How Ed Miliband lost the Jewish vote

He’d be the first Jewish prime minister since Disraeli. So why is a swing-voting community overwhelmingly backing the Tories?

18 April 2015

9:00 AM

18 April 2015

9:00 AM

When he was seven, Ed Miliband was taken to visit his grandmother in Tel Aviv. Pointing to a black-and-white photograph in her home, young Ed demanded to know who ‘that man in the picture’ was. He was told the man, David, was his grandfather and had died in Poland many years before he was born. Only years later did Miliband realise that his grandfather had been murdered by the Nazis for being Jewish.

Miliband’s parents only narrowly escaped a similar fate: fleeing Belgium as the German armies overran it in 1940, his 16-year-old father caught the last boat from Ostend to Britain. In Poland, his mother — together with her sister and mother — was sheltered throughout the war, initially by nuns: Marion Kozak would make it to Britain seven years after her future husband.

In less than a month’s time, this son of Holocaust refugees could become the first Jewish occupant of Downing Street since Benjamin Disraeli. Whatever your politics, it is a remarkable and affecting story. But it is a tale with a twist: Miliband’s relationship with Britain’s Jewish community is an uneasy one — and in this closely fought election the mutual distrust which now defines it may contribute to depriving him of the premiership.

This was made clear last month at a dinner for the Community Safety Trust, a charity which provides security for Jewish venues. When a fundraising video was screened featuring Miliband, his image was greeted with loud and widely joined-in booing. It was, says Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, ‘an astonishing moment’.

For much of the Jewish community, Miliband was a blank sheet when he was elected Labour leader. This is not altogether surprising. His parents, wrote Miliband in 2012, ‘defined themselves not by their Jewishness but by their politics’ and they brought up their boys outside the community.

On winning the leadership, Miliband appeared to embark on something of a journey. He was, says one former Labour party staffer, ‘forced to get to know the community’. At times, he seemed to enjoy the experience of finding his Jewish self. Dinners, receptions and well-received speeches to Labour Friends of Israel’s annual lunch followed. The journey culminated, last spring, in what appeared a highly personal choice for his first major overseas trip: a visit to Israel.

Miliband returned home to declare himself a ‘friend of Israel’, committed to ensuring ‘Israel’s security and right to protect itself’. That commitment would, however, be put to the test within weeks, as — following the murder of three Israeli teenagers and a wave of rocket attacks on Israel from Hamas–controlled Gaza — Israel launched Operation Protective Edge. Miliband responded by condemning Israel’s actions and suggesting that David Cameron’s ‘silence on the killing of hundreds of innocent Palestinian civilians’ was ‘inexplicable’. It was not so much Miliband’s condemnation that angered many British Jews, but its fiery nature, its lack of nuance — the apparent lack of context or empathy for Israeli civilians who found themselves under sustained attack from Islamist terrorists — and the suspicion that he was using the issue as a political football.

But for many, what was to follow was worse: the Labour leadership’s four-month silence as anti-Semitic attacks doubled at home. ‘Only when things got really bad did they feel they had to say something,’ says one community activist. ‘It felt like it took a very long time.’ This was the hardest thing for British Jews to bear, and it made many of them confused and angry.

Instead of attempting to heal the rift, however, Miliband went on to widen it, whipping his MPs last October in support of a motion backing unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state — proposed by a Labour backbencher who the month before had compared the Israeli army to Isis.

But why? What could his motive be? Some think that Miliband wishes to erase all traces of New Labour, others that he’s simply weak and has let Diane Abbott and the hard left to dictate his foreign policy. Then there are those who believe him to be a cynic, keen to keep in step with the rise of anti-Zionist, anti-Israel sentiment: these cite his so-called ‘35 per cent’ core-vote strategy. Many British Jews, however, have come to believe that this is simply where Ed instinctively is. For this last group, Miliband is part of the left for which the Palestinian struggle is of central importance.

Jews don’t form a homogeneous voting bloc, but they have in the past been a barometer: long left-leaning, they strongly backed Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s before swinging heavily to New Labour in 1997.

This week, a poll for the Jewish -Chronicle found that 69 per cent of Jews intend to vote Tory next month, with Labour trailing on only 22 per cent. Moreover, while 64 per cent said David Cameron had the best attitude towards British Jewry, only 13 per cent picked Miliband as the best supporter of the community. The Jewish Chronicle poll found 73 per cent of Jews said the parties’ approach toward Israel and the Middle East was ‘very’ or ‘quite’ important in determining how they would vote, and by 65 to 10 per cent Cameron led Miliband on having the best attitude.

Community activists believe Miliband’s position on Israel has become such a sticking point that many Jews who traditionally vote Labour can’t bring themselves to do so. One said: ‘They have been forced to choose between their party and their support for Israel in a way they never thought they would be.’ Some have already made that choice: last autumn, Maureen Lipman declared that, for the first time in five decades, she wouldn’t be voting Labour. At the same time, Kate Bearman, a former director of Labour Friends of Israel, resigned her party membership.

Even some Jewish Labour activists believe the party has written the community off electorally. This could turn out to be a costly miscalculation. There are a string of marginals — Finchley and Golders Green, Hendon, Brent Central, Ilford North, Hornsey and Wood Green, Hampstead and Kilburn, Harrow East, Harrow West and Hove — where Miliband has little room for error and Jewish voters could provide the difference between victory and defeat.

The Labour leader has, says one sympathetic observer, shown a great deal of ‘carelessness’ in his dealings with the Jewish community. If that carelessness costs him the keys to No. 10, he continues, the ‘tragedy will be complete’.


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  • Gerschwin

    Ed Miliband became the next PM the moment the Tories failed to secure the boundary reforms. Everything else is academic…sadly.

    • Peter Stroud

      You might well be right, and we must never forget why the boundary reforms never became an act. The treachery of the deputy PM and his followers.

      • Guest

        So you’re utterly ignorant of the UK constitution…

        • Peter Stroud

          Explain just what the UK constitution has to do with breaking a coalition agreement?

          • Guest

            Yes, why DID the Tories vote Lords reform down?

          • David Booth.

            And I thought we had a referendum on that matter.

          • Alexsau91

            They didn’t, Labour did – with the assistance of a fair number of Conservative rebels. Tory MPs had a three line whip to vote in favour, but after it didn’t pass the commons it was dropped because it was nearly impossible to get cross party agreement – for the same reason governments have tried and failed since the 1910s to secure reform of the upper house.

            The Boundary Reforms were, by the way, linked to the AV referendum not Lords reform – and the AV referendum most certainly happened.

        • Roger Hudson

          No, and i know how boundaries are ‘fixed’, Westminster needs 500 constituencies maximum.

          • Guest

            So that’s your other ID? k. Well then, you know then there’s no treachery involved.

            And so you know it’s done on voters (not population). And that was quite democratically voted down!

      • jeffersonian

        …and the colossal political stupidity of Cameron and Osborne.

      • Terry Field

        Absolutely; the totally hypocritical so-called high minded LibDems.

    • Guest

      What nonsense. It’s very unlikely to make a significant difference – especially compared to, oh, UKIP bleeding off Labour votes. Moreover, if the Tories had been even marginally less dogmatic about fixing it so it favoured them, then they would have had cross-party support for it.

      Instead, they insisted on their strict interpretation and were democratically voted down.
      This election has been Labour’s to lose, and they might yet manage it they don’t shut Reeves and her nasty dogmas up.

      • Gerschwin

        You need to email this to the BCE Leon, not me – you tell them how it is and that you know best, I’m sure they’ll take you seriously…we all do!

        • Guest

          All your personalties take yourself seriously, more like, as you talk about your time machine to go back to BCE.

      • global city

        The MSM have turned the anti UKIP narrative back into the UKIP are tory’s loons in order to help save this loss from labour to them.

    • Sadly, I believe you’re completely correct.
      Had situations been reversed, achieving that boundary reform would have been the first thing on a Blair / Brown / Miliband agenda.
      The Tories should have allowed (and supported) HoL reform, it would never have got anywhere, and the can would still be clattering down the road.
      But the boundaries were a ‘must have’.
      I think they expected the good economic news about a year earlier than it happened.
      Look for a re-run of ’97, as the Labour lot inherit a strongly recovering economy – just in time for them to trash, again!

    • Terry Field

      Absolutely correct; the arithmetic fraud of the hanging chads and the Floridian fraud resulted in the absurd Bush maladministration; the fraud of the undemocratic boundaries, protected by the putrid and utterly hypocritical ‘high-minded’ Liberal Democrats – in fact utter political prostitutes – will produce the obscenity of Bilimand in No10. (Labour are SO much more effective at vote management than the lazy, amateurish Tories)
      How did the Jews leave him? Simple; they are smart people, and can smell out a lying little sh1t.

  • Mow_the_Grass

    JINO – jew in name only.
    This little adenoidal classroom monitor is no more ‘Jewish’ – than my cat is.
    A truly diabolical piece of work – that would sell his soul for bottle caps.

    • Mc

      Well, some claim (unconvincingly) that they have sexual fantasies about Miliband – http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/life/celebrity/article4412466.ece

      Looks like The Times is leaning toward Labour on this election. Not that they leant in any other direction for some time now.

    • Guest

      What nasty rot. If you’re born a Jew, you’re a Jew.

      You can, of course, be secular as Miliband is.
      And I find his policy on Israel mildly offputting. His domestic moves right….far moreso.

      • Mow_the_Grass

        ….’find his policy on Israel mildly offputting’
        ‘mildly offputting’
        You ‘pal’ sre a very good example of a JINO.
        You and your pal milliband make a nice couple.

        • Guest

          No True Scotsman, right.

          In fact, his neoliberal austerity-pushing crap is far more relevant to me for British elections. So sorry I have principles.

        • Shedboy

          He’s British and therefore quite rightly puts the concerns of the British ahead of those of a foreign country. It’s disappointing that slebs like Maureen Lipman are more concerned about that country than their own, but not surprising.

          • Guest

            Ah, the usual “Jews may not be British” stance.

            The main issue for many is his silence on the security issues in the UK, of course.

          • Shedboy

          • mightymark

            Perhaps its a bell weather of how he would react as a British PM though. He attacked Israeli self defence against the aggression from Gaza because it suited his wooing of another constituency. How can we be sure his heart would be in defending the UK’s interests if that conflicted with the actual or supposed views of that constituency. Particularly perhaps if the numbers were going against him close to an election. And it is no answer to say the same might apply vis a vis the Jews. The Jews don’t have the numbers.

      • Infidelissima

        I’m a Jew and he is nothing like me!!
        Neither are you.

        • Damaris Tighe

          Well, that’s the point isn’t it. It’s idiotic to put the Jews or indeed any ethnic sub-group into one homogenous lump by imagining what their opinions are.

    • Alexsandr

      the left have always hated the jews. and jews expose their islam love-in as the stupidity it is.

  • Mc

    “his 16-year-old father caught the last boat from Ostend to Britain.”

    Am I being a little sceptical in wondering why people who fled the Nazis always seem to have caught the “last boat” out? Why wasn’t it ever the second or third last boat? Or is it just a journalistic flourish being trotted out?

    • amicus

      I expect the boat was very crowded.

  • Hippograd

    So why is a swing-voting community overwhelmingly backing the Tories?

    Because the Tories (thank G*d) have cast off their toxic and disgusting belief in conservatism. Except for firmly backing Israel, that nation of immigrants on the sunny Mediterranean coast which is currently showing the world the best way to handle mass immigration by Pakistanis, Somalis, Jamaicans, Bangladeshis, Nigerians and other vibrancies of colour.

    The best way to handle mass immigration by vibrancies of colour

    • Guest

      Except, of course, that there’s very little support for Netenyahu among Britain’s Jews, and their loathsome policies there.

      You would, of course, expel many British Jews in your little purge. As their skins are not white.

      • Infidelissima

        I’m a British Jew and I fiercely suport Netanyahu, as do all my British Jewish friends, French ones, German ones, etc

        you lie again.

        • Bonkim

          Bigoted lot like you should return to Israel – we don’t want you here.

          • logdon

            Would you say that to Pakistanis who judging by recent events are a thousand times more toxic than any Jew?

          • Bonkim

            What an idiot again – Pakistanis coming from a backward part of the world and seeped in Islamic bigotry are to be judged by different standards to Israelis who are expected to meet higher international standards.

          • Damaris Tighe

            Israel is expected to meet standards that no first world country would comply with. It reminds me of the old joke. A Jew was buried up to the neck in the Collosseum in Rome & a lion set upon him. As the lion leapt on him the Jew bit him. The crowds shouted ‘fight fair Jew!’.

          • Bonkim

            Look beyond the immediate

          • logdon


          • Bonkim

            because they should know better and what Pakistanis do and how they behave far away does not matter but what Israel does blackens the West.

          • logdon

            I’d call that racist.

          • Lamia

            Pakistanis coming from a backward part of the world and seeped in Islamic bigotry are to be judged by different standards to Israelis who are expected to meet higher international standards.

            Why? Why should any nation be expected to meet higher (or lower) standards of behaviour than another? Tolerating the abysmal while berating the imperfect-but-better is neither moral nor logical.

          • Bonkim

            It all depends on whether those involved matter to you. I would expect higher standards from those I know and have to interact than from those that don’t matter to me and don’t care much about.

          • Lamia

            I don’t agree at all. Personally, I don’t estimate the gravity of a wrongdoing primarily according to the identity of those who commit it but according to the degree and scale of harm done to innocents, whether I know those innocents or not.

            It should not depend on whether the victims or the perpetrators ‘matter to me personally’. The people who matter should be the victims, first and foremost. Everything else is, or should be, secondary.

            To make it about those responsible for a wrongdoing and your expectations of them is an exercise in narcissism, not compassion.

          • Bonkim

            No problem – you have every right to your belief in a free country – but I am no humanist but a pragmatist. Under English Law land belongs to the one occupying it for now – as such looking back in history to establish legal title is idiotic.

            Having said that Israelis are expected to behave more intelligently and smartly to keep their country from the stoneage Mob that surrounds them and be a little considerate – there are better ways to achieve your goals than to carry out wholesale destruction and killings as all Israel is doing is to create more hatred – and the Palestinians/Hamas can take punishment and life is cheap in their ranks – so plenty of cannon fodder waiting to die.

            The key is to use your strength wisely looking at the longer term and the US/West are not going to Israel’s survival for ever if it carries on like this.

            Humanity and compassion do not come into my consideration – you have to one step ahead and smarter than the one bent on eliminating you.

          • Lamia

            No problem – you have every right to your belief in a free country – but I am no humanist but a pragmatist. Under English Law land belongs to the one occupying it for now – as such looking back in history to establish legal title is idiotic.

            This has nothing to do with what I was talking about. I was simply arguing that it is not moral or even logical to expect more of some nations and less of others. I didn’t make any comment or argument about legal title to land or anything like that, so I don’t know where you got that from.

          • Bonkim

            You don’t appear to get the fact that people choose not to associate with some others but those they choose to associate with are judged by their prevailing norms. Israel is linked through history to Britain/Europe and is a guarantor of its survival in a hostile land but Pakistan is far away populated by people from a backward religion and culture and having little in common with Western values. As such what goes on in Pakistan is of no relevance when comparing with the way Israel behaves closer to home. I don’t believe all people are equal – those I don’t like/care I ignore unless they pose a threat.

          • Lamia

            You don’t appear to get the fact that people choose not to associate with others outside their zone of interest.

            I do get that many people do that. But not associating with them need not mean using a different set of ethical criteria towards them.

            Those they choose to associate with are judged by higher standards.

            Speak for yourself.

            As such what goes on in Pakistan is of no relevance when comparing with the way Israel behaves closer to home.

            In the first place, Israel is not much ‘closer to home’ than Pakistan, and in the second it is of relevance when Israel is presented as some unique, monstrous, Nazi-like blight on the world, when it is clearly nothing of the kind and a minor offender compared to plenty of other countries, including in its own neighbourhood.

            I don’t believe all people are
            equal – those I don’t like/care I ignore unless they pose a threat.

            There you go with the narcissism again. Whether or not you like or care about someone has no bearing on whether human beings are or ought to be treated as fundamentally equal.

            And you still haven’t explained what all this was about:

            Under English Law land belongs to the one occupying it for now – as such looking back in history to establish legal title is idiotic.

            As already noted, I didn’t comment on anything remotely connected to that.

          • Bonkim

            In a discussion one thing leads to another – so don’t expect responses to be clinically linked to what you may or may not have written down.

            Regards English Law – Israel was founded by force – same as the Russians taking over Crimea or involved in helping Russian Ukrainians. All through history groups of people have occupied land and displaced those that were there. So even assuming Israel has no God given right to occupy Palestinian lands and forming their new country – it is a fact and now more or less irrevocable fact. The Nazi regime did that sort of thing.

            Regards higher standards – Israel is embarrassing its supporters/guarantors in the West by blatant illegality of building new settlements on lands occupied following the six day war. Would you have accepted it as legitimate if the US and Britain displaced parts of say Germany to set up US and British settlements? Or say France divided parts of Algeria and Tunisia to set up European settlements and posted an Army to secure these settlement zones? That is the analogy to Israel’s settlements on the West Bank and the creeping taking over of Palestinian lands for more settlements. From point of strength Israel is doing it because it has the power to do so – but power does not always equate to right and so expect Israel to be linked to the wild West – the Nazi analogy may be out of scale in comparison but not in principle.

            Don’t expect a blow by blow response you just have to take it as it is – not of concern to me.

          • Lamia

            I am not interested in being persistently lectured on a subject I haven’t made any comment on. Fuck off.

          • Bonkim

            Juvenile tantrums. Mental health is much in the news – get an appointment..

          • Lamia

            The mental health problem is entirely your own. You’ve ranted at length at about an issue – legal entitlement to land, apparently – that I’ve made not even the faintest comment on, and despite me pointing this out, you’ve gone on and on about it as if I had.

            You are weirdly obsessed with Israel and its sins. Don’t presume that everyone else who disagrees with you on a general point shares your preoccupation with a particular country.

          • Bonkim

            I thought you had disappeared but note removed swear words from your earlier post. I don’r care either way what happens to Israel or Israelis – not my area of interest. Not being judgemental – just an observer of human history and nature.

          • Well Israel calls itself ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ and a western state. But less bigotry about Pakistanis. the Americans also did their best to support the most reactionary forms of Islam there (remember Gen. Zia ul Haq who was killed in a plane alongside the US Ambassador)?

            Think people like Tariq Ali, leader of the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign

          • Lamia

            But less bigotry about Pakistanis

            Your comprehension is faulty. There was no bigotry about Pakistanis in what I wrote. None. The bigotry was in the previous poster – writing of them as if nothing good could (and therefore should) be expected of Pakistanis compared to Israelis. Pakistan also terms itself a democracy, as do a number of states in the Middle East, so the suggestion of exceptionalism is meaningless in itself. There is hardly a country in the world that does not call itself a democracy. North Korea terms itself a democracy. That is never used as a reason to criticise it for its human rights abuses.

            I do not expect higher or lower standards of human beings due to their nationality; I expect the same. I criticise shortcomings in proportion to degree and scale, not according to nationality. And status as a democracy or not is neither here nor there. Much of the persecution in the world is the work not of states but of groups of ordinary non-state actors and individuals.

          • My apologies for mistaking the previous person’s bigotry for your own opinions.

            Israel doesn’t merely term itself a democracy, as opposed to an ethnocracy which it is, but its propagandists (‘hasbaraists) call it ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ therefore it should be subject to some scrutiny when we see its own Prime Minister urging Jews to come out and vote as the Arabs are doing so in ‘droves’.

            If you orientate your policy to ensuring that Arabs or non-Jews remain as small a minority as possible, admitting any Jew and indeed trying to ensure they can’t go anywhere else but Israel, as was with the case with Russian Jews, whilst denying Palestinians who’ve been living abroad the right to come back after a couple of years (Jerusalem residents for example) talk of ‘democracy’ is laughable.

            What happens in Israel is a manipulation of the electorate to ensure that there is a permanent Jewish majority and that meant the forcible expulsion of 3/4 million and the massacre of many thousands in 1948.

          • Infidelissima

            My family has been here for centuries, my ancestors fought in both world wars next to non jewish Brits.
            I pay taxes, and I’m voting UKIP.

            If you like, YOU can phack off to Gaza, to be with your pets and help them launch rockets at Israel.

            p.s.: but don’t complain when you get bombs in return, cause you know that’s the deal

        • Guest

          So, you are part of a small, distinct minority – and you only mix with others on the hard right.

          I have a wider base of friends based on that, and as I said – the kind of intolerance Netanyahu has shown to other Jews…let alone others..

          • Infidelissima

            if it makes you sleep any better, I suppose you can continue lying to yourself

            the same ppl who were shouting loudly and adamantly how unpopular Netanyahu was, suddenly shuffled off like cockroaches, when he won – again.

        • then f*ck off and join him. Racists unite

      • Hippograd

        Except, of course, that there’s very little support for Netenyahu among Britain’s Jews…

        Yes, that’s why they’re boycotting Israel while he’s prime minister. “Not one foot will I set on Israel’s soil or one grape will I buy till he’s gone, already!” as Maureen Lipman, Danny Cohen, Lord Janner and countless others have proclaimed.

        their loathsome policies there.

        “Not one grape!”

        You would, of course, expel many British Jews in your little purge. As their skins are not white.

        Me? It’s not me who’s putting up massive fences to keep members of the Black community out of my so-called country.

        • Guest

          Ah, you’d just kill them all. Right.

          • Hippograd

            Ah, you’d just kill them all. Right.

            I suspect your imputation of genocidal tendencies to me is an example of what the late, great Sigmund Freud would call projection:

            And when the LORD thy God hath delivered it into thine hands, thou shalt smite every male thereof with the edge of the sword: 14 But the women, and the little ones, and the cattle, and all that is in the city, even all the spoil thereof, shalt thou take unto thyself; and thou shalt eat
            the spoil of thine enemies, which the LORD thy God hath given thee. […] But of the cities of these people, which the LORD thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth: 17 But thou shalt utterly destroy them; namely, the Hittites, and the Amorites, the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites; as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee: 18 That
            they teach you not to do after all their abominations, which they have
            done unto their gods; so should ye sin against the LORD your God.
            The Judeo-Christian tradition

      • Linda Smith

        How do you know. Is there a poll?

  • Peter Stroud

    I think we have another example of Miliband’s two faced nature. Embraces his Jewishness when it suits his purpose, then rejects it to gain the support of the Muslims.

    • Hybird

      True. When he went to Israel he was proudly telling them that he was a Zionist – not something he ever mentions (for some strange reason) when wooing the Muslims.

      • Roger Hudson

        His photo-op with Netanyahu was nauseating . Support for Israel as the democratic place in the middle east is good but avoid the militaristic nutters. And avoid the bacon sandwich in future(stick to the smoked turkey). Real support for Jews( religious or just ethnic)in Britain is needed more than ever, all parties need to get with it.

    • jim

      The “jewish vote” has traditionally always and without exception been in favour of whatever measures will make the white christian west less white,less christian,less western. Immigration is the most important issues facing this country . Like most people I am sick of the middle-east. I feel the Israelis should be given a lot of elbow room when it comes to the measures they deem necessary to keep their citizens safe but it’s not my problem and I don’t appreciate it always being an issue in our elections when Israel itself has the kind of immigration regulations which the “jewish vote” in my country deems unacceptable for us.

    • Vera

      Probably the Muslims outnumber Jews.

      • Brian J.

        About 10 to 1, as of the 2011 Census.

  • Dave

    Perhaps they are clever enough to have read the policies and vote on that basis, I know that is my criteria

    • Leon Wolfeson

      Certainly it’s why I’m not voting Labour. Of course, I’m also not voting conservative, being a moderate left winger.

  • Damaris Tighe

    Miliband & Obama have done a head count & can see that the Muslim electorate are the future. The so-called Jewish vote – which is far more instinctively conservative than some Spectator posters believe – is outnumbered.

    • sir_graphus


    • Guest

      “which is far more instinctively conservative”

      Ah, you knows the Jews. Right.

      • Infidelissima

        I’m a Jew and he is right. I’m voting UKIP.

        • Bonkim

          You are no intelligent Jew or would not have come out with such bigotry. Jews have contributed much to world thinking – but you and Nethanyahu are exceptions.

          • logdon

            You are a disgusting racist.

          • Bonkim

            You are no intelligent Jew – a disgrace to the many intelligent Jews of the world.

          • logdon

            How would you know?

          • Bonkim

            How do you know I am a racist?

          • logdon

            Because you’d agree with her.


          • Guest

            No True Scotsman.

          • Bonkim

            Don’t respond to faceless cowards.

          • Guest

            I’ll respond to any faceless cowards I like, ty!

          • Bonkim

            Be my guest!

          • Infidelissima

            you would not know what an ‘intelligent Jew’ would look like, if he rammed his Nobel Prize down your gob

          • Infidelissima

            I revel in the knowledge that you oppose netanyahu: under whose leadership there have never been such few Israeli casualties of terrorism. A true protector of his people. What a monster.

            p.s.: Rotherham and the rest of the industrial mass muslim rape machine, would have never happened, had Britain a leader, half like him.

          • Guest

            Yes, he’d of made sure that there were camps for doing it to the opposition.

            Your Jihad against people due to their origin, like your far right, continues.

        • Damaris Tighe

          She 😉

        • Shorne

          OK, but just bear in mind that polls have shown that UKIP supporters are more anti-Semitic than other political parties’ supporters and some of the groups in the EFDD group in the European Parliament that Farage allied UKIP with so as to keep his snout in the EU financial trough are neo-Nazi in all but name.

          • dlp6666

            Interesting points but I wonder, though, if UKIP supporters are much more anti-Islam(ist) than anti-semitic.

            The UKIP manifesto itself doesn’t seem too ‘anti-Jewish’.

          • Shorne

            Well one wouldn’t expect any party manifesto to be openly racist, with the possible exception of Britain First and similar.
            As I have often mentioned before having spent the final 13 years of my working life working in a prison and thus seen the front line of the negative effects of immigration I support the idea of immigration control.
            However I despise UKIP as ,while not appearing to be openly racist, it attracts, and thus acts as a conduit for people with racist and other repellant views. Which is why Farage has to spend a disproportionate amount of time condemning things his supporters have said and then suspending those who said them or ordering them to retract. This from last year for example;
            ” UKIP MEP apologised last night for retweeting a link to a virulently anti-Semitic blog after her party had initially mounted an extraordinary defence of the politician.
            Jane Collins, who was elected this year to represent Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, posted a link to a page of an extremist blog attacking Labour’s deputy leader Harriett Harman over allegations an organisation she once worked for had links to paedophile rights campaigners. The opening sentence referred to the politician as a “Jewess” – which she is not.
            Featured elsewhere on the blog are vehemently anti-Semitic posts including one entitled ‘Book review: Jewish supremicism by Dr David Duke’. Another post called ‘Holocaust or Holohoax? 21 amazing facts’ is featured in a list of the site’s most popular posts.
            Somebody described UKIP supporters as ‘Shouting Golf Club bar room bores’ quite accurate in my view.

          • Hybird

            But this example in no way proves that the MEP actually shared these views, does it? It just shows that people should be very careful what they link to because these days you are immediately guilty by association. And that is what you have done in this case – by condemning UKIP because of a link provided by one member.
            In fact, UKIP should be the party of choice for Britain’s Jews. Only Farage dares to mention the Muslim “fifth column” while the rest bleat their “Nothing to do with Islam” lies after every Islamic atrocity. They will still be saying the same when a kosher supermarket is attacked in London. After all, they said it after the attack in Paris. The Tories, Lib-Dems and Labour are not going to help the Jews – they quite obviously are in the pockets of Islam. Cameron quite happily tells us that he wants us to a have a Muslim Prime Minister. I bet British Jews are really looking forward to that.

          • Guest

            So Jews should vote for isolationism and closed borders, and being next up for being purged after the Muslims. Right. UKIP chose to sit with people in the EU Parliament who actively and strongly involved in driving out the Jewish population of their country, for instance.

            There has been graffiti from your far right on a Kosher supermarket in London, in fact. You are in the pockets of Anti-Semites.

          • wudyermucuss

            Again,grafitti.And how do you know it was “far right”?Do you consider Islamist far right?
            Not a machine gun is it?
            I know who I consider the biggest threat.

          • Shorne

            I used that link as an example of the racist and anti-Semitic types that infest UKIP. A recent poll shows that nearly 70% of UK Jews intend to vote Tory with 2% supporting UKIP.

          • Brian J.

            That’s the same Jewish Chronicle poll discussed in the article. Hey, at least they’re tied with the LibDems.

          • Wessex Man

            As far as I can see you’ve supplied no link at all, this is because you don’t have one you liar.

          • Shorne

            I should have said quote rather than link so here’s the link:

            Yet again you’ve called me a liar when I’m not, typical desperate UKIP tactics.

          • milford

            As we all are ;-(

          • wudyermucuss

            How about openly Islamist haters who Lab/Lib/Con representatives actually endorse and share platform with and invite to the house?
            A dodgy blog link?

            Somebody described leftist supporters as ‘Shouting student union bar bores’ quite accurate in my view.

          • Shorne

            I think such people and many UKIP supporters are as bad as each other.

          • Shorne

            Well at my college the bar always seemed full of the members of the college’s branch of the Monday Club. Don’t assume I’m ‘leftist’ I was so appalled by the Blair/Brown mob that I voted Tory in 2010.

          • wudyermucuss

            Me too!

          • Vera

            It’s just that MSM delights in publishing bad things against UKIP, all parties have these nutters but they are usually overlooked.

          • Alexsandr

            of course there is the racist abbott…..

          • Jim

            If that were true it would be the BNP rather than UKIP on the rise.

          • Shorne

            Their sympathisers have UKIP as a stalking horse.

          • Jim

            And then blam! Thew BNP ride in and take the glory and a load of votes? I don’t think so.

          • Shorne

            I didn’t say that but UKIP acts as a conduit for BNP and similarly inclined supporters and thus keeps their twisted doctrines alive. Note this is from that noted left-wing publication The Daily Mail,

            As I have said very often before the 13 years I spent working in a large Cat. B Local Prison amply demonstrated to me the need for immigration control and effective deportation but I despise UKIP.

          • Jim

            A cheap smear.

          • Shorne

            Stating facts does not amount to a smear.

          • Jim

            Do the same to the other parties with racists tagging along for the ride then.

          • Leon Wolfeson

            Eh – scratch the far right and you’ll fine anti-Semetic sentiments under thw surface.

          • wudyermucuss

            Anti Jewish sentiment is cross party/cultural/racial.
            Attempting to isolate it as a far right issue is simply false.

          • Leon Wolfeson

            Oh right, looking at the majority practitioners is false. Yea.

          • Hybird

            I don’t believe these polls of yours. Labour have massive support from the Muslim community and the Muslim community is anti-Semitic to the core. It is actually impossible to be a Muslim and not be anti-Semitic as Islam teaches that the “Last Day” will not come until the Muslims have killed all the Jews.

          • Guest

            You speak for yourself, Muslim. Plenty of other Muslims don’t have issues with Jews.

          • wudyermucuss

            Read the book.

          • Guest

            …And then discuss what people actually do.

            Or are you saying you follow all of Mein Kampf?

          • Wessex Man


          • Brogan75

            I would keep 1 million Jews in my country rather than 1000 muslims.

          • Shorne

            They aren’t my polls they were conducted by YouGov and published in the Telegraph in January this year.

          • Brian J.

            Sadly, many Christians also believe all the Jews must convert or die when the Rapture comes.

          • kittydeer

            Absolutely untrue with the exception of a few cranks.

          • Brian J.

            Must be different in Britain. Rapture belief is very widespread in America.

          • Ric Euteneuer
          • little islander


          • Brian J.

            I consider people who wish for the death of millions to be pretty sad. And if you’re not familiar with the Rapture, the conversion/ death of the Jews is one of the lesser atrocities that God will supposedly commit.

          • little islander

            ‘lesser’, you said. Dear me. No, I am not that familiar. But I was sure from the few encounters I had with Christians pining for armageddon and Rapture that they aren’t sad at all about it. They strike me as people afflicted with a huge schadenfreude complex.

          • van Lomborg

            I watched NOAH over Christmas and then again at Easter – the levels of mindless violence fuelled by religious dogma truly shocked me.

          • van Lomborg

            And then I read a book. This one:

            Deuteronomy 7
            “When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations—the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites, seven nations larger and stronger than you— 2 and when the Lord your God has delivered them over to you and you have defeated them,

            then you must destroy them totally.[a] Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy.

            3 Do not intermarry with them. Do not give your daughters to their sons or take their daughters for your sons, 4 for they will turn your children away from following me to serve other gods, and the Lord’s anger will burn against you and will quickly destroy you. 5 This is what you are to do to them: Break down their altars,smash their sacred stones, cut down their Asherah poles[b] and burn their idols in the
            fire. 6 For you are a people holy to the Lord your God. The Lord your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession.”

            WTF dude! You mentally ill or wot?

          • Shorne
          • dep

            I am presently in Paris. Marine Le Pen has an increasing Jewish and Gay support. I wonder why.

          • Gersh Levine

            So am I.

            I back what you’ve just said.

          • Guest

            Yea, a whole 3% of the Jewish community in polling. Hmm!

          • Shorne

            Perhaps because she has come out so strongly against her neo-Nazi father. However I am reliably informed that this could be as much a family broigus as anything else as old man Le Pen is favouring a daughter from another marriage.

          • john p reid

            And the NF in the 1970’s liked Islam as it hated the Jews, and hitler admired it as a religion.

          • jim

            Aren’t these exactly the same people who have always been belly-aching for more and more mass immigration? Neve could have too much of it. Now they change their tune. Too late. The bigots were right.

          • wudyermucuss

            That was political necessity and involved a few members comments.
            I am far more concerned at Islamic anti Jewish sentiment and the ignoring of it by most on the left.
            Get back to me when far rightists are machine gunning Jews on a regular intermittent basis.

          • Shorne

            I am concerned too as my wife and children are Jewish and I am always relieved when she gets home from Schul. The views expressed by Golden Dawn, Jobbik and Svoboda suggest they would not hesitate to resort to extreme violence if they thought they could get away with it.

          • Guest

            Right. You want to go back to the Reich.

          • Wessex Man

            You are a liar, show any any link at all that Ukip is anti-Semitic, I’ve seen your lying posts on these pages before, you should be ashamed of your

          • Shorne

            I’ve now posted the link and here’s some more
            Also check out Joseph Quirk UKIP council candidate in Bolton, He shares material claiming Jewish bankers financed Hitler, Soviet Communism, 9/11 and Israel, and says: “This doesn’t even scratch the surface…”
            Quirk warns UKIP’s critics: “Watch this space any of you brain deficient doubters out there. I would personally cull the lot of you. You are an absolute disgrace to democracy AND the human race!!!” Hey wait a minute you’re not him are you?

            UKIP attracts anti-Semites like flies to a dung heap.

          • Johnnydub

            Oh for fucks sake there is far more significant Anti Semitism in the LibDems such as the frothing David Ward or Jenny Tonge.

          • Shorne

            The two parties are as bad as each other.

        • dep

          Me too.

        • Guest

          Part of well under 5%…

        • wudyermucuss

          Me too,but the recent JC poll put Jewkippers at very low numbers.

        • Gersh Levine

          Same here, I’m voting ironically from abroad. Go UKIP

        • Ric Euteneuer


          More than half of the UK Independence Party’s (UKIP) supporters wouldn’t accept a Jewish prime minister, recent polls show. The results come as the British Ambassador to the UN pledged to eradicate anti-Semitism in the UK.

          Only 48 percent of UKIP supporters intending to vote for the party in the next general election said they believed a Jewish leader would be as “acceptable” as any other potential candidate.

    • jeffersonian

      Which is why we need to start talking repatriation. Why not start with the ones who openly want to destroy our society?

      • albert pike

        “Which is why we need to start talking repatriation”

        Back to Russia, fantastic idea

        • Guest

          only if you mussies go back to Saudi first!!

      • Ric Euteneuer

        Coming from an American, that is ironic in the extreme…

        • jeffersonian

          British old chap.

      • Jerry S

        While you talk about repatriating Muslims (sorry, I meant “asians”), Government traitors on the left and semi-right import even more. Time is not on our side.

    • The Laughing Cavalier

      A cynical opportunism that will rebound on them in a big way.

      • Damaris Tighe


    • TellyGraf

      What an idiot. In the US the percentage of Jews in the population is 1.8% and of Muslims is only 0.9%, less than the number of Buddhists at 1.2%.
      The growth of the Muslim population is insufficient to make the population a large fraction of the total any time soon:
      Meanwhile the black population is 12.2% and the total Hispanic population amounts to 16.4%.

      There is no way any American politician would believe that the secret to his electability is the support of the minuscule number of Muslims.

  • James

    2010 – Jewish lobbyists put Cameron in power – biggest donors to the party.

    • tolpuddle1

      Until the rest of the Global 1% got on board as well.

  • Cobbett

    Israel isn’t a part of the UK. No reason why any prospective PM should give it any special treatment(Jew or not). Considering Nuttyahoo and the Israel lobby in Washington are hell bent on war with Iran they should be given the widest berth possible.

    • Infidelissima

      Is Gaza a part of the UK?
      Because I remember distinctively the NHS sending teams of doctors and nurses to Gaza last summer, to bandage injured terrorists, in a war, they started, while neglecting the British. And your taxes paid for that.

      You also help to pay for their rockets and tunnels, which are dug by children – an estimated 130 died due to tunnel collapse and asphyxiated underground. Kids don’t make good engineers and the BBC does not like to mention such minor details.

      • Bonkim

        Israel should know better than any not to behave like Nazis in the occupied lands.

        • logdon

          Oh why don’t you just fuck off you boring prat?

          • Bonkim

            What an idiot!

          • Infidelissima

            I wish you’d take a flotilla to Gaza if you love it so much

            you will not be missed

        • Damaris Tighe

          That is such an idiotic comment that it makes me wish that you had lived in Nazi occupied Poland so that you could appreciate the difference. Saying that Israelis are like N*zis is simply an attempt to remove guilt for Jewish suffering by alleging that they are the same as their persecutors. That being said, I wish that Israel was out of the West Bank asap.

          • Bonkim

            Bleeding hearts apart – Israelis of all people should not forget the Holocaust – but increasingly appear to be doing so in the way they are terrorizing the refugees in their camps where they were displaced following occupation of Palestine.

            The fact remains that Israel has been founded on land occupied by force and no people have any God-given right to territory.

            But recognize might is right and natural forces should play out and decide the future. Israel or the Jews should not be part of the British election scene.

            I have nothing against Jews or Israel and Jews have contributed much to the world but detest the nationalistic/religious bigotry that triggers the worst in some Jewish people – not much different from similar sentiments amongst followers of islam or the Nazis in pre-War Germany. Collective punishment was the methods used by the Nazis and not a lot different from Israeli action in the Refugee camps of Gaza. Killing innocent women and children will not gain sympathy or credits for Israelis many of whom detest the crimes carried out in their name.

          • Damaris Tighe

            Israeli doesn’t get sympathy or credits whatever it does. People forget that it pulled out of Gaza in order to gain international credit – & look what happened. And then it’s still excoriated for dealing with the results of its withdrawal.

          • Bonkim

            Israel particularly Likud no different from the other side – does not wish to implement the two-state solution. Get serious and look up history of Israel’s formation and subsequent military occupation, new settlements, and other illegal acts. The West has supported and guaranteed Israel because of the original sin of colluding in its formation out of Palestinian lands.

            However recognize the reality and that Israel is a fact regardless of the rights and wrongs – but that does not mean one should not comment or criticize when Israel steps out of line with civilized behaviour. There are more intelligent methods for safeguarding Israeli civilians from the rockets unleashed by Hamas – more in desperation that with any serious intentions/effects.

            What Israel is forgetting is that it is in the middle of a people alien to its belief and culture and that the US/West may not be able to guarantee to come to its help for ever. If Israel had any sense would look at its long term future given the situation as it is. The Arab population and global politics are against its long term survival unless Israel becomes permanent part of the local scene rather than as an outpost of the West.

            The Jews have been survivors as their history shows and are creative and intelligent – and the present Likud years must be seen as an aberration, will not last if/when there is an all out war – and the Arabs can take the hit as life is cheap but the Israelis are fewer in numbers and despite their superior fire power will have coping with total war. IS is getting stronger every day and they have the strength of the Zealots – the strength that the Zionists had when Israel was created..

          • Guest

            Ah yes, “intelligent”…let’s see…evacuating Israel?

            And yes, you’re quite alien to the West. As you demand Israel dies.

          • Bonkim

            No comment to faceless cowards.

          • Linda Smith

            Isnt that a good reason for staying in the west bank?

          • Damaris Tighe

            Retaining military control there with the intention of one day withdrawing is not the same as building permanent settlements.

          • Guest

            Ah, the camps. The camps which Arab countries have kept Palestinians in. Which are not being threatened, in any way.

            And right, no Jews should be allowed in the UK, you have nothing against us but would expel us all, of course, as you blame Jews for everything. And whine because Hamas is opposed.

          • Bonkim

            No comment to faceless cowards. Jews are not victims, can take care of themselves through fair means and don’t hide themselves.

          • Infidelissima

            ‘can take care of themselves’

            why do you complain when they do, then?

          • What’s this ‘N*zis’? Are the Nazis God?

            I suggest certain people read up on the Kasztner trial in Israel when the leader of Hungarian Zionism was accused, by survivors of the Hungarian holocaust, of betraying half a million Jews to save the Zionist & Jewish elite

        • Infidelissima

          Israelis show more humanity and compassion to their worst enemies, than muslims show their own

          they could easily carpet bomb gaza within a few hours
          Israelis have had 68 years and countless opportunities, not to mention the right arms to completely obliterate them

          Nazis killed 6 Million Jews in 6 years (!), while the total death toll on both sides in the I/P conflict in 68 years numbers less than 20,000

          your comparison is ignorant and deeply flawed and a quick google search shows this

          insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, and for 68 years Palestians have been ‘resisting’, without achieving phack all for their people


          • Linda Smith

            The Muslim Arabs will never give up fighting Israel cos they’ re the infidel jews

    • logdon

      Considering that only last week Iran yet again promised to wipe out Israel.

      Talk about deflection?

    • Resnonverba59

      I care not who makes the laws as long as I control the money …… No special treatment ??

      • Cobbett

        Exactly(obviously that’s how it should be) Even UKIP have a Friends of Israel group. Security for Jewish schools amounts to £2bn a year, and Cameron has pledged more.

  • Hybird

    He’s lost the Jewish vote? Perhaps they have seen the nauseating Youtube clips of him wishing our marvellous Muslim community “Eid Mubarak.” If anyone hasn’t seen them, be warned – you’ll need a sick-bag. Grovelling like that should carry a warning.

    • James Jones

      “marvellous ”

      You mean ‘odious’ surely?

    • will91

      Cameron’s is worse.

      “Charity, now this is something really big in Islam.” He say’s this with a real shit eating smug grin on his face.

      • Linda Smith

        I think you will find that in Islam charity only extends to Muslims. People of the book, Jews and Christians have to be subjugated and pay a tax, the jizya, to their Muslim overlords.

        • will91

          Oh precisely! That’s the funniest part. It’s an open secret that the proceeds of “Charity work” goes straight into the coffers of death cults like Hamas.

          • Alexsandr

            and the charity commission stand by and let it happen.

        • will91


          Get the sick bag ready. My favourite part is when he says “We see this selfless spirit of giving all year round”

          He should have mentioned those who are happily giving up their time to travel to some of the most dangerous conflict zones… :/

    • Vera

      Maybe it was the bacon buttie what did it for him.

  • michael boyd

    The Casus Belli was the murder of the three Israeli kids, exploited by Likud who hid the confirmed deaths of the children in order to intiate search (and destroy) missions in the West Bank to punish the Palestinians there before unleashing state terror in Gaza- what was Clausewitz’s maxim?. What’s not to criticise, is he desperate for this inconsequential vote?

    • Infidelissima

      go phakc yourself Sir.

      • Bonkim

        I have nothing against the Jews or Israelis but idiotic bigotry expressed here is poor PR for Jews.

        • Infidelissima

          i’d rather be a bigot against muslims and islamophobe, than a dhimmi and islamophile

          at least that way my daughters are protected and I can still look at myself in the mirror

      • Shedboy

        Mmm, nicely reasoned there.

  • Leon Wolfeson

    He’s Jewish, but secular, which honestly is a little off-putting for many of the more religious Jews in the country in itself. (For myself, I don’t care)

    He’s also very, very badly mis-stepped by criticising the action in Gaza. I am a left winger, a Labour Zionist, a supporter of Peace Now and detest the Israeli government. But…Netenyahu had no choice on Gaza. None at all. This isn’t the same as the situation in the West Bank with the ****ing settlements, this is a case of attacks, terror tunnels, and Hamas.

    His inattention to community security issues in the UK has also lost him a lot of ground.

    • Damaris Tighe

      Leon, I’m replying here to your reply to me as you went ‘Guest’. I made the point that more Jews are instinctively conservative than some Spectator posters believe because a small number repeatedly post that Jews are in effect a destructive liberal/leftist block. This is of course untrue whether or not you are on the left or right & simply scapegoats (once again) the Jews for Britain’s self made problems.

      Personally I am right of centre in relation to the UK, but dislike Netanyahu & his party & the **** ing settlements, which would make me left of centre in relation to Israeli politics. You can’t conflate the two – the political problems of one country are completely different from the other & call for differing responses.

      • Guest

        Not interested when you do that.

        • Damaris Tighe

          Do what?

    • wince

      And it might be said that the Israelis had no choice but to re-elect Netenyahu.

  • Maurice Ernst

    I corresponded with Ed Miliband by email before his psuing through Parliament a vote for recognition of a Palestinian State. His aide replied, in his name, stating that the correct response to Palestinian terror and rocket attacks on Israeli civilians was to give into to their demands as this would lessen the violence in the region. This is in shaprt contrast to his brother David Miliband who when interviewed about Winston Churchill said Churchill was correct in his determination to never give in to terror and Hitler.

    • Mow_the_Grass

      Miliband’s religion is marxism.
      He has no connection to Judaism or to Jews.
      As such he has no understanding of the situation viz a viz Israel vs Palestinians.
      Basically he just wishes that it would all go away ie Israel.
      He is a diabolical piece of work and will destroy Britain if he ever manages to get anywhere near no 10.
      Miliband is the kind of ‘jew’ that any self respecting Jew would spit on if they got close enough.

      • Bonkim

        Why should a future British PM pander to bigoted Jewish nationalism?

        • Mow_the_Grass

          To keep your friendly muslim populace on point.
          Thats why.

          • Shedboy

            Can we take it that you’re not actually a British citizen, and therefore don’t really have a say in how we should vote or how a British politician campaigns?

      • Guest

        What utter tosh. If your mother is a Jew, you’re Jewish. Dealwithit.

        And no, most Jews don’t share your kind of hate and filthy personal habits. Not voting for him is quite sufficient, as you make wild claims and blame him for your dislike of the UK.

        • Mow_the_Grass

          Court jew
          Worst type
          Like a kapo
          Aiding and abetting.
          You and your little snivelling pal.
          Peas in a pod as you would say.

          • Guest

            Yes yes, you keep hating all Jews.

      • tolpuddle1

        Mow_ the_Grass:

        Aren’t you being rather soft on Ed ?

        I’d always understood that he’s a Galactic Fiend who’ll unleash a fleet of alien spacecraft against Planet Earth once elected.

    • Infidelissima

      Ed Miliband is a weak and spineless turd.

      • Bonkim

        He is a principled man.

        • Infidelissima

          only if by ‘principled’ you mean ‘traitorous’

          • tolpuddle1

            So you dislike him ?

            But perhaps that says more about you than about Ed ?

          • Infidelissima

            perhaps it does not, since many dislike him

          • Shedboy

            Which country do you think he’s betraying?

    • Bonkim

      Why should Miliband support Israel? And yes – Israelis should know better than any not to behave like the Nazis in dealing with their oppressed minorities.

      • Infidelissima

        If Israel behaved like Nazis, there would be no Palestinians left by now.

        Maybe they can ask Muslims how to be like Nazis: after all, Muslims are responsible for ethnically cleansing entire large countries of CHristians and other minorities, not to mention they are GASSING people….

      • mightymark

        The closest the Palestinians have come to being treated as the Nazis treated the Jews was by the fellow Muslims (ISIS) at Yarmouk.

        • Infidelissima

          Is that still going on?
          The MSM has been so quiet…

          • mightymark

            I wonder why!

        • Bonkim

          It is all relative. there were many Nazis that helped Jews.

      • Maurice Ernst

        You Bonkim are slandering Israelis and far from truthful. There is no comparison, The Nazis rounded up Jews, created an efficient death machine and literally processed them into soap. On Holocaust rememberance day this weak Israel’s president spoke up condemning the murder of tens of thousands of Palestinians in Yarmouk Refugee camp. No other government has shown expressed any interest in their welfare! Israel is without doubt the most moral enlightened country in the world, and a beacon of human rights and democracy in a region filed with despots and religious fanatics.

        • Bonkim

          Maurice Ernst – all these are relative comparisons. Israel given its history needs to be whiter than white in a sea of backward cultures that surrounds it – Ignoring the history of Israel’s foundation by force and terrorism, its later history of building settlements on land snatched from Palestinians, or displacing even more Palestinians and the way the Israel has ignored UN resolutions, and carried out collective punishment repeatedly is not something I hope you are trying to justify in playing the victim game in relation to the Holocaust.

          Hamas is rabble and regardless of the periodic rocket attacks – more out of frustration and knowing fully that it is just pinpricks to an organisationally, militarily and technologically advanced regional power armed with sophisticated countermeasures and intelligence – Israel’s behaviour and unleashing massive and destructive force is just bloody minded evil. Now whether killing a few hundred women and children in retaliation to a few rockets hurled randomly at Israel equates to the acts of the Nazi death squads is neither here or there – it is the principle of unleashing random death on women and children and the mindset that is behind such acts and the fact that Israel has failed to accommodate the two state principle and failed to use its considerable intellect and power to find a mutually acceptable solution – those that have greater power and higher intellect are judged by higher standards. Israel has come out as the evil one even in the West that guarantees its security.

          The real question is how long the US and the West will keep backing Israel on the face of such mindless acts.

        • there are many comparisons between Zionism and the Nazis. that was why Zionism welcomed Hitler and even set up a trading pact, Ha’avara with it, when most Jews were boycotting the Nazi state.

          Before 1941 the Nazis behaved in very similar ways to Israel and how it treats the Palestinans.

          Incidentally there is no evidence that the Nazis processed anyone into soap. It was a myth that was very widespread, not least in Poland.

          Israel has had more than a hand in what is happening in Syria and is in unofficial alliance with Isis.

          • Harvela

            How was your weekend Tony ? I hear you lost a conference . That’s careless .

          • Nothing compared to yours. I hear that one of the principal Zionist figures in Britain, the detestable Grovel Janner, is too senile to face up to allegations that he was a serial child abuser and rapist.

            Maybe he thought they were Palestinian children? They do that a lot in Israel.

    • Vera

      David was right.

  • Bonkim

    Good for Miliband that he is not a Jewish bigot. And why should a prospective British Prime Minister pander to narrow religious nationalism?

    • Resnonverba59

      Could he possibly be a Marxist bigot then ?

      • Bonkim

        Marxists are highly intelligent people and very practical. They are not taken by bigotry which is in the realms of people that don’t have thinking ability and hence believe in religion to explain their failings.

        • Resnonverba59

          bigot– intolerance towards those who hold differing opinions from oneself.

          Would seem to describe a Marxist to a T.

          • Leon Wolfeson

            Not really. There’s plenty of open-minded Marxists.

            Trots, now…

          • Bonkim

            Tolerance need not equate to acceptance – I tolerate fools but discriminate against idiots.

          • Resnonverba59

            fool— a person deficient in judgement, acts unwisely.

            idiot— a person who is considered foolish or stupid.

            You are welcome to the last word.

          • Infidelissima

            an idiot: a person who keeps attacking another one for 68 years, much stronger than him, knowing, he will never win, and then complains about getting pounded back

            a fool: see above

        • balance_and_reason

          you cannot be serious

  • James Jones

    I am an atheist and hold no particular truck with god botherers of any shade.

    I do not however understand why the Jewish community does not support UKIP. Labour and the Tories are both fully behind the project to islamify Britain in the shortest order. Jews and atheists alike will be disposed of as the first order of business when this joint Labour and Tory project comes to fruition.

    The only political party that shows any sign of resisting the vile medieval death cult is UKIP.

    Whether you favour tax free millionaires or scrapping the bedroom tax, at the present every consideration other than the Tory-Labour islamisation project is of secondary importance.

    Vote UKIP.

    Alloa akbar.

    • Guest

      Because of the far right connections, and the clear extremism you show there. Most UK Jews fully understand we’d be affected by any further rises in hate.

      You make it plain you’re worse than any ” vile medieval death cult”, as you also economically make it plain you’re to the right of Ghengis Khan!

      We’re just Not That Dumb.

      • Mr Creosote

        I beg to differ

        • Guest

          Well yes, there’s always a few. I said “most”, and meant “most”.

    • milford

      In my area we have at least two Jewish guys who are very active in UKIP.
      We have a promising Jewish candidate standing in this GE and it is my hope and dare I say expectation that he will win this seat for UKIP.
      I hope UKIP attracts many more Jews who are disillusioned with the left in the same way that people from all walks of life and in all parts of the UK are.
      Hell would freeze over before these people would vote Conservative.
      UKIP gives them an alternative.

      • mightymark

        UKIP oppose the Jewish and Muslim method of animal slaughter for meat. This seems to have been mainly an anti Muslim thing. When it was pointed out to them that it would effect the Jews too the UKIP spokesman said they were just “colateral”. If that represents the attitude of UKIP to Jews it is very hard to see how any Jew could vote for them . Personally I find it hard how anyone could do so.

        • Alexsandr

          unstunned slaughter is not acceptable in a civilised society. It should be banned whatever the reason.

        • milford

          Nobody wants to be thought of as collateral and I do apologise on his behalf. However I don’t think that’s the current policy, I have had a look on the site and it’s not mentioned plus it’d be very difficult to police.

          • mightymark

            UKIP policy seems to be a bit of a moveable feast. I hear Mr Farage has read the manifesto this time round so you could ask him and report back – you know, just so we can be sure. I won’t wait up though, so you take your time!

  • artemis in france

    I have never understood why Jews would generally vote Labour, a party which stands for big government, social engineering and now, it seems, mass immigration to the détriment of the host nation. In the expérience I have had with many Jews over a period of 20 years when I worked in the film business I always felt that they were hard-working, self-reliant and admired those who helped themselves to succèed and didn’t rely on others to support them, and this included not being keen on welfare benefits claimants. Milliband’s views have clearly been far more influenced by his atheist father than by his knowledge of what happened to his grand-parents during the Holocaust. His father was a useful idiot to the Communist Party and plainly tried to forget about his Jewish roots. Does this sound familiar? The only différence with Ed is that he seems to be keener on the Green left-wing movement than anything else. Just as dangerous though.

    • Damaris Tighe

      In the past Jews associated the Conservatives with a social elite which was often anti-semitic. Of course, that changed to a degree & that’s probably why their voting intentions have also changed.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Still can’t spell Miliband?

    • Resnonverba59

      If you intend governing the world, best to have a finger in all the pies.

      • Damaris Tighe

        My case rests m’lud.

    • Guest

      So you wonder why not hating the Other is something Jews have in the past voted for? Hmm!

      Then you stereotype Jews, showing a complete misunderstanding of Jewish ethics. As you call a Jew dangerous.

  • Blindsideflanker

    I really hate this ethnic tribalism, it is pure racism.

    Will we hear if Miliband has lost the blond haired vote? Has he lost the Wiltshire vote?

    If the majority of the electorate started playing this tribalism game the country would be well and truly f’d up

    • Resnonverba59

      Would be????

    • mrs 1234

      Wake up!

  • Bonkim

    This is a racist report – No reason to link David Miliband with his religious past or that bigoted Israeli nationalists will not vote for him. Miliband is Leader of a British political Party and has no common cause with Jews or Israel. It is good he is detached from religion or particular countries.

    • Guest

      Ah, so you think he has no connection to the UK. Right.

      • Bonkim

        Faceless and incoherent.

    • Mow_the_Grass

      ‘Detached’ – sums him up perfectly

      • Bonkim

        Good you recognize superior intellect!

    • James

      How does it feel to be pseudointellectual?

      • Bonkim

        Why be a pseudo when you are fully fleged?

  • Scion

    This author is mistaking the Zionist vote for the Jewish vote – they are not the same thing. And who cares about the Zionist vote anyway? Tories should stop sucking up to them, history will not judge it kindly.

    • Guest

      Oh yea, only a well over 98% correspondence. Right.

      And how dare they not hate people for their religion blah blah.

    • cartimandua

      Anyone with a brain even non Jews want Israel to survive. We are not supposed to protect ourselves either.

      • Shedboy

        “Anyone with a brain even non Jews” Even non Jews? Wow, even us, eh? Thanks for that.

        • You should know Shedboy that the Talmud forbids a Jew to save a non-Jew on the sabbath, unless it endangers a Jew. Non-Jews according to e.g. Lubbavitch (a Hasidic sect) have an animal soul and are sub-humans. I speak as someone who used to study at a Yeshivah (Jewish seminary)

          • Harvela

            Antisemite or antizionist . Whoops forgot . You are both .

          • Zionists have a tendency to ‘forget’ or rather not remember. But as Herzl wrote ‘the anti-Semites will become our most dependable friends, the anti-Semitic countries our
            allies. We want to emigrate as respected people.’ Diaries of T Herzl (founder of Political Zionism) pp. 83-4.

            And of course today fascist and anti-Semitic groups like the EDL and BNP are the most pro-Zionist. Harvey Garfield should in particular be aware as he has been snapped together with the EDL and various fascists and anti-Semites, including the Jewish Defence League

  • Speedy


  • Harvela

    260,000 Jews v 3,500,000 Muslims . Nothing more needs to be said .

    • Scradje

      One cannot help thinking that it would be rather better for the country if those figures were reversed.

      • Guest

        I take 1 Jew over 1000 Muslims any-day

        • Guest

          that was supposed to be the other way around, my apologies

    • there’s nothing more that you could say, for sure. Racists always speak of Jews (& Muslims) as one block. That’s why they are racist dunderheads

  • henryGrattan1800

    who cares

  • English_Independence_Movement

    Was it the Bacon sandwiches or the last minute convenient expression of religion

  • wudyermucuss

    Ed says what he thinks he should.
    His Jewishness is virtually irrelevant.
    (As,surely,is Janner’s,which the BBC decided to highlight in a report on the CPS decision).

  • tolpuddle1

    Miliband “losing” the Jewish vote can be exaggerated – since 1945, Western Jews have prospered and – amazingly enough ! – have become politically more conservative – just as young revolutionaries often end up in the City.

    It has to be said that some British Jews have overdone this process – that Thatcher and Cameron are Friends, doesn’t mean the Right in general is friendly.

    Leaving aside the Palaeo Right (who have only become less anti-semitic because they’re more terrified of the Moslems nowadays), the Right is Capitalist – thus Social Darwinist (i.e. arrogant, ruthless and cruel) thus evil, thus satanic. And to encourage satanic evil is as bad politics as it is ethics phrases like boomerang-effect and sowing-the-wind come to mind.

    And as Destructive as it is Creative. Not least in its social liberalism and destruction of family life and traditional “taboos.”

    And of course, Capitalism can go down as well as up – in the West is sinking, like the West itself. Why hitch the Star of David to a fading dream ? (I would say, to a sinking ship, but that would be tactless, wouldn’t it ?)

  • jeffersonian

    ‘Miliband returned home to declare himself a ‘friend of Israel…’

    With friends like that, who needs enemies?

  • milford

    I heard Milliband say the other day that he’d like to be the first Jewish prime minister of the UK. I wondered ‘Has he never heard of Disraeli?’

    The guys a numpty.

    • Bertie Wooster

      He should have heard of Disraeli and known he was our first Jewish PM. After all it was Disraeli who originally coined the phrase one nation Britain that Miliband later stole.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Miliband, miliford (millford)

  • FoxtrotUniformCharlieKilo

    Metropolitan elitists like Millipede aren’t real Jews, they like to pretend to be and wear the badge only for political gain. They are first and foremost cultural Marxists. The one thing he isn’t is Jewish.

  • Alexander Baron

    Miliband is a political lightweight as demonstrated by the whipping he took from Myleene Klass, but give him credit for putting common decency about tribal loyalties.

    • Paul M

      In the case of Israel & Miliband, common decency and tribal loyalties should pull in the same direction—unless his tribe is not “Jews” but “self-regarding progressives”.

      • Alexander Baron

        Perhaps you should make a donation to the Michael Slager Defense Fund, you spout the same type of rhetoric.

        • Paul M

          No idea who that is. Is this your idea of reasoned argument?

          • Alexander Baron

            He’s the American police officer who is facing a murder charge after shooting a man in the back. It’s incredible the idiots who are supporting him simply because he is white and his victim was black. Miliband has seen through the David & Goliath rhetoric of Zionist indoctrination and made a principled stand. It may cost him the election but he’s a better man than Cameron for it.

          • Paul M

            I understand that you would rather distract with irrelevances than argue on substance. Sorry.

            You’re fond of the word rhetoric as a slur against other people, but it’s your rhetoric that’s the problem here. You churn out clichés like “common decency,” “tribal loyalties,” “David & Goliath,” “indoctrination” and “principled stand.” Each one of them hides an unstated, unexamined and dishonest insinuation, which you’re going to have to defend.

          • Alexander Baron

            Dear me, I was assuming you understood English; here it is in extra plain English then. Miliband didn’t tow the line of the Jewish establishment nor with their bought politicians. Like Gerald Kaufman and Norman Finkelstein in the US he believes Palestinians have rights and will not make excuses for the mass murder, the so-called “war” in Gaza. He stuck his head above the paraphet knowing it may well cost him votes and financial support. Plain enough?

          • Paul M

            Your English is plain enough, even when it’s poor. “Tow [sic] the line,” “Jewish establishment,” “bought politicians,” “mass murder,” “so-called ‘war’,” “head above the parapet.” I think you’ve set a new record for most clichés in a single paragraph—but it’s still all (dishonest) assertion and no argument.

          • Alexander Baron

            So there is no Jewish establishment, no bought politicians and no mass murder in Gaza? I’d like to say you are setting a new record for sophistry, but I’ve seen this sort of thing for the past 35 years and more, increasingly from the right as much as the left.

          • Paul M

            There is a Jewish establishment. Show proof that they buy politicians or withdraw the libel which is, by the way, a classic antisemitic trope.

            There was no mass murder in Gaza. If you don’t know that, you’re either not paying attention or a happy follower of crowds. If you do know but say it anyway, you’re simply dishonest. There was a conflict. Many people died, mostly Palestinians. “Mass murder” implies that Israel deliberately set out to kill innocents; that’s why you chose the expression. Israel had no motive to do that and every reason not to, since the response of Europe, Russia the UN, the Arab world and people like you was entirely and absolutely predictable. It is also very well documented that, though Hamas took measures to increase civilian casualties (on both sides), Israel took unprecedented measures to try and reduce them. As a result, it turns out that approximately half of the Palestinians killed were combatants—a 1:1 ratio that is better than almost any other country’s record in urban fighting, including Britain’s.

          • Alexander Baron

            Ha ha, you really do have a sense of humour. Here is one tiny quote:

            “We killed them out of a certain naive hubris. Believing with absolute certitude that now, with the White House, the Senate, and much of the American media in our hands, the lives of others do not count as much as our own…”

            Israeli columnist Ari Shavit in “The New York Times”, May 27, 1993. Even mainstream Jews have woken up to this now. Haven’t you heard of Mondelweiss? Libel! Who needs the Elders of Zion when they’ve got people like you wrapped around their little finger?

          • Paul M

            1996, dear, not 1993. That’s it? A quote, beloved of Rense, David Duke, meinvolk-dot-com and all the rest of the far-right bigots, by an Israeli journalist with his head up his arse? Ari Shavit said something I liked in an op-ed; it must be true. That’s not a proof of anything, just another assertion—this time at second-hand. A tip: Look up the logical fallacy “appeal to celebrity.”

          • Alexander Baron

            You wanna talk about fallacies, start with ad hominem; the power of “The Lobby” is no longer in dispute; even in the US, this is out in the open. Your ludicrous claim about Gaza speaks for itself, like that lowlife Abraham Foxman after the Flotilla Massacre, instead of condemning it he reserved his condemnation for the “anti-Semitic cartoons” that followed.

          • Paul M

            The power of the Jewish lobby is very much in dispute. Here we are disputing it now. It has unfortunately been in dispute almost continually since the forged Protocols of the Elders of Zion that you so kindly slipped into the discussion. But you’re right: it does look much more sinister in scare quotes and capitals.

            You will have to explain what makes my statement about Gaza ludicrous. The only thing that seems to me to speak for itself is your increasingly open attraction to antisemitic themes.

          • Alexander Baron

            I’ve been on the receiving end of that power, and those lies. When they lied about me in 1994 I published a documented expose and mailed it out to several politicians; they’ve fought shy of me since. What is in dispute exactly, the candid admissions of J.J. Goldberg, Joel Stein and others, or your pathetic justification of the mass murder of 2,000+ innocent civilians? You whitewash horrors like that, then wonder why “anti-Semitism” is rampant. Unreal.

          • Paul M

            Ah. So the might of the Jewish Lobby was unleashed against you, and when you tried to Tell The World (in green ink, perhaps?) “they” suppressed your words. You must be very important; I had no idea.

            Even so, there was no “mass murder of 2,000+ innocent civilians”—that’s still just an assertion that you’ve failed to prove. You can’t: it’s not true. But even if there was, and even if I was whitewashing it, it would not explain, excuse or justify antisemitism.

          • Alexander Baron

            That isn’t what happened at all, but you are so far off this planet you’re impossible to take seriously, or you would be if people with your mentality weren’t lobbying to bomb Iran, something that would have happened if McCain rather than Obama had won in 2008. You want me to “prove” the IDF murdered 2000 innocent civilians, something we all saw in real time? Like I said, you and people like you are delusional.

          • Paul M

            So you weren’t persecuted by the might of the Jewish Lobby, so whatever it was you were trying to say was irrelevant. OK.

            You saw the IDF murder 2000 innocent civilians? In real time? No, you didn’t. You were told—by Hamas—that 2000 Palestinians had died. And you were told—by Hamas—that every one of them was an innocent and none was a combatant, and none were killed by the numerous Hamas & IJ rockets that were misfired and landed in the Gaza strip, or by the Hamas & IJ score-settling that took place in the confusion of battle. And you weren’t told about the ones that died when Hamas insisted to them, sometimes at gunpoint, that they should stay in the places the Israelis had told them to get clear of. And you aren’t interested in hearing about any of this, though it’s documented, because you know who you want to blame and stuff like that is just a distraction, isn’t it?

          • Alexander Baron

            Same old story, Kosher Red Riding Hood is totally innocent while the whole world is bigoted and out to get her. Save you apologetics for those who will appreciate them. Nabila Ramdani told it how it is earlier this month, and only people like you are too blind to see it.

          • Paul M

            I was tempted to laugh at your pretensions to speak for the world and the blatant antisemitism of your “Kosher Red Riding Hood” (what depths did you dredge that from?) but there is in fact no joke there.

            Not so long ago, “the whole world,” as represented by the likes of you, knew that Jews drained the blood from non-Jewish children and used it to make matzot. This was sheer malignant fantasy, but “the world” was sure it was true and Jews suffered and died for it.

            Even more recently, your “whole world” believed that the Jews controlled their lives by manipulating governments and the media. You could point out the Jews’ patent inability to halt the antisemitic torrent pouring from Der Stürmer, or Pravda, or countless other outlets, without making a dent in what your “world” was sure it knew. You could point to the governments on every continent that passed anti-Jewish laws, or slammed the gates of sanctuary in the face of desperate Jews, or refused even to spare a few bombs to put Hitler’s gas chambers of out of action. Still, your “world” knew that the Jews ran those same governments and their unshakeable faith in that lie enabled mass slaughter.

            But this is different, isn’t it? Because this time you know that the Jewish state is uniquely evil, and you know that Israeli Jews kill Palestinian innocents just because they can. and you know that non-Israeli Jews cover for them out of “tribal loyalty,” and you know that the Jewish Lobby really is in charge this time. You don’t need to examine the mountain of evidence to the contrary because you know, and so if Jews die now, well, they deserve it.

          • Alexander Baron

            You really should do your homework before you open your big mouth; you whine about slander yet you slander me every time you speak. When have I ever endorsed ritual murder propaganda, and even if I had, how would that be “anti-Semitic” ? The ancient Britons practised ritual murder, Africans have and some still do; people were hanged for ritual murder within living memory. Anyone can state these facts freely yet anyone who even suggests that somewhere in the distant past some renegade Jewish sect might have done so leads to hysteria.

            Like I said Kosher Red Riding Hood screams anti-Semite everytime she’s caught with her hand in the heimishe pickle jar up to the elbow. Well surprise surprise, that doesn’t work anymore, because the perpetual victim narrative has now been exposed as bullshit, and even Jews are beginning to see it.

          • Alexander Baron is a fascist. However Paul M is an idiot. Not only were 2,200 Gazan Palestinians murdered but Israelis went on to the hills adjacent to cheer the bombers on as they sat drinking coffee from a machine they had bought.

            Much of the Israeli public has indeed been Nazified.

          • Paul M

            Let’s all throw a few personal insults around, shall we? Tony Greenstein, Bozo in Chief, in a very crowded field.

            For the world’s Tonys, in all the conflicts in all the world there is only one group that qualifies as “Nazified”: the Jews of the Jewish state. What a coincidence—the one people for whom the label would hurt like a knife twisted, and wouldn’t you know?

            Those Jewish Nazis cheering on the bombers from outside Gaza, were they watching with their incredible long-range, wall-piercing Nazi-vision as the IAF picked off 2,200 young mothers, pensioners and tots? Or could they have been doing something more human, like visualizing the destruction of the thugs who were trying to rain rockets on their nation? Thugs who were targeting Israeli cities whilst hiding in the heart of their own, in flats and under hospitals, or in tunnels to which young mothers, pensioners & tots were specifically not invited? Trick question. Zionazis have no human attributes; no positive ones, anyway. But if Israeli Jews can only have been rejoicing in the death of Palestinian innocents, what of the Arabs across the Middle East, Palestinians not least, who hand out sweets when Israeli innocents are slaughtered, and promise to do it some more, and name streets for the slaughterers? Why are they never, ever, in your analysis or that of your comrades, “Nazified”?

          • There are no personal insults prat!

            Israel is the most racist state in the world, by far. 60% of high school students would deprive Arabs of the vote, 75% see ‘marrying out’ as national treason, 2/3 wouldn’t want to live next door to an Arab. Far higher degrees of racism than in Germany 1933-45.

            Being called Jewish Nazis shouldn’t hurt at all. Didn’t Israelis call the survivors of the holocaust ‘sapon’ (soap)? Or maybe you’ve forgotten the fascist thugs who attacked the small anti-war demonstrations in Tel Aviv last summer. In case you’ve forgotten, they worse the insignia of European neo-Nazis and ‘good night left side’ logos.


            They brought comfortable chairs and a coffee machine to watch children and civilians being subject to the merciless bombing of the Israeli airforce. Gaza had no airforce, no long range artillery, no guided missiles. It had pea shooters. Israel, a nuclear power, was if the Zionist liars have their way, was under threat from the Gazans. Yes sure.

            The only ‘thugs’ were dropping bombs from on high but name calling is all tykes like Paul M can manage.

            Yad Vashem has a category called Righteous Among the Nations for non-Jews who risked their lives saving Jews from the Nazis and their collaborators. How many Israelis would merit that title? A mere handful. When Israelis boasted that there wouldn’t be any school in Gaza because there were no children left alive they gave vent to the real feelings of the Israeli majority. Not a poor propagandist like Paul.

          • Paul M

            Atta boy, Tony. You’re just irresistible when you come over all spittle-flecked like that. The most racist state in the world? Have you thought about applying for the trademark—then you could capitalize it: The Most Racist State In The World. Much more convincing.

            This would be the same “most racist state in the world” that has a Palestinian Arab on the Supreme Court and Palestinian Arab members of parliament, lawyers, beauty queens, game-show winners, engineers, journalists, diplomats and news announcers? Whose Arab doctors treat, & Arab teachers teach, Jewish patients and students, and vice versa? Whose Jews came by the busload to weep with the family of the Palestinian child kidnapped and burnt to death by Jewish extremists—a gesture that was strangely not reciprocated in the case of the preceding murder of three Jewish children by Palestinian extremists?

            As opposed to the much less racist Palestinian statelet that has a death-penalty law on the books for selling land to Jews? Or the other Palestinian statelet that declares Jews to be behind every war, proclaims the absolute and eternal domination of their particular brand of Islam over everything they touch—and most expressly the Jews, who will just have to be killed—and will have no problem with Jewish neighbours because they will permit none? Or the Egyptian state that has cleansed all but the last 9 of its once-thriving Jewish population and happily sells The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in its bookshops? Or the other Arab states that have diligently whittled their Jewish populations down to zero?

            So, Tony, about Al Jazeera’s birthday party for Samir Kuntar, and the Dalal Mughrabi summer camp. Nazification, or not?

          • Israel doesn’t need to apply for the trademark, it has the patent already wrapped up. No one can even touch it (or would want to).

            Oh yes it does a good trade in tokenism (‘the only Arab on the Supreme Court’). Doesn’t do much good when they outlaw free speech for Arabs commemorating the Nakba or advocating a boycott or when Netanyahu recommends withdrawing citizenship from those who demonstrate against another Police killing of an Arab, having been shown to have lied by the video taken.

            But let me think. There was a busload of Jews who came to sympathise with the parents of the Palestinian child who was burnt to death in an act more medieval and savage than Isis’s killing of the Jordanian pilot. Did his murderers have their homes demolished? Was the settlement where they lived razed to the ground and bombed by the airforce? Gaza had 2,200 people, the vast majority civilians and over 500 children murdered.

            There is no Palestinian statelet. There is a bantustan maintained by the US and Israel. If Egypt is such a terrible state, which it is, then why did Shimon Peres and Netanyahu proclaim their love of its ruler when Mubarak was overthrown? Or welcome Sisi?

            In any event Israel loves Jews being ethnically cleansed from the diaspora. That’s the whole basis of Zionism you silly boy Paul. Back to cheder. Didn’t Netanyahu come to France to tell the Jews, after the murder of 4 of them, to pack their bags and do what the anti-Semites want? Hasn’t Zionism always done that? That’s why Zionism was always considered a Jewish form of anti-Semitism.

            Oh and don’t forget those brave Zionist agents in Iraq and other countries who planted bombs in Jewish synagogues and cafes in Iraq and Yemen and other Arab countries to ‘persuade’ their Jews to leave. It’s all documented in Israeli papers before you cry foul.

            Fact is that if someone says I don’t belong in Britain and I should go to Israel they are either an anti-Semite or a Zionist. Which are you? Both?

          • Paul M

            That Israeli tokenism—it’s a bitch, isn’t it? Only one Arab Justice, when there should be 3.75. Even the US Supreme Court is 11% African American, as befits the USA’s 12% black population. Of course, the USA is still only on its second African American Justice in the course of its 2-century-plus existence. But it’s had woman Justices since way back in the 1980s & has three of them at this very moment. Out of a bench of 9. Still, it’s progress, eh? One day I expect they’ll even have a Native American. Then there’s the UK Supreme Court: 1 woman out of the current 12 Justices. The same one woman out of the 20 since the court’s founding. The other 95%? White males, heavily tilted toward the Eton & Oxbridge set. How are we doing in the most-racist-state-in-the-world stakes so far?

            You didn’t mention the tokenism of the Knesset: I’ll do it for you. Arab MKs make up a mere 13% of the current Knesset—only half of what they should. Perhaps they could have done better if the most Likud-leaning community in Israel hadn’t been a Bedouin town, Al Naim. Even so, the Arab List got the 3rd largest vote of any party. Those Israelis are taking tokenism to a whole new level. Would this be an appropriate moment to mention that the judge who presided over the conviction of Israeli President Moshe Katsav for rape was an Arab, George Kara?

            The rest of your diatribe continues in the same selective and distorted vein, and I’m not going to take the time to dig out all the detailed rebuttals it would require. Claim a win for dishonesty and tell everyone I couldn’t answer you, Tony.

            Right at the end, though, you simply get a little foggy. Did I say you should go to Israel? I don’t believe I did: I would prefer you went anywhere but. You’re confusing me with someone from your fertile imagination.

          • Zionists rarely are able to answer their critics. That’s why they seek to ban them instead. I’ll leave you to peruse at your own time Haolam Hazeh for 20.4.66 and 1.6.66. and later editions of Black Panther. But since you are wedded to the official line you have and can have no comprehension of why Israel’s rulers and Zionism’s leaders would literally bomb diasporah Jews in Arab countries. After all Iraq’s Jewish community was the oldest in the world, 2,500 years old. The Babylonian Talmud takes precedence over its Jerusalem counterpart. What does this matter compared to racial fantasists and amateur propagandists like you?

            As Tom Segev, an Israeli journalist and historian wrote in the First Israelis, ‘‘It
            is significant the rumor arose at all, and that it was persistently repeated,
            even by Iraqi Jews. Obviously the idea was not unthinkable.’ And that is the point. Iraqi Jews had no doubts and compared to you that has meaning.

            No I won’t boast of any victories over the likes of you. It would be like boasting of taking candy from kids. Not even a skull to my collection, more a fragment of bone.

            Ah yes, more tokenism. Comparisons now with the US, Israel’s main sponsor! Clearly Israel learnt well. I’m more interested with how Zionism affects real people, such as those who live in Arab villages, half of which are unrecognised, i.e. liable to demolition and with no basic services such as running water or electricity. Even those communities which gain recognition receive on average a third of the grants that Jewish towns or communities receive. That means more to me than whether there is one single Arab judge.

            You also don’t know the history of the Joint List, not the Arab List. It has a Jewish MK, Dov Kheinin of Hadash. It consists of 3 Arab parties – nationalist, Islamic and Communist. It originated in a desire of Liebermann to eliminate all Arab representation and he considered that raising the threshold from 2% to 3.25% would achieve that. In fact he was too stupid to realise that a) he nearly got knocked out and b) it forced the Arab parties and Hadash to run a joint list which, because it didn’t waste votes and also energised the Arab sector, achieved 13 votes.

            But don’t worry – the Arabs won’t be admitted to any governing coalition – Likud or Labour. That’s another unwritten rule of the Zionist consensus.

            But a little question for you. What would you call someone who describes Jews as ‘vermin’? An anti-Semite? A Zionist? or both?

            And whilst youre trying to figure it out, let Israel’s first Justice Minister speak for himself:
            Palestine was an ‘institute for the fumigation of Jewish vermin’ Joachim
            Doron, ‘Classic Zionism and modern anti-Semitism: parallels and influences’
            (1883-1914), Studies in Zionism 8, Autumn 1983.

            It takes all sorts!

          • There’s no doubt that Israel’s leaders welcomed the Jewish exodus from the Arab world and even encouraged it in a few places. But what you describe is only part of the story. For example, in Iraq as you describe, the Iraqi prime minister warned the British diplomat to the UN that “severe measures would be taken against Jews in all Arab countries” if the UN’s recommendations were not acceptable to the Arabs. Thousands of Jews were arrested after May 1948 and Jewish property was arbitrarily confiscated. Jewish students were banned from universities and Jews were dismissed from virtually all government and professional employment. Across the wider Arab world there were widespread pogroms which proved a precipitant to flight (in Cairo, Aleppo, Beirut, Tripoli, Djerad, Aden, Mazagan).

          • I can remember a letter from someone with an Arabic name appearing in our local newspaper, The Argus, some years ago. I smelt a rat and in particular their support for the idea that Jordan is Palestine and alerted the editor to this particular dirty trick. I smell another rat ‘Suada’.

            The ‘widespread pogroms’ in the Arab world are a figment of ‘Suada’s’ imagination. We are talking about the 1951 exodus of Iraqi Jews. If what he says is true then the exodus would have taken place in 1948-9, not two years later when there were about 120,000 Jews in Iraq. The large Egyptian Jewish community didn’t leave till 1956 and the Suez War.

            All the rest of ‘Suada’s’ description of Jewish dismissals from universities etc. is nonsense. In Iraq they made up one-third of Baghdad’s population and provided many of the most senior civil servants.

            Nuri e-Said, the Iraqi PM was a British puppet who was hanged from a lampost in 1958. He didn’t warn the British government of anything nor did he attempt to put what is said into practice. He did however reach a deal with Ben Gurion – the bodies of the Jews for their wealth.

            I prefer Abbas
            Shiblak’s Arab Jews or Marion Woolfson’s Prophets in Babylon – Jews in the Arab World or what Iraqi Jews themselves wrote in Black Panther of 9.11.72.

            As Haolem Hazeh wrote on 20.4.66.
            one point all the immigrants who followed the Iraqi affair closely or were
            involved in it, including the families of those who were hanged, were agreed.
            They praised HaOlam Hazeh for its decision to expose the secret. The time has
            come for the people of Israel to know what efforts were made to bring the Jews of Iraq to
            Israel and what they left behind them.’

            Yehuda Tajar, a defence attache at the London Embassy of Israel and someone who served 10 years in prison for his role in the Zionist bombings told everything to Haolem Hazeh (29.5.66.)

            But there should be no surprise. As Uri Harari wrote in Yediot Aharanot (9.2.69) Israel’s largest circulation paper:
            ‘Our Responsibilities Towards the Jews in the Arab Countries’

            we hear of riots, pogroms or hanging (of
            Jews) we seethe with anger and justly so… Still later and deep in our heart
            there is also a tiny flicker of vicious joy…. we sometimes forget the negative
            aspects of Zionism, its cruel worldview… But does the state of Israel have
            duties towards Jews who can immigrate to the country and do not wish to do so?
            Furthermore do we have the right to tell them, “We know better than you what is
            good for you and we shall therefore act to get you to immigrate to this
            country, we might even act in order to facilitate the deterioration of your
            situation (in the Diaspora) so that you have no other choice but to immigrate
            to Israel.” One should note that this
            last question is not imaginary. We have already had to face this question in
            very concrete situations and we may have to face it again in the future.’

            Need one say more?

          • Not sure why you put my name in quotation marks. I have an Arabic derived name, but I’m not an Arab and don’t claim to be. I in fact I have no emotional investment in the conflict. Your ‘investigative’ skills aren’t very good by the way – Suada is a female name.

            Greenstein’s attempts to deny the persecution of Jews in Arab countries is so ludicrous that it doesn’t merit any serious consideration or response. But readers are reccommended to read Howard Adelman and Elazar Barkan’s No Return, No Refuge: Rites and Rights in Minority Repatriation: New York, Columbia University Press, and contrast what it says about the Jewish exodus from Arab countries with Greenstein’s falsifications.

          • I wasn’t investigating Suada, nor did I need to.

            Ah the Stalinist/Zionist school of falsifications. Backed by another tedious Zionist tome on the plight of Arab Jews. I suggest Gilbert Achcar’s Arabs and the Holocaust is a somewhat more balanced book. Achcar is a Lebanese Jew and therefore knows a little more than a Zionist.

            The Arab countries were places for refuge for Jews fleeing European anti-Semitism e.g. Maimonedes went to Morocco and Egypt when fleeing the Inquisition. About 1% of Jews died in Nazi and Vichy occupied North Africa compared to 90%+ in some European countries.

            Suada isn’t a falsifier, more an ignoramus.

          • Gilbert’s book hardly deals with the Jewish exodus from Arab states, but when he does touch the subjects, here is what he says:

            “It is just as essential that Arabs outside Palestine recognize their (varying) responsibility for the exodus and the despoliation of Arab Jews, as well as for the persecution of the Palestinians. I have already mentioned the appalling treatment to which the Iraqi Jews, in particular, were subjected.” [1]

            On the Iraqi Jews;

            If there does exist a clear case of Arab responsibility for a massive Jewish exodus, it is not that of 1950s–1960s Arab nationalism, with its socialist, anti-imperialist bent, but, rather, that of monarchist Iraq under British domination. Here the exodus went hand in hand with acts of despoliation – whatever the truth may be about still controversial allegations attributing attacks on Jewish life and property to the Zionists. Yet the fact remains that the victims resented both the Iraqi government and the Zionists. [2]

            Thus even Anchar, who is highly sympathetic to Arab nationalism, does not really support Greenstein’s argument.

            As for your Greenstein’s allegation that the book I linked is a “tedious Zionist tome on the plight of Arab Jews”, this is simply another one of his systematic fabrications. In reality, the book is about refugees in general, and only devotes a section to the Jewish refugees from Arab states. The book also discusses Palestinain Arab refugees. I very deliberately selected a book that did not deal with the Israel/Palestine conflict in particular because I knew Greenstein would try to dismiss it as Zionist propaganda.

            As for Greenstein’s argument that “The Arab countries were places for refuge for Jews fleeing European anti-Semitism”. Apart from the fact that the Maimonedes that he cites was born hundreds of years before the Inquisition, this is a silly argument. These events took place hundreds of years before the 1940s, and have little/no bearing on that period.

            [1]Gilbert Anchar. The Arabs and the Holocaust: The Arab-Israeli War of Narratives (London, 2010)(p. 279).

            [2] Anchar, The Arabs and the Holocaust ,p. 197.

          • It’s Achcar not Anchcar!

            I have written a critical review of his book in the Journal of Holy Land Studies Vol. 10.1.

            I agree with the points about the British puppet Nuri e-Said. Did I ever say otherwise? The Iraqi people dealt with him.

            The treatment to which Achcar avers is the Farhud in 1941 not what happened in 1950-1. The Farhud, where up to 100 Jews died, is a controversial area in terms of did what and why. What is clear is that in the only pogrom of its kind, many Jews survived because of their Arab neighbours. That is incontrovertible.

            Maimonedes of course fled at the time of the Crusades, ending up being the physician to Saladin. However his book was firmly denounced during the Inquisition and the Arab countries were a place of refuge at that time (as was Poland).

            Of course things had changed by the 1940s/1950s. It was called imperialism. The association of Jews with the colonists (eg the Cremieux Decree in Algeria) singled Jews out as the Indians in Natal were singled out as the middle men between the colonists and the colonised.

            However what is remarkable is that there was so little hostility to the Jews in 1948 despite the claim of the Zionists that they represented all Jews.

            Clearly the book you cite is a reptition of tired Zionist propaganda. Try S D Goiten’s book next time.

          • Paul M

            I’m sorry you didn’t like my comparisons with the US and British Supreme Courts. I would have compared to the Palestinian one, but it doesn’t exist. I expect it would get in the way of their security services. In either comparison, USA/UK or the PA, Israel comes off looking rather good. You set yourself quite a challenge: Israel as “the most racist state in the world.” It isn’t and you look like a bozo for making the claim.

            “Zionists rarely are able to answer their critics.”

            Glad you mentioned that, because I’ve been noticing a pattern: Every time you’re presented with a statement of simple, readily verifiable fact—often in answer to your “criticisms”—you either ignore it altogether or brush it aside and move on to something else, often involving quotes delicately filleted from the bones of their context.

            Still no verdict on whether Palestinian glorification of individual terrorists and the indiscriminate slaughter of Jews in general meets your demanding standards for “Nazification,” Tony?

          • There is no comparison between the British/US Supreme Courts and that of Israel. Israel’s court presides over and has legitimised the Occupation. It has enabled the confiscation of all the Palestinian land which the settlers have stolen. What matters it if there is an Arab face on it?

            There is certainly underrepresentation of women, Black people etc. in Britain. But whereas there is positive discrimination here to overcome this, whether successful or not is another matter, in Israel we have a situation of discrimination entrenched in and increasing in the State. Imagine a Prime Minister posting on his facebook in Britain that the Blacks are coming to vote in ‘droves’ and the Whites should do likewise.

            In Israel there are barriers at every level to becoming an Arab lawyer. The fact that one is plucked from the few who make it to the Supreme Court to fool gullible Gentiles means nothing.

            I know u can’t help being a prat but no people under Occupation (i.e. without a vote, without any democratic rights, at the mercy of armed settlers and military) have a Supreme Court. Why are u such a stupid Zionist? I mean there are a few who are intelligent but most of their propagandists are as stupid as you Paul – the Bozo man!!

            Did Czechoslovakia have a Supreme Court in the war or Nazi occupied France? Please try not to be such an idiot.

            The PA is not the Palestinians creation it is Israel’s. That is why Israel drip feeds it with money. Its security services were trained by Gen. Dayton of the USA in Jordan and supply intelligence on Palestinian resistance to the occupiers. Nasty, brutish and just the type of set up Israel approves of. Just as Netanyahu and Peres wept over the demise of Mubarak and today work with Saudi Arabia and provide help to al-Nusra and ISIS.

            Or if u go further back, the same Israel provided over a billion dollars of weapons to the neo-Nazi Argentinian junta which tortured Jews to death. Remember Jacobo Timmerman? Came to Israel as a hero and left as a critic of your genocidal war in Lebanon.

            If Palestinians glorify their martyrs then that is understandable. I believe that Irgun glorified Dov Gruner who the British executed (I’ll leave u to look up that one). Zionist killers of Palestinians like Baruch Goldstein, who slaughtered 29 unarmed Palestinians in Hebron, have memorials to them (in Kiryat Arab, feted by its Chief Rabbi Dov Lior), so your trite nonsense is more an indication of your own stupidity than anything I can write.

            And speaking of Dov Lior, a rabbi paid by the Israeli state and who heads the Yesha (settler) Rabbinical Council, do u agree with his statement that ‘one Jewish fingernail is worth a thousand non-Jewish lives’. Just wondered if you loved this Jewish Nazi too?

            And speaking of rabbis what about Shmuel Eliyahu, Chief Rabbi of Safed, who issued an edict barring Jews from renting flats to Arabs. In Britain he would be prosecuted, in Israel he is feted.

          • Paul M

            My genocidal war in Lebanon? My genocidal war in Lebanon? Tony, when you start getting spittle on your computer again, less blood goes to your brain. Not genocidal; not my war.

            I understand that you can’t reject anything, no matter how repulsive, that any hater of Israel says or does. If you once did, the floodgates might open and what then would become of a life spent on distilled hate? And I understand that you have to work backwards from your conclusion: Israel is evil a priori, anything it says or does that puts it in a different light has to be mutilated to fit the framework. There is an awful fascination in seeing you at work, piling up the insults, slurs and distortions ever higher. It’s like watching a train wreck happen in slow motion. Thank you for the entertainment (I think).

          • I asked you whether you agreed with Dov Lior’s statement re Jewish fingernails. I’ll take your silence as assent.

            The spittle is in your brain and precious little else it would seem.

            No of course 20,000 isn’t genocidal. Wonder what you would describe it if 20,000 Israelis died in an unprovoked attack? Or if 500+ Israelil Jewish children perished? Probably a holocaust given the number of times that Zionists like you employ it.

            Yeah I hate Israel. In just the same way as I hated South Africa. I hate the system of racial oppression. Did haters of Nazi Germany hate Germans? Some did I guess but most rose above such things.

            But died in the wool defenders of the Israeli Reich don’t understand such concepts.

            And judging by your inability to explain the Chief Rabbi of Safed’s edict, the supply of Israeli arms to Argentina and the other things I mentioned, I guess all you can do is fall back on the old ‘you hate us’ syndrome. People don’t buy it anymore.

            The entertainment, such as it is, is all yours. Meanwhile another Zionist scalp.

          • Paul M

            “Yeah I hate Israel.” Possibly the first true thing you’ve said.

            You are very full of yourself this morning, Tony. Must have had a big breakfast.

            No, I didn’t bother answering your questions. I noticed, as I said before, that you’re not interested in answering anyone else’s honestly, or at all.

            However, since you insist: Dov Lior is odious; a racist and a bigot. He is, thankfully, on the extremes of Israeli politics not the mainstream. I regret he’s not as isolated as he should be, but he is widely reviled both within Israel and among non-Israeli Zionists.

            You, of course, will reply that he is the mainstream, that he is Israel personified. Perhaps you even believe it. You will only convince people who are as desperate to be convinced as you are. Let me point out that I have no trouble at all condemning Lior and the rest of his ilk—in contrast to your justifying or simply ignoring equal bigotry and incitement among the Palestinians and other Arabs, where there is a much stronger case to be made that it is the mainstream and official attitude.

            “The entertainment, such as it is, is all yours.” Yes, I said it was.

          • No, I snatched a very small breakfast. Seems you’re wrong on everything.

            Kind of you to answer what you perceive will be my future responses. Suffice to say that Lior would have been elected to the Supreme Rabbinical Council of Israel if the Israeli Govt had not stepped in, because of the obvious damage. He is head of the settlers’ Rabbinical Council which in itself speaks volumes.

            I’m happy to condemn bigotry amongst the Palestinians but as is normally the case with an oppressed people there is very little. I have (repeatedly) criticised Hamas because of its attacks on Palestinian secular politics, whereas Israel was instrumental in creating them.

            But no Lior isn’t in the mainstream. That privilege is reserved for an advocate of genocide such as Ayelet Shaked with her approval of wiping out Palestinian mothers who give birth to ‘little Palestinian snakes’ (Nazi verbiage?). There are none so blind…

          • Paul M

            Thank you for updating me on the vital matter of your breakfast. I stand corrected; perhaps you’re just naturally full of yourself.

            “…if the Israeli Govt had not stepped in…” tends to blow your whole argument about Lior being an indicator of anything. The fact that it did—in response to public revulsion at his opinions—”speaks for itself.” As does the fact that he was hauled in by the Israeli police for questioning over his statements. And that he was thrashed when he tried to run for Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. And that that noted Nazi, Benjamin Netanyahu, wanted a full judicial investigation of Lior’s pronouncements.

            Since I was unfamiliar with what Ayelet Shaked was supposed to have done, I looked it up. Lo and behold, it’s more vintage Greenstein cherrypicking & spin. An allegation built on a translation by Electronic Intifada, which combines partisanship with a total lack of scruples. And of course, no mention of Shaked’s articulate denial and clear statement of her beliefs. You may not buy her rebuttal. I’ll rephrase that: Of course you don’t buy her rebuttal—you would never accept the word of an Israeli when you can attribute worse motives—but integrity should obligate you to acknowledge that it exists.

            Not only that: Even if Ali Abunimah’s dubious translation was scrupulously accurate, the reference was unambiguously to Palestinian terrorists and those who sustain & encourage them. It’s a call to genocide only if you believe that every Palestinian fits that description. I would find that kind of racist, but then my judgements tend to be a little less harsh than yours. Is that what you believe, Tony?

            So, back to Palestinian bigotry. Your concession to the possibility that it might perhaps exist is to tut about Hamas’s high-handed way with local politics? What a piece of work you truly are. You haven’t read Hamas’s covenant, or any of the Friday sermons from their mosques? Did you miss the continuing attempts to keep Jews, as Jews, off the Temple Mount? The assertions that Jews aren’t really Jews, just central Asians trying to pull a fast one, or that there was no Temple on the Temple Mount? Even to remind you of this stuff is to pay you a compliment you don’t deserve, because of course you already know, you just don’t care. Your bigotry is one seamless piece with theirs.

            Hakim & Amjad Awad, Tony: Nazis or not?

          • You’re the one who mentioned my breakfast! Just a smoked salmon roll since you asked.

            Let us be clear Rabbis Shapira and another compiled a book ‘ Torat Hamelech’ (the King’s Torah) which was a book explaining where, on the basis of halachah, and in what situations Jews could kill non-Jews, yeah even suckling infants.


            They wrote that: “There is justification for killing babies
            if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us, and in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately, and not only during combat with adults.” Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira, Torat Ha’Melech (The King’s Torah)

            When the threat of arrest for questioning was made the Rabbis mobilised. How dare you interrogate ‘scholars’ of the Torah. Would you arrest distinguished university professors asked these medieval backwoodsmen? Hundreds of them gathered for a rally protesting at this infringement to their ‘academic freedom’ as if it were all about the desire to understand the holy texts a little better, divorced from reality. But then Dov Lior made it clear in his blurb for the book that it was ‘especially relevant in these times’. One cannot wonder what he meant.

            Electronic Intifada posts the whole of the facebook posting by Shaked which she appears to have taken down (but which a screenprint of which will have been taken). It quite clearly doesn’t refer to ‘terrorists’ which would be ludicrous anyway given the context. I am unaware of any challenge to the veracity of the translation and seen no alternative translation.

            This is an article by the late Uri Elitzur, which was written 12 years ago, but remained unpublished. It is as relevant today as it was at the time.

            The Palestinian people has declared war on us, and we must respond with war. Not an operation, not a slow-moving one, … Enough with the oblique references. This is a war. Words have meanings. This is a war. It is not a war against terror, and not a war against extremists, and not even a war against the Palestinian Authority. These too are forms of avoiding reality. This is a war
            between two people. Who is the enemy? The Palestinian people. Why? Ask them, they started.

            I don’t know why it’s so hard for us to define reality with the simple words that language puts at our disposal. Why do we have to make up a new name for the war every other week, just to avoid calling it by its name. What’s so horrifying about understanding that the entire Palestinian people is the enemy? Every war is between two peoples, and in every war the people who started the war, that whole people, is the enemy. A declaration of war is not a war crime. Responding with war certainly is not. Nor is the use of the word “war”, nor a clear definition who the enemy is. Au contraire: the morality of war (yes, there is such a thing) is founded on the assumption that there are
            wars in this world, and that war is not the normal state of things, and that in wars the enemy is usually an entire people, including its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure.

            And the morality of war knows that it is not possible to refrain from hurting enemy civilians. It does not condemn the British air force, which bombed and totally destroyed the German city of Dresden, or the US planes that destroyed the cities of Poland and wrecked half of Budapest, ….

            And in our war this is sevenfold more correct, because the enemy soldiers hide out among the population, and it is only through its support that they can fight. Behind every terrorist stand dozens of men and women, without whom he could not engage in terrorism. Actors in the
            war are those who incite in mosques, who write the murderous curricula for schools, who give shelter, who provide vehicles, and all those who honor and give them their moral support. They are all enemy combatants,
            and their blood shall be on all their heads. Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there.’

            It is clear as the original author, Uri Elitzur states, that it is the whole Palestinian people who are the target, not t he ‘terrorists’ indeed the whole thrust of the article is aimed at destroying that fallacy. So everything you say on this is a complete nonsense.


            So yes these are more examples of Nazi-Zionist utterings, this time from a senior member of the Netanyahu government. You would have to be blind not to see it.

            On your other trivia. Since Israel created Hamas, knowing its politics, as a counter-weight to secular Palestinian nationalist groups, it did this knowing about Hamas’s charter etc. In fact the Charter is a dead letter. But Israel never had any problem working with anti-Semites just as it has no problem treating the fighters of ISIS and al-Nusra Front today. Why should it? Without anti-Semitism there is no Zionism.

          • Paul M

            Why are you still hammering away at Dov Lior? I already agreed that he & his buddies are racists, you already conceded that he’s an outlier. Racists exist in every society at every level; it’s what happens when you build a country out of human beings so please, don’t try and use Lior as a weapon against Israel unless you are also agitating to dismantle the UK because of the National Front, the EDL, UKIP & the BNP.

            As for Ayelet Shaked, as I pointed out she wrote a perfectly lucid rebuttal. All you had to do was acknowledge that but it’s not your style, which is to snip & twist until you’ve put the worst construction you can on something and then pass it off as the truth. Shaked has been in public life for a decade; if she was genocidally inclined Abunimah would have accumulated a lot more dirt on her than one contested posting. And, since we’re in let-us-be-clear mode today, let’s also be clear that the worst that Lior has said and Shaked has been accused of has been mirrored precisely among Palestinians & across the Arab world with regards to both Israelis & Jews, from the bottom of society to the top, with no retractions, no public condemnation and not a whisper from you.

            Moving on: The argument that Israel created Hamas, and the argument that it bears responsibility for whatever it does in perpetuum is, frankly, as pathetic as it is cynical. If you actually believed that for a moment, you would be ripping into them as you do into Israel, instead of making excuses for them. Palestinians created Hamas, and however much Israel may at one time have thought it could benefit, Palestinians choose its actions and bear responsibility for their choices. Hamas’s covenant will be a dead letter when Hamas renounces it and replaces it with something else. Not before.

            Finally—really finally—this. If I had absorbed this: “Israel never had any problem working with anti-Semites just as it has no problem treating the fighters of ISIS and al-Nusra Front today” before I went bit by bit through your whole dishonest post, I would never have bothered. Israel treats the sick & wounded among its enemies when asked, because that’s a humane thing to do and a small olive branch. To you, that’s a meaningless sentence, merely a weakness to be exploited. There is no humane thing in you, just hate. I believe I am done with you. You can use my absence to claim “another Zionist scalp” or to present more lies that I won’t be contesting. Have at it.

          • I don’t recall saying that Dov Lior is ‘an outlier’ (a curious word) I assume you mean someone who is isolated. On the contrary I demonstrated that he is very well supported by his fellow rabbis and even when he lost the race for Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem it was by about 37-25. Perhaps you mistook my sarcasm ‘ no he isn’t in the mainstream that privilege is reserved for Ayelet Shaked’.

            Treat me like the relationship of the Talmud and Halacha to the Bible i.e. not literally!

            You have conflated the NF/EDL/BNP – 2 of which are overtly pro-Zionist as well as anti-Semitic and UKIP which isn’t a fascist group but is a mainstream nationalist right-wing party.

            I don’t doubt that Ayelet Shaked’s rebuttal was lucid i.e can think clearly in between bouts of madness (OED). What she quoted approvingly was perfectly intelligible, it was a call to wage war on the whole of the Palestinian people and to murder yea even the infant suckling (‘snake’).

            Yes she’s been around sometime but you seem to pass over the fact that she is a member of Jewish Home, a racist far-right party. But in Israel today that is mainstream, I grant you.

            The Palestinians are an oppressed people, land confiscated, children murdered, people detained ‘administratively’, tortured etc. It would be understandable if someone comes to your door, kicks it in, shoots your grandmother, all in the name of ‘the Jews’ that you didn’t like Jews, even if up till then you knew little about them. It is the racism of the powerful that concerns me. However in my own experience I haven’t experienced any anti-Semitism from Palestinians. Indeed the only significant anti-Semitism I have experienced, and this is common to Jewish anti-Zionists, is from Zionists, who seem to take on board the worst features and aspects of anti-Semitism.

            I can remember receiving within a day of each other 2 posts on my blog. One denied the holocaust, obviously from a fascist or neo-Nazi. The ot her wished that as a ‘traitor’ that I had died in Auschwitz. Equally obviously from a Zionist. Being told that they wished you had perished in Auschwitz is a common experience of Jewish anti-Zionists. Indeed the very term ‘traitor’ and self-hater is a Nazi expression – it was what they used to call German anti-fascists. Go figure.

            As for Israel creating Hamas, it is common knowledge, i.e. it is not a secret.

            According to Robert Dreyfuss, author of “Devil’s Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam”:

            “And beginning in 1967 through the late 1980s, Israel helped the Muslim Brotherhood establish itself in the occupied territories. It assisted Ahmed Yassin, the leader of the Brotherhood, in creating Hamas, betting that its Islamist character would weaken the PLO.”

            According to Charles Freeman, former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia,

            “Israel started Hamas. It was a project of Shin Bet [Israeli domestic intelligence agency], which had a feeling that they could use it to hem in the PLO.”

            New York Times Reporter David Shipler cites the Israeli military governor of Gaza as boasting that Israel expressly financed the fundamentalists against the PLO:

            “Politically speaking, Islamic fundamentalists were sometimes regarded as useful to Israel, because they had conflicts with the secular supporters of the PLO. Violence between the two groups erupted occasionally on West Bank university campuses. Israeli military governor of the Gaza Strip, Brigadier General Yitzhak Segev, once told me how he had financed the Islamic movement as a counterweight to the PLO and the Communists. ‘The
            Israeli Government gave me a budget and the military government gives to the mosques,’ he said.”

            See my blog ‘

            HAMAS – When Israel & Netanyahu Sang from a Different Songsheet’ http://azvsas.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/hamas-when-israel-netanyahu-did-their.html

            As for Israel treating ISIS butchers because it is so humane (not so humane that it didn’t slaugther 547 Palestinian children in Gaza last year) I wonder if this humanity might extend to Palestinians who have died at military checkpoints in the West Bank because they were delayed en route to hospital. This has happened repeatedly. Or maybe its use of torture is also humane?

            Israel bombed a truck containing Hezbollah fighters last year killing both them and an Iranian general. It excused it as being on account of an attack being prepared on Israel, which was such a naked and transparent lie that when Hezbollah reacted and did kill a couple of Israeli soldiers and wound 7 more, Israel did nothing. The real reason was that Hezbollah was conducting military operations against the Al Qaeda al-Nusra Front in the area and Israel, which has been seen giving them weapons (for humanitarian pu rposes) lent a hand. There is a lot of evidence of a tie up between Israel and these Islamist barbarians. Ha’aretz quoted a senior military officer saying that the West was fighting the wrong people.

            So you’ll excuse me if I don’t buy your humanitarian hasbara.

  • albert pike

    ” following the murder of three Israeli teenagers and a wave of rocket
    attacks on Israel from Hamas–controlled Gaza — Israel launched Operation
    Protective Edge..”

    First, your chronology is not precise.

    There was the murder of 3 Israelis, the perpetrators of which were either killed or arrested very quickly. Israel then arrested about 200 more Palestinians. Some Palestinians were killed – one being forced to drink petrol and then set on fire- and while these events were in progress rockets were fired from Gaza. Then Israel embarked on its periodic mowing of the lawn


    Anyway, Its wonderful that Ed says Israel has a right to defend itself, and its people should have a right to defend their homes, everyone should have a right to that.
    As long as they are not Palestinian.

    The problem for Israel is that much of the land it claims to be defending is stolen land, and as they may soon find out in at the ICC they have no right to defend that. Unfortunately for Mr. Milliband he has so far been unable to make the distinction between land Israel has stolen land and land it legally occupies, which is exactly what Israel wants, and Ed knows that.

    All this argument about him being no friend of Israel is a diversion, Ed is a great friend of Israel as he allows it to continue stealing and maintaining possession of Palestinian land through brutal force.

    • Guest

      Hello Pikey,
      how come your Allah hates you so much?
      He’s been on Israel’s side since 1948, and nobody slaughters more muslims than other muslims. They turn their own con tries into dust, without a single Israeli around, and can not live in peace with Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Jews and each other.

      If I were you, I’d shut the heck up, considering Muslims are currently involved in 99% of all wars and armed conflicts worldwide.

      All the best,
      Non-Jewish Zionist.

      • albert pike

        “He’s been on Israel’s side since 1948,”

        Has she?

        If it weren’t for the fact that Israel has expanded beyond the land allocated yo it in the petition plan, into Lebanon and into Syria, Israelis would have died of thirst long ago.

        And considering the plans you zionists have for jews, we are ging to have to see just how much god loves ’em.

        “They turn their own con tries into dust,”

        Actually the Americans, NATO and Israel do the turning into dust.

        “and can not live in peace with Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Jews and each other.”

        They can and they do. Israel is backing Hindu and Budhist extremists


        Apart from that you haven’t addressed a single point I made in my post.

        • Infidelissima

          here’s a point: “nobody slaughters as many muslims as other muslims”
          that’s all we see everyday, everywhere
          until you sort your own out, you have no right to point your grubby blood soaked fingers at others

          How is ISIS doing in Yarmouk at the moment?
          Weren’t those peaceful Palestinians flying ISIS flags all over Gaza, how did that turn out?

          • albert pike

            “nobody slaughters as many muslims as other muslims””

            Tat would depend on your time frame. At this particular point of time on could say that more moslems are dying at the hands of moslems. At other times it at the hands of jews and at others at the hands of christians.

            “Weren’t those peaceful Palestinians flying ISIS flags all over Gaza, how did that turn out?”

            No they weren’t

          • albert pike

            “The Indian media had recently disclosed an existing nexus between Mossad
            and Hindu extremist factions in India, with the latter receiving funds
            for their operations. It is in this context the possibility of Mossad’s
            involvement with the extremist Sinhala Buddhist factions in causing
            anti-Muslims protests become tenable.”


            Thankfully Israel would never pay right wing fascist movements in the UK to stir up anti-moslem sentiment, or would it?

            English Defence League’s leader Stephen Lennon said:
            “One of the fundamental beliefs that this movement was built on was
            its support for Israel’s right to defend itself. In our first
            demonstrations, we went to Birmingham, and we flew the flag of Israel,
            the Star of David. In the first public speech I ever gave, I wore the
            Star of David in Leeds. The reason for this is because Israel is a
            shining star of democracy. If Israel falls, we all fall.””

          • Yes I remember the Palestine Solidarity Movement stall in Birmingham being attacked by the EDL. The EDL, having been driven off, then gave Hitler salutes!

    • your chronology is all wrong. Those responsible for killing the settlers were arrested a long time after. Israel had already bombed Gaza repeatedly. Remember Netanyahu said the killings were those of Hamas. The fact that the settlers were dead was kept quiet for a long period during which there were massive raids.

      But then the Palestinian child was burnt to death there were no raids on their settlements or bombing/demolition of their homes.

      Racist zionism? Perish the thought

      • albert pike

        “The fact that the settlers were dead was kept quiet for a long period during which there were massive raids”

        Yes that’s right, thank you. I thought they had killed 2 of the perpetrators and kept that quiet, but it was the fact they knew the boys were dead that they kept quiet.

  • albert pike

    “he Jewish Chronicle poll found 73 per cent of Jews said the
    parties’ approach toward Israel and the Middle East was ‘very’ or
    ‘quite’ important in determining how they would vote,”

    Thankfully they only number 300,000 |sic] so their wish that Britain continues with a foreign policy that supports Israel’s expansion is irrelevant.; otherwise people might start whispering the words ‘FIFTH COLUMN’

    • Infidelissima

      Israel’s expansion into 0.2% of Middle Eastern land? LOL

      you Muslims truly have no shame – what are you calling the current INVASION OF EUROPE then? Your people spread like a virus through Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and take wars and bloodshed everywhere with you. Over 50 countries are muslim, most of them cesspits, and you oppose 1 Jewish state, the size of Wales?

      You better remember who won the last crusades, and ask yourself why half a billion Arabs have not been able to destroy 7 Million Israelis: useless parasites, the only thing you’re good at, is killing each other.

      • albert pike

        Your post is full of racist dribble again, and again you fail to address the points I have made

        • Infidelissima

          unlike your non racists posts LOL
          How about you organise a flotilla to Gaza or another Muslim country, I hear their lovely and very NON RACIST this time time of year….

        • mrs 1234

          It is not exactly all racist dribble – given the real difficulty for a very conservative culture to integrate with a progressive one the massive immigration of Muslims has seen whole areas of some European cities colonised, there is crisis and bloodshed and no tolerance for other religions in many Muslim countries. While I acknowledge that Palestinians were treated disgracefully at the time of the creation of Israel – it has to be remembered that Israel was a jewish nation long before the muslims conquered it. I feel for the plight of the displaced people but I do not sympathise with the general avowal amongst their leaders and other Muslim states to wipe Israel off the map. For all the wrongs with the Palestine/ Israel question there have been many attempts to broker a 2 state solution all of which foundered. In 1915, Turkey simply massacred almost 2 million Armenian Christians in response to their request for fair treatment. There is general ignorance around this act of genocide.

          • albert pike

            ” there is crisis and bloodshed and no tolerance for other religions in many Muslim countries.”

            In which moslem country is there crisis, bloodshed and no tolerance for other religion?

            “Turkey simply massacred almost 2 million Armenian Christians”

            some used to say one million, I suppose you are allowing for inflation.

            The Americans and British have massacred at least one million Iraqis.

            Bolshevik jews exterminated millions of Russians.

            Your point?

          • Damaris Tighe

            ‘Bolshevik jews exterminated millions of Russians’: No. Some leading bolsheviks were of Jewish descent. They left religion & ethnic nationalism behind when they signed up to atheist internationalist Marxism. It was attractive because for generations the Czars had persecuted their families. Marxism seemed to be an answer.

            Your racist comment however wouldn’t look out of place in De Sturmer or a neo-N*zi website & demonstrates the cosy relationship between Muslim pro-Palestinianism & N*zism.

          • albert pike

            “Some leading bolsheviks were of Jewish descent.’

            And the rest…..


          • Damaris Tighe

            If you’re going to rely on links to make your point (which you do a lot – hoping, perhaps, that we won’t bother to read them) you should read them carefully yourself first:

            The article says, ‘But Jewish leaders AND SOME HISTORIANS have … questioned Solzhenitzin’s motives in writing [these allegations], accusing him of factual inaccuracies’ (my caps).

            The article also quotes Solzhenitzin as saying, ‘I have never made general conclusions about a people. I will always differentiate between layers of Jews. One layer rushed headfirst to the revolution. Another, to the contrary, was trying to stand back.’

          • albert pike

            “But Jewish leaders AND SOME HISTORIANS have … questioned
            Solzhenitzin’s motives in writing [these allegations], accusing him of
            factual inaccuracies'”

            Whenever someone writes something negative about jews or Israel, someone somewhere will either disagree with it or question the morality of the writer, a tactic you are fond of. It all comes down to who you are going to believe. Do you believe Nobel prize winner Solzhenitzin, who is known as one of the greatest authorities on the Russian revolution, or a bunch of lids who start whining at the slightest criticism of Israel.

            Genrikh Yagoda

          • Damaris Tighe

            Just as peaceful Muslims must fear coming onto the streets of Britain to protest atrocities carried out in their name, do you really think it was safe to demonstrate on the streets of the USSR against the bolsheviks?

            Stupid boy.

          • albert pike

            Guess what you want, could you answer the question?

            “do you really think it was safe”

            Jews who had fought against Bolsheviks at the beginning did not suffer, so who knows

          • there is no one ‘muslim culture’. It was the West that bolstered and supported the Wahhabi Saudis. Repression to protect the oil. The West froze Islam and made sections of it what it is. Even today the USA supplies the Saudis with weapons to bomb Yemen, ably supported by Israel.

    • mrs 1234

      Yes, I agree as they do with the Muslim community that numbered 2.7 million in 2011 and is now much larger and we see politicians desperately trying to curry favour with them.

      • albert pike

        “we see politicians desperately trying to curry favour with them.”

        And do you have any examples to support your assertion of politicians ‘currying’?

  • Bertie Wooster

    I wonder if the bacon sandwich had anything to do with it.

  • Frank

    I do wonder just how integrated communities are when people refer to the “Jewish vote” or the “Muslim vote” or the “Sikh vote”.

  • Yvon & Barry Stuart-Hargreaves

    This is the same anti-semitism shown by the New York Jewish community to Bernie Madoff’s family. Most UK Jewish families are of long standing and they have a dreadful snobbery towards late arrivals like those escaping the holocaust.
    Yes Jews can be anti-semitic too.

  • thomasaikenhead

    Ed Miliband is not standing to be Prime Minister of Israel but the UK.

    To succeed he will need widespread national support and will not obtain that if he is seen to be an ‘Israel-firster’.

    With the UK Jewish community numbering less than a quarter of a million, i.e less that one half of one percent of the population, they are influential in only a handful of constituencies.

  • eddie333

    The bacon sandwich would not have helped….lol

  • George Smiley

    A 2010 report from the Theos think tank suggested that 21% of Jewish electors voted Labour in that year’s election. The Survation poll for the Jewish Chronicle earlier this month suggests that 22% of those surveyed will vote for Labour this time around.

    How did Ed Miliband lose the Jewish vote? He didn’t, it was already gone.

    • albert pike

      “22% of those surveyed will vote for Labour”

      There are only 300,000 jews in Britain, their voting habits are irrelevant.

      Unless the 300,000 figure is Bull

  • milford

    There is a rumour that Sir James Goldsmith is Diana Spencer’s real father. If you Google it there are photos which in my view support the idea. She certainly looks more like the Goldsmiths than the Spencers. If it’s true and Diana was half Jewish and Catherine Middleton being half Jewish through her mother, another Goldsmith I believe – does that make Prince George Jewish – or not?

  • Dan O’Connor

    There’s the Muslim vote, the Black vote, the Hispanic vote , and the Jewish vote , but you never here about any Western politician pandering for the White vote . or the native British vote .
    We are a non-peoples. You have to transform Whites into a non-peoples, a meaningless social construct , a sociological fraud ,
    ( unless spoken of in the negative ) because in order to take our land and heritage away from us a giveit to alie cultures and peoples , out politicial and Liberal ruling elites must first morally justify it by claming that we don’t exist and that it belongs to anyone and everyone

  • Extricate

    In answer to the article’s headline, being an unquestioning supporter of Palestinian jew killers probably hasn’t helped Ed’s cause in this respect…

    • No doubt the absurd ‘extricate’ will call holocaust survivors ‘german killers’. what a silly person.

  • Eurocentric

    To the best of my knowledge, the relatively small Jewish vote has for some time veered towards the Tories. The Millibands were brought up to have no religious sentiments whatsoever and both Ed and David have little affiliation to the Jewish community and would not be bothered with a “Jewish vote”. The only reason for anyone to not vote Milliband would be because a man who betrayed his own brother can hardly be trusted not to betray others. The only reason to vote Labour at this election would only to make a change from the ghastly Cameron bunch.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Still can’t spell Miliband?
      Brits today, borderline retarded.

      • Eurocentric

        Not a Brit. But at least I know that you should have used a colon, not a comma. Jerkthesmilingblack

        • Jackthesmilingblack

          Do try to spell these names correctly in future.

      • Aspergers Alert (Number 21)!

  • John M

    Of course the article doesn’t mention that for all the noise made by Jewish representatives in the media, there are less that 300,000 Jews in the UK, which is less than 0.5% of the population.

    And given that London predominently votes Labour anyway, why SHOULD he care?

  • The ‘tragedy will be complete’ for him; for the UK it will be a victory and cause for celebration.

  • Innit Bruv

    It’s about time the pro Israel lobby both here in the UK and in countries like France or the US was told to get stuffed once and for all.
    Why should Britain’s foreign policy and its interests risk be affected adversely by a minority of its citizens’ loyalty to a foreign power and its expansionist ambitions?
    If some of God’s Chosen People residing in the UK place their loyalty to the “state of Israel” above all else then perhaps it is time they move there.

    • Jaysonrex

      Please stop smoking pot if you can. The old anti-Semitic fairy tale “The pro-Israel Lobby” is way out of fashion. Just as the “Blood Libel” turned out to be. Since you seem to be so very creative “Innit Bruv”, maybe you can invent a new one. Nowadays, Jews will enjoy it no end, believe me.

      • Innit Bruv

        Ever heard of AIPAC?

  • Miliband and Ed Balls even more have been all too reliably pro-Zionist. It is those who insist on wearing blinkers who believe that the fate of Jews in this country is tied up with the most racist and right-wing state in the world.

    Where else do u get the Prime Minister warning the majority of the country that ‘the Arabs are voting in droves’ or the Foreign Minister calling for the beheading of Arab opponents or the open racism on the streets and the ‘death to the Arabs’ chants of Beitar (something familiar about that chant – wasn’t it ‘death to the Jews’ in the ’30s?).

    Fact is that the Jewish community which fought Moseley and voted Communist in 1945 (Phil Piratin, Mile End) has swung massively to the Right. A combination of Zionism and their own socio-economic position.

    But half Jews today ‘marry out’ and thus become divorced from the majority of bigots that are so well represented here. And Netanyahu’s traditional Zionist attitude to anti-Semitism? Escape and go to your ‘real home’ in Israel. As always Zionism is just an echo of anti-Semitism.

    So indulge all you want in your anti-Islamic fantasies alongside your EDL and UKIP friends.

  • John Andrews

    That is much the most flattering photo of Miliband I have seen.

  • The Laughing Cavalier

    It is strange, is it not, that the Miliband family should be hell bent on destroying the country that sheltered them from the Nazis.

  • Jaysonrex

    There are about 260,000 Jews in the U.K. but the kerfuffle that Brits make about them is … out of UK and definitely out of this world. Can anyone explain this strange phenomenon?

    In Japan, India or China no one cares about the local Jewish community but in all Christian nations this seems to be a topic that is obsessively focused upon by the ‘locals’.

    On the other hand, in Muslim countries this is NOT a problem (any longer) since there are no Jewish communities left standing and we all know why.

  • Death to the Arabs


    In this video a “Death to the Arabs” march forces its way through occupied Jerusalem

    In Britain such a march, through say Golders Green, chanting ‘death to the Jews’ would rightly be stopped and its participants and organisers arrested. So too would an EDL march through the East End. But in Israel the Police protect such a march, instructing Arabs to stay inside their homes.

    This disturbing video shows Israeli youths, escorted by police and occupation forces, marching through the Old City of Jerusalem chanting “mavet la’aravim” – “death to the Arabs” – and other cries of hate.

    According to the racism-monitoring website Kifaya, the 19 April march was part of the monthly “Tour of the Gates” by Jewish extremists through the Muslim Quarter of the Old City.

    As part of the event, held at the beginning of every month according to the
    Jewish calendar, the one-kilometer-long route is blocked to Palestinians, and
    businesses and stores must close, Kifaya says.

    Palestinians are forbidden from leaving their homes during the march.

    “Some 1,500 Jews participated in the march,” Kifaya says, “and it was secured by hundreds of policemen and soldiers, who thronged the area.”

    In addition to “death to the Arabs,” the marchers’ repertoire of cries and songs included: “revenge,” “may your name be wiped out,” “may your village be burnt down,” and the anti-Muslim chant “Muhammad is dead” –- all heard by the police and occupation forces who secured the event, Kifaya says.

    Some of the marchers even banged on the doors of homes and businesses and
    there were also some attempts to damage property.

    Israel expert Dena Shunra told The Electronic Intifada that “may your name be wiped out” is a “very potent curse, generally used for enemies of the entire Jewish nation. Hitler is always mentioned with that curse.”

    Shunra observes that the video reveals the highly organized nature of the march: the youths in the yellow vests in front have the word “ushers” on their backs.

    At 0:24, a young man can be seen wearing a kippa – skull cap – with the word “Nachman” on it, indicating that he, at least, is affiliated with the Breslauer sect of Hasidic Jews.

    At 0:54 some participants can be seen holding what look like papers with slogans printed on them.

    It is striking, Shunra adds, “the way liturgical texts and songs are interspersed amongst the hate cries.”

    Israelis regularly hold similar hate marches on “Jerusalem Day,” a government-decreed annual celebration of the city’s military occupation and annexation in violation of international law.

    What is even more alarming is that many of the participants in this march appear to be children themselves.

    • Jaysonrex

      Besides being a demented liar, “Tony Greenstein”, you are also a Christian anti-Semite that is hiding behind a Jewish nick in fear of being discovered by the Mossad and ‘taken care of’ together with all of yours.

      Not that it matters since every day the Jews have to deal with Christian anti-Semites that populate European countries. And deal effectively too, by the way.

      So when you drive “Tony Greenstein” always look in the rear-view mirror just in case you are being followed. Hail Marry to you and all of yours – while still around.

      • I wouldn’t accuse King Jayson of being a liar. Rather another demented Zionist and fantasist.

        Since my father was an orthodox rabbi I suspect he’ll be even more irked!

        I’ve dealt with fascists all my life. No need to look in the rear view. But on one thing he’s right (just like a stopped clock is right twice a day). It was the Christian anti-Semites who first came up with the myth of the Jewish ‘return’ to Palestine. Can’t imagine why! Maybe they just didn’t like Jews living with them

  • Israeli civilisation in all its glory. The ‘light unto the nations’ as they once described it.

    Even Jews can now be pogromists. Wonderful achievement. Almost matches the miracle of the Exodus and making the desert bloom!

    This is the reality when they say ‘shalom’ to you.


  • Ric Euteneuer

    So, basically, Ed is not pro-Israeli enough, apparently

  • kat

    What an utter BS. Why, as aJew, is he expected to automaticaly deny the Palestinians their state? I am a jew, and back the palestinian state 100%. I am not a fan of DM,but this article actually makes him look good- focus o politics (however bad, in his case) instead of your background. Would we be as encouraging if a muslim candidate backed all muslim issues worldwide? Or a christian one blindly supporting the church? I hope not.

  • Peter Bayliss

    Usually vote Labour, though recently voted Tory….., now because i support Israel, (i am not Jewish, but a committed Christian) but Labour Milliband has lost my vote So it will be Tory again !