François Hollande hasn’t seized the moment. Marine Le Pen might

The aftermath of the Paris terror attacks is looking ominously good for the Front National

21 November 2015

9:00 AM

21 November 2015

9:00 AM


The terror attacks on Friday have given President François Hollande an opportunity to be statesmanlike, and he has tried his best. He quickly declared a state of emergency and summoned a special congress of the Senate and the National Assembly so that he could deliver a powerful address. ‘Terrorism will not destroy France, because France will destroy it,’ he said.

Unfortunately, like most things the president does, the speech fell flat. Pictured on the front page of Monday’s Le Figaro, France’s conservative daily (as well as inside the left-leaning Le Monde), he looked a small man, flanked by his security guards. The camera can be cruel — as can photo selection — but it can also encapsulate the general sentiment as to his leadership.

Unless he can achieve a fast and meaningful victory over Isis, it seems unlikely that Hollande can capitalise on the sense of solidarity felt throughout France. The French have escalated the bombing of Isis targets in Raqqa this week — but few believe that will save Hollande’s presidency. He has always been quick to intervene militarily in the Middle East and North Africa, but it has not made him any more popular.

The French are more enthusiastic about Hollande’s prime minister, Manuel Valls, who has sounded and looked tougher than his boss in recent days. The only hope the socialists have, according to some analysts, is if Hollande makes way for Valls to run as the left’s presidential candidate in 2017.

Unlike Hollande, Marine Le Pen looks well placed to exploit this tragedy. Unless she says something stupid — and her record suggests she won’t — the Front National leader’s no-nonsense rhetoric about combating the Islamist threat is likely to go down well with an angry French public. She has demanded an immediate halt to the intake of immigrants from Syria, and says that the Schengen agreement, which allows free passage across European borders, is ‘madness’. She was already expected to do well in the regional elections at the beginning of December. Now she is expected to do even better.

Right-thinking Parisians are appalled at the thought of Le Pen’s ascension. One woman I spoke to warned about the dangers of a conservative Catholic revival in response to the terror attacks, led by the Front National. But the party is not Catholic. It is more socially liberal in its outlook — many gay men and women support the party, for instance, in part because they think it is their best protection against Islamists who despise their way of life. Its real base is made up of disgruntled former Socialist and Communist party supporters. A 2013 poll indicated that half of the FN vote was from the working class who felt abandoned by the political left.

Nicolas Sarkozy, president of his new Les Republicains party, has been trying to combat the Front National challenge by outflanking Le Pen on the right. He has campaigned against halal meat and now talks about tougher policing in les banlieues. But Sarkozy is not well loved, to put it mildly, and he faces an internal threat from Alain Juppé, a more traditionally bourgeois and centrist Gaulliste figure. Moreover, for all his anti-Islamism, Sarkozy is tied to the European project, so cannot attack EU immigration laws in the way Le Pen can.

Whoever ends up leading the centre-right will struggle to deal with the fact that Le Pen has detoxified the Front National brand in recent years. She expelled her extremist father, Jean-Marie, because he was an embarrassment. No longer seen as a ragtag army of holocaust deniers, the FN is now changing the political landscape. A Marine Le Pen presidency might remain unthinkable for most French citizens, but there is no question that the bloodshed in Paris plays into her hands.

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  • E.I.Cronin

    I’m glad Walsh doesn’t trot out the usual ‘Far Right’ garbage. Good article excepting the comment Le Pen is placed to ‘exploit’ the tragedy of Paris. I’d suggest she is a truly patriotic Frenchwoman with every reason to rage at the EU’s duplicity and to offer the people of France an exit. And the comment: ”Right-thinking Parisians are appalled at the thought of Le Pen’s ascension.” Does he mean conservative thinking Parisians or pc thinking Parisians? Several people here have pointed out FN’s economic policies are hard left, if elected FN will grow and mature in office and her economic policies will be tempered by economic reality and industry. But on social policy Le Pen must be the only genuine conservative standing for Presidency?. Sarkozy, Juppe, Valls all fall short of what is needed.

    Marine’s seen her chance and is seizing it. But will the people of France? Think of Prospero! What choice is there? If they waver and elect more of the same their country will die a slow death. As a commenter here said: Man up – or Submit.

    • Dominic Lacey

      Yes, does “right-thinker” mean “goodthinker”, or right v left.

      • E.I.Cronin

        I re-read the article and I think he means PC/Progressive thinking Parisians… Heaven help poor France if the conservatives don’t back FN.

        • Malcolm Stevas

          Re PC, roughly speaking I think Paris relates to the rest of France in a similar way to London compared with everywhere else in England. Meaning neither city is very representative, demographically or in its politics, of the country as a whole. In the Midi, Parisians are regarded with some caution or downright dislike, just as Londoners are in the Westcountry (though lots of them have moved here) or Glaswegians in the Highlands.

          • E.I.Cronin

            Yes! That’s very true. Seems like an inevitable process with mega-cities. It’s even happening out here in Oz. Sydney stopped being an Australian city about a decade ago. The gulf between metropolitan and rural is growing ever wider. Kiwi friends told me Auckland is being rapidly Asianised (is that a word?) while the rest of the country generally retains it’s cultural heritage.

          • Guest 1

            Ditto us – I live on an island of Englishness in a sea of non-Englishness.

          • Michael H Kenyon

            There is plenty of decency and good manners 90 miles north of the capital, as the PC idiots have moved to That London.

          • crosscop

            And meanwhile, Tokyo remains Japanese and Beijing remains Chinese. They must think that we in the West are completely insane. Can anyone imagine the Chinese standing by while they became a minority in their ancient capital city as the English have in theirs?

          • E.I.Cronin

            An Indian visitor on here said ‘You have no idea how stupid you look to the rest of the world”. It is insane. We ARE insane.

          • Lawrence James.

            No more deranged than a nation which adheres to the caste system.

          • E.I.Cronin

            No arguments re the caste system. He meant the spectacle of Western nations willingly expunging their cultural heritage and self-imposing a violent, intolerant ideology such as Islam upon themselves. 800 years of depraved Mughal rule in India gives Hindus the authority of speaking with centuries of bitter experience.

          • Lawrence James.

            Mercifully the Mughal autocracy was toppled by the East India Company.

          • Sponsz

            True, but in NZ the Asians are mostly Chinese with some Indians, Filipinos and others, only a few followers of the ROP so far.

          • E.I.Cronin

            Yes, thankfully. NZ’s the best country in the world and I would hate to see them lose their unique bicultural heritage. The Key govt wisely agreed to a tiny number of Syrian migrants. Although progressive histrionics forced an increase the amount they’ve accepted will be manageable compared to reckless, suicidal Australia. Key’s decision’s been vindicated now hasn’t it.

          • Lawrence James.

            I live in the western parts of England ( Oxon/Glos borders ) ans I’ve not detected any particular animus towards London. As for Glaswegians and Highlanders, their resented is rooted in envy.

          • Malcolm Stevas

            Oxon/Glos borders (an area I am familiar with) is not exactly the Westcountry. It’s much closer to London, and is filled with weekending Londoners. I’m not sure “envy” lies behind the dislike I’ve encountered in the Highlands toward Glaswegians, more a sort of cultural disdain.

      • Lawrence James.

        Right thinker invariably means whoever agrees with me,

    • Malcolm Stevas

      I would like to think your prediction of the FN’s tempering its essentially Left/Statist character if it gained office, but I’m not sure. I am in two minds about the FN. On the one hand it is competent and effective (especially compared to its sort-of UK equivalent, the pathetic BNP), and does indeed speak for many ordinary French people disillusioned with the complacency of the established Parties; on the other, one recolis instinctively from any Party advocating the Big State… Though France is of course Big State territory. In my part of France where I am spending more and more time, the FN has some pretty good people, like Julien Sanchez (mayor in Beaucaire) and at a regional level Louis Aliot is a bright lawyer set to make further progress, VP of the FN I think… They have support among quite a few people I talk to. I can see why they do. The failings of the French political class mirror those of our own, with regard to demography, immigration, and a general concern for the country.

      • E.I.Cronin

        That sounds promising Malcolm. I’ve noticed many here saying a big problem for UKIP was they ran such a huge campaign that finding the best candidates was a very patchy process. And the resulting scandals were not helpful. Perhaps FN aren’t making the same mistakes and Marine is selecting very savvy candidates. I’m guessing with her father being the way he is she just wants to move into a viable political future and doesn’t tolerate the nutcases and extremists.

        • Malcolm Stevas

          Marine is certainly more pragmatic, and I’d say clearly a more skilled operator than her dad. She’s moved the FN onwards and upwards, to a different level. Interesting to see whether FN support really does increase significantly.

          • E.I.Cronin

            Absolutely – she’s far more articulate and from what I’ve seen of her interviews has a good heart as well as guts. it’s such a shame old Jean casts a long shadow. But you’re on the ground over there so know far more. Yes very interesting times. Shame we have to wait till 2017.

          • crosscop

            Marine is also prepared to tell the obvious truth even when it risks being arrested. So far, Nigel Farage has been pulling his punches. As she has said – UKIP need to stop being so timid and so afraid of being demonised by the media.

          • Malcolm Stevas

            Much in what you say, especially since UKIP has been and remains liable to being “demonised by the media” no matter how emollient or cuddly they try to seem – patronised by the “centre right” (as they term themselves now) MSM and excoriated as “far right” by the Left.

          • crosscop

            UKIP are almost getting there. Farage’s latest speech and the one Nuttall gave in Israel were not far from where they need to be – but they still have some way to go. I’d love to see Anne Marie Waters given a more prominent role. She’d certainly cause a stir on Question Time – especially if the deceitful, slimy Mehdi Hasan was on the panel. I doubt she’d let him get away with his relentless, dishonest Islamic propaganda – as all the other panellists do. When David Starkey was on the panel, even he failed to point out Hasan’s blatant, outrageous lies.
            I sometimes wonder if it’s a requirement of the BBC that no non-Muslim member of QT panels must have read the Koran. It certainly appears so because Hasan gets away with deliberate misquotes and misleading assertions all the time.

    • Guest 1

      If one spends years predicting catastrophe, as Marine Le Pen and the FN has done, then one can hardly be accused of ‘exploiting’ the current horrors – it proves the original analysis was correct.

      • Freddythreepwood

        How dare she be right!! (Thinking or otherwise)

      • E.I.Cronin

        Yes absolutely. To admit she was correct would involve ideological humility and admitting the extent of our policy failure.

    • Joe Long

      “I’m glad Walsh doesn’t trot out the usual ‘Far Right’ garbage.”

      That’s the standard lefty line now – they say IS is trying to “divide our communities”. That the politically correct Met Plod Chief Hogan Howe trotted out this line is typical. Not that it bothers the brain dead ones but there is zero evidence for this.

      The primary motive for the Paris attacks was clearly revenge for the damage inflicted on them by continual air attack which is killing them in considerable numbers. Obviously they have wider ambitions, to take back the territories formerly held by Islam in Spain; to conquer Western Europe for Islam; a global Caliphate – but these ambitions can only be realised demographically

      As the Islamist Mo Ansar once put it “look at the birth-rate”.

      Motives in any conflict situation are naturally mixed – so in the Charlie attacks we are looking at revenge for the perceived insults offered by the cartoons.

      But the point is that in committing these atrocities, by striking back indiscriminately at the “Crusaders” they are actually prejudicing their longer term goals.

      The lefty divide our communities line as motivation is utterly crass – they haven’t noticed that “our” communities are already riven with the deepest division; of course – they wouldn’t.

      • E.I.Cronin

        Yes exactly. The usual suspects are out in force throughout the media carping about ‘sticking together’ and protecting our ‘unity’… what unity would that be?! The fact they destroyed the natural unity we once possessed with their divisive social policies years ago never seems to dawn on them.

        • Joe Long

          It may be that one day they’ll put up against a wall, it will be entirely deserved

  • jim jones
  • woozlecat

    And why is the prospect of the French people electing a genuine patriot ‘ominous’?
    Would the author prefer a French version of Jihadi Jez?

    • greencoat

      That prospect is not ominous, it is joyous.

  • A Simple Guest

    Sarko destroyed Libya, Hollande destroyed Syria

    after the tragedy in Paris I read: ”Assad is Not the Enemy of France, ISIL is – Hollande”

    I really hope Hollande is committed to fight ISIS and to let Syrian people to choose their president

    it is pity so many people had to die so Hollande could realize that he was wrong all the time…

    first thing first: STOP trying to change regime through ”revolutions”, STOP arming the so-called ”freedom fighters”, STOP supporting the traitors who called themselves ”Syrian opposition” and
    asked for weapons in order to over trow an legally elected president & gov

    I just spoke today with a Syrian christian woman here in Sweden and she is praying everyday for peace in Syria and for Assad to remain in place and to protect Christian minority…

  • right1_left1

    If the Front National doesnt get massively increased support after the events in Paris then Europe might as well give up

    We must stop interfering in the Middle East (maintaining oil supplies excepted)
    The USA must be made to to change its foreign policy re Israel
    It seeme no solution exists here regardless

    If that happens then the Islamists can devote all their energy to killing one another as has they have done over the last 1000 years.

    • Guest 1

      Agreed on the FN. The answer to oil dependency is nuclear power and alternative sources, including fracking. Yes, we should leave the ME alone – look what the f^cking Labour Party under Blair ‘accomplished’ (supported by Jez et al – why didn’t they resign in disgust, like so many ordinary members did). Not sure what you mean re Israel, but it just isn’t an option to abandon Israel in the face of the jihad loons – do we want another Holocaust on our conscience?

    • jeffersonian

      ‘If that happens then the Islamists can devote all their energy to killing one another as they have done over the last 1000 years.’

      Sorry to burst your bubble but you don’t seem to have been paying attention: it’s us they’re after. How many terror atrocities have they carried out and it still hasn’t sunk in?

      One despairs.

      • right1_left1

        You say Islam is after us.

        Perhaps you could explain the violence in Sudan India Indonesia Nigeria Bali Chechnya etc etc
        ‘us’ dont live there you know.
        Syria right now is an internecine Islamic struggle as was Libya.

        Are you another poster who sees the red mist when Israel is criticised ?

        We have our nuclear deterrent so ‘us’ will be safe.
        One doea indeed despair
        If I had a sense of humour I’d larf out loud.

        • jeffersonian

          Why are you asking me to explain why Muslims have a penchant for violence to a degree unseen in other religions?

          • right1_left1

            You have failed to grasp the point I was making and which obviously sailed in one ear and out of the other engaging with nothing substantial on that journey.

            A basic tenet of Islam is that they are ‘after everybody’ and wish to impose by ANY means
            Islamic regimes world wide.
            That includes ‘us’ but is not unique to ‘us’

          • Lawrence James.

            You seem unaware of the Crusades, the suppression of the Cathars, and the religious wars in Europe during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In all the protagonists declared that they were undertaking God’s will.

          • Mr B J Mann

            A you seem unaware that those were half a Millennium to a Millennium ago.

            The West are living in the 21st Century now!

            But the “progressives” want to take us forward into the middle o the last Millennium!!!

          • Lawrence James.

            Indeed: the intervening scientific and philosophical enlightenment neutered religious fanaticism. Islam had never undergone this process; indeed it furiously resists all kinds of reason.I take yr. last observation to mean that the soft ( and soggy ) left’s tolerance towards to faith is reversing the gains made since 1700. I agree insofar as recognition of ‘diversity’ has tended to mean we consider all cultures and religions as equal when they are manifestly not, Early-twenty-first European civilisation is self-evidently superior.

          • Lawrence James.

            No they don’t: foolishly they think that the can reason with creatures who are incapable of recognising let alone using reason.They do, however, understand superior force relentlessly applied.

          • jeffersonian

            It’s the difference between a basically peaceable religion that grew great during a rather savage time but whose ‘sharp edges’ were blunted by the civilising effects of the Reformation and the Enlightenment. Islam has sadly never undergone such a civilising process and remains a sinister, violent and totalitarian religious ideology. And the problem is that the violence is inherent to the belief system. Jihad, holy war, is the surest way to reach the Muslim paradise. Ignore it at your peril.

          • Lawrence James.

            Indeed: there has not been a Muslim counterpart to the eighteenth-century Enlightenment to clear minds of superstition and priestcraft.

    • Richard Baranov

      You really don’t get it. I strongly suggest you read a history of Islamic expansion. They have not been killing each other for the last 1000 years but anyone. As I have pointed out elsewhere, in India alone it is around 100 million dead Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, etc, etc. What do you think people are afraid of in Burma? They look over the border into one Buddhist Bangladesh and see what happened there happening to them, annihilation, because that is the progress of Islam. I suggest you read: “The Legacy of Jihad”, Andrew G. Bostom. It is Jihad recounted by practitioners in their own words. It’s a hefty tome but by the time you have finished it you will realize that leave us alone they will not.

      • right1_left1

        The fact is followers of Islam have been in almost perpetual conflict from the time the relgion was imposed by violence , in the 7th century.
        Hindus have killed their quota of Muslims too.

        I was correct in asserting the Muslims also kill one another
        Post invasion Iraq and present day Syria being good examples.

        I’m guessing the red mist descended on you when I criticised Israel a state which uses terrorist methods to suppress legitimate violent opposition to the theft of Arab land.

        • crosscop

          “The fact is followers of Islam have been in almost perpetual conflict from the time the religion was imposed by violence , in the 7th century.”

          What do you mean “almost”? When were they not?

      • Damaris Tighe

        Richard, can you recommend a book or article about how the Muslims took Indonesia, with reference to how they were treated by the Indonesian Buddhists & Hindus?

    • Steve Buzzell

      Your big Mistake is “Oil Supplies Excepted” Until you can omit that phrase it will continue to get worse until there is no Europe only a much larger middle east

      • right1_left1

        Your even BIGGER mistake is not to realise that if oil supples dry up Europe will grind to halt in a very short time.

        The extration of crude oil was an American/European enterprise anyway
        The Arabs contributed nothing but received great wealth in return.

        • FUCeausescu

          That is why repairing ties with Russia might be a good idea. It can produce just about all the oil the EU consumes. It is a shame Europeans took the bait and ruined their relationship with Russia, letting themselves be played by US liberal neo-hawks.

          • right1_left1

            I have long held the view that the Cold War was a creation of the USA political/corporate power structure

            Within a very months of the Soviet army saving Europe’s bacon an animosity was generated led by amongst others the UK aristo(s)crat and freedom lover Winnie Stan Kirch on the Mound.
            It is true Warsaw pact countries were not politicaly free but the pact itself was a defensive buffer against a land invasion of the USSR

            After the total madness of WW1 the USSR did not attack the West.
            The reverse was true.

            In fact many beieve that Rudolph Hess flew to the UK to try and gain support from those who wanted the UK to join Germany in an attack on the USSR
            It also my view that ‘appeasement’ policy was followed in the hope that Germany would attack the USSR
            A certain German leader who shall be nameess always said he would and eventually did.

            The UK lost lots in WW2.
            I’ve never been clear why we did what we did !

        • Guest 1

          Nuclear power, fracking and alternative forms of energy.

          • Alexsandr

            and underground coal gasificiaion

  • Joe Long

    “Right-thinking Parisians are appalled at the thought of Le Pen’s ascension.”

    Well, look where so-called right thinking “progressives” have got us

    • stuartMilan

      “Right-thinking” we have to take to mean suicidally complacent

    • Richard Baranov

      Right thinking Parisians”, you mean the ones that march lock step in line with the EU diktats that are destroying Europe? Here is what the EU is doing to its poster boy, Finland: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/12001895/Finlands-depression-is-the-final-indictment-of-Europes-monetary-union.html The only “right thinking” people in Europe are those who wish to get out of the EU.

      And, by the way, this is the sort of people that Cameron and Merkel want in the EU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTtYsGF6iUs. Our ‘friends’ in Turkey.

      • Joe Long

        Just says it all, thanks for that

      • Richard Baranov

        I have been trying to put a substitute up for the above clip but for some odd reason no link will paste here of the same tape or related tapes. Anyway if you want to know what it was. Type in Turks booing during moment of silence. Interesting that the BBC didn’t report it. I wonder why?

      • wudyermucuss

        This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been closed.

        Did it show the allah akhbar chanting during the Turkey/Greece football match one minute silence?

    • Eques

      A lot, lot, lot further than Nazis have got us:


      • FUCeausescu

        Yeah, except in a few decades that picture will represent Europeans in concentration camps, while young girls will be sold at the market, probably set up by the Eiffel Tower among other places. And the entrance to those markets will most likely have a statue of Merkel, in honor of the one who made it all possible. Europeans survived Hitler, but Merkel and her neo-liberal allies are a different story. There is no way back from demographic extinction.

        • Eques

          Oh sure, and Jewish ritual involves the sacrifice of babies……Oh, hang on.


          • take a look at the maternity wards across Europe. Then look at how Middle Eastern Muslim societies function

        • Bowen

          Oh well. You’d better lock yourself in a bunker with some bottled water and some cans of beans.

          Good bye, and we’ll be sure to let you know when you can come out!

      • Joe Long

        “Amel Shimoun Nona, the Chaldean Catholic archbishop of Mosul, Iraq, who is now living in exile, warned that his diocese is now run by radical Muslims and that “liberal and democratic principles are worth nothing here,” adding that “Islam does not say that all men are equal,” and if Westerners “do not understand this soon enough, you will become the victims of the enemy you have welcomed into your home.”


      • Cyril Sneer

        Oh so because people have woken up to the nightmare that has been inflicted on Europe you now equate to us to N @ Z IS?

        You ‘progressives’ are becoming increasingly hysterical with your accusations as your open borders insanity is unravelling.

        Do you inreasingly feel like a lone voice? Get used to it.

  • David Power


    Under the “Petition Parliament Scheme” the government is committed to granting a House of Commons Debate for any petition which receives over 100,000 signatures.

    There is currently an open petition asking the Government to;

    “Stop all immigration and close the UK borders until ISIS is defeated”

    This petition has already reached over 420,000 signatures and is set to become the most popular petition since the scheme began.

    To insure that our politicians take our legitimate concerns about mass-Islamic-immigration seriously, this petition needs as many signatures as possible.

    Link to Petition… https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/107516

    • Hegelman

      Are ll immigrants then Muslims?

      • David Power
      • Mr B J Mann

        The “progressive” lefty “liberals” have been telling us for half a century that the country is full.

        That if we dig one more quarry, build a single new house, lay as much as another inch of road, the whole country will have been concreted and tarmaced over.

        In fact the greens and environmentalists have insisted that the sustainable population of the UK is only 24 million, some said as low as only 17 million.

        Are all “progressive” lefty “liberals” and greens and environmentalist then liars?!

      • hobspawn

         “Are all immigrants then Muslims?”

        How do you plan to establish that any are not? And what is your budget?

    • hobspawn

      Thanks for that link, I’ve signed.

      A previous petition along these lines provoked the following response from the home office:

      The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Stop allowing immigrants into the UK. [petition.parliament.uk]”.

      Government responded:

      We are building an immigration system that works in the public interest. We welcome the brightest and the best who come here legally to work and study, but believe net migration should be lower(contd)

      and are clamping down on illegal migration, including through the Immigration Bill. We will also introduce a new approach to asylum – with strict new rules for people who abuse the system, and greater generosity for people who need our help.

      The UK has a proud history of protecting those most in need. As the Prime Minister announced to Parliament at the beginning of last month, the UK will accept a further 20,000 migrants dislocated from their homes following the Syrian crisis. The UK can be proud that since the start of that conflict we have been at the forefront of the humanitarian response. We are providing more than £1 billion in aid – making us the second biggest bilateral donor in the world. Our contribution is almost as much as the rest of the EU put together. We can be proud of our contribution and our history of valuing diversity in the UK.

      Uncontrolled immigration, however, places pressure on public services, the labour market and wages. To control legal migration we have changed the profile of migrants coming here to work and study from outside the EU, to ensure that we are genuinely welcoming the brightest and the best. The figures show this strategy is working, with a 17% increase in the number of sponsored student visas applications for universities since 2010, and a rise of 33% for the elite Russell Group universities. We have toughened access to welfare and housing and non-EU immigration remains 10% lower than in September 2010. Going forward, our long term economic plan will see many more young Britons given the training and skills they need to fill the jobs our booming economy is creating.

      In terms of illegal migration one of the most visible pressure points has been at Calais. Over the summer the migrant population in this area increased to around 5,000 and there was an associated increase in the number of illegal attempts to breach the border. The Government has made good progress with the French Government to address this situation. The declaration the Home Secretary signed with the French Interior Minister, on 20th August, cements a comprehensive programme of work between France and the UK including additional French police, and extra fencing, search dogs and other security measures provided by the UK.

      The Government is also taking action through a new Immigration Bill that was introduced to Parliament on 17th September.

      The Government is introducing new powers to build an immigration system that works in the best interests of the UK and those who play by the rules. Illegal workers will face having their earnings seized, while rogue employers could have their businesses closed.

      The Bill will make it harder for people to settle in the UK when they have no right to do so, building on the Immigration Act 2014 to further restrict access to services for illegal migrants. Landlords will be able to evict illegal migrants more quickly and access to driving licences and bank accounts will be further protected as services for only the lawfully resident population.

      The Bill will close existing loopholes that allow certain illegal migrants to claim asylum support even though they do not have a pending asylum application or appeal. We will continue to meet all of our international obligations towards asylum seekers and refugees, but equally we expect other illegal migrants to depart from the UK rather than providing access to support.

      The Bill will make it easier to remove people who should not be in the UK by introducing new powers to tag foreign national offenders released on bail, and extending “deport now, appeal later” certification powers to more immigration cases. We will also be equipping immigration officers with additional search and seizure powers to better enforce our immigration laws.

      Finally, as the Home Secretary set out earlier this month, we will introduce a new approach to asylum with strict new rules for people who abuse the system in Britain, and greater generosity for people in parts of the world where we know they need our help. For example, we will take a tougher approach to those who claim asylum after abusing the visa system or having travelled to get here through safe countries but we will establish a register of people and organisations that can provide houses for the settlement of genuine refugees.

      Home Office

  • jeremy Morfey

    If Marine le Pen stood in Britain, she’d be a cross between Nicola Sturgeon and Nigel Farage.

    Just as well for the major English parties that these two do not get on.

    • SocratesWept

      Marine le Pen is a National Socialist, basically a patriotic lefty (big state, nationalised industries, central control etc.). Farage is centre right (small state, personal responsibility, liberty). They have surprisingly little in common.

  • KingHasNoClothes

    The outcome will be dictated not by which of the three contenders is most popular – or which of the three gets the most votes – but which of the remaining two in the second round people vote for. FN may well top the poll in the first round but the French System then demands a second round of voting which excludes the party with the least amount of votes. If FN is number one, and the Socialists are number three, then the Socialists will vote for Sarkozy to keep FN out. If the Republicans are last they will vote for the Socialists to keep FN out. Michel Houellebecq wrote a book recently about this – in his scenario, a Muslim President (form the Socialist party) gains power due to the connivance of the other two parties to keep FN out at all costs.

    • crosscop

      If the French working class are anything like the English working class then they are far more likely to vote for Marine Le Pen in the second round than the French equivalent of the Tories. Labour are losing voters to UKIP – not the Conservatives.

  • Marx my words

    “Right-thinking” ? Do you mean right=correct or right=right wing ?
    Showing your prejudices, methinks.

    • greencoat

      ‘Do you mean right = correct, or right = right wing?

      Right-wing is right-thinking. Any other thinking is wrong.

    • SonOfGud

      think he means, as in, ‘bien-pensant’

  • Freddythreepwood

    ‘Right-thinking Parisians are appalled at the thought of Le Pen’s ascension.’

    I know I am not the only one to pick up on this piece of leftie/liberal high-ground grabbing BS, but I thought I would poke you in the eye anyway. It’s what you deserve.

    • HomoRationalensis

      Those who want Islam out of Europe are normal sane human beings on the planet. Islam is a death cult of hatred. Liberals are rapidly becoming extreme in their ideological stance defending Islam.

      How insane does this sound….”Islam is a religion of peace”

      nearly as insane as “Nazism is an ideology of peace”

      • Eques

        Nearly as insane as you complaining about extremism on the same thread that you call for liberals to be hunted down..

        • hobspawn

          No, I am a moderate peaceful person, and I agree that anyone who utters the Religion of Peace myth should be hunted down and deported to Syria. Exile is a traditional and sensible punishment for those who betray their country.

          • Eques

            Er, you have just proved you are not a moderate, peaceful person.

            You are defining “betrays their country” as “holding a different opinion to me” and that is the very model of extremism.

            I could as easily claim that those who deny the “religion of peace thing” are betraying their country by turning it back into an ignorant white ghetto where racial persecution is the norm (my point being that you can twist anything into “betraying your country” – that is what extemists do)

          • hobspawn

            No. I am moderate. You are a brain-washed liberal extremist traitor who continues to argue for the destruction of his own race, culture, country and freedom itself, as they fall.

            Read the Koran. There is no such thing as a moderate muslim. Muslims who claim to be peaceful will still bring us all the horrors of islam, as sure as night follows day.

        • HomoRationalensis

          Would I be considered extreme hunting down Nazis? Liberals are supporting Islamists therefore you are extreme in your liberalism and tolerance towards Islamism and thus should be targeted and hunted down.

          Nothing wrong with this position. We have Corbyn’s extreme views saying silly things like “what happened to Jihad John was wrong”

          Liberalism is an extreme position of appeasement towards and evil cult. It’s time to call it as it is.

          Liberalism is an indirect form of terrorism.

        • HomoRationalensis

          “Islam is a religion of peace” Tell that to Mali now facing an Islamist assault by your friends. Hey let’s remember what Corbyn says, hunting down Islamists is wrong even if they’re killing you.

          You’re pathetic and you are extreme in your liberal position towards Islamism

    • Roger Hudson

      Parisians will be totally out-voted by the rural people who want France as it once was.

  • HomoRationalensis

    She’s going to win and then we’ll see a wave of Europeans coming together in solidarity hunting for the liberal political elite who will probably have to go into hiding.

  • greggf

    These events are about the reversal of fiction and non-fiction.
    They began in 9/11…….

    Marie Le pen can see the statesmanlike need, whereas Hollande (and others before him) is just another of the many EU’s cyphers.
    (What is the collect noun for Brussels’ cyphers…..?).

    At least Chamberlain realized it in 1939 and resigned…….

  • sidor

    In any European country, the population can be classified in two groups: patriots and Europhiles. Le Pen is a patriot. The ruling French bureaucracy are extreme Europhiles.

  • Allowing hundreds-of-thousands of Muslim “refugees” mostly male and of fighting age into Europe after security services warn a percentage will be jihadists and Isis boasts of smuggling in 5,000 means Western politicians are now accessories to any future murders carried out by future migrants. As political Europe steadily turns right it is time to warn existing politicians that they will be held to account for their complicity. I made a video yesterday explaining his point further: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE2-0FbcDAY

  • Freddythreepwood

    Is there a heaven? I only ask because, if there is, I like to think that one Enoch Powell is looking down right now, and allowing himself a quiet chuckle.

    • crosscop

      I actually think he’d be weeping.

      • I remember hearing an interview with him in his last years in which he stated that he wished he’d been killed in the war rather than live to see what Britain had become.

  • dark star

    The left try to own the compassionate debate but if we had shown compassion for Syria by engaging isis four years ago like many conservatives wanted to, the world wouldn’t be dealing with this crisis now. How about the havens in Europe too, these need neutralising. Once safe zone can be established in north Africa or Syria migrants should be formed into reconstruction teams aka marshal plan and sent back to rebuild and fight islamism

    • Rowenna

      Interesting comment. Someone else said on another comments thread a few days ago about a story where a boat was sinking and there were a lot of people in the water. There were two smaller boats nearby and the man in the first boat went and rescued a number of people in the water but only so many as he felt the boat could safely hold. He had to push away others that were trying desperately to get on the boat. As he went past the other boat the man in the other boat condemned him for not taking more and vowed he would not leave anyone behind. Predictably the second boat also sank and so no one was helped. The first boat managed to make another trip to help more people and only the weakest died.

      The question is which man showed more compassion? This was something I gave some thought to and I decided that the man in the first boat showed compassion and the man in the second boat showed none. How did I come to this conclusion?

      The man in the first boat clearly felt compelled to help and therefore demonstrated compassion. When he pushed people away that his boat could not hold it was likely an act of self-sacrifice as despite being able to rationalise what he was doing he no doubt felt a responsibility for the loss of life that might result and would carry that with him for life for each and every person he pushed away – it would be incredibly difficult to do.

      The second man does not show compassion – he shows judgement towards the first man. If he had compassion he would have recognised the plight of the first man and offered reassurance instead of judgement. It is my experience that those who judge the morality of others often place great value on what people think of them and their good deeds are often driven by a form of vanity and desire for others to think well of them. The second man did not take into consideration the fact that in taking on too many he may drown himself (and therefore save none) which means his own death was not the outcome of an act of heroism and his desire to help was likely not driven primarily by compassion but out of a personal need to be seen as a good person and likely a desire for acclaim.

      Any thoughts? I would be interested in other folks opinion on such a scenario in regards to compassion.

  • John P Hughes

    These tragic events make the prospect of Alain Juppé becoming President in 2017 greater. Juppé is a Gaullist in the tradition of the General’s principal Ministers, and more competent than Jacques Chirac under whom he served as Prime Minister. His main competitor, Francois Fillon, who managed to serve the whole of Sarkozy’s term at the Elysée as PM, would be suitable in less unstable, more peaceful times. But in the absence of Charles de Gaulle himself Juppé is the best option. At least the seven-year terms of Presidents were reduced to five by Chirac, or France would be stuck with President Hollande for even longer than the next 1½ years.
    Discussion will soon turn to ‘What would the General have done in this situation, were he in the Elysée?’ The answer of course is that he would have taken action to prevent it arising in the first place.

    • Guest 1

      On balance, the wily old General must be praised. But, but….when he went to Algiers in the dying hours of the 4th Republic and said to the pieds noirs – ‘I have heard you’, that must rank as a betrayal of the first order.

      • Lawrence James.

        Hardly: de Gaulle realised that France could not continue an unwinnable war merely to preserve the multiple advantages enjoyed by the colons. What happened during and after the Algerian war at the source of France’s all-too-evident present woes., Paradoxically, a substantial number of the Algerians now in France are descendants of those who had fought for the French and faced a choice between death at the hands of the nationalists or flight.

        • Guest 1

          I think your ‘hardly’ is too strong. De Gaulle returned to power (after his failed RPR days) on the backs of the pieds noirs and (parts) of the French army in North Africa. He then went to Algiers and said ‘I have heard you’, with the very clear implication that he was on the side of the pieds noirs. He may well, indeed, have been right that the war was unwinnable, and, of course, he wanted the money for his new force de frappe. That does not take away from the fact that he, quite knowingly, deceived the pieds noirs, which is why the OAS spent so much time trying to kill him. In fact, it was the petit clamart attack on him that enabled him to extend the powers of his Presidency.
          You are wrong about the origin of Algerian Arabs in France. The harkis did, indeed, fight for France, and de Gaulle was quite happy to abandon them to the FLN (all were murdered). Those harkis that did escape did so because individual French commanders got then out. They, and their descendants largely live an isolated life in France today, some are still in the ‘temporary’ camps that were set up for them 50 years ago. The are, naturaly, hated by the other Algerians who, since 1962, decided that life was better among the old enemy.
          If things go o as they are doing, France may see the return of an OAS, or the Charles Martel group.

          • John P Hughes

            “Je vous ai compris !”
            Charles de Gaulle ; Discours du 4 juin 1958 au Forum d’Alger.
            Read more at http://www.mon-poeme.fr/citations-charles-de-gaulle/#AHGb6fYQPymJjGXB.99
            De Gaulle’s phrase can be translated and interpreted in various ways, and has been – by historians ever since. It was a careful statement which was true but told the audience nothing about whether he supported a French Algeria or not. One of the chapters in Alastair Horne’s ‘A Savage War of Peace’, the best book on the Algerian War, is titled ‘This Prince of Ambiguity’ – which De Gaulle was a master at.
            There must be some demographic study of the Muslim population of France today – who they are all descended from. There are several origins
            * The Algerians who were workers in France already by 1961-62 and simply stayed (up to 1 million in 1961)
            * The Harkis, Algerians who were in the French forces, some of whom managed to get to France al;though De Gaulle did not want them – partly over time, partly because their French commanders found ways to get them out of Algeria
            * Algerians who have moved to France since 1962, whether for work or escaping the various oppressive regimes that have ruled Algeria for most of the time since
            * Moroccans – Morocco has long had political, economic and cultural links with France, and people who were born in Morocco or descend from Moroccans are quite numerous in France
            * Other Mahgrebians – from Tunisia or Mauretania
            * Some black Africans from Francophone countries where black people are or may be Muslim
            * Arabs and related races from the Lebanon and Syria which were part of the French Empire 1919-46
            Because there is no census recording of origins the demographic data is uncertain and has to be based on estimates. But one can see why the number of Muslims in France is quite high.

          • Guest 1

            Indeed. But in the context, de Gaulle knew full well how the pieds noirs would understand what he had said. Horne’s book is good, and a scary read, but there is also Talbott’s ‘The War Without a Name’ (Faber, 1981), and for what this current situation can descend into there is ‘Wolves In the City’ by Paul Henissart (Hart-Davies, 1970). And it may yet come to that again.

  • crosscop

    When all else fails – send in the Marine!

  • Gilbert White

    We are nearly at the stage where hundreds of deaths per anum of youngsters enjoying themselves will become mainstream in Europe. Why does the judicatory and military options kick in to protect us from politicians?

    • milford

      Why indeed. They’re all working together as one in an apparent war on indigenous Europeans.
      Some say they’re setting the stage (chaos across EU) so that the public will demand protection. That protection will manifest as a totalitarian police state across the EU.

  • I suspect the fightback will start in France. They have an iron in their soul that we have utterly lost. Our sclerotic voting system is preventing any serious challenge to the two main parties and their equally dysfunctional and unrepresentative leaders. If France elects Marine le Pen I might consider moving there. I want to feel part of a European culture that believes in itself

    • Guest 1

      ‘Our sclerotic voting system ‘ – yes, absolutely! The funny thing is, though, that Stormont has STV, Holyrood and Cardiff Bay have a mixed system, with lists, and for the pointless European Parliament we are given PR. But…. Westminster ? Oh, no, can’t have that, little people.

      • crosscop

        Strange to think though, that if France had FPTP as we do, then Le Pen would already be a cert to achieve power. Same goes for Wilder’s PVV and the Sweden Democrats. They are all topping the opinion polls but may lose out because of their own countries’ electoral systems.

        • Guest 1

          For President, perhaps, but not in the National Assembly – and that would block her, especially when added to the inevitable left-wing ‘anti-fa’ type rampaging + Islamic terror.

          • crosscop

            I’ve got a feeling that “anti-fa” rampaging and Islamic terror will bring the FN more and more votes. There will inevitably be more attacks before the election. I really do believe that France is waking up.

          • Guest 1

            I really hope so. This is a dreadful nightmare.

        • Rowenna

          Indeed, there is certainly reason not to easily dismiss the benefits of FPTP.

      • Alexsandr

        didnt we have a referendum on that a few years ago. clearly we all voted the wrong way.

        • Guest 1

          No, we weren’t offered any form of PR. What was on offer was AV, which can distort voting even more than FPTP. Oddly, the Jenkins Commission in 1997 recommended AV + or AV Top Up, with an additional PR element. We weren’t offered that.

    • Cornelius Bonkers

      Mmmm, good idea…

    • Rowenna

      By the end of 2016 there will be as many Muslim males of fighting age as there are Germans. What will happen then?

      • There are no good options left, but it starts with acknowledging the truth and finding the will to address it. France seems to have taken a step along the right path

      • Lawrence James.

        Brown men in brown shirts ? Bur seriously, sources for your calculation.

        • Rowenna

          Source: http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/6861/hungary-migrant-crisis-europe

          “by the end of 2016 there will be as many Muslim males of military age
          in Germany (5.5 million), as there are young German men of that age.”

          My original reference was purely based on the above however since you asked I followed through to their source and then onto the German demographic data sets from the 2011 census. The easy part of the calculation is the number of German males aged 20 – 35 years.

          Based on the 2011 census there are currently approx. 11 million native Germans aged 20 – 35 years and males will make up approximately half of that number which totals approx. 5.5 million native German males aged 20 – 35 years.

          Now if you want the calculations for the number of Muslim males it requires a little more in depth investigation which I have now partly done but I don’t want to spend the next half hour or so researching to type out to you if you are not asking for so much detail – so do let me know if you want further workings out. However here are a few bits of information for context;

          As of the 4th November Germany was reporting they had received 760,000 refugees and are expecting to receive over a million by the end of the year. Considering they are receiving an average of 6,000 a day that is more than likely.

          Germany does not keep track of the number of Muslims in the country from census data choosing instead to put those of Muslim faith in with ‘other’ category of religion. In the 2011 census 31 million people were classified as ‘other’ for religion (not Roman Catholic and not Evangelical). There are numerous assessments of the number of Muslims in Germany however based on Pew research there were an estimated 5 million Muslims living in Germany by the end of 2014. The median age for Muslims in Europe is 32 years (median age for all Europeans is 40).

          75% of the migrants are men
          13% of the migrants are classed as children (however Denmark who checks age via a medical checkup looking at biological markers (teeth, bones, genitals) claims that 75% of refugees claiming to be children were in fact adults). I suspect this percentage is lower but as the children are not split between boys and girls it is difficult to approximate with any degree of reliability.

          Germany is anticipating the number of migrants will continue and they are currently fairly stable averaging out at 6,000 a day (4,500 young males a day). If that held true for 2016 we would be adding in excess of 1.5 million Muslim males of fighting age to the German population on top of the 750,000 Muslim males of fighting age that are estimated to have arrived in 2015.

          While these calculations are not sufficiently detailed to give an accurate estimate of the number of Muslim males of fighting age living in Germany by the end of 2016, they are at least suggestive of being somewhere near the mark of 5.5 million that is the number of native Germans living in Germany. If the numbers do fall short of the mark however, move forward a year or two and they most certainly will be unless there is a major change in policy in the interim.

          Hope this helps.

  • danoxford

    ‘Right-thinking Parisians are appalled at the thought of Le Pen’s ascension’

    And there it is- the attempt at subliminally planting the idea that anyone opposed to uncontrolled mass immigration, Islamisation, and the destruction of Western culture and values is somehow mentally abnormal.

  • A World of Paine

    Hollande and Merkel are like two pieces of stale bread in a twin-slice toaster.

    • Guest 1

      Pity the toaster isn’t set to ‘high’!

  • Mow_the_Grass

    170 people held hostage in Bezidor hotel in Mali
    Militants have released those hostages who can recite a portion of the Quran.
    Wonder if the’re militants from the RoP?
    Surely not

    • David

      “Nothing to do with Islam…”

  • Eques

    Muslims, I must apologise for the readership of the Spectator. It’s supposed to be an intelligent magazine, but recently it seems to have been taken over by a bunch of weird, snuffling inbred yokels from the Wicker Man or something.

    Don’t worry, just let them carry on casting spells to ward off evil spirits or whatever it is they do in their spare time. Good, honest proper British people with real British values, who live in the real world and who live and work alongside you day by day, know what’s going on and what the true picture is.

    • crosscop

      It’s actually Muslims who “cast spells” to ward off evil spirits. They call them djinns. And all Muslims believe in djinns. They have to – because the Koran ( that’s Allah) tells them that they exist. If any Muslim expresses doubt about djinns then they risk being accused of blasphemy and we all know what happens to blasphemers, don’t we?
      Some people believe in far more ludicrous things, though. Why, some idiots still believe that Islam is a Religion of Peace.
      BTW – The hostages in Mali and the relatives of the victims of the Paris atrocity know what the true picture is.

    • hobspawn

      In these harrowing times, it is important always to apologise to muslims. Had I been in the Bataclan, I would have prostrated myself before those good obedient muslims and apologised for my infidel existence, before begging them to shoot you, whoops, I mean me.

      • Eques

        “In these harrowing times, it is important always to apologise to muslims. Had I been in the Bataclan, I would have prostrated myself before those good obedient muslims and apologised for my infidel existence, before begging them to shoot you, whoops, I mean me”

        Again you are equating the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims with a handful of psychopaths. So yes, it is important for decent people to apologise to Muslims when our fellow countrymen behave in such a shameful, racist manner.

        • hobspawn

           “Again you are equating the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims with a handful of psychopaths. So yes, it is important for decent people to apologise to Muslims when our fellow countrymen behave in such a shameful, racist manner.”

          This has nothing to do with race. Muslims are supposed to obey the Koran, which commands them to slaughter innocents to please Allah. How hard is that for you to understand?

        • Rowenna

          That ‘handful of psychopaths’ you reference is estimated to be over 680 million Muslims – that’s more than the total population of Europe!


          • Eques

            Oh well why didn’t you say so before?? Now I know Ben Shapiro thinks that I’ve totally changed my mind! 😉

          • Rowenna

            The survey’s that he references are actually well sourced and not disputed. If you don’t like his numbers then perhaps do the research and come up with your own.

        • Alexsandr

          not all. but a startlingly large percentage of them.

      • Dave Cockayne

        Begging them to shoot you would have done no good, the moderate muslim refugees deliberately tortured their victims to death by stabbing them in the stomach to inflict maximum pain before death.
        Perhaps you should have apologised more infidel?

    • Malcolm Stevas

      “Eques” sounds as if it might be connected with “horse”, which would be appropriate since you sound like a horse’s a*s and are talking horse5hit. Your absurd attempt to caricature the opponents of Islam/mass immigration as yokels is par for the course, and your conceit in appropriating “British values” is grotesque. You wouldn’t know what the “true picture” was if it bit you on the bum – which it might do, one day.

      • Eques

        Blanket characterisation of a diverse group of people?

        Absolutely shocking behaviour 😉

        So what would you have in place of my model of British Values? Racial hatred? Intolerance? Discrimination based on skin colour? Woo hoo, sounds great.

        I know mine are British values from experience, because I work in Birmingham for a well known company, in which works a lot of Muslims of varying degrees of Westernisation.

        The recent attacks have not been an issue at all for either the Muslim or the whites and other ethnicities that work alongside them. They have just carried on working, chatting and bantering together as before – talking about sport, weddings, children and advising each other on the politics of the local cricket team.

        These are not ideologues I am talking about. These are not political people, not the diversity co-ordinator demographic. A lot of them vote Tory. And the religious status of their colleagues, even after last Friday, matters not one jot to them. This reflects my previous experience. Those are proper British values. Those are good, proper British people – not the stunted hate mongers who infect this message board.

        • Malcolm Stevas

          You are easily gulled, it seems. I suggest you research attitudes toward Islamism among our Muslim population, even if you are not concerned about the staggering impact on our culture of these alien arrivals in huge numbers. Actually you’re probably not concerned about the latter, since I suspect you feel contempt for our native culture and the indigenous people.

          • Eques

            I feel contempt for the racist scum who spread hatred based on skin colour.

            As for my view of British people as a whole, see my final paragraph above.

          • Malcolm Stevas

            Your interpretation of “British values” is entertainingly abbreviated. Love the inclusion of “A lot of them vote Tory” – many fewer of us vote Tory than used to be the case, perhaps because the Tory Party started to include too many folk with views like yours. I’m sure you’d get on very well with D.Cameron. BTW “racist” is just an intellectually lazy cliché associated mostly these days with kneejerk Leftists.

          • Eques

            “BTW “racist” is just an intellectually lazy cliché associated mostly these days with kneejerk Leftists.”

            No it’s not. Don’t use sophistry to make yourself feel better about your behaviour.

            Racism means hating, insulting and persecuting people based on their race or perceived race. It’s practitioners really need therapy to sort out their psychological problems but unfortunately often turn to unscrupulous politicians for help instead

          • Malcolm Stevas

            It’s nice that you can write “sophistry” but ideally you should know what it means. In fact, (over-)employing the word “racist” is a kind of adolescent, idle sophistry.

          • Eques

            If you’re saying you’re not a racist then fair enough.

            I thought you were saying racism was a false construct, thereby happily absolving the people who practice it from the charge of being tw*ts.

          • Malcolm Stevas

            An ideal description: a false construct. As for the rest, you claim to know “sophistry” so how about “tendentious” – ? Further, try “chickenshit”… You despise your own country and want your people submerged beneath a welter of aliens who care nothing for our ancient, very rich, highly individual culture. Par for the course. Orwell defined the symptoms long ago.

          • Eques

            And what makes it rich, Malcolm, what makes it rich?

          • Malcolm Stevas

            To insult, you add ignorance: our culture is rich through a thousand years plus, during which a fairly tight-knit North West European people punched above their weight in the world and gave it rather a lot. The mass immigration you seem to regard, crassly enough, as representing a “blend of influences” is so very recent in historical terms as to be merely yesterday’s bad dream, the dismal cock-up of a decadent political class aided and abetted by useful fools like yourself. Yours is a superficial, shallow view, but no less pernicious for that – the stunted vision of vanishingly small-mindedness.
            And you’re still indulging yourself in that “racist” word you probably dug up in The Guardian.

          • Eques

            Thanks for the history lesson, but I was referring to the 1000 years when I talked about the blend of influences (did you seriously think otherwise). Society doesn’t stay the same. It transforms as a result of a constant blending and refreshing of cultures. It always has and it always will. That is what gives us a rich culture (as well as the overwhelmingly set of liberal and radical famous writers who document it). It is not true to say that immigrants care nothing for our culture, they merge with it and ours merges with theirs (see my comment about my workplace above) They watch the X Factor, Downton Abbey, Eastenders, Premiere Football It is fabulously ignorant of the real world to claim otherwise.

            And yes I do continue to use the word racist, because racism is a thing. You are only trying to claim it is not to excuse what I suspect is your own sh**ty behaviour towards people of colour. I repeat, such behaviour degrades our culture rather than enriches it.

          • Malcolm Stevas

            You are depressingly shallow. Look back at those thousand years and ask yourself, if you can, about that “blend of influences”: pretty much 100% NW European, actually. Anything else is superficial. Your references to “the X Factor” etc are, well, depressingly banal, truly dismal. “People of colour” – ? Christ, who cares.

          • Alexsandr

            yes. and islam isnt a race. its a religion. and is believed by several races, south asians, south east asians, arabs and africans. and quite a few european whites. so you racist slur is quite unfounded. and your ignorance on that devalues other stuff you write.

          • E.I.Cronin

            You don’t know what racism actually means. Racism is correctly defined as the prejudice from a belief that a race is inherently, biologically inferior or superior to another race, or races*. None of us subscribe to that belief.

            If you are unaware of the true meaning of racism you are ignorant. But if you deliberately substitute racism for xenophobia in order to use it as a smear tactic and to obstruct criticism of Immigration and Multicultural Policy, then you are malicious.

            Calling anyone xenophobic because they oppose and point out the social problems arising from a cultural diversity that was imposed upon them, without any consultation or consent is ridiculous. We feel a natural
            loyalty and affection for our unique ethnic heritage. You are free to despise
            it, but attempting to destroy our heritage through Immigration and
            multicultural Policy is itself an act of xenophobia.

            *From the OED: racism adj. The theory that distinctive human
            characteristics and abilities are determined by race.

            -The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics,
            abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish
            it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

          • Mr B J Mann

            The only racist scum who spreads hatred based on skin colour here is you.

            Is1am isn’t a race.

            And most of the t3rrorists are S3mitic.

            What colour are the J=ws?!

        • hobspawn

          Leave your silly ‘liberal’ critique out of this. Muslims are people who idolise a man of uncommon violence and depravity, a man who invented a book for them to follow which tells them to slaughter the infidel prodigiously as a means of reaching heaven. Your game of distraction is up. Increasing numbers of us moderates are seeing through your lies.

          • Eques

            And Christians are people who worship a book that advocates murder of children on the basis that they were first born, what’s your point?

            You’re not a moderate. Just using the word and then expressing extreme views doesn’t make you one.

            And as I say above, it’s not a liberal critique at all. It is based on experience of living in the real world.

            What game of distraction are you referring to and what possible motive could I have for playing it?

          • hobspawn

             “And Christians are people who worship a book that advocates murder of children on the basis that they were first born, what’s your point.”

            Please show me where Christ advocates that.

            “And as I say above, it’s not a liberal critique at all. It is based on experience of living in the real world.”

            Balls. You said “Blanket characterisation of a diverse group of people?” to cling to your favourite unicorn, the ‘peaceful muslim’. There is no such thing, because muslims believe the Koran is the word of god, and the word of god in the Koran commands muslims to slaughter innocents for the reward of heaven.

            “What game of distraction are you referring to and what possible motive could I have for playing it?”

            The game in which you say “look at this nice Rotherham taxi driver enriching our culture and economy, but ignore what it says in the murderous book he is sworn to obey, and certainly don’t look at what his nice co-believers are doing in every country they infest”. That game. As for your motive, it is very hard for me to understand, but it looks like suicidal self-hatred.

          • George

            ‘And Christians are people who worship a book that advocates murder of children on the basis that they were first born, what’s your point?’

            A fallacious argument on two levels. Firstly saying ‘tu quoque’ and deflecting towards Christianity does not address the argument at hand. Secondly, you draw a false equivalence between the tendency of members of Christianity and Islam to literally interpret and enact on what is written in eachother’s respective lexicon.

          • hobspawn

             “A fallacious argument on two levels. Firstly saying ‘tu quoque’ does address the argument at hand; secondly, you draw a false equivalence between the tendency of members of Christianity and Islam to literally interpret and enact on what is written in eachother’s respective lexicon.”

            Well said. There’s a third fallacy too: the New Testament does not instruct Christians to slaughter anyone, least of all children, and Christ’s outspoken and exemplary pacifism makes it very clear that doing such a thing buys you a one-way ticket on the HeII Express.

          • Eques

            Ironically, your sort would have been the first to grab their hammer and nails when Christ was crucified, your faces twisted with angry, stunted rage.

          • Captain Dryland

            There is a fourth problem for Eques: most Britons are secular so, even had Christ taught Christians to kill the first born, which he did not, it would be irrelevant to them, whereas the contents of the Koran cannot be irrelevant to Muslims. If atheists attack the morality of Eques’ Muslim beliefs, it is irrelevant to counter-attack the atheists with criticisms of a religion they do not even adhere to.

          • Eques

            There’s no problem. In fact you are making my point for me. I am not saying Christians are like that. I am saying it is as ridiculous to say Muslims are like that. There is as huge a diversity in Muslim belief (and non belief) as there is in Christian belief (and non belief).

            Astonishing how many commenters on here don’t know that. Do you all live on remote farmsteads on the Isle of Orkney or something?

          • Captain Dryland

            No, you are still making a poor argument. The content of Muslim belief is in the teachings of the Koran, is it not? And the content of Christian belief is in the teachings of Christ. If you claim that Christ taught Christians to kill the first born, then that is simply a false proposition; and it is still a false proposition and therefore a useless premise whatever argument you seek to use it in, real or hypothetical. Such an argument cannot be taken seriously and must fail.

            No-one imagines that all Muslims yearn to be gunmen and terror-bombers. The point is that the teachings of Mohammed give Muslims permission and encouragement to employ violence in advancing the Muslim faith should they wish to do so, an option they may take up it seems without religious censure.

          • Eques

            I am sorry but it is really not good enough to selectively quote verses from the Koran to prove a point and then cry foul when the same is done with the Bible. Further even if the Koran was a manual of homidical sadism (which it is not) it does not follow that people of Muslim heritage follow it or even have much idea what is in it. That would ignore the fact that there is an absolutely hug diversity of religious practice within Muslim population, and even amongst the devout ones there is plenty of liberalism, tolerance and kindness.

            “nor of law-abiding secularists in a country where the law forbids violence and killing except in extreme and narrowly prescribed circumstances, which certainly do not include ‘for the purpose of religious expansionism”

            Er, Murder is also against the law in Islamic Countries.

          • Eques

            Firstly, I was not deflecting towards Christianity. I was just saying that it makes as much sense to claim (a) the Koran only contains messages of violence and (b) the majority of Muslims support such verses, as it does to claim the Bible only contains messages of violence and that all Christians get a hard on for such messages. In fact there is as much diversity amongst Muslims in their approach or non-approach to religion as there is amongst those with a Christian heritage. Seriously.

            Secondly, it is not a false equivalence. There is just as much diversity of religious practice or non-practice amongst Muslims as there is amongst Christians. The fact that you don’t know this only declares your ignorance of the real world.

          • E.I.Cronin

            No one is claiming a). In a nutshell the main issues are:

            1) Almost all of the compassionate, peaceful, altruistic Surah’s of the Quran apply to Muslims, not to Non-Muslims. The few that do not, have been abrogated. The overwhelming majority of references to Jews, Christians and Non-believers are contemptuous, aggressive and hateful. The word Kuffir itself is derogatory. This is a major source of social conflict and division in Western nations that have adopted the destructive policies of indiscriminate, mass immigration and pernicious Multiculturalism.

            2) A small percentage of Muslims approve of Jihad in the context of Holy War. Polls suggest between 7-16%. (Pew Global 2006/2011). A tiny percentage of those will actually plot to carry out Jihad. That is totally unacceptable and requires a billion dollar security agency to monitor. By evading critical scrutiny of Islamic texts and history, by supporting indiscriminate immigration policy and Multiculturalism – you are directly supporting the growth of Jihadist ideology and activity.

            You need to address this point if you reply or it is simply a dishonest evasion.

            3) The majority of Muslims ignore the surah’s advocating violent Jihad but a substantial percentage support Sharia; including discrimination against women in family and inheritance law; discrimination against sexual and religious minorities; child ‘marriage’; death for apostasy and other views. Your last point about diversity amongst Muslim belief and behaviour is true to the extent widely varying interpretations and sects exist – but it is also true that the majority of practicing Muslims hold fundamentalist views within their respective traditions that include horrifying levels of outsider hostility and the supremacy of Islamic jurisprudence over British Common Law. Hendrik described you as a traitor. I agree completely. You support policies and a religious ideology that threatens your nation’s heritage, freedom and safety.

            Quotation from ‘Religious fundamentalism and out-group hostility among Muslims and Christians in Western Europe’. Ruud Koopmans. Discussion Paper. SP VI 2014–101. March 2014

            …Similar results were reported in another study (Brettfeld and Wetzels 2007) a decade later, which showed that between one third and almost half of German Muslims agree with statements measuring religious fundamentalism, such as “those who do not follow the rules of the Quran literally, are not true Muslims” (32%); “people who modernize Islam, destroy the true teachings” (43%); and “following the prescriptions of my religion is more important for me than democracy” (47%). The study also reveals a high level of rejection of Christian and Western morality among Muslims: 56% agreed that “in Germany one can see clearly, that Christian religions are not capable of securing morality,” and 71% affirmed that “the sexual morality of Western societies is completely degenerate.”

            Roex, van Stiphout and Tillie’s (2011) study among Dutch Muslims found 43% support for the statement “the rules of God are for me more important than the Dutch laws,” a very similar percentage as in the “Muslims in Germany” study. Many Dutch Muslims also have what the authors call a “dichotomous worldview”: 71% affirm that they sometimes “have the feeling that the world consists only of groups that are diametrically opposed.”

          • Chingford Man

            You are making a complete idiot of yourself when it comes to interpreting the Old Testament.

        • edithgrove

          “in which works a lot of Muslims” oops, google translate will only help you so far!

          • Eques

            Thank you for your contribution.

        • Alexsandr

          since when was islam a race? fearing a mysogenistic, paepophile, intolerant & violent religion is not racist. buy a dictionary.

    • Eques

      Back at work, will reply to y’all when I get the chance. And remember, Stay away from the Moor! 😉

      • hobspawn

        Don’t forget to point me to those verses in the New Testament which tell Christians to slaughter first-born children.

        • Eques

          Er, it’s in Exodus. Quite a well known story as it happens. Exodus is in the Bible. The Bible is the ulitmate Christian Holy Book. The Bible also contains messages of peace. The Koran also contains messages of peace. Ask most Christians if they think it is ever justified to murder children on the basis of primogeniture and they would say no of course not. Ask most Muslims if they think infidels should be slaughtered and they would say no of course not. Many of them would not even know you were quoting the Koran, just as many Christians would not know you were quoting the Bible if you said “You shall not suffer a witch to live”

          All this, by the way, is not to say that Christians are evil. It is to demonstrate the stupidity of taking one verse from the Koran and claiming that it is representative of the religion as a whole, still less that all Muslims go round obsessed with implementing it.

          • MickC

            Exodus is in the Old Testament, not the New Testament which is the foundation of Christianity. The Old Testament is revered by Christians, Jews and Muslims.

            As I recall, Christ’s only act of violence was to drive out the moneychangers…remarkably current really.

          • Eques

            Interesting. You don’t like it when people quote selectively from a religion’s Holy Book. Hmmmmm.


          • MickC

            Err, no, I was simply pointing out that you were factually imprecise.

          • JustSomeChap

            The difference is that Christianity specifically rejects huge swathes of the Old Testament as a clear part of its central theology.

      • MickC

        And if I have the allusion right, presumably “keep to the path”, according to Brian Glover!

        • Eques

          You got it.

    • You are a dhimmie, a quisling, and a traitor. And you are disgusting.
      F-off to Dubai, or Syria, or something similar (if you aren’t already living there). I’m sure you’d love to put your woman in a bin bag, and on Fridays see the gays thrown off buildings.

      • Eques

        How am I a traitor? I don’t get it. And I don’t take moral lectures from people who deal in hatred based on skin colour thank you very much.

        “I’m sure you’d love to put your woman in a bin bag, and on Fridays see the gays thrown off buildings.”

        Just showing your ignorance again. I don’t get it. Do all you people live on remote farmsteads in the Orkneys or something? Maybe get out into the real world before your hatred stunts your growth completely.

        • You make a remark about skin colour – I never did – that makes you the ignorant bigot.
          And yes – think about who you are defending. You are a traitor.

        • Cyril Sneer

          “And I don’t take moral lectures from people who deal in hatred based on skin colour thank you very much.”

          Oh yes those Sikh terrorists really need sorting out and oh not to mention those Hindu extremists the carnage both these groups have caused in Europe is second to none….

          Skin colour you say? You’re an ignoramous, that’s all you are.

      • Eques

        I don’t know where your second reply went. Anyway, quite clearly I am defending innocent Muslims from getting blamed for the actions of a handful of sadistic nutters. What is traitorous about that?

    • Northeast Bill

      Which is?

      • Eques

        See my reply to Malcolm Stevas below.

    • magi83

      Sanctimonious, navel gazing twaddle.

      • Eques

        Ah yes. Sanctimonious. One of the right’s favourite words. And completely meaningless. Right wingers, of course, are always passing moral judgement on people (as is very evident from this thread) but apparently that somehow doesn’t count as sanctimonious.

        When the right use “sanctimonious” about the left they just mean they don’t like being confronted with their malicious,selfish, hateful behaviour. They don’t like being told that victimising people on the basis of their skin colour is wrong. They don’t like being told how boring and shameful and offensive and small minded they are when they talk about p**is and C**ns. Well you are.shameful and offensive when you do that. You don’t enrich our culture, you degrade it far more than immigrants do.

        Now F off back to medieval times where you belong you racist tw**.

        • E.I.Cronin

          The Discreet Charm of the Anti-Bourgeoisie…

          This kind of abusive, demented ranting which is so typical of visiting leftist trolls (I would recommend you re-read your post in a few days) covers the fact you don’t have an argument. No facts, events, textual evidence… not one presented. I’m not surprised you revert to the usual hallucinatory projections about ‘racism’ as if you did stop to consider the evidence of Islamic scripture; Islamic history; current events since 9/11 you would realise just how ironic your statement about ‘medieval times’ is. Caliphate anyone?


        • magi83

          Please refer to my previous comment.

          • Eques

            Ah yes. Sanctimonious. One of the right’s favourite words. And completely meaningless. Right wingers, of course, are always passing moral judgement on people (as is very evident from this thread) but apparently that somehow doesn’t count as sanctimonious.

            When the right use “sanctimonious” about the left they just mean they don’t like being confronted with their malicious,selfish, hateful behaviour. They don’t like being told that victimising people on the basis of their skin colour is wrong. They don’t like being told how boring and shameful and offensive and small minded they are when they talk about p**is and C**ns. Well you are.shameful and offensive when you do that. You don’t enrich our culture, you degrade it far more than immigrants do.

            Now F off back to medieval times where you belong you racist tw**.

            0 △ ▽

          • magi83

            Nothing that even resembles a rational thought in your comment for me to even attempt a meaningful response.

            Simply put, your comment is so devoid of coherency that there is no greater critique of it than your comment itself.

  • Fenman

    At least Le Pen realises that fundamentalist Moslems are in fact the majority, and not as our weak pc establishment keeps saying “a tiny minority” Iran Shia fundamentalists and Egypts Muslim brotherhood were both elected, and are supportive of their respective Jihadis.
    Until this is acknowledged the tough steps needed to defeat the Jihadis will not be taken. may even lets Jihadis return from Syria.

    • Mary Ann

      Mme Le Pen is taking advantage of this tragedy for her own political ends I hope France can see through it, don’t give in to Deash, she is playing into their hands.

      • Guest 1

        No, she isn’t. She, and the FN, have been warning about this as one aspect of the failure of multi-culturalism for years. She is merely being proved right by events.

  • justejudexultionis

    Islam must be expelled from Europe.

    • hobspawn

      A good start.

    • boiledcabbage

      and its happened before………

  • Patrick_Blankfein

    How you vote is about how far-sighted you are. Do you think a white minority Europe is feasible? I don’t.; and I don’t think ex-Rhodesians would disagree. A Muslim majority one is simply too horrible to envisage. I fear, all these demographic problems are coming to a head.

    • Mary Ann

      Western Europeans are not having enough babies, we will be extinct in about 10 generations without the any help from Islam.

      • Guest 1

        Well observed. And it’s all part of the same process of degeneration that has led to mass migration into Europe, at the behest of capitalist globalisers – on their side are you?

      • Cyril Sneer

        “Western Europeans are not having enough babies”

        That depends on whether you regard the human population of this earth to become an even more serious issue in the next 25, 50, 100 years. You play right into the hands of the globalists – big business, I thought you were against that sort of thing?

  • John Andrews

    I hope le Pen does well in the forthcoming regional and presidential elections – for the UK’s sake.

    • Mary Ann

      I hope Le Pen does very badly for France’s sake.

      • vieuxceps2

        Are you sure you hope it for the sake of France? Judging from your inflexible lefty idiotic comments ,I suspect you hope the people of France will not see clearly who is responsible for their tragic position.

        • Mary Ann

          Try thinking about what Daesh really want, discord, disharmony, remember they hate most Muslims as well. They have killed more Muslims than any other religious group. The last thing France needs is race riots.

          • John Andrews

            So good then that the Muslims are such peace-loving folk.

          • vieuxceps2

            It is better to have resistance to Daesh in the form of race riots than simply to submit to Sharia and Islam. If that’s what is needed to save European civilisation then let’s have them.No use waiting for the lefty traitors to realise how badly wrong they’ve been .

      • Guest 1

        And again! Oh, well done, chicken brains. Perhaps you’d prefer the ‘let’s make the French a minority in their own homeland brigade’? Or, maybe, drinking your little cups of tea from you Amnesty mug, knitting your bobble hats, you have a secret adminiration for those peace-loving immigrants that murdered so many a week ago?

        • CouchSlob

          Guest 1, you are being extremely rude to Mary Ann. It makes for ugly reading.

          I doubt you would be so unpleasant in person. Show some class and help convince others of your argument. Hurling insults under cover of anonymity is cheap.

          • Guest 1

            Yes, you are right, and I am wrong. But the utterly predictable horror of last Friday’s murders in Paris should have, at the least, led to ‘Mary Ann’ to stop her silly, naive, posting. The mess that Europe finds itself in is largely due to three tendencies – the greed of so-called ‘free-marketeers’ (although international business and its backers often demand, and get, enormous privilege that is anyting but free market); then we have the socialist hate of the West, which, for many, is also self-hate; finally, we have silly, sentimentalists like ‘Mary Ann’, who think that everything can be cuddly and ‘nice’. So, yes, I agree, I am wrong in this, but she is, objectively, a supporter of the dissolution of England and Europe.

          • Lawrence James.

            And boring reading.

      • John Andrews

        Yes: there is a point to be made about the enormous benefits to France from having the largest percentage of Muslims of any European country.

  • anyfool

    Right-thinking Parisians are appalled at the thought of Le Pen’s ascension.
    That devalues anything you have to say on this matter, crawl back under the stone your mind is set in.

  • Fritz123

    What is ISIS? An entity with a certain political will? What do we want? Revenge? Justice has been done allready, poena naturalis, and France may have been responsible for its children itself.

  • jim

    She’d better seize it. With eurogimps seemingly determined to let nothing slow the pace of their favourite project (the africaniziation-arabization-islamicisation of europe) I don’t see anyone else fit for office.

    • Mary Ann

      France would be a far worse place with Le Pen in charge.

      • Guest 1

        Gosh, yet another example of your vacuous posting. Keep going, you’ll soon reach the 8k mark. Do you actually know anything at all, or are you merely some form of human parrot?

      • jim

        This isn’t her mess.She was one of those who warned us. Things are on the verge of being so serious that a vote for anyone else begins to look foolish.

    • andy lewis

      Perhaps we need a discussion of the merits of Brussels prized Coudenhove Kalergi Plan, then perhaps we will be more welcoming. Or not. Who will be the first journalist to speak out? Inform yourselves if you love your kids; or even if you disapprove of genocide.

  • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    ‘Terrorism will not destroy France, because France will destroy it,’ he said.”

    That is a defensive statement. Hollande inadvertently states first that “terrorism will not destroy France” . I personally doubt it terrorism would destroy France and I seriously doubt if France will destroy terrorism, especially now that Paris has to fight terrorism on her own soil. The Paris attack cannot be the only attack that the terrorists within France plan to execute.

    The long term effects of what led to this act of violence on Paris includes the massive inclusion of millions of Middle Eastern Muslims and Africans into Europe.
    A Journalist once asked the Chinese Premier Chou En Lai what he thought about the French Revolution. Chou En Lai’s answer was “it is too early to say”. This was in the 1950’s.

    It is too early to say the long term effects of this massive migration, the links it has to terrorism in Europe and the possible European backlash.

    • Eques

      “‘Terrorism will not destroy France, because France will destroy it,’ he said.”

      That is a defensive statement. Hollande inadvertently states first that “terrorism will not destroy France”

      Yes I thought that.

      • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

        I also wanted to point out the Psychological use of negative based statements and commands. To use “not” tends to end up with the person doing it. It has been found that the human brain has difficulty in recognizing negative statements.

        for example when you say’ “do not go there” to your kids, often they go there. Partly because in their minds what is registered. as “Do ..go there”.

        In that context if one removes the word “not” out of Hollande’s statement it ends up with
        “Terrorism will….destroy France”. He would have done better to make a positive opening statement of “France will triumph over terrorism”..

        I did not want to include this into my comment as it would have been to verbose and out of context to the rest of my comment.

        • smoke me a kipper

          “for example when you say’ “do not go there” to your kids, often they go there. Partly because in their minds what is registered. as “Do ..go there”.

          Possibly, however I would have thought it was more to do with juvenile curiousity. When told not to do something, they think there must be something interesting or exciting about doing the forbidden, so they do what they have been told not to do.

          • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

            Agree. It is not one or the other but both. the human mind is complex and no one single answer would surmise.
            Though positive statements work better with kids. Instead of saying’ Do not go there” it maybe better to say” “how about going here” or “how about doing this”

    • smoke me a kipper

      The real problem is the Syrian Civil War. Sort out Syria and dealing with the terrorists will be much easier

      • Alexsandr

        nah. another bunch of islamobutcherers will emerge.

        • smoke me a kipper

          Well in that case we might as well not bother at all. A bit of a defeatist attitude. We can win and we will win

      • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

        The Syrian civil war is compounded by both Russia and the US. Russia is adamant in her support of the Assad Regime for only that regime guarantees a port for the Russian navy. Change that regime and Russia risks losing that port.

        The US is supporting the Syrian people by arming them to take on Damascus. In the process some of them are selling the weapons to ISIS, some are joining ISIS and others face the Russian air force.

        Dealing with the Syrian civil war means dealing with Moscow and Washington D.C.

        • smoke me a kipper

          If Russia’s only interest is its port, then surely a deal is possible providing any post Assad regime guarantees Russia access to that port. It sounds too simple there must be more complexity. Perhaps the deep seated mistrust between the West and Russia?

          • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

            One of the major problems of the “Arab Spring” was the ousting of leaders from Mubarak to Qaddafi by Washington D.C. (including Saddam who kept Iran in check) was that the US did not groom a new leader to take their place.

            We are good at toppling governments but fail in the basics of making sure to place a new leader who will fill the void.

            Instead we leave that void to be filled with Chaos. If I were Putin I would fight for the devil I do know over the devil I don’t.

          • DellerboyNZ

            Totally agree Bernard!
            The US approached the North African dictatorships as if it would be another Liberation of Paris moment.
            Instead of de Gaulle leading the procession it would be Obama.
            We should have (it’s a bit late now) held our noses and dealt with the dictators.
            Strongmen grow old and in the end crave legitimacy which generally means their sons inheriting.
            Carrot and stick eventually brings them around.
            Why march into Iraq and not Cuba?
            As Bernard Lewis says: ‘If you invade be prepared to stay’.

          • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

            I cannot agree more. The litany of acts Obama has done in the last 7 years is so massive they have changed the US in a dramatic way. the best way to put what Obama has done both domestically and on the international front is that historians will judge the US
            Before , during and after the tenure of the Obama administration. it is that pivoting.

        • Cyril Sneer

          “Russia is adamant in her support of the Assad Regime”

          That would be the Syrian government, the legitimate and recognised government of Syria, a soveriegn country.

          On Syria, Russia is acting within international law, the USA is not.

          • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

            I did not insinuate that Russia’s support of Assad is illegal in any way. but I would like to add this . There is a running theme on almost all the articles regarding European, US and Russian bombing of IS targets in the mid east.

            the content of the article usually states “people’ have been killed. If these bombs (and now missiles) simply kill “people” without having the ability to differentiate between ISIS agents and innocent people then the Western powers will lose. No nation wants to be arbitrarily bombed and watch innocent men,woman and children die. ‘

            If that is taking place they will hate these jets as much as they hate ISIS.

    • vieuxceps2

      It is not too early to say what immigration in general and muslim in particular portends.It means that there will be a displacement of native peoples from the lands of Europe and a replacement by settlers of different groups who will dispute anong themselves who shall possess our territories. Confusion and enmity will reign for decades perhaps centuries and the eventual winners will no doubt be those who breed the most rapidly.How long before this begins?Why not have a look around you?

      • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

        Other options include
        -A 1940’s style purge, except instead of Jews it is Muslims
        -EU Collapsing as each European nation fights for her sovereignty. That would mean some European nations will deport most or all of the refugees while others will retain them.

        -New pro European pro Christian laws similar to the Muslim nations. Most Muslim nations have such strict laws that it applies to tourists including how they dress and what customs they must practice while in those lands. it is fully approved by the UN human rights Council.

        These are tourists who have no plan to settle in those lands and yet they have to adhere to very strict Islamic laws.

        The same can be applied in Europe. Banning Burqas, old methods of conversion to Christianity in public institutions. the rise of fundamental Christianity etc.

        I am sure there are many more for the European continent of 770 million people. and a long history of dealing with such issues.

  • John Steadman

    Don’t underestimate the post-trauma government vote – it saved Thatcher in the election following the Falklands invasion, and it might well save the wholly underserving Hollande now. It might be that the French régionales are coming too soon after the Paris atrocities to be helpful to Madame le Pen, when Hollande gives the appearance of being rigorous and efficient, and things haven’t settled down. But I’m hopeful that this will not be the case, and that the iron lady (I couldn’t resist it) picks up at least one of the French regions, which will be in itself, a good omen for the 2017 presidential. (For those who don’t follow French politics, Marine le Pen has now largely succeeded in pushing her old dad into the shadows, and has thus rendered the FN significantly more electable.)

    • John P Hughes

      The victory over Argentina in June 1982 was a national success and the blame for failing to prevent the invasion of the Falklands fell on Lord Carrington as Foreign Secretary (who resigned) and less directly on John Nott as Defence Secretary (who left the Government at the 1983 election but was a lame-duck before that). Margaret Thatcher got the praise for resolution and taking the Royal Navy’s advice that it could recapture the islands.
      The Paris arocities are very different. Francois Hollande has been facing the terrorist threat since he became President in 2012 and has presided over a rather poor handling of it. The latest events simply should not have happened given the scale of the January attacks and the increased focus on the threat that they led to. Ordinary citizens have lost their lives on a major scale whereas the Falklands War led to almost no civilian casualties. So the Government has lost the confidence of the people. If the Gaullists can find the right candidate and presentation they should be able to win in 2017, and do well in the regionals next month.

      • John Steadman

        Yes – I remember the Falklands thing well, and was active during the following General Election which effectively burst the SDP/Liberal bubble. But I think that with the (very important) French regionals just a couple of weeks away, the present wave of solidarity will not have evaporated, and any incompetence on behalf of the Hollande government will not have been given as yet full focus and attention. And if this helps the PS in the short-term by preventing the FN carrying off even one region (and at the moment the FN is the enemy, to Right and Left) the ensuing government triumphalist cries (because they are expecting a hammering, are they not?) might well have a knock-on effect. But I don’t necessarily wholly disagree with you – it’s just things are bit more complicated now, I fancy.

        • John P Hughes

          Before and during the 1983 General Election campaign there were no opposition challenges to the Conservatives’ record before April 1982 of poor diplomacy in handling the Argentine threat, and the plan to sell off ships (even a carrier) which led ther junta to see Britain as weak. After the Argentine forces surrendered, both Michael Foot (Leader of the Opposition) and Enoch Powell (by then an Ulster Unionist MP) congratulated Margaret Thatcher on her stalwartness and success, showing lack of political criticism. When Denis Healey made an unwise comment about the conflict in the 1983 campaign he was lambasted in the press. The Falklands success accentuated the swing to the Tories and ensured a large majority in 1983.
          By contrast, the failures over security of the present Socialist Government in Paris are becoming obvious very fast. The interesting political consequence is whether the Juppé type Gaullist wing of the ‘established right’ will gain votes or whether the FN will. A guess is that the Gaullists will do well – though whether and how one can invoke the spirit of The General in the 21st century is unclear.

  • boiledcabbage

    400+ police raids on islamists in France, over 100 under house arrest, something like 70 weapons – the degree to which France has been infiltrated is indeed astounding, the extent of the laissez-faire up to this point is the real shock, for which Hollande needs to take full blame. But the issue is, for how long can they continue house arrest of dangerous people? It is here that Le Pen has the answer.

    How long can Cameron sweep the UK problem under the carpet? How many weapons lie hidden in the UK ? until last week you could drive back on any of the ferries without a search of the car.

    • WTF

      I’m sure most other western countries are in the same boat and its just a matter of time before another attack happens.

    • Mary Ann

      We frequently get searched, although we do drive a van, I think they get searched more. Mind you we have been crossing the channel about ten times a year for the last 10 years or so. I wonder what the reaction will be when we are told we have to turn up three or four hours before the boat sails, which is what we will have to do if they are going to search every car and lorry.

      • John P Hughes

        It would be easy to search cars and vans at the ferry ports. At present you go through one control (passport used to identify name and ticket) and then queue up in lines for up to half-an-hour before being signalled to drive onto the ship. It would be easy to search cars waiting in these lines. There are sheds into which one may be directed for a search, but these are rarely used. Checks of cars on routes west of the Dover Straits (Newhaven-Dieppe, Portsmouth-LeHavre and Caen) don’t seem to be made at all.

        Lorries are a different matter – they are searched (or should be). But searches of cars should not add any time at all.

  • WTF

    I hope Madame Le Pen takes over France leading the way for other non apologists to leade their countries out of this PC quagmire.

    The changing immigration debate we’re seeing in Europe and now the USA has many parallels with the lack of rabies in the United Kingdom. Britain has been free of any rabies outbreak that has caused a death for decades and that’s because of the hard line taken to prevent the spread of rabies, if only the same could be said of radical Islam. Whenever a rare case of rabies is found in a wild animal in the UK, a quarantine zone is set up and all wild life and even domestic pets that can contract rabies in that zone are put down. Nothing is left to chance and attempts are made to ensure that the zone is large enough that not a single animal could escape spreading it further.

    The parallel here is that it only takes one Jihadist to be let into the country or produced at home due to inadequate screening or monitoring to cause tens or even hundreds of people being killed like Paris or 9-11. Hard line prevention for rabies has prevented anyone from dying from rabies in the UK so why not hard line policing of radical Islam instead of PC tip toeing around the issues that Islamic culture can bring. Perhaps all the underage girls raped by Pakistanis could have been mitigated against had hard line policing been in force or Londons bombing might have been prevented.

    Jihadism is an extremely aggressive form of cancer and aggressive treatment is needed if we are to stand a chance of combating it !

  • terence patrick hewett

    Junker et al are far more dangerous than all the infantile adherents to ISIS.

    • Indeed. The insufferable Guy Verhofstadt and his ALDE Group have just been in Budapest calling for the overthrow of the democratically-elected Orban government because it “betrays EU values” That is the “values” backed by former Belgian PM Verhofstadt whose homeland just happens to be in lockdown now because thanks to those same “values” it long ago lost control of Molenbeek — the industrial hub of Islamist terror right in the heart of the EU.

  • Mary Ann

    I would expect a women like her to take advantage of other people’s tragedy.

    • boiledcabbage

      Its a brave woman who can take on the French islamists. And yes, its a tragedy for the French muslims. But one supposes they can always convert and become integrated.

    • Chingford Man

      Whereas we all expect you to have nothing worthwhile to say.

    • Guest 1

      Nope, wrong again. Marine Le Pen has been warning of the balkanisation of France for years, the alienation of a huge colonising population, and the failure of multi-culturalism. I fully expected, however, for you to make yet another empty, trite, pointless remark. You have posted nearly 8,000 times, yet you say nothing of substance, you just keep repeating your little slogans. Finished your doily yet? Head still in the sand? Alan’s Snackbar not to blame?

    • XH558

      Bend-over-backwards multiculturalism has failed to produce the kind of social cohesion necessary to prevent last Friday’s attack. It is an odd kind of “advantage taking” to point to that obvious fact (as indeed Chancellor Merkel has done in a less strident way), and to seek to remedy it.

    • Cyril Sneer

      Typical lefty ‘logic’, a party has an alternative solution to this problem that no other party is currently willing to address effectively, so logically her party will become more popular as a result. It’s called democracy.

      And, what would you call the emoting over the washed up dead toddler of which your political heroes and guardinistas have cynically used to promote further open borders insanity. You on the left used a dead toddler ffs! And he wasn’t even a legit refugee, his father sent him, his brother and his mother to their deaths and you lot milked it for your own political agenda!

  • andy lewis

    If mrs X says that if you do Y, the result will be Z, and exactly as she predicted occurs, surely she is due some credit? And if you called mrs X nasty names for saying those things, she deserves an apology?

  • DuValois

    Let common sense and pro-French, pro-British parties return to power in France and the UK respectively. Marine pour La France et Nigel pour le RU.

  • Paris, January 7, 2015

    Video catches Paris police cruiser back up and allow Charlie Hebdo ‘murderers’ to escape (click picture for video)…


    French false flag caught on video, where Paris police cruiser allows Charlie Hebdo ‘murderers’ to escape. Of course, no one at the offices of Charlie Hebdo was killed (nor the police officer said to have been killed responding to the incident), the incident being yet another Marxist operation meant to solidify in the minds of the public the fraudulent ‘War on Terror’, a war whose Islamic [sic] combatants are increasing by leaps and bounds thanks to the West’s ‘incompetent’ foreign policy, as witnessed by the emergence of ISIS in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and elsewhere.

    Fifteen minutes after the police emergency call was made informing the authorities that men with assault rifles had entered an office building in Paris–a building under the protection of the Paris police because its tenants included the office of Islam-bashing Charlie Hebdo–(1) the area wasn’t cordoned off to traffic; and (2) no police tactical units/police cruisers responded. In fact, as the video displays, soon after the two ‘murderers’ fled the crime scene in their car, they (1) stop their car; (2) get out of their car, loitering for a minute; then (3) get back in their car; whereupon (4) the ‘murderers’ come face to face with the police cruiser that allows them to escape instead of ramming the ‘murderers” car, resulting in severe injuries for the two non-seat belt wearing occupants.

    London, May 22, 2013

    Here’s the Woolwich, London sidewalk that Lee Rigby was said to have had his head partially severed. Note there’s no pools of blood…


    …and here’s the sidewalk with the pools of blood, after the arrival of the armed police …


    …and a close up view…


    Oops, MI5 forgot to add the pools of blood before the cell phone cameras started taking pictures! By the way, why is that lady in the background calmly walking by, unconcerned? Because the incident was a drill that went live, which is called a false flag operation.

    In fact, the three long blood streaks that transverse two sidewalk tiles are entirely missing from this even earlier picture taken…


    Now you know why the spectators were just standing around taking pictures at the scene, or calmly going about their business, walking by the “murderers”…


    …and another unconcerned pedestrian that no one is preventing from walking right by one of the “murderers”…


    Then we have the pedestrian with the video phone who stands calmly as one of the “murderers” approaches him and records the “murderer’s” rambling speech on his video phone!

    Didn’t Comrade Andrew Parker get the memo? Once more…

    The above means that the so-called ‘War on Terror’ is an operation being carried out by the Marxist co-opted governments of the West in alliance with the USSR and other Communist nations, the purpose being to (1) destroy the prominence of the West in the eyes of the world, where the West is seen (i) invading nations without cause; (ii) causing chaos around the globe; and (iii) killing over one-million civilians and boasting of torture; (2) close off non-Russian supplies of oil for export, thereby increasing the price of oil, the higher price allowing oil exporting Russia to maintain economic stability while she modernizes and increases her military forces; (3) destroy the United States Armed Forces via the never-ending ‘War on Terror’; the ultimate purpose of the aforementioned to (4) bring about the demise of the United States in the world, opening up a political void to be filled by a new pan-national entity composed of Europe and Russia (replacing the European Union), a union ‘From the Atlantic to Vladivostok’; which will (5) see the end of NATO.

    Now you know how Bolshevik Russia survived in 1917; how the West ‘lost’ China to the Communists in 1949; why the Eisenhower administration turned a deaf ear to the anti-Communist Hungarian uprising in 1956; why the Eisenhower administration in 1959 was indifferent to the Castro brothers’ Communist fidelity, actually used the CIA to overthrow the Batista government; why the Nixon administration abandoned Taiwan for Communist China, and signed treaties/provided economic aid to the USSR; why the Nixon administration refused to tell the American People that over 50% of North Vietnamese NVA regiments were actually Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldiers (attired in NVA uniforms, and proving that the Sino/Soviet Split was a ruse, as KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn told the West back in 1962), thereby (1) ensuring the Vietnam War would be lost; (2) destroying the prominence of the United States abroad and at home; (3) breeding distrust between the American people and their government; and (4) securing Communist victories in Southeast Asia. Working in the background within the political parties of the United States and Great Britain were Marxist agents doing their best to (1) ensure the survival of Communist nations when they popped up; and (2) sabotage any policies that would bring down a Communist nation. That’s why after the fake collapses of the East Bloc nations and USSR there was no mandatory Western verification process to ensure the Communists weren’t still in control.

    The following is a discovery I made in April regarding the fake collapse of the USSR, and what that fraudulent collapse proves about the institutions of the West…

    When Soviet citizens were liberated from up to 74 years of horrific Marxist-atheist oppression on December 26, 1991 there were ZERO celebrations throughout the USSR, proving (1) the ‘collapse’ of the USSR is a strategic ruse; and (2) the political parties of the West were already co-opted by Marxists,* otherwise the USSR (and East Bloc nations) couldn’t have gotten away with the ruse.

    ZERO celebrations, as the The Atlantic article inadvertently informs us…


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    It gets worse–the ‘freed’ Soviets and West also never (1) de-Communized the Soviet Armed Forces of its Communist Party officer corps, which was 90% officered by Communist Party members; and (2) arrested/de-mobilized the 6-million vigilantes that assisted the Soviet Union’s Ministry of the Interior and police control the populations of the larger cities during the period of ‘Perestroika’ (1986-1991)!

    There can be no collapse of the USSR (or East Bloc nations) without…

    Verification, De-Communization and De-mobilization.

    The West never verified the collapse of the USSR because no collapse occurred, since if a real collapse had occurred the West would have verified it, since the survival of the West depends on verification. Conversely, this proves that the political parties of the West were co-opted by Marxists long before the fraudulent collapse of the USSR, since the survival of the West depends on verification.


    The West will form new political parties where candidates are vetted for Marxist ideology, the use of the polygraph to be an important tool for such vetting. Then the West can finally liberate the globe of vanguard Communism.


    * The failed socialist inspired and controlled pan-European revolutions that swept the continent in 1848(1) taught Marxists and socialists a powerful lesson, that lesson being they couldn’t win overtly,(2) so they adopted the tactic of infiltration of the West’s political parties/institutions. In the case of the United States…(continue reading at DNotice)…


    • dwarfpoo

      what an utter fool you are.

      • “what an utter fool you are.”

        Why? Please explain…

        • dwarfpoo

          “So please detail my errant observations”

          nice try troll

          • “nice try troll”

            Nice try what? What’s with the name calling?

          • dwarfpoo


        • rationalobservations?

          You have had your foolish ways (regarding never backing up your weird conspiracy theories, unsupported assertions and wild claims with EVIDENCE) pointed out too many times to count. Although in another column you did count them curiously enough.
          Go figure??

          No need to thank me for pointing them out once again, Dean. Learn and don’t repeat cr@p.

    • Cyril Sneer

      You are a moron.

      The police cruiser backed up because two psychos with AK’s were putting rounds into the policecar – the cop was outgunned.

      • “You are a moron.

        The police cruiser backed up because two psychos with AK’s were putting rounds into the policecar – the cop was outgunned.”

        When the ‘murderers’ got back in their car, no seat belts fastened, both were now susceptible to severe injuries with the police cruiser slamming into their car.

  • trobrianders

    Le Pen’s a precursor I think. Someone compelling is yet to emerge.

    • Bradley EC

      Fusion populism of right and left.

      • trobrianders

        Like who?

        • Bradley EC

          Elements of it in UKIP. UKIP’s failure to absorb leftist populism and instead to become a club for disillusioned Tories stopped them winning seats at the last election. Italian, Spanish and Greek leftist parties now have populist elements in their nationalist leanings.

          • trobrianders

            I can’t see it in the UK. I was talking about Europe.

  • Com3755

    The Front National is not a right wing party any longer. Alot of the better results and much higher votes for the FN in the past years up to 2015, has been due to a number of high profile left-wing ideologues from the Socialist Party and the radical left, joining the FN, and changing the economic policy of the FN to a very left wing program (nationalisation, exit of the Euro, protectionism with tarifs, etc).
    The FN under Jean Marie was a bourgeois party, regrouping Fascists & Monarchists
    Now the FN is getting most of its electoral base from disillusioned proletariat left wing workers and middle class (who have been extremely disappointed, after voting Socialist party for years, that the Socialist party opened the borders with the EU, accepted all EU deals which ruined French agriculture & industry -making it compete with German agriculture for instance-, and of course accepting all big business & finance say).
    The FN is centre left party with a Nationalistic line. Lets call it National-Socialist SOFT.

    • Bradley EC

      You have just given a fair description of the rise of populism in France. Yet when I raise the issue of rising populism with Labour Party colleagues I am told I am completely wrong.

      • Jesus H Corbyn

        Corbyn is definitely becoming more popular

        • Bradley EC

          Corbyn is preparing for retirement, the sooner the better. He is the most complacent politician in the UK. He is going nowhere except into a bungalow somewhere. The party may well split.

          • Jesus H Corbyn

            ah a Blairite… or are you a secret Kipper?

            however much you may hate this fact… Jeremy is here to stay. He has a whopping mandate and trashed his rival candidates. LAbour need him, the country need him, more than ever now the Tories are upping the austerity and cuts and CAmeron is becoming a warmonger like his hero (and your hero) Blair

            Corbyn is the future

          • trobrianders

            A tiny proportion of Labour voters bothered to take part in the election of a leader. Corbyn supporters are a speck on the boil on the ar$e of Britain’s body politic. Or a pesky fly to be swatted. Nothing more.

          • Jesus H Corbyn

            and yet this “boil” is now the second most powerful man in britain and in 4 years will likely become Prime Minister

            take your fly swat and stick it where the sun don’t shine, Blairite!

          • trobrianders

            The second most deluded man in Britain maybe. After you of course.

          • magi83

            “the second most powerful man in britain and in 4 years will likely become Prime Minister”

            Um, based on what exactly?

          • Jesus H Corbyn

            Corbyn’s playing the long game. He will ride out any bumps over the next 4 years because the goal is in site. For the first time ever this country will have a genuinely socialist PM and he will be overwhelmingly voted in by the majority

            Jeremy is not ‘retiring’, he’s only just beginning. Jez for 2020!

          • 9sqn

            Jeez, you people. Anyone over the age of 40 knows what Corbyn style socialism did for GB.

          • Bradley EC

            Neither I am more to left than Blairites.

          • Jesus H Corbyn

            ah an indecisive centrist. In my book that makes you a Tory

          • Bradley EC

            You are so clever. Do you make your own labels or do you buy them from ‘Clichéd Crap On-line’?

          • Jesus H Corbyn

            you’re no socialist

          • Bradley EC

            Negative label. Your repertoire of labels is impressive.

          • 9sqn

            Then the future is far from bright.

      • Clearly you don’t live in Scotland!

    • trobrianders

      The FN’s current base is insufficient. The only hope the FN has is outside of its control; events. If events take a turn people will flock to it as it openly recognises the threat Islam poses. No other contender does that.

      • Com3755

        You are fully correct in your assessment.
        That said, the FN still has the largest base out of any such party in Europe, just not enough for the French political system (which requires an absolute majority in runoff elections). Of course this is how for decades the FN has been prevented from reaching any political office.

        • trobrianders

          Do you think Europe might be reaching a tipping point though?

    • Cobbett

      Were the Navigation Acts ‘Left Wing’?

  • StrategyKing

    Who has read Houellebecq’s Submission? Wonder what Houellebecq makes of all of this.

    • Joe Long

      “There are people, political people, who are responsible for the unfortunate situation we find ourselves in today, and sooner or later their responsibility will have to be examined. It’s unlikely that the insignificant opportunist who passes for our head of state, or the congenital moron who plays the part of our prime minister, or even the “stars of the opposition” (LOL) will emerge from the test looking any brighter.”


      We could do with a public intellectual of Houellebecq’s quality

      • StrategyKing

        Ugh, sorry but that was a terrible article. He really said nothing. Oh well, maybe everything useful he had to say he’s already said it in his books.

    • trobrianders

      What he makes of all of this in his academic ivory tower?

  • Jesus H Corbyn

    Marine Le Pen will become President of France just as soon as Farage becomes UK Prime Minister… ie. never!!!

  • Jesus H Corbyn

    Marine Le Penis will become President of France just as soon as Farage becomes UK Prime Minister… ie. never!

    • Eques

      I wish I shared your optimism. As this thread shows, plenty of useful idiots amongst the European electorate.

      • Greg_Deane

        It sounds like you two are the useful idiots.

        • Jesus H Corbyn

          go away, raving Kipper!

          shouldn’t you be polishing Nigel’s boots or something?

          • Greg_Deane

            Shouldn’t you be wearing a suicide vest into a hotel for Westerners in the Middle East while calling out, “Allahu Akbar”?

    • Lawrence James.

      Or Corbyn ( our brainsick and flyblown answer to Robespierre ) becomes prime minister. Incidentally are you real, a parody of your leader, a pseudonym for Dave Spart, or as I suspect a UKIP mole?. Whatever the truth. you are amusing which is more than can be said for the genuine UKIP howlers and whingers..

  • douglas redmayne

    I hope she wins and that she is the first: the left will squawk themselves senseless and Tory turds will hate it too.

    • trobrianders

      Her winning would certainly mean the silent majority could finally break their silence.

  • Greg_Deane

    The arrogant jerk has the temerity to say, “Right-thinking Parisians are appalled at the thought of Le Pen’s ascension.” Right-thinking Parisians are the ones who want to save their city and country from the scourge of Islam. Wrong-thinking fools like Jason Walsh want to submit to sharia law and are happy to pay the jizya tax that Muslim invaders will impose on the fools who submit to dhimmitude

  • grutchyngfysch

    “One woman I spoke to warned about the dangers of a conservative Catholic revival in response to the terror attacks, led by the Front National. But the party is not Catholic.”

    This more than anything typifies the bien pensant – so neurotic about the alleged dangers of European “conservatism” that it blinds them to both the dangers of Islamism and the potential for full-throated fascism. What would actually be so terrifying about a Catholic revival? Sure, it would mean certain fashionable causes didn’t enjoy the same unadulterated privilege, but it would hardly be beheadings, mutiliations and people being pushed off buildings.

    Frankly, anyone who seriously thinks France is due a conservative Catholic revival let alone spending time being worried about it, is living in a fantasy. It’s just a shame that such fantasists occupy so many positions of power.

    • Mahound

      That White people should have a right to their own lands – something taken for granted by other races and creeds – is indeed a very dangerous idea.

  • adam smith

    Hollande can hardly seize the moment when he is to blame for the situation, he opened French borders to immigrants & is in charge of French security

    Join Leave.EU- https://leave.eu/en/user/register

    Leave.EU facebook- https://www.facebook.com/leaveeuofficial

    • trobrianders

      He’s not at war with his own stupidity then

  • Lawrence James.

    France endured a spasm of anarchist terrorism in the 1890s and early 1900s ; bombs were flying about the place everywhere, including the Chambre. The murders provoked howls of rage similar to those contained here. Sound, politically incorrect, police and intelligence sleuthing and the vigorous use of the guillotine snuffed it out the terrorists. How many people in France remember Ravachol and Henry ?