Rod Liddle

After Miliband’s ‘tablet of stone’ stunt, I may just spend election day in the pub

It’s the most egregiously stupid thing I’ve ever seen in any general election

9 May 2015

9:00 AM

9 May 2015

9:00 AM

You have the advantage over me. You know the result of the general election, whereas I do not — a consequence of the moronically linear progression of time. Indeed, you may already have fled to one of those countries with a much lower tax rate and less fantastically irritating politicians — Algeria, for example, or Benin. Or Chad. And you are reading this digitally on some patched-in fibre-optic service, the electricity generated by goats trotting forlornly around a gigantic hamster wheel outside — but you are nonetheless delighted with your new life, despite the flies and the occasional gang of marauding, maniacal jihadis.

At least you’re not here to experience Britain being well and truly sturgeoned. No vaulting ginger munchkin can get her greasy paws on your wallet. It may well be that by the time you read this, the only people left in the country will be me, David Hare and Eddie Izzard, plus a few boatloads of newly arrived immigrants from the Islamic State. But that’s OK. David can write one of his excruciatingly boring bien-pensant leftie plays, Eddie can star in it, perhaps wearing a nice frock, the immigrants can watch it and cheer and wave their black flags, and I’ll write the spiteful review. We’ll get by, inshallah.

So, you know the result of this calamitously inane election and I do not. In which case, this next assertion of mine is a hostage to fortune. I might be proved horribly wrong. But my suspicion is that Ed Miliband’s pledges, etched onto an eight-foot tablet of stone, will not hugely increase the number of people who vote Labour on 7 May. Some 40 or 50 imbeciles may think to themselves: ‘Well, it’s etched on stone, so he must be telling the truth. It’s much harder to alter something written on stone than something written on paper, isn’t it? You can use Tipp-Ex if it’s written on paper, whereas you can’t with stone. Or rub it out, if it’s pencil. You see? I’m transferring my vote to Ed immediately.’

And then there will be 40 or 50 people like me — quite possibly imbeciles too — who think: ‘That is, by some margin, the most egregiously stupid stunt I have ever seen in any general election ever. It makes John Major’s soapbox seem statesmanlike and compelling. I am either voting for someone else — anyone else, frankly — or spending the entirety of 7 May down the pub.’

The tablet of stone was beyond satire, so ludicrous and frankly surreal that nobody in the country noticed what was actually written on it. Or perhaps that was the point. Because the pledges were so anodyne, unspecific and essentially meaningless that the members of every single party in the country, including the BNP and the Legalise Cannabis people, could sign up to them, and without any chance of comeback. Except for one pledge — ‘Controls on Immigration’. That’s a pledge that might find accord with every political party in the country — except, that is, Labour and the Celtic nationalist parties with whom Labour might enter a coalition. Oh, and the Greens.

It is also a downright lie — Labour does not propose to ‘control’ immigration in any way, shape or form. It does not have the appetite to do so and in any case could not do so (unless pledge no. 5 were immediate withdrawal from the EU, which it wasn’t). Labour proposes only to restrict the benefits for some immigrants once they are already here and will face enormous opposition from within and without even trying to do that.

So, the lie aside, the other pledges were merely ectoplasmic and mystifying. ‘An NHS with time to care’. What does that actually mean? Is it a pledge to twist time on its axis and make it last a lot longer in hospitals than it does elsewhere? Granted, I would vote for that, if it were true.

And how about this: ‘Homes to buy and action on rents.’ But there are homes to buy, it’s just that they are expensive. What are you going to do about it? And what are you going to do about rents? Nothing for which you might be held to account, is the answer.

All of this stuff reminded me a little of when Richard Dawkins, having already abolished God, decided to create a new set of ten commandments which He (I mean Richard) believed more appropriate for the modern age than all that tiresome Moses stuff, with its oppressive right-wing profusion of thou-shalt-nots. Here are two of Richard’s ‘commandments’:

Live life with a sense of joy and wonder!
Always seek to be learning something new!

Thank you, Professor, very kind. Vacuous bilge, of course, but at least it’s something with which no liberal middle-class person might disagree. Commandments which have no force or compulsion or — one might add — meaning. Precisely the same as Ed’s tablet of stone, with the words writ in water.

If Miliband had been even remotely serious about his pledges, then no. 1 would have been: ‘No alliance, no deal, no accommodation with the Scottish National Party in the event of a hung parliament.’ Then we could have broken the tablet of stone over his head at 0900 on 8 May when his minions first started their hectic solicitations of the triumphant and grasping Picts.

And what’s wrong with a pledge about reducing our crippling deficit, instead of the vague aspiration that we should have a ‘strong economic foundation’? That really has about as much force as ‘live life with a sense of joy and wonder’. These vapid evasions do not engender trust in the electorate, by their very nature they undermine it: a fitting coda to a genuinely appalling election campaign. I suppose we get the government we deserve.

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  • goodsoldier

    You, Ron, get the government you deserve because you support Labour, the status quo, the Establishment parties. You pretend to be politically incorrect and brave, but you are afraid of risking a hair on your head and stepping outside the mainstream. You are a phony and it’s difficult for the good-hearted people who enjoy your columns to dislike you, even though you deserve opprobrium. You have taken advantage of their trust just to butter your bread and keep yourself in elite, trendy social circles.

    • Rob Harris

      Please enlighten us goodsoldier. What should Ron do to be perfect like you?

      • Rob Harris

        I suppose getting his name right would be a good start!

        • Jackthesmilingblack

          Rod gets really miffed when people call him Ron rather than Rod. Do it again and he’ll denounce as an evil foreigner. I’m still British, Rod. How about you?

      • MA0

        goodsoldier didn’t claim to be perfect. You don’t have to be perfect to criticise. Quit the marxist “only positive sentiments about mindless leftism are worthy bollocks”.

        • Rob Harris

          Neither did Rod/Ron! You don’t have to be perfect to criticise but, dear Chairman, having a stated opinion is a useful starting point.

    • rodliddle

      With respect, Schweig, I am just voting a different way to you. That may make me wrong – that’s a matter of opinion. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m a cowardly, phony, opportunist, does it? That sort of hyperbolic loathing is typical of the liberal left. I thought we were a bit better than that here.

      • gerronwithit

        I know it’s impolite but as you make your living slagging off our politicos, who or what are you voting for today? After all, as your article amply describes, you have to live with the consequences as well. Everyone appears to think it is Labour. Really??

      • BillRees

        But I still find it puzzling that you are proposing to vote for a party that you clearly find objectionable in so many ways.
        Surely you left the Labour Party behind long ago.
        Voting for another party gives you a great sense of liberation, as I once discovered.

        • rodliddle

          the problem is I find most of them objectionable in so many ways.

          • 1664averygoodyear

            Rod you should embrace the fact that you’re a kipper. Sod the Labour Party. Go full Delingpole on their asses. Breitbart London is calling and it sounds like the future!

          • Damian Hurts

            Good Lord – I’d rather have dinner with Juncker in a Junkers like a Jonkheer twice a week.

          • jennybloggs

            I understand that problem.

          • jennybloggs

            That is why so many people don’t vote. Not apathy.

          • ButcombeMan

            Can I just congratulate you Rod, on reading below the line. The saintly and no doubt highly fragrant Isabel, does not, even bragging about it.

            She loses out because of that and understands next to nothing about how people outside the bubble think and feel..

            Can you as an elder statesman hereabouts blow in her ear please.

          • WorkingMumsBlogSpot

            Come on Rod, your a UKIPPER, you should be now anyway xx UP THE LIONS 🙂 xxx

      • blandings

        Of course you’re none of those things, but I’m concerned that you’re beginning to lose your sense of humour. You can’t argue against absurdity, only laugh at it.

      • MrLouKnee

        Rod, if there’s one reason for you to vote for ukip, just think off how much you will p1ss off Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. Can you imagine her reaction? “ooohhhh that horrible horrible man” while stamping her foot like an 8 yr old girl “ooohhhhhh what an oaf he is, im going to write a terrible article about him in the Guardian and get Kathy Newman to interview me on Channel 4 news so i can stamp my foot live on telly ohhhhh i told you he was a racist all along”

        Come on Rod, it’ll make great TV

        • Garnet Thesiger

          The best thing about Rod and Yasmin’s C4 battle was catching a glimpse of Cathy Newman’s stocking top…the clip is on Youtube…

          • Roger Hudson

            Elastic tops don’t need clips any more, or was there a ‘Victoria’s Secret ‘ suspender belt as well. Ah, to dream.

      • Touchy today, aren’t we? Goodsoldier has used language no stronger than you have used on many occasions to denigrate people you don’t agree with. It hardly counts as “hyperbolic loathing”, a fairly hyperbolic claim in itself. I guess people are trying to understand just how you decided to vote Labour given that everything you write here would suggest it would be the last thing you would contemplate. Personally I like your writings and I don’t give a flying fuck how you vote. But I can understand why some of your readers are perplexed.

        • rodliddle

          Not touchy, Mike. It’s just that this sort of stuff (from Schweig) is far more typical of the liberal left, so I thought. But not exclusively, clearly. I explained about the voting in two very long pieces. I’ve just been to vote, as it happens, and I voted once for Labour and twice for UKIP.

          • Yes, you did explain why you intended to vote Labour. It’s just that for many readers it made absolutely no sense, as a great many pointed out in the comments sections of those pieces. And as you usually make a lot of sense I guess it left quite a few people confused. I’m off to vote now. Not that it will make any bleedin’ difference, but you know, people died for the right to vote etc, blah, blah… Hey, ho! 🙂

          • Zanderz

            I agree with Mike Power, you voting Labour makes no sense to me.

            I agree with most of what you write but it sounds contrived when we all know that however much you protest, when push comes to shove, you still vote for that which you claim to despise.

          • Fried Ch’i

            What everyone is most pressed to find out now is whether you now are in the pub or whether you were, to quote Nietzsche, just …’lying’.

          • Yvon & Barry Stuart-Hargreaves

            Hmmm.Only pub open at 7am is Wetherspoons,the UKIP pub.

          • Stu

            What a stupid comment. No surprise from a troll.

          • Suzy61

            Nothing wrong with a bit of vote-rigging, Rod.

          • Richard Ferguson

            When did you move to Tower Hamlets?

          • Yvon & Barry Stuart-Hargreaves

            Did you have a lot of gravy on your chin or custard down your sleeve? Very messy eater that Rod Liddle. Very funny comedian that Stewart Lee.

          • anyfool

            UKIP need councillors to gain political experience, but 2020 might be to late, it took G Brown 5 years to destroy the economy, an economy that was far better than this one, Milibands puppet will take less, Balls though useless would have slightly delayed the destruction, but he will be sacked before the year is out.
            I was born in Durham and still live there, the people have an addiction with Labour, I put it down to pit village inbreeding that they cannot force themselves to give up the filthy habit.
            Never had the inclination myself.], so it is not endemic.

          • Harry Pond

            Balls by name Balls by nature. He will never have his sweaty grasping hands on our hard earned money ever again.
            Although its just not British to kick a man when he’s down so I wish him the best in whatever he chooses to do.

          • WorkingMumsBlogSpot

            Should have been 3 votes Rod! I love reading your column in the sun. xx

      • Fried Ch’i

        ha ha ha ha!

      • Robertus Maximus

        I do not think you quite grasp the feeling of many of your readers when, having admired your articles on the “muslim problem” faced by us all, you then vote for the party largely responsible for bringing this about and who will pander to them should they be elected as well as importing as many as they possibly can. Frankly, I’d rather hear that you were not voting Labour than to read another five years of your articles bemoaning the ever worsening plight brought about by that wrecking-ball called Labour.

      • Feminister

        Particularly when it comes to feminists

      • MA0

        I see no ‘loathing’ in goodsoldier’s bravely accurate description of you. He rightly says you’re a phoney. He rightly says you deserve opprobrium for voting Labour when you routinely rant against Labour policy. Those criticisms are not loathing, he’s just helping you to see what you are. Sometimes one has to help friends by giving them the unvarnished truth about themselves.

      • post_x_it

        Never seen the spelling “Schweig” before, unless it’s a very clever pun on the German for “shut up”.

        • vieuxceps2

          I think Liddle has got it wrong.He rplied to “Good “Soldier” and called him Schweig.The Good Soldier SchweiK is a play or a novel.You’re right about schweig meaning “be quiet ” in German.

          • post_x_it

            Yes, that’s what I was alluding to. It’s actually Švejk, though you also see Schwejk or Schweik.

          • rodliddle

            It’s Schweik in the translation I have. It was an attempted pun.

      • WhiteVanMan

        Stay in the Party Rod we need you, fight your corner, we may have A blue Labour supporter Jon Cruddas, Simon Danczuk, John Mann as leader after the election, and Andy Burnhams not too old.

        • rodliddle

          Yes, and thank you WVM. Bang on and the most cheering post I’ve read for a long time.

          • Stu

            What I really find disturbing Rod is the fact that you agree with a post that mentions Burham.

            Let me remind you about Burnham.

            Let’s never forget that it was Burnham who presided over the Mid Staffs hospital scandal. Both he and his
            predecessor, Alan Johnson, ignored no less than 81
            separate requests to examine the high rate of deaths at the hospital and 14 other NHS Trusts. These included more than 20 from Members of Parliament.

            It was only after Burnham was replaced that a proper review was conducted. By this time a further 2,800 people had died over and above the usual mortality rates. Hardly a record for Labour to be proud of.

            NHS safe in Labours hands, what a joke.

        • In2minds

          “and Andy Burnham is not too old” –

          Don’t worry about Burnham he will live forever, he’s not human.

      • Kennybhoy

        “I thought we were a bit better than that here.”

        ROTFLMFAO! 🙂

      • colchar

        You thought that the liberal left was better than that? You clearly haven’t been paying attention for the last 30 or so years!

      • Harry Pond

        Thank Christ, the normal sensible folk of England told the meedja and daft socialist twats where to get off. Some of us have to do proper work and pay tax to keep this lovely country running. The Conservative Party understand that simple fact and deserve a chance to carry on with whatever they are doing. It seems to be working quite well.

    • davidofkent

      Who is Ron?

      • blandings

        Da Doo Ron Ron

    • Dave Roberts

      A phoney is someone who pretends to be something they aren’t. With Rod, not Ron, what you see is what you get.

  • Jack_H

    The polls haven’t moved,neither have the markets nor has the pound……the mainstream parties are so close it makes no difference who wins.

  • Adam Maguire

    yes you do

  • Fraser Bailey

    The ‘Edstone’ might be the most egregiously stupid stunt of the election, although it doesn’t seem to me to be any more stupid than most aspects of this or any other election. But the fact is that it has probably worked quite well in terms of getting out the Labour vote.

  • Nick

    I’ve got so much respect for Rods articles and opinions which makes it difficult for me to believe that he is a Labour voter.

    What am I missing?

  • Peter Stroud

    Well, at least the idiotic stunt gave a stone mason a nice little job.

    • fundamentallyflawed

      Labour in action – grow the public sector one job at a time

  • Richard Eldritch

    Come on Rod! If anyones earned your vote it’s Ukip. Do you really want to live in world where your Media buddies can scoff and sneer that they were right about Farage failing all along? Or would you like to see the smile wiped off the smug faces of James Obrian and Dan Hodges?
    Do your duty, Vote Ukip for all the forgotten saps in crumbling seaside towns, driven into the sea by the Islamification of their former homes.

    • 1664averygoodyear

      Rod is voting UKIP most probably. He’s most certainly not a Labour supporter or even voting Labour. He just says it to wind up the lefties, knowing that it’s far more fun (and lends your argument more credence) to attack from within than from without. Every article he pens about Labour is a complete and ruthless take down of how absurd and rotten the whole party is. He just knows that there are lefties out there that will want to tarr him as a right winger. To which he can respond with a mischievous twinkle in his eye – ‘Me? Right wing? But I’m voting Labour!?’

      He’s a wind up merchant of the highest order and I salute him for it!

    • Roger Hudson

      Not really having a vote (not wanting to waste the postage as Abbott will win) I did one of those policy-vote quizzes and found that i agree with no single party, so a Labour-UKIP-Green coalition would be the totally unlikely but the desired option.

  • Damaris Tighe

    Couldn’t agree more Rod. If there’s a ‘Commandment’ or a political promise that sounds vaguely nice & good &, above all, comfortable, it’s not worth the paper (or stone) it’s written on.

    • MikeF

      Agreed – Have a Nice Day.

      • Damaris Tighe


  • Hototrot

    I understand that the 7th pledge was going to be about an end to bed-wetting, or was it free ice-creams on “our NHS”?

  • flaxensaxon

    Nicola Sturgeon was spotted coming out of B&Q with a cold chisel and hammer.

  • Suzy61

    Rod, you are a ‘shy’ kipper – and well you know it.

    Good lad.

  • Gerschwin

    You do get the government you deserve and this is what all you bastards get for voting Blair in ’97. Suck it up.

    • jennybloggs

      Be fair, in 97 the alternative was Hague. Regrets Rod may have a few but I bet not voting for Hague isn’t one of them.

      • Gerschwin

        John Major.

  • MikeF

    Hopefully Rod will not be drinking to ignore the election but to help him summon up the courage to vote in a particular way.

  • @partyofengland

    Come on Rod. We’ve all been party tribalists. This election is different. Everything over the next five years depends on share of vote. Vote not for tribe but for country – the party that most reflects your views.

    • The Masked Marvel

      That’s the sad thing. He thinks he did.

  • Hippograd

    Controls on immigration, i.e., they won’t let people in unless they’re brown, black or Muslim.

    Meanwhile, in vibrancy news:

    Sex abuse gangs in Black Country: ‘Significant similarities’ to Rotherham scandal, say police

    Children in the Black Country are being sexually exploited, with gangs similar to those in Rotherham operating in the West Midlands, says a police report.

    Miliband’s kinda people

  • GUBU

    I feel your pain…

    This country might have benefited if our politicians had spent the entire election campaign in the pub.

    Having said that, the ‘Edstone’ looks like an idea that came to someone just before last orders.

  • global city

    The ‘ed stone’ deserves to go down in history as the worst piece of soulless political cynicism ever in British politics. They really do believe that we are all that dumb!

  • right1_left1

    Re Milliband and the SNP
    He has stated categorically he will NOT enter coalition with them.
    Possibly you were in the pub at the time ?

    Re the SNP: why shouldn’t they advocate separating from England ?
    its not apostasy is it ?

    I may be wrong but I think Rod if a party spokesperson said vote for us and we will reduce your standard of living only hair shirts would actually vote for them.
    Not a good strategy wot ?

    I have just voted UKIP and the parliamentary candidate is Asian.
    I think but am not sure the local council candidate is too.

    I am a white ray sist who recognises that it will be necessary to look under future ed stones to recall UK identity.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      At least you won’t have to worry about misspelling “M I L I B A N D” ever again, right, Right?

  • Blindsideflanker

    I think I will turn the news on is weeks time to see what the result was.

    Having had a five month election campaign which enlightened absolutely no one, and ended up in a discussion about polls , I can’t stand the thought of more interminable hours of talking heads talking about coalition make ups.

    • Be thankful you’re not in the US, where this crap drags on for 18 months! 🙁

  • PaD

    This stunt has confirmed that Labour has finally and irrevocably disappeared up its own arse…EX-Labour voter

  • Garnet Thesiger

    A beautifully written piece – however, if we get 5 years of Ed, will Rod still be free to write polemics like this?

    • Blindsideflanker

      Rod, unless he gets a pass from the establishment for being one of them, will be in prison for daring to question the actions of adherents to the religion of peace.

  • right1_left1

    Most of those who want unpleasant unvarnished accuracy in politics are dumbos without the slightest sense of reality but know that their solution is correct.
    When challenged they often either get angry or refuse to enter a discussion.

    Truly a dimwittian electorate.

  • Well, Rod, I can tell you who won the election and you won’t believe it – UKIP came first!

  • wudyermucuss

    1 – Bankrupt the country.Again.
    2 – Criminalize opposition to Islamism.
    3 – Lots more lovely vibrant immigrants.
    4 – Increase the wealth gap.Again.
    5 – Move from Primrose Hill to Peckham.
    6 – Learn to speak and eat.

    • Callipygian

      That last one? Oh yes, the bacon sandwich. Though personally I would prefer that he not talk with his mouth full.

  • Garry

    The only thing that could make the stone tablet more inane would be to add a verse or two of “Ebony and Ivory” at the end.

  • Ahobz

    Good word egregious. Sadly applicable to so much in politics.

  • Fenman

    The point Mr L is that it is because people like you know Marxist Millie will do anything to gain power and is about as sincere as a Jihadi professing love the British army, and is committed to 70s style failed policies which will turn the UK into Greece writ large, yet will still vote Labour that he will able to wreck the country. This logically makes you a hypocrite and a fool.(albeit an amusing one). The court jester of the Speccie.

  • mixodorians

    The English get the government they deserve, unfortunately for the Welsh Scots and northern Irish, they must suck the syphillic sausage too.

  • jim

    Europe would have long since been subsumed by islam if we had not driven moslems out at the point of a sword .You want your country back?You will have to do it again except this time your lords and masters will stand with islam and against you..

  • buchanan17

    And to think Rod you were – or still are – going to vote for this idiot!

  • Mr Grumpy

    Is this a pledge not to vote for the idiot after all, then (assuming your polling station isn’t actually in the pub)? Can we have that in granite, please?

  • Picquet

    Sadly, we will get the Government we deserve. We’ll all be able to spend the day down the pub if you-know-who gets to No10 and hands out lots of lovely benefits to us all. This ‘work’ thing is overrated.

  • Tom Shanahan

    Vote Ukip, like all the other ex-Labour voters in Rotherham, Great Grimsby, Heywood and Middleton!

  • The Masked Marvel

    Metaphor alert: A 20 year-old student from Glasgow University has defeated Wee Dougie Alexander by over 3000 seats.

    • Jackthesmilingblack


  • Mc

    Rod, suggest you pass your article on to your vacuous Times colleague, Jenni Russell, who steps in at every opportunity to bang the Labour drum and defend her friend, Milliband, using vapid reasoning found mostly at The Guardian

    While you’re at it, mention to her that her logic needs to be more robust all round, including the fact that a sample of 1 has zero scientific validity and that the placebo effect is one of the most powerful known cures

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      At least you won’t have to worry about misspelling “M I L I B A N D” ever again, Mc.

      • Mc

        Come on, you old pedant, if someone can’t create a surname with a logical spelling, don’t expect me to spell it right on the rare occasion when I write their name 😉 I’m guessing Miliband will go off into the wilderness to create a charity for disfunctional people – it’s the standard response in the UK when someone encounters a personal trauma, such as stubbing a toe.

        • Jackthesmilingblack

          For want of a nail the shoe was lost, for want of a shoe …
          Tolerating this slipshod (no pun intended) approach is a slippery downhill slope. And this “I’m never wrong” attitude of yours. coupled with “spelling doesn’t matter”, is the mantra of UK trash culture. A second rate education system has so totally dumbed down virtually all in paid employment. The end result will eventually produce an indigenous population whose written English is inferior to those using English as a second language.
          So preferred response: “I won’t be making that mistake again”.

          • You live in Japan, exactly! Get a life, and drop your Aspergers act, you total tosser!

          • Mc

            You’re quite a character.

        • Young Troll, more like!

      • Worst Aspergers Outburst Award, No. 1.

  • Errr…

    Maybe have waited until after the result? In any case, the electorate saved you from yourself. You are now safe from being arrested for ‘Islamophobia’ by a party you clearly hate, yet for some reason joined and voted for.

    You’re an odd one, Rod, but I do enjoy reading your column.

  • Harry Pond

    Common sense prevailed.

  • John Steadman

    The Labour Party, the party I worshipped as a young man in Geordieland – got hammered. That’s some compensation for the UKIP disappointment.


    Rod, it’s fascinating to read this article 24 hours after we saw the final extraordinary results. As a grubby aspirational grammar school boy from the 70s my views are unashamedly shaped by the experience of the desperation of that era so its no surprise that I greeted Ed’s epitaph etched in stone with a similar response to yours. However it’s clear from the results that the general reaction from the silent population missed by the polls was the same. Like all I am trying to digest what these results now mean for politics in this country. What “new improved New labour” will look like is something we will all be eager to see. Rebirth is required and a leader who can break away from the shackles of platitudinous thinking which gave rise to this catastrophic edifice.

  • J K

    It’s odd that Rod’s bemoaning Dawkins 10 commandments as any less meaningful to him than the Biblical ones. It’s not as if he’s ever regretted breaking any of those rules, or flaunting his bad lad persona to further his ‘career’.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Those Rotherham results; can anyone interpret them? Or is it that the good citizens are wall-to-wall supporters of child rape by Muslim immigrants?

  • cromwell

    Carved in stone, looks more like readymix concrete to me and and still drying at that. Wonder where it is now?

  • WorkingMumsBlogSpot

    Rod Liddle voting Labour tut tut tut, thought you were smarter than that 🙂 x

  • Tom Sykes

    Bet it was fun to wake from that nightmare…