America we can fit in a couple of sizes to an Australian state, but for some unknown weird reason majority of politicians think we have all the space in the world a sort of ‘come all ye citizens of the EU and the whole bleeding world we have lots of room for you all’ we will take you legally or illegally just come. Cameron the clown keeps warning us not to exit the EU, he actually thinks that tens of millions of people will listen to this die hard Europhile with his eye on Junkers job in 2020. I will vote to leave whatever smokes and mirror reform he achieves or promises to achieve in the future. Never trust politicians, the baby boomers got burned in the last Referendum, they voted for trade only and landed up with creeping Federalism, another forty years and our poor children will just be classed as solely as Europeans living in one of the states of the EUSSR a future Labour Government will make that happen sooner rather than later. If you love the Britain your fathers and grandfathers fought for at such a high cost, vote to exit the EU

  • colchar

    Anyone who listens to what a celebrity has to say is an idiot.

  • Patrick_Blankfein

    Have you been concerning yourselves with the Syrian war and Syria in general, the M.E. in general? I have; on youtube, it is kind of like watching horror squared (I’m not interested in gore, mind you). I have been youtubing the conflict and its spectacle; I have been youtubing Syrian poptunes, which have weirdly been mostly elided. One thing you realise about Syrians, is that their culture is mostly mad, that the sensible ones are a minority. The other thing you notice about Syrian culture – and this from the pop videos (mostly gone) – is that, according to audience approval – if indeed the audience approval is informative – Syrians – or whomever makes the popvideos (regime overseen no doubt) seem to have a sort of fetish for white Arabs. Interesting isn’t it, how some cultures are still totally racist! I have seen ‘Syrian’ pop boppers in their vs of Pam’s People, and you think: is that what the average Syrian looks like? Hardly. Well, you may know the history of Syria, crusades and all, and may understand some Nordies ended up there, and I think it would be safe to assume that if – inshallah – Allah, or God gifted you with ‘whiteness’ you kind of have an advantage over there. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that there are virtually no black people in Syria, and I think there is a reason for that, and I think it is due to racial prejudice. It isn’t only white people who are racist. I do wonder how Syrians would react if a bunch or white Europeans turned up, fleeing a certain mad woman from Germany? Paradoxically, they’d probably be quite reasonable, but mosquetime would be compulsory.

  • Dominic Stockford

    Why don’t the audience just tell him to shut up, and then walk out on him in the middle of his empty peroration?

  • Dominico

    Benedict who??

  • RWJ

    After wading through above, what appears to be the verbal version of the RUNS, I still don’t know what Cumberbatch said,

  • RWJ

    The Dorks here today happily watched as the Shiny faced Putz in No10 and his baldy mate Willie Hague supported Terrorists that caused the horrors that made these people to come here. Why cant these people come here and screw up our country…………we screwed up theirs.

    • magi83

      Utterly vacuous.

  • Peter Grey

    who really cares what this silly would be actor has to say……………

    • James Jones

      “who really cares”

      Sadly he has a great deal of influence with the press at least.

  • magi83

    We need a clearer response to this mindset which has taken hold in our society.

    Conservatives don’t take a contrary view on such matters because we lack compassion or out of selfishness. It’s because we understand that a compassionate act however well intentioned can too have negative consequences.

    • Phil K

      We’re seeing that now with muslims flooding into Europe at an exponential rate, due to lunacy of allowing the PC vermin to influence leaders. Last month there was a QUARTER OF A MILLION of these parasites – more than the entire YEAR previous, almost ALL African and middle eastern muslims, who ATTACK christians the first chance they get – note how the media didn’t dwell on the African christians thrown overboard on one of those bloody rafts a few months back like they did on the set up of the drowned kid – odd to the PC media he was more important than a NUMBER of kids murdered, while the parents of the kid brought it about themselves

  • Jobe Petit

    Sentimentality masquerading as morality… The latest fashion among the urban elite (effete)

    • KittyR

      Well said!

    • El Cummings

      Those who have a problem w/ compassion for human suffering . . . have been engaging in selfish-conservatism . . . and, perhaps, should avoid paranoid fear-mongering pseudo news-rags . . . or develop a brain for critical thinking–to know when their mind has been SANITIZED by a conservative fundamentalist outlook.

      • Jobe Petit

        Where’s ur virtue signaling now smug Leftist?

  • Anthorny

    Here’s some interesting Syrian refugee facts for Cumberbatch from the Pew Research Centre:

    31% of Syrian refugees disagree with the objective of defeating the Islamic State terrorist group. So out of 20,000 extra refugees Cameron has already committed to take, over 6,000 will be supporters of ISIS.

    Also 97% are opposed to tolerance of homosexuality.

    The first stat is probably acceptable to Acting / Guardian Reading / Corbyn types.

    The second stat I would assume makes uneasy reading for theatre types like Cumberbatch. In a profession populated by a higher than average proportion of homosexuals, I struggle to understand the enthusiasm for importing 97% homophobes.

    • The Occidental Endgame

      Perhaps it’s because when British homosexuals hear that Middle Eastern homosexuals are ‘hung’, it’s not some poor lad on the end of a rope in Iran that comes to mind.

      • Phil K

        The corrupt heterophobic hypocrites of the PC brigade spend so much time “looking the other way” at muslim extremes it’s a wonder they’re not facing backwards all the time

        • El Cummings

          I suggest instead . . . that we study/examine our own bias/prejudice against Islam . . . and stop confusing reality w/ paranoid fear-mongering pseudo-news articles

      • timeklek

        Hanged or’ Well Hung?

    • El Cummings

      why do I seriously doubt that ANYONE [credible or otherwise] has polled/surveyed the Syrian refugees for THEIR opinion on politics in the U.K.????? . . . I suggest you worry about yourself . . . your own bias . . . the majority of the people in my country support resettlement of the Syrian refugees . . . and, God knows, they’re suffering . . . and deserve human compassion . . . if you can’t manage that . . . I suggest the problem is yours . . . not someone who is criticizing the government for inadequate planning to relieve suffering.

      • Anthorny

        The poll did not ask for opinions on the politics of the UK. You will doubtless recognise however that with today’s Islamic terrorism in Paris, the former set of statistics we can assume are observably correct, whilst latter are not significantly different from other polls of Muslim attitudes to homosexuality.

  • Anthorny

    Whenever Vanessa Redgrave, Russell Brand or Benedict Cumberbatch et al start telling us what we should do and how we should think I’m reminded of the brilliant Team America: World Police lines:

    “Janeane Garofolo: As actors, it is our responsibility to read the newspapers, and then say what we read on television like it’s our own opinion.”


    “Tim Robbins: Let me explain to you how this works: you see, the corporations finance Team America, and then Team America goes out… and the corporations sit there in their… in their corporation buildings, and… and, and see, they’re all corporation-y… and they make money.”

    • Phil K

      You should read James Woods on the subject of luvvie hypocrites like Cucumbersnatch – got them spot on. And Woods DOES have a high IQ, doesn’t THINK he has, like hypocrites Redgrave, Brand (I think Brand has shot his bolt even amongst most PC turds, TBH. His stupidity went too far in mocking victims of Tunisian beach butchery) and Cumberbatch

  • James Jones

    Those on The Left ‘know’ that you and I deserve punishment due to the actions of our imperialist ancestors.

    There has never been such an opportunity to punish us and our descendents than that which exists right now to islamify Western Europe sending it back to the stone age.

    That is what is at the core of the mass immigration at any cost movement. They hate most Britons and will seize any opportunity to damage or even to destroy our civilisation.

    If we don’t wake up real soon now it is going to be too late to save ourselves.

    • freddiethegreat

      It was too late the day after your May elections.

  • 19alistair52Alistair Hardy

    We shouldn’t take notice at all, simple as that, just because he has the aptitude to learn his lines certainly does not mean that everything he thinks and says is correct, and to use his work place to peddle his nonsense should be banned people paid to hear Shakespeare not the private views of Cumberbatch.

    • El Cummings

      it’s HIS stage . . . doesn’t belong to the audience . . . I don’t care how much the audience paid for the ticket [the audience is required to leave their expectations OUTSIDE the theater–that’s the ‘magic’ of LIVE performances] . . . and he has the ‘freedom of speech’ . . . he reads the nearly daily reports on the refugee crisis . . . and is well informed of the atrocities in the camps . . . as well as the tragedies on the coast of Greece . . . you should be so well informed . . . and you should develop a compassionate heart . . . selfish conservatives are out-of-date . . . join the rest of the planet-population.

      • You couldn’t make it up

        Bollocks total bollocks

  • paulthorgan

    Perhaps there is an argument here for restoring the grand tradition of bringing over-ripe fruit to the theatre, just in case…

    • El Cummings

      according to academic journals/books on theater–that stage belongs to the great actor . . . the Lead . . . if you want to GAG an actor on live stage . . . . I suggest you attend the cinema instead . . . unless, of course, your objective is to be arrested for assault . . . the fact that an audience pays for a ticket does NOT entitle them to prescribe what happens on a live stage . . . . an audience s required [by definition] to leave their expectations OUTSIDE the theater . . . that’s the ‘magic’ of a LIVE performance . . . the audience doesn’t dictate what happens ON STAGE.

      • paulthorgan

        No comment.

  • William Matthews

    I wonder if it’s all PR? I mean if Cumberbatch (and God only knows why he’s popular, but then I barely watch TV) said, “Syrian benefits scroungers? Send ’em all back!” his career on the BBC would fairly soon end. As it stands, he’s practically guaranteed chat shows, news shows, newspaper columns. Eventually, after years of bleeding heart claptrap, he can apply for a Job at the United Nations. He’s posh, he’s tall, he has good hair; it’s practically in the bag.

    • El Cummings

      I recently learned . . . intimately . . . what ‘bleeding-heart’ really means . . . most humans develop compassion for human-suffering . . . sadly, the paranoid selfish fear-mongering external-blaming conservative has no such human-advantage . . . like this pseudo-journalist . . .who prefers to take a SANITIZED critical viewpoint–rather than THINK for himself . . . no doubt s/he VOTED for backward-thinking conservative government . . . otherwise, the U.K. wouldn’t have this problem . . . . Listen to the MESSAGE–forget the messenger . . . if you have a problem/bias . . . clearly, you need to be more informed before you criticize.

  • Frank Marker

    Actors huh. They are just too good to inhabit the same planet as we mere mortals. They are Gandhi, Mandela, Mother Theresa and Babs Windsor all rolled into one adorable package.

    • ADW

      What – Gandhi the racist (google what he said about Africans) and Mother Theresa who refused to give painkillers to patients? At least Babs was a carry on actor once I suppose

  • Lawrence James.

    Actors should be somehow constrained to utter words written by others. When they do not, the result is unoriginal, predictable modish cliches. .

  • Jacobi

    You mustn’t upset yourself over Cumberbatch, I mean he is a actor after all, or any of the numerous sects of “Luvvies” . They are all the same and yes, they probably were just as bad 500 years ago.

    Oil, gender rights, animals, and particularly the “greens”, need a boot where the sun never shines.

    Without exception none of them have any reservation about keeping a warm house or travelling by car, or putting down mouse/rat poison under the cooker if unexpected four legged guest appear.

    There are real problems in the world which are handled to the best of ability by sensible non-luvvie people, thus allowing these waste of space luvvies to spout!

  • freddiethegreat

    Cumberbatch. Can’t act, can’t sing, can do politics a little

  • J_P_Maher

    The singular of FAECES is FAEX ‘turd’…

  • mohdanga

    Wonder if he will be opening his house to any ‘refugees’??

    • El Cummings

      Do your share . . . before you criticize . . .

  • WTF

    Luvvies ? That’s a misnomer as the only people they love is themselves and the sound of their own rhetoric !

    • El Cummings

      unfortunately, ‘self-love’ . . . is a disease of the conservative mindset , , . specifically: selfish paranoid fear-mongering pseudo news journalists . . . like this bimbo . . . don’t be so gullible . . . or hypocritical . . .

  • Cameronio

    I blame Bono.

  • El Cummings

    I support his Plea for resettlement of Syrian Refugees . . . and his freedom of speech . . . .RE ‘freedom of speech’ in the U.K. . . . is this quote true????? “This stands in contrast to a more European approach, in which one of the functions of government is to sanitize public debate, he said” . . . is this why silly people are criticizing him???? .

  • Sandy

    This started with that god awful Redgrave woman and her rant against Isreal at the Oscars. The Left love to spout off and if they have a public profile, they can’t help but open their traps. But when you are surrounded by lackies and hangers-on who say “you are so right luvvie.” Then I suppose they haven’t a clue that nobody else gives a toss what they think.

  • Trojan

    Once I had read of his re-appearance as the voice of the migrants I was out of the theatre before the buckets appeared.

  • Mike E

    Exactly what has been irritating me for a long time. The biggest airheads on the planet are now used as “advisors” in everything they don’t have a clue about.

  • Mike E

    And now the airhead luvvie Emma Thompson is out again, demonstrating against the evil climate, sharing her scientific expertise on Sky News.

  • Whichlips

    I thought the 2012 rendition of Much Ado wasn’t bad tbh.