Avengers: Age of Ultron reviewed - confusing, undramatic, repetitive and loud

But the set pieces are impressive - if that’s what impresses you

25 April 2015

9:00 AM

25 April 2015

9:00 AM

Avengers: Age of Ultron

12A, Nationwide

Avengers: Age of Ultron is the second film in the Avengers franchise, as written and directed by Joss Whedon, and stars Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark (Iron Man), Chris Evans as Captain America, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye and Mark Ruffalo as Dr Bruce Banner, aka the Incredible Hulk, who probably had to be included, as no one would have wished to piss him off. (‘IF HULK NOT IN MOVIE HULK WILL THROW CAR!’) I am not among the target audience for this particular genre, but I attended with my son (22), which was useful, as I found it confusing — a lot of prior knowledge is assumed — and he was able to fully debrief me afterwards as to who was who, and where Samuel L. Jackson had suddenly come from, and who’s the funny fella with the red painted face? I don’t know what it is about the minds of young men such that they get all this but do not get picking up wet towels, or coming in at
4 a.m. and closing the front door quietly, but there you are.

Back to black: Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow

I am not among the target audience, and neither am I an ardent fan of these films. I didn’t grow up on the Marvel comics, only Bunty, and ‘The Four Marys’, who never had to save humankind, and were too busy having midnight feasts anyhow. But I have not proved unwilling over the years. I enjoyed all the first of the modern superhero movies — the first Superman (Christopher Reeve), the first Batman (Michael Keaton), the first Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) — but now that the technology has moved on they all seem much of a muchness. That is, they seem to exist not as dramas, but as feats of cinematic engineering, so what you ultimately have is a surfeit of CGI bling, strung together by a few lame jokes and a few lame stabs at character and back story as the soundtrack pounds and as good as takes your ears off. (In this instance, I could even feel the sound pounding up my legs, if that makes sense, and my whole body was still jangling and throbbing two hours later.) And the main plot never varies, involving as it always does some evil alien force that wishes to destroy the human race. In this instance, it is Ultron, a robot with red eyes, as voiced by James Spader. Ultron thinks humans a disgrace because they are always starting wars with each other. So he starts a war against them? What kind of sense does that make? That’s what I asked my son, but all he would say was, ‘For God’s sake, mum, you sometimes just have to go with it, OK?’

Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth)

OK. The film opens with a Bond-style pre-credit sequence involving much fighting in a forest so that all the Avengers can show off their particular powers prior to retrieving some kind of glowing sceptre. Back in the lab, Stark and Banner tinker with the sceptre, intending to use it to create an artificial intelligence being that will protect earth, but they mess up and instead create Ultron. In effect, the Avengers generate the villain they then have to fight, which made me think the world would be a safer place without them, but I did not want my son to sigh again, or write me off as uncool (I’m not) so I kept quiet about that one. But I should add that Ultron comes with two evil sidekicks: Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), who is telekinetic (and also quite, quite mad), and her brother Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), who is extremely fast. They both have Russian accents. Also, Ultron’s headquarters seem to be in Slovakia. I sometimes wonder: do the Americans actually know the threat of communism is over? Has anyone told them yet?

This is, I suppose, exactly what the fans of this genre want, as it’s a huge action picture packed with huge action set-pieces — with battleships, iron monsters, fireball explosions — which are impressive, if this is what impresses you, while featuring the kind of violence that has no consequences, so whole cities are razed without a single casualty.And it’s all fantastically fast. One minute we’re in Norway, the next in Korea, then Africa, and I never had much of a clue how we got there (or, to be totally honest, why; did Andy Serkis pop up at one point?).

Fast and furious: Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen)

But any true drama is entirely missing. There is no tension. Everything has to stop for the next battle. It is tediously repetitive. And the characters are all one defining trait. They’ve all been awarded back stories, but these back stories so shout ‘Lame Back Story Alert!, Lame Back Story Alert!’ that they defeat their own objective, don’t add to the character, and actually alert you to how weak the film truly is.

Afterwards, I asked my son what he’d give it out of ten, but he wouldn’t play ball. He would only say, ‘It is what it is’ and there you have it, I suppose. He then went off into the night to meet his girlfriend and I knew I would hear no more from him. Until 4 a.m….

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  • jim

    So what else is new.? Of course it’s junk.. It was always going to be junk. There was never any chance it could be anything other than junk.


      except it’s not not and so far over 80% of reviewers think its great…

      • Johnnysammysoso

        What? That’s not true, 80% think the movie is ok or better, not all them are saying it’s great, rotten tomatoes considers a 60% grade as a positive, 3/5 is NOT great… I’ve seen the film, i liked it but it has it’s fair shares of problems and it really isn’t hard to see why some reviewers don’t like it

        • webslinger48

          Rotten Tomatoes scores are report cards. And an 80% is a B-.

      • webslinger48

        80% of reviewers think it is better than mediocre.

        I see a lot of 3-stars-out-of-5 for this movie. Very few are giving it a 4-out-of-4 or 5-out-of-5.

        80% is a B-. Not stellar, but better than the Green Lantern movie. Sounds about right.

      • ksy

        mcdonalds has shitty food but is way popular with the general public. CGI-orgy movies like with most marvel stuff is a good way of seeing how objective analysis is often overwhelmed by ‘popular opinion’. most people would “surf the big wave” and ride on the popular trend so as not to look out of place or different. when it comes to marvel movies, a reviewer would be hard put to find a bigger shitload of these pimple-faced emo fanboys.

  • NightRunner

    Ouch, seeing from your other reviews now I know why your son spends more time with his girlfriend.

    • ksy

      this is one of the stupidest comments i have ever read. are you a mama? does your 22 yo son spend more time with you than his gf? congrats, you’ve been chosen as “idiot of the week”!

  • Apricot 1

    Are you paid to plagiarize your own reviews? You use the exact same “surfeit of CGI bling” critique that you used in your Avengers Assemble review from 3 years ago. (In the second paragraph

    You were obviously predisposed to not giving this movie a chance. Very unprofessional.

    • IFD|Humbag

      nice catch

    • webslinger48

      “Waaaah…I am a fanboy and have to criticize every review that is critical of my only reason for living….wah!!!”

      • ksy

        i’m a butthurt fanboy and let me tell you she’s got no right to not like this movie. who does she think she is? and she didn’t like the last one either. wahhhhhhhhh, she made me cry…now i’m gonna go tell my mama, wahhh…..

        • Jason Daniel

          Man, Those fanboys are terrible, I’m so glad we have mature people like you whose joy in life apparently comes from spending ridiculous amounts of time commenting on reviews and being a condescending jerk to everyone who doesn’t agree with your opinion. (hmmm, that sounds a lot like your description of those horrible fanboys.) I mean, who could have come up with a more mature response to a comment than “wahhh, I’m gonna fo tell my momma?” Other than my little cousin, but hes almost seven now, so he thinks stuff like that is just childish. Get over yourself, grow up, and get a life. Let people have their own opinions about movies. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them some unintelligent, immature, idiotic child.

          • ccdev

            thank you, i’m glad to see that you know what i am talking about, not bad for a pimply-faced emo attention-deficit teenage nerd. Seems like these butthurt fanboys that u are so eagerly protecting can dish it out but can’t seem to take it. they need a real Man like you around, eh? now, do me a favour and go clean your lil’ cousin’s butthole.

          • Nervern Presence

            You’re my hero momma lol. I’m more into Dc comics and consider myself a bit of a fanboy. Thing is, I seriously feel you have the right to crit however you like as a reviewer. I actually do appreciate it…can’t wait to read your review on batman v superman when it cones out.

          • Sarah Goodwich

            I don’t see how anyone can defend this film. In the first Avengers movie, we saw everything from the Avengers coming together, mass-attack on earth of alien robots led by a rogue god, a super-carrier, said gods being used punching-bags by the Hulk, and a giant nuclear explosion. Here we saw a couple of mutated college-kids who were more than a match for said Avengers, and a lot of standing around and hanging out in moderation with fighting some weird monster they created.
            Conclusion: after the first film, The Avengers burned out and have become the Slacking Troublemakers.

          • JD Whitman

            Yes, because name-calling, poor writing and spouting empty generalities is the perfect way to gain the intellectual/moral high-ground. Well done, Jason.

    • yudhistir Saxena

      She is just trying to open your eyes and see the movie for what it is and not what you imagine it to be

  • JD Whitman

    And in come the butthurt fanboys, who think of this as quality filmmaking. Boy oh boy.

    • Roddy

      In 3…2…1

    • Walt

      has nothing to do with “butthurt fanboys”, and everything to do with reviewers who knock on movies that they clearly don’t like. Ill never understand it, see it all the time, has to be a shitty job to be forced to watch movies like this apparently. Also, the reviewer is a gal, and women don’t exactly go rushing to see popcorn comic book movies anyway

      • JD Whitman

        And why do you care so much? This is a reviewer, who, like you said, clearly isn’t attracted to these types of movies…why does their opinion matter to you, exactly? It’s downright pathetic how emotionally invested fanboys get in reviews and aggregate scores, as if the critical consensus somehow validates their own opinions, and any dissent is met with childish name-calling/ranting at the least, and death threats at worst…

        • Matthew Haughton

          The reason her opinion matters, is because she’s explaining things that she evidently couldn’t understand so us “butthurt fanboys” want to explain some things, so she can understand the film better.

          For example she missed the point of Ultron; he sets out to destroy the one thing that inhibits peace on Earth: Humanity. If you don’t get that, then everything is going to look crap to you because you don’t get why he’s doing what he’s doing.

          The part about the “Lame Back Story Alert” is referring likely to Widow and Hawkeye who actually weren’t really developed characters in the slightest until this movie, and both backstories actually enhance the characters, but they barely affect the plot, which she would then take to mean that they’re useless, but of course, if you’ve seen any of the other films then you get what’s going on.

          She’s looking at it as a stand alone separate film, and 11 films into the MCU, you just can’t do that anymore.

          I’ll agree though, that it’s quite confusing and it feels rushed and bloated and the Widow and Hulk relationship thing is just weird. So yeah, that’s how it is, or at least how I see it.

          On the “butthurt fanboys” thing. Yes, some of us can be arseholes, but it’s because we’re passionate about the films, as some people are passionate about drama by a certain director, or Chess, or video games, etc. etc. We are emotionally invested in the films, so when someone criticises them, especially when they’re also looking at it from the wrong angle, as is the case here, then obviously we’re going to get a little defensive, because the person isn’t able to see it for what it’s worth, the reviewer already said that she sees the films as basically rubbish, because they aren’t dramas so she’s going to be going into the films with bias, which means the review also, isn’t going to be fair, so we’ll also take umbrage to that, because it’s not fair to criticise something you already had decided you won’t like, because you won’t watch it with an open mind. It can also work both ways, with fans of the MCU reviewing AoU after having already decided it would be awesome; it’s not an accurate representation of the film.

          So that’s why we get a bit pissy with people who criticise the MCU, because to us, it’s a great piece of art and for someone to just say it’s crap, makes us feel like you’re disrespecting the people who made the film.

          IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic all are representative of the public, rather than the critics, so that’s why we look to aggregate scores because it’s like a poll, it gives us a good representation of what the public thought of a film.

          And, I’m sorry, on behalf of the arseholes out there, that you’ve had name calling and death threats. Most of us aren’t like that, we’ll have a decent conversation, or try to, some people are just dicks though, but we don’t really associated ourselves with them so please try not to lump us in the same group as them. Thanks. Hope this helps you understand us better. 🙂 🙂

          • ccdev

            where shall i start – what you said “especially when they’re also looking at it from the wrong angle” so, let me guess – your angle must surely be the ‘correct’ angle in which one should watch the movie, no? this, by itself, makes you a presumptuous arsehole. And when you add this “Yes, some of us can be arseholes, but it’s because we’re passionate….” so now, we know you butthurt fanboys are just a bunch of presumptuous, passionate arseholes. So youre not into death threats, great. that means you’re a pacifist, presumptuous, passionate arsehole. thx for the boatload of information.

            as for “for someone to just say it’s crap, makes us feel like you’re disrespecting the people who made the film.” for you guys to diss a differing opinion so much makes me feel as though you think your opinion comes from a higher plane of existence, which it doesn’t, so take of those blinders and climb off your high horse, pal. a crap movie is a crapmovie, unless, unless you really enjoyed it cause it had “impressive set pieces” and all those “cool” heroes together, woww….way to go pimply-faced emo attention-deficit-gadget-needy teen.

            As for peace on earth “….Ultron; he sets out to destroy the one thing that inhibits peace on Earth: Humanity” Ultron should have just goddamned made the mary jane not only legal but compulsory for each and every adult to consume. Instant peace! instead he tried to take on the avengers, what a dickhead!

          • JD Whitman

            Again…why do you care so much? It’s baffling. I’m just as passionate as anyone else about fiction, but to take it personally or get angry or defensive with a critic is just childish “stop not liking what I like” nonsense. If you feel a critic is poorly educated in the subject, then educate them, but dont. get. so. butthurt. about it.

          • Eric Gustin

            i think you might be the one missing the point here. i agree that the entire idea of the ultron story is awesome. and i was waiting soooooo patiently for it to come to the big screen. as a true fan boy and a HUUUGGGEEE fan of the first avengers, i was salivating for this movie. but this movie was aweful. the worst thing marvel has put out to date. i absolutely hate to say that. but its true. we’ll have to wait a few months for the real reviews to come in. what i mean by that is, people are just overwhelmed with the spectacle and the excitement of the movie right now. but in the next few months, people will start to realize how awefully done this movie really was. much like the star wars prequels, which were initially loved by fans, but then as a bit of time went by, even the most die hard fans called those movies out for what they were. all flash and no bang. age of ultron was an embarrasment, to say the least. and believe me, it TRULY hurts me to admit that.

      • Johnnysammysoso

        I’ve seen the film, I enjoyed it but it has it’s fair share of problems, i can see why a lot of reviewers aren’t enjoying it too much, they do bring up good reasons, not all negative reviews are negative just for the sake of being negative you know, you’re acting really silly

      • ksy

        yeah, she’s a woman so she can’t expect good drama, tension, smart writing from a movie. a comic book movie no less…maybe Joss ‘overated’ Whedon should have added some colorful “BAM”! “Pow!” “Arrrghh”! “Nooooooo”! captions in the movie ala TV’s 1960s batman, would have added to the comic-booky atmosphere.

        • kv11

          wait a minute, women watch films about couples who have cancer where eventually everyone dies, so cut the crap about people not lowering themselves to watch films with emo’s

          • ccdev

            i’m sorry. i meant emo butthurt fanboys like yourself, numbnuts. emo women at sad movies are perfectly OK with me cause it prepares the mood for a good seduction. besides, women are smart and still can have dialog even though they emo, unlike butthurt fanboys who can’t accept a differing opinion.

          • kv11

            What would you know about being smart? You don’t even seem to know what an opinion is. And you’re also pretty presumptuous for assuming anyone that calls you out for talking crap must automatically be the subject that they were calling you out on. You made 2 brainless, lazy suggestions, and rather than say “well yes, I suppose a cynical cash grab can take more than one form” you’ve decided to barrel on through bawling away with yet more indecipherable bullshit. “prepares the mood for a good seduction” – a film about 2 people with cancer going on a date in Amsterdam??

          • ccdev

            the way you reply would indicate that you seem very effected by my “indecipherable bullshit”. maybe in a perverse way, you find me interesting. fyi any film that emotes & touches the heart provides a suitable basis for seduction/romance. an aware person will be able to adjust/adapt to the different tones of emotion shown and do the necessary. young man, it’s not my job to teach you how to handle women. Instead of spending all your time playing xbox or watching porn, you should try to go out for a few dates and maybe then you’ll learn some stuff.

          • kv11

            so you think a cliche by the numbers romantic drama that has “they both have cancer” as its niche, is thought provoking, emotional drama that is at the heart of all women?

      • Amy Payne

        Yes we do! Stop generalising.

        • ccdev

          forgive walt. he’s a sign of the new generation – too much CGI movies and Porn will lead to desensitization of feelings and intellect.

      • Sarah Goodwich

        “has nothing to do with “butthurt fanboys”, and everything to do with reviewers who knock on movies that they clearly don’t like”

        So are you saying they should PRAISE movies they don’t like, or knock on those they DO? It’s a review, they’re supposed to tell what they think of it. And I have to agree, this review is spot-on.


      JD-you haven’t seen it yet so STFU

      • JD Whitman


        • ccdev

          better STFU, man otherwise you’d make the butthurt fanboy cry and he’s gonna run to his mama.

          • Phil K

            And here he is AGAIN, backing up his own “point” (which is his HEAD in actual fact) as a “guest” PML

      • Phil K

        I dare say he’s a Guardian reader which makes them think they do significantly more about everything than they actually do – the laughable arrogance is a giveaway, you see

        • ccdev

          wow, a modern day sherlock, if i ever saw one. pop quiz, genius – who’s your daddy?

    • Dom

      Fuck you!

      • JD Whitman

        Oh, how intelligent.

    • Phil K

      Hardly. he has his opinion, and no doubt you’ll lecture others even though you haven’t seen it (although you’ll claim you have) like he is – and while I reckon his view is codswallop, it’s his opinion. Even though people like him AND yourself seem to think your opinions are somehow “more important” – they are – in a word – anything BUT

      • ccdev

        wow, thanks for sharing your important opinion. you made the world a richer place. now, please go jump in a lake.

      • JD Whitman

        I never said, or even implied, that my opinion is more important or superior to anyone elses’. Please stop making things up. 🙂

      • TheMikester

        JD has never been anything but a worthless troll with nothing to contribute. Don’t feed him with replies!

  • Des Akkari

    At least you admit you don’t like the genre at the beginning so I will give this reviewer a pass.


    sounds like a grumpy old lady telling kids to get off her lawn!

    • ccdev

      If like a normal person, you read the whole of the review you’d know that she was utterly and truly bored with oh-so-impressive CGI-orgy action set pieces that carried zero consequences (of course you could add in the non-existent tension/drama/smart writing/etc) Basically, it’s like watching a more expensive and colorful version of tom & jerry getting squashed, smashed, destroyed every which way and then they appear in the next scene like nothing happened. And you sound like a pimply-faced emo attention-deficit teen full of angst crying out that his favourite movie wasn’t appreciated. get over it.

  • ardenjm

    “I sometimes wonder: do the Americans actually know the threat of communism is over? Has anyone told them yet?”

    Well obviously they can’t make movies about the threat of Islam, can they?
    So they fall back on the Communists and the Brits.

    ps bravo on a review that was all about you, by the way.

  • Callipygian

    ‘For God’s sake, mum, you sometimes just have to go with it, OK?’

    Obviously son packs the same intellectual heft as mum, only perhaps a bit less. Also, men of 22 that are shagging girlfriends till 4 a.m. really ought to have a place of their own.

    • webslinger48

      Men of any age that are insulted that a critic doesn’t like a movie they haven’t even seen yet need a girlfriend, never mind a place of their own.

  • Seng Yuan Kong

    haha fanboys ranting like lunatic cause a lady had the balls to explain
    why she thought the movie sucked. face it, in these days of
    attention-deficit teenagers, 80% of them wouldn’t understand what
    tension, drama or intelligent scriptwriting would be. Just make sure the
    movie has a shitload of CGI-orgy scenes, some lame one liners + a bit
    of shallow drama acting (to appease the emo teen). They sure don’t make
    movies like they used to but then again, they ain’t making movies for us
    but these gadget-needy-emo-attention-deficit teens.

    • Toologist

      No. Fanboys are ranting because this lady is a constant contrarian to even the universally-praised films like Birdman, The Imitation Game, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. There’s nothing real or legit about any of her reviews, except for her trying to sound as utterly pretentious as possible. You’re more than likely backing her up because of your own blind hate of the film, and possibly Marvel films in general. Typical stuck up Internet twat.

      And before you label me a fanboy and call me a teen emo faggot or whatever, know that I saw the film last week and I wasn’t constantly raving about it like it was the second coming. It had its flaws, sure, but she’s basically exaggerating about them. Exaggerating to the point where her points are just as shallow as the film that she claims to be shallow. It didn’t help that she went in with a negative mindset seeing the film in the first place, either, meaning that her bias towards comic book films prevents her from having a clear, more objective review. Check out her other reviews, especially the ones I mentioned, and tell me that she’s not bullshitting.

      • ksy

        i’m glad you enjoyed the cgi action set pieces (and i think the term faggot is disrespectful to homosexuals, and wished you’d show a bit more respect to the often maligned group of people). i really don’t care what she said about other movies. i’m judging her on her avengers review. and to be fair, there is some negative from the first film esp cap america’s costume which looked like it was bought from a taiwanese costume shop for halloween. like i said, joss whedan, overated. but this reviewer is to me, spot on about the avengers:aou comments (and i’ve seen the movie). i’m a comic book fan myself but these avengers/transformers movies are designed to appeal to the Lowest Common Denominator and how do i put it nicely…simple minded people like you.
        it’s almost like a Mcdonalds version of a “Super Burger” team-up and all you have to do to complete it is add-in your own CGI-orgy effects.
        And what to you is exaggeration, is to me an eye for detail and a talent for making an interesting description in regards to a point to be made; it’s alright boy, this is something a pimply-faced emo teen with adhd could never understand.

        • Vboom

          In other news you’re awfully high and mighty about the term “faggot” when you routinely insult people by saying they have attention deficit disorder (from which I suffer) in your comments throughout this article. So making fun of someone who has an inability to focus is fine but if I am gay I cant be touched? Hypocrite central right there mate.

          • ccdev

            i was simply stating a fact – pimply faced adhd emo teen. are you pimply faced and emo? like you i have adhd, but i am not pimply-faced and no, i was not making fun of you. he, on the other hand, was was insulting a group of people. intelligence doesn’t run very highly in your family, it seems.

    • kv11

      Wow, I just had a look through the rest of the comments, and you’re talking about lunatic fanboys ranting, and yet here you are replying to every other comment, and on different days, on a blog that isn’t even yours! EVEYONE PLEASE LISTEN TO ME (…..nobody else does )

      How many other comment windows have you got open at the moment, ranting away about how superior you are for hating this movie?

      • ccdev

        just one window. and it’s quite fun here, so no real need to go anywhere else, is there? and Wow, big discovery – the blog isnt mine, like it’s supposed to matter lol. and I guess nobody listens to me except you, who took the time to read all my comments. ironic that butthurt fanboys complain about me sounding superior when initially the reviewer got so much stick from them. haha. now, go put on some pimple cream on them pimples.

        • kv11

          Don’t need to read your posts, you just have to scroll down the page to see you are popping up every other post. It’s quite funny “here” – here as in a page on the internet rather than an actual communal gathering of real life people? Is that the best excuse you can come up with for repeatedly visiting a page talking to people you profess to hate, completely oblivious to your anti-fanboy tendencies? On an unrelated note, are you spotty, and emo in appearence?

  • Michael Turner

    So it is isn’t a fun movie for someone who doesn’t know anything about superheroes or the character and doesn’t like the genre? What a surprise.

    • ksy

      isn’t the movie supposed to be self contained to a certain degree? not knowing anything about a character/s beforehand should not exclude a person from enjoying the movie if the script has substance. not like your parents know a lot abt the scarlett witch and quicksilver and the painted guy, eh?.And maybe you missed the part about lack of tension, shitty drama, cgi overload, big wide scale destruction with no consequences, tediously repetitive with just a whole load of cgi pixels falling on screen etc. Please stop acting like a teen with ADHD and read the whole goddamn article before you comment. bloody teenagers.

    • Violin Sonata.

      Well some just don’t appreciate superheroes- but the world needs them
      when we have such rubbish role models.
      It is action packed- Agents of Shield – impressive too.
      My father would remember the original Avengers- and some girl actress named ‘ Purdy’. Maybe you more James Bond- but he’s not as he was.

      • Michael Turner

        I get why people don’t like superhero movies..mostly women. I don’t like Nicholas Sparks chick flicks because I’m a guy and my brain is wired that way. But I do like a well made romantic film and intelligent women should be able to enjoy a well made superhero film that isn’t all action.

      • ksy

        “Well some just don’t appreciate superheroes- but the world needs them when we have such rubbish role models.”

        so what you are saying is because we have shit politicians in charge, we as humanity should immerse itself into a fantasy world and look towards Hollywood/Disney/Marvel for pointers on how we should move forward together as a human race. brilliant analysis, so maybe you should put on a black widow costume and go stand for election or something. The “idiot of the week” candidate has already been chosen but you make a pretty good stand-by.

        • Violin Sonata.

          That was called subtle mockery.
          I do realise that muscular, green guy tearing his shirt in the street is a body builder, rather sick after a dodgy curry and not
          the incredible hulk.
          Clearly you haven’t gotten over not being given a superman/ wonder woman outfit as a child .

          • ccdev

            “subtle mockery” good luck with your writing career. LOL

  • Bimp

    “Afterwards, I asked my son what he’d give it out of ten, but he wouldn’t play ball. He would only say, ‘It is what it is’ and there you have it, I suppose. He then went off into the night to meet his girlfriend and I knew I would hear no more from him. Until 4 a.m….”

    Lol if anyone’s ever wondered what the job of an Editor is, it’s to chop off this last paragraph.

  • Jackson

    Sokovia, not Slovakia.
    Also, Ultron’s objective is to protect the Earth. Having had access to the internet, he realises the damage done by the Avengers and Humans in general, and thus decided that their destruction is the only way to protect the Earth.

    • ccdev

      Slovakia, Sokovia, Suckovia, who cares? If Ultron read the history of mankind and was serious about his objective, He would firstly take out the warmongers from the USA, chiefly the president, his chief of staff, and the whole gang of military/industrial complex cronies who have been responsible for the majority of wars since the end of WW2. Not forgetting the president’s assistant, the prime minister of london (whatever the f*ck his name is) and his cohorts. Then take out the scum-sucking owners of oil companies, chemical companies and the whole board of the conmen at the Fed, maybe take out a few head honchos at those “investment” banks too, just for the hell of it. Take out all those arseholes at the DEA and the FDA for their strict nonsensical stand on marijuana. then maybe take out those religious leaders of the world too cause they’re nothing but a whole lot of trouble. Then create a new renewable energy source that can be used by all instead of us having to rely on oil, and create cars that can drive themselves. Then Ultron should make marijuana not only legal, but compulsory for every adult to consume. Instant peace! Stoopid Ultron had so many ways if he actually bothered to read all about us in the internet. But seriously, thanks for letting us know Ultron’s objective. with this newfound knowledge, i can now start enjoying the movie.

      • Vboom

        I took some of your comments seriously before, after reading this I realise you’re actually just an idiot.

        • ccdev

          young lady, compared to a blade of grass, we all are.

          • PatrickM

            mmm the stupid is strong with this one.

          • ccdev

            well, i may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but your mama wasn’t complaining yesterday night…..

          • Sarah Goodwich

            Because of the sharper ones.

      • Michael_Mooney

        Maybe he just couldn’t see the difference between red ants and black ants?

  • Mcu

    Just watched the movie, it’s complete crap and out of place, it is another Thor2.. Disappointing, Marvel

  • Dom

    HELL NO! 1. What would you know about the Avengers if you are over 30 and a married woman? 2. The fact that your son had to explain things to you, oh deary me. 3. I bet if it was a film about Bunty or The Four Marys im sure you would of said its fanatic!

    • Johnnysammysoso

      Stop generalizing whole groups of people like that, that’s really not cool

      • ccdev

        butthurt fanboys ran out of logic-bullets so they had to resort to putting down the lady’s sex and age. real classy, these fanboys. like i said they think they’re shit smells better than anyone else. passionate bunch of arseholes. dont’ expect any better.

        • Llya

          Holy hell, you are popping up in this comment section a lot. You are REALLY desperate to defend this reviewer. It’s pretty sad. Like, you’re attacking anyone who doesn’t like or agree with the reviewer, and sure some of them are raging fanboys but some of them do bring up valid points. This reviewer IS bad and didn’t even understand simple aspects of the film. Her comments about Ultron and the Avengers just proves my point. And she’s dumb enough to write this review from the angle of a stand alone film when it obviously requires context of other MCU films in order to accurately perceive certan things and context of what is going on in the film. (World a safer place without the Avengers? Did this reviewer even watch the first film? And at best only Tony would be held accountable for creating Ultron. Why would the other Avengers be grouped in? Oh yea, Thor’s brilliant scientific mind sure helped contribute to building Ultron /s)

          I’m not going to bother reading your response because I know it’s just going to be some bitter “retort” if that’s what you can even call what you’ve been posting. Just wanted to let you know you present yourself like a desperate “edgy” white knight. You’re basically like the butt hurt fanboys but you have the opposing view instead. Or maybe you’re secretly the reviewer attempting to save face, or perhaps you know this person. Either way, you just sound so desperate and bitter.

    • E v i n h e r k o n

      “What would you know about the Avengers if you are over 30 and a married woman?”

      Potentially a lot? …at least regarding the concepts and conceits of comic books and the Marvel Universe.

      After all, the premier Marvel franchises (Avengers, X-Men, Spiderman, etc) are all older comic franchises going back at least to the 60’s and 70’s.

      Lots of middle-aged types grew up with those comics, the under 30’s crowd are the new arrivals tbh.

  • Daske

    You are confused. I see that. You didn’t want to think too hard, then blame the film for being dumb. OK.

    Who the “funny fella with the red painted face” was explained. In detail. Across multiple scenes.

    “Ultron thinks humans a disgrace because they are always starting wars with each other. So he starts a war against them? What kind of sense does that make?”. It’s not meant to make sense. He is insane. It was even pointed out to him in the movie that he was a hypocrite.

    “In effect, the Avengers generate the villain they then have to fight, which made me think the world would be a safer place without them, but I did not want my son to sigh again, or write me off as uncool”. Again, that was not unintentional – it was the major point of several scenes and conflict between characters… one of the main points of the whole movie in fact… oh dear.

    “…featuring the kind of violence that has no consequences” You obviously missed a portion of the film.

    And if you don’t know about the “some kind of glowing sceptre” then you didn’t bother to try to follow the story in the first Avengers film either! Or maybe you didn’t see the first one and expected to come in half way through this one and fully understand what was going on, but blame the film anyway?

    I could go on, but honestly, we keep hearing how these kind of movies are for the braindead, but those who often slag them off do not seem to be able to keep up with the simplest of plots or even what characters are saying to each other in these ‘dumb’ movies. Put some bloody effort in to keep up else you are not worthy to pass judgement!

    Oh, and Reeve’s Superman is a ‘modern’ superhero movie? You realise that is knocking on 40 years old now right? The Keaton Batman was out years before your son was even born!

    • ccdev

      son, it’s time to take off the blinders and see the movie for what it is and not what you imagine it to be. CGI orgy + lame dialog + shitty tension/drama + one liners. then make it colourful, fast, and loud. it’s hard growing up and acknowledging the truth, but you can’t stay a child all your life. I’m glad you enjoyed the impressive set pieces though.

      • Jecht315

        So many things wrong with this post.

        • Paul

          No, it’s spot on. Less story bigger explosions. Makes billions.

          • Sarah Goodwich

            It’s not just “less story,” it’s that the story is BAD: main characters have to stop villain that the created.
            Also it’s badly directed. Like when Captain America fights the bad guy on his own, but drops his trash-can lid and Token Hottie has to to pick it up and give it to him; meanwhile the three most powerful of the Avengers sit around Stark Tower and do nothing.
            But I’m sure the dead-eyed fangeeks will say “That was EXPLAINED.” Yeah, not buying it.
            WORST. MOVIE. EVER.

          • Deybee

            I have to agree with the direction bit, it was so bad, it made one of those Disney XD movies look like master pieces in comparison

    • MC73

      Yeah, she’s like so dumb! I mean, if she can’t understand this infantile, brain dead drivel, how will she cope with proper movies?

    • ShiftyWombat

      I have seen Every Single Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie, from the start. I have seen every episode of Agents of Shield and every Marvel one shot; and I was extremely confused and lost during this movie. so shut it, phucker.

    • Arrrrrrgggghhh

      Oh my, methinks someone is way too serious about a bunch of made up nonsense. I am a life long Avengers fan, and I was confused by this movie. I had some of the same thoughts and questions as the writer did. The movie jumped around a lot and the director tried to cram too much into it, providing a lot of breadth, but very little depth. From the point of view of a cinephile and a fanboy, I thought this movie left a lot to be desired. It was just good enough to not be as bad as those horrid overblown Transformers sequels.

      • Demonlord Hatty

        This was in no way a failure on the director’s side but rather the director’s inability to make the film workable due to the failure on Marvel’s side to provide proper movie desires to fill into a 144 min time-frame. Joss Whedon is a very successful director and has made many excellent pictures in the past. He is not inable to make good movies. Marvel is inable to provide intelligent ideas without self-refrencing and self-advertising at every corner. There were pieces in this movie that were 100% unnecessary aside from the fact that Marvel wanted to show itself consistent on all of its fronts: TV-Netflix-Film.

        • LawrenceFrohley

          Whedon is also capable of making bad movies, and this is one such bad movie.

    • Sarah Goodwich

      Uh, if they have to save the world from the problem they created, they’re not they’re the Avengers, they’re the FUCKUPS.

  • yudhistir Saxena

    Saw the Movie, it lacks a soul, doesnt have that personal ambitious feel of Avengers 1, its all flash and no bang, characters just overcrowd the main story, CGI looks like CGI (nothing surreal about it), Thrill of action is cut short by idiotic one liners, save your money, wait for DVD or Blu Ray

    • Eric Gustin

      i couldnt have said it better myself. i LOVE comic movies and so far have loved every marvel movie to date (at least to some degree…iron man 2 and 3…ehhh, not bad). the original avengers was absolutely amazing! this sequel was the biggest let down. it was borderline transformers 4 without the product placement. suffers from all the things you mentioned, but id say what really doe it in is whedons story and his directing. unfortunate since he did such an amazing job on the first one. i am sooooo let down.

      • Smashing

        I saw product placement for Samsung, Gilette and a couple of others.

      • Kranzi

        Audi, as always…

    • Sarah Goodwich

      I would have been happy if we saw “HULK SMASH ULTRON” like he did Loki.
      But no such poetic comic justice… just boring. Also Hulk is supposed to regenerate Bruce Banner in age, not make him 20 years older like he seems to have aged since the last film.

  • anony

    Ugh these comment are pure toxic trash. I can enjoy superheroes and comic book based movies without being either a fanboy or a pimply faced teen boy…. enough with the ststereotypes – I’m an extroverted young woman with a job and a life and I love superhero films.

    And this review is pretty one sided. But at the same time she premises this with stating that this is not a film she would normally consider.

    However it is also kind of a stupid review…One of your points is that it was loud… Yeah it’s a superhero film. Part of what we want is loud explosions and cool looking cgi.?
    Secondly scarlet witch and quicksilver aren’t evil exactly… They end up helping to save the day so I’m confused as to why you would label them as evil… Beyond that it supported your point about America and communism.
    Thirdly yeah it assumes prior knowledge – because it’s a second film. Its not only avengers 2, it is also marvels wrap up of it’s phase 2 of the marvel cinematic universe so iron man 3 and cap 2. you dont watch the last Harry potter film and expect it to make much sense on it’s own.
    While there were some valid points, twisting stuff to suit your article is just bad journalism.

    • ccdev

      “Ugh these comment are pure toxic trash” another one from the High horse country, eh?

      “One of your points is that it was loud… Yeah it’s a superhero film.
      Part of what we want is loud explosions and cool looking cgi.?”

      and what you wanted, how big a part is this, the loudness +CGI? and what other parts would have made the movie better, or at least more intelligible rather than just for it’s targeted “pimply-faced emo attention-deficit gadget-needy” teens like yourself?

  • Antoby

    Reviews like this are pointless because you aren’t the target audience which is fine but you seem uninterested in putting that to the side. Also us Americans understand the Cold War is over I have no idea why you put that in other than to take a jab at Americans. We try to be inclusive with our movies and include everyone and people still bitch. There is no pleasing you.

    • ccdev

      yeah just like the Pacific Rim movie, include the russians (death scene) and the chinese (basketball scene + death scene) while the whities (australia and USA) save the world. mandatory black guy dies too. yeah, helluvalot of equality there but people know hollywood is run by the whities, so there.And the coldwar may be over but the USA and their military/industrial complex has been stirring up shit everywhere with their foreign policy.

      “There is no pleasing you.” you throw in an anecdotal generalised statement lke it is the word of God himself, and people are supposed to take you seriously?

  • Phil K

    Ah. A woman reviewing it. Says it all……probably ranting about Black Widows outfit like so many of the Twitter lesbians – while ignoring muscular Thor showing FAR more skin to turn on the fairies

    • ccdev

      what you write says a lot about how you view your mother. either that or you’ve been jilted many times and still carry the hurt of separation. i’m sorry, m’friend sometimes life is tough, maybe it’s best for you to consider getting a boyfriend instead.

  • youngshyne

    i watched age of ultron , average at best. Captain america winter soldier is better

  • youngshyne

    Avengers: Age of Ultron is the next transformer franchise

  • andrew nuttall

    The film was about the marvel universe and all that comes with it, fighting costumes more fighting more costumes and more fighting, if your really interested in back stories read the comics and don’t ask film makers to stop the action cause you don’t know the back story, as with any good film read the book first or in this case comics.
    Thanks to all involved in making another roller coater if a ride film .

    • ccdev

      attention y’all – this is the kind of 100% fanboy that at least stands up for the crap he’s watching. in a nutshell, CGI fighting + CGI fighting + CGI fighting + CGI fighting = Good movie. dont’ stop the action and don’t slow me down with them back story. perfect for pimply faced emo attention-deficit teens. i respect the fact that’s he’s proud of it rather than some of you butthurt ones trying to pass off avenger:aou as some classic epitome of superhero movie making when the movie is basically a team-up of “CGI-orgy + lame one liners + fast +Loud”.

      Not saying it’s wrong but i wished Marvel would cater to other groups as well.

  • Neil White

    Could careless about any of these reviews at the end of the day. I’m going to see it for myself and form my own opinion. Majority of these commentors aren’t even movie critics nor look into movies as deeply as those paid to do so. Can’t tell you how many times a reviewer has shouted their opinion of things only for me and others to watch for ourselves and come to the conclusion that it wasn’t as bad as everyone said. I’m a marvel fan anyway but this applies to games, movies etc. Oh yeah watch daredevil on Netflix, great show

  • kv11

    I just seen this film and it was ok, not great. I think that’s tony stark/captain america fatigue mind as there is absolutely nothing else to tell about those characters, and Hawkeye/Black widow are just not that interesting to take up center stage.

    Disappointed that ultron wasn’t this ultra bad ass people were making him out to be. But his reasons for killing the human race were that without humans there can be no more war – he is a machine after all, and this is pretty cold machine logic

  • Joe Michael Stonebraker

    It’s popcorn movie.

    Lighten up.

  • ClausewitzTheMunificent

    Of course watching these superhero films as a Physics student makes them even more painful. I sad never again after the last Iron Man.

  • Dominick Battaglia

    Someone else…preferably someone who is somewhat familiar to the genre or for that matter willing to do some background research, should have reviewed this film. It would be akin to someone going to a Persian music concert (not knowing the first thing about the hammer dulcimer) and writing up a review detailing how the foreign people twanged away on their funny little string boxes.

    The film probably has its flaws as all films do. But this review is amateurish. She could have said as much about character development and lack of drama but in a way more relevant to this film’s position. Sequels should not have to continually rehash the happenings of the nine or ten previous films. This is a continuation piece in a large puzzle. This is where she misses the mark. Does she understand this?

    Next time do your homework. My kids want to see the new Star Wars film in December. They will have seen the previous six movies plus other surrounding materials by that time. Why? Because Episode seven will be that much of a better experience.

    • ccdev

      you go to the movies to relax and forget about work n stuff. Now you got to do homework before you watch? you know how stupid you sound? Any decent director with a good script would be able to fill in the necessary blanks, not all mind you, but enough to not leave the viewer with too big a question mark. And it’s not like there’s so much continuity in the avengers franchise (First avenger movie – bad guy shows up, bad guy gets taken down. Second avenger movie – bad guy shows up, bad guy gets taken down.), and the director couldn’t even handle the lil bit of it.

      • Dominick Battaglia

        I think you are missing the point. As movie-goers we can choose to be mindless or be be backseat experts by knowing the material. If I wish to see “The Grudge 6” without seeing any of the others it will be my loss. I probably would enjoy it more if i saw the other films. But we can afford to be mindless. AND I am not at all suggesting that Avengers 2 is a flawless masterpiece. It has a target audience–which happens to be a big one. The film will certainly get ripped up and examined under a microscope.

        The point that you are ignoring is that a person reviewing this film for a publication such as this one should do a bit more homework. You don’t have to be a fanboi, but please see a preceeding film or two. The only points of reference are Christopher Reeve and Toby McGuire? Does that sounds stupid to you?

  • Tom W Huxley

    I suspect that you (and I) would have preferred the director’s original three hour cut of the film, from which he had to excise so much of the quiet and personal material.

  • stuckin62

    This film is so bad its shocking. None of the superhero films of the modern era have come near the Dark Knight for truly making you care about the characters or the story in general. All a load of tripe. Hollywood is dying. And its hilarious watching the millennials squirm in denial as they try and figure what else they’re going to do with their time and money henceforth.

    Save your cash folks and wait for this to be shown on cable at some point in the near future. Believe me, unless you’re one of these fanboys in denial, you’ll be glad you did.

    • ccdev

      I’m not saying the avengers aou is a classic but to hold the dark knight as a model of superhero films, pleaseeeee,that overated piece of junk with a thousand holes in it’s script and ridiculous suspension of disbelief, come on!. and worse, shitty action scenes. batman fights like he’s constipated. at least the avengers had impressive set pieces and action scenes. the dark knight, made for comic book fans who think they have an intellectual side.

      • stuckin62

        Fair enough. But it is still the best of a bad bunch in my opinion.

      • JD Whitman

        Despite the holes and general overrating, The Dark Knight is still a much more impressive and thrilling piece of work than any other superhero film. To a non-superhero fan, anyway…

  • Mister Godiva

    the writer was spot-on by declaring the world would be better off without the avengers.

  • Japneet Dhaliwal

    Why don’t newspapers/magazines/websites get people in the target audience to review films? I mean, I completely understand and support wanting to do a different perspective, but getting someone out of the target demographic for the flagship review seems odd.

    • ccdev

      the reason why newspapers/magazines/websites don’t get people in the target audience to review the films is bcos the ‘target audience’ reviews and comments would take less than 1 sentence and would usually sound like “it’s the BEST film ive ever seen!”, “The BEST marvel movie to date!” ” It is twice as cool, like wow!” “Absolutely blew my rocks off!” or variants like that. goddamn disney/marvel and their demographics.

  • Anthony Atwell

    what you’ve just said… is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul…

  • little islander

    For a bit i read ‘midnight beasts.’

  • Ajay Varma

    Agree it u didn’t understand it,
    As every one has their ownpoint of view on peace,ultron had a different point of view which is by bringing peace through evolution ,
    To make that evolution in quick manner he had to destroy the existing one because they fought among them selves……
    Destroying is easy creating is tough ,u know if u think u can make a better movie than this then why don’t u create one, u can’t I’m sure that’s why u ended writing this shit

    • ccdev

      if you don’t like obama, why don’t you run for president? see how silly that sounds. You don’t have to be a filmaker to appreciate a good movie, and to know when it’s a bubble-gum movie for kids.

  • JJ Jones

    Marvel films are like the Fast and Furious films, they’re just fun to watch, no one’s expecting a screenplay masterpiece. They’re made for the comic book fans, and if you’re not one (or somebody still in their youth) of course you won’t like it. You don’t turn on the Teletubbies and complain about how terrible of a program it is, that’s because you’re not their target audience

    • ccdev

      im a comic book fan but that doesnt mean i’m going to enjoy a movie that’s just full of CGI and played Fast and Loud minus the tension, drama and intelligent scriptwriting.

      • Yale InsertLastNameHere

        the russo brothers are. The are going to direct avengers infinity war part 1 and 2! They did a great job with winter soldier and if they succeed with captain america civil war, I have higher hopes for them. Oh yeah, and I actually liked age of ultron and after reading some pretty hilarious comments, I can see that you didn’t. I understand the criticisms for age of ultron. If one thing matters in the end,it is that everyone has their opinions

  • Caleb

    Ugh. I don’t care that he thought it was bad. It is that he literally and openly knew NOTHING about the movie. The MCU is based on the idea that you’re keeping up with the stuff they’re putting out. This guy knows absolutely nothing, so he’s making judgments on something he has no knowledge of. It’s like someone who hasn’t watched LotR is watching Return of the King only. Or someone only watching Star Wars 3 or 6.

    • ccdev

      try to get the person’s sex right, will ya? SHE’s a woman. And she may have questions while watching ROTK but she wouldn’t have been bored stiff with the shitty drama, lack of tension, CGI-orgy, lame one-liners, lack of consequences to destruction/action ….why am i repeating all this? and what is it with you pimply-faced attention-deficit-em-gadget-needy teens, can’t you sit still for 5 minutes and read the whole review?

      • Caleb

        I did review the whole post, dipshit.

        Maybe you should learn to read yourself before you make dumbass comments, you 12-year old moron.

        None of my post was anything “fanboying” about the movie. It was clear that this person knew absolutely nothing about the movie. And the first rule about being a critic is that you have to actually know the movie you’re talking about before you judge it. She clearly knew nothing about it, and made judgments based on chicken scratch.

        But I’m sure you would totally silent if this was given a bad review to a DC movie, wouldn’t you?

        No, I’ve seen people watch movies like RotK without the others, and they always end up bored out of their minds because they have no fucking idea what’s going on, regardless of what questions you answer. “Who’s Saruman?” “What’s this ring for?” “Who is Boromir?” -_-

        Grow up, kid, then come back and join the adults when you’re ready to stop being a little cunt. 🙂

        • ccdev

          son, take it easy willya and try not get your panties all in a bunch. I can’t help if if you watch ROTK with your fellow pimply-faced emo attention-deficit teens, and they get bored sitting still after 3 minutes, u know what i mean? So what makes u think im a DC fan (just bcos we’re taking about comic book films haha) , if you had bothered to read the comments, you would have seen my comments on the Dark Knight ie a DC movie. grow up? that’s funny cause i’m not the one acting all butthurt just cause someone doesn’t like “the Avengers” . and try not to piss in your panties the next time you see a negative review.

          • Caleb

            Aww, look, the troll ran out of insults, so he recycles! Great job, champ!

            And for your information, I don’t give a damn about these movies. I watch both DC and Marvel, and I prefer neither over the other. I made a comment saying that this reviewer was shit because she was making judgments about a movie, which she admitted herself, that she knew nothing about.

            It doesn’t matter how good or bad the movie is, you can’t take a critic seriously if he or she literally is clueless about the movie and is openly biased from the start against it.

            You’re the one with your thong in a bunch, sweetie. So why don’t you remove the stick from your clearly irritated asshole and adjust that salty little attitude of yours?

  • Patsstillrule

    Maybe you should go see part one before you write a review. In fact, you may want to stop writing all together as you lack common sense! Hee-haw!

    • ccdev

      hey, pimple-face, would it be possible for your underdeveloped brain to further explain why she lacked common sense?

      • Patsstillrule

        I can see you also highly uneducated. I’ll explain in layman terms. Part 1 comes before part 2. So, why would you see a movie with the intent of writing a review when you never watched part one. No research done, no homework (lazy) and extremely biased. Pimple face? Name calling. Little immature don’t you think?

  • Amy Payne

    Of course it requires knowledge it’s a sequel! And it isn’t the second in the avengers franchise it’s the 9th plus 2 TV shows worth of back story. I found it fun, exciting and emotional and had comedy mixed throughout. Guess it comes down to personal preference. Did your son enjoy it atleast?

    • JD Whitman

      Finally, a reasonable rebuttal to this review…

      • Amy Payne

        If only other reviewers would take my point into consideration before posting drivel, just because they don’t understand it because they haven’t seen any of the previous films, or don’t enjoy it because reasons, shouldn’t give them to right to sprout nonsense, and make people feel bad for liking it. He no doubt made his own son feel awkward for enjoying the movie.

  • Penfold187

    Avengers is and never will be high cinema, it is a spectacle and yes a fanboy franchise. The thing is people have been nay saying the marvel franchise since Howard the Duck, yet it still delivers in spades. You can embrace the madness of Marvel or not, no one forces you to partake.

    There is something interesting in the conglomeration of the entire marvel assault and it is earning bucket loads for the Marvel studio. But yes it is very much marmite like in it’s appeal, you either love it or hate it.

    I for one have loved every second of Marvels offerings, yes even Howard the Duck.

    May harmony find you. (free cookie if you can guess a series I read)

  • Command

    Wow, the amount of immaturity and “delicate” people with diminished emotional control is shocking… To put it mildy. Lighten up, it’s just a freaking movie!

  • Thomas Williams II

    Not sure why they chose you to review this movie. If you’re not privy or knowledgeable about what led up to the things in this film, you’re clearly not going to get it. Someone who’s comic book or marvel universe knowledgeable should have written this review. Not saying that you’re not qualified, just that you’re not the right reviewer for it.

  • Matthew Whitwam

    Reviewer’s first line (after listing the actors) states that she is not the target audience. You can basically stop reading the review there.

    • ccdev

      i am generally not a big fan of dramas and romance, but if i do watch them, my general attitude shouldn’t stop me from giving an honest review (just like it shouldn’t stop this reviewer). And i have enjoyed dramas and some romance stuff if they were intelligible and engaging enough.

      • Matthew Whitwam

        I disagree totally. Reviews are, by their very nature, subjective. You may have noticed that retail sites don’t say “people who didn’t look for this product totally disliked these other items”. If you typically do not appreciate a particular genre of film, your negative opinion of a specific film in that genre is likely to be completely different to that of an enthusiast. If you unexpectedly enjoyed a film in a genre you disliked then that would be something worth sharing but “as expected” just isn’t worth the word count. As a review, this article is of no value to a fan and only confirms what all non-fans already know.
        Age of Ultron’s faults aside, this reviewer is clearly ignorant of the events of most of the Marvel movies that precede this film, not to mention the plot of the film under “review”, and has no interest either way.
        To be honest though, I don’t think this article is meant as a review at all. I personally found it funny and i suspect that was the author’s intention; it was like listening to my mom talk about Avengers. But again, I wouldn’t give any serious consideration to my mom’s review of a Marvel movie and this author’s opinion can be similarly ignored.

  • Joshua Pabelick

    Why are people taking this review so seriously? She’s obviously an older lady guessing in her late 40s if not 50s and said she had no clue going in what the movie was about. I mean come on she reference modern superhero movies as Chris reede and Michael Keaton lol. The movie will make billions, it’s leading to several more movies with tie in to naturally and if you don’t know the lore obviously you won’t get that movie.

  • jacob

    I think ‘The Spectator,’ or whatever second-hand site this is, clearly sent the wrong person to review this film. Are you trying to prove yourself to be some sort of great film scholar who is above superhero films? Your criticisms are all based on your pre-existing disdain for the genre. I think you made up your mind that you didn’t like the film before you even saw it, which is what is so annoying. Remember who the target audience is, go into the film with an open mind and do not judge it until you’ve seen it. All basic rules for a film critic and all of which you seem to have forgotten. I could write a better, fairer review then this, I’m surprised at how poor this was. That last line about your son walking in at 4am? Wow. Bravo you maestro, bravo. Aren’t you the writer of the century? Take the film for what it is; a fun superhero film for teenagers and kids. Stop being a pretentious dick, your not above any film genre. Twat.

  • jack

    This was a waste of text and my time. Go back to your dark room of confusion you twat.

    • Michael Bren

      Awww…somebody is butthurt that a person had the gall to not like a Marvel Studios’ film. The outrage!

      • Joshua Pabelick

        I just question why she went to see it when she has no clue who any of the characters are

        • ccdev

          on the off chance it could be a movie an “outsider’ could enjoy???

          • Joshua Pabelick

            She could have watched at least one of the movies prior to this. Jumping into the most recent of 9 movies and then complaining you don’t get just makes you look stupid

  • NateFried

    Couldn’t get past Your first three sentences where you vehemently describe why you are completely the wrong person to review this movie and why i shouldn’t bother reading the rest of your article.I’ll wait to see the movie.

    • Paul

      Turned out to be a pretty accurate review.

      • NateFried

        haha. really? dang. alrighty then.

    • Median N. Mean

      We are partners in ignorance, you and I. Maybe the Spectator could make a series of these, maybe it call it “The Wrong Reviewer.” People who like romantic comedies review action movies and vice versa.

  • Ivan Ewan

    Deborah, could you get your son to review it instead? Since, you know, since you didn’t so much review it as complain that you don’t like superhero movies at all.

    People who don’t like superhero movies aren’t going to watch it anyway.

  • Rafael Rosas

    To be honest, the review is probably spot on, but the reality is the core audience (myself included) could careless about any of that. We know what we signed up for. This movie isn’t meant to win any Oscars, its meant to thrill with “oohs” and “ahhs” from CGI effects and great action scenes. Seems more like these arguments are coming from fans who can’t see the negatives in the movie and critics who can’t find the fun in it either.

  • Steve Everett

    What a god damn awful review this was. I didn’t even like the film that much, but at least if I was reviewing it I would have critiqued it for proper reasons, instead of not knowing who the “funny fella with the red painted face” was (which, considering the character hasn’t shown up in any other film before this is an incredibly silly point to try and make). Maybe next time you can’t be bothered to review a movie properly, suggest the job goes to one of your peers?

  • Alex Straughan

    It is always disapointing when uninformed people review products they have no interest in. You dont see vegans reviewing steak dinners, or non drivers reviewing cars, but for some reason its fine for a critic to forget that this is actually the 9th film in the franchise.

    Im not saying the movie was the best ever. I definetly prefered the first Avengers. But to make uninformed bais remarks about a product or film just because you didnt watch the other movies is rediculous.

    You wouldnt skip the first 6 Harry Potter books and complaon you dont understand whats going on. You wouldn’t avoid the first three hungergames movies and complain that the fourth didn’t explain how it got to where it was.

    Why then do you feel its ok to bad mouth a 9th sequal without watching the 8 other movies in the story?

    Edit: For the record, I didn’t include Guardians of the Galaxy in the count, though it does tie into the avengers universe I would consider it a seperate franchise.

    Also didnt include the Hulk movies, for obvious reasons.

    • NedMissingTeeth

      Am I even on the right website?

      • David Nataf

        Marvel fanboys are clicking on all the negative reviews linked by rotten tomatoes and insulting the reviewers, it’s simultaneously hilarious and tragic.

  • CK_Lunchbox

    Jeez, if you didn’t see the first one, what qualifies you for this gig, pal.

  • Andy townsend

    Bless you dear for at least trying to understand and take in pop culture. The fact that you had to tell us that you were not uncool means that you probably are. You are correct in assuming you need to have watched all the recent marvel movies and the spin off tv series to really get it. If not just enjoy it for the cinematic, fantasy experience that it was. Next time stick to the second best something or other hotel.

  • Roy3394

    This review is quite absurd because of the following reasons:-
    1) The reviewer mentions that she does not understand why Andy Serkins pops up. But, it is properly explained in the movie that he is the only person who can supply vibranium(same metal from which the shield of captain america is created) to ultron,
    2) It is said in the review that Ultron’s headquarter is in Slovakia while in reality, it is Sokovia, a fictional republic. Now I am from India and I had no trouble in understanding the name while I was watching it. so I wonder how can an USA citizen have trouble in hearing it?
    3) During the beginning of the movie, it is mentioned severally by all the characters that they are trying to capture “Loki’s Sceptre”. Yet in this review, it has been mentioned as “some kind of glowing sceptre”. This remark represents callousness on behalf of the reviewer. If you can’t pay proper attention while watching a movie, please don’t try to pass judgement on that movie.
    4) Ultron is created by Tony stark to bring human peace. Eventually, Ultron deduces that only way to bring human peace is to make them extinct, hence he starts all the destructive activities, which can clearly be understood if one follows all the dialogues properly, which has clearly not been the case of the reviewer.
    I agree that this film is not as good as it’s predecesor, but at the same time, it is not quite as bad as it is depicted in this review.

  • Kieron Moorman

    So, someone who hasn’t watched any previous movies in the franchise and who seemingly hasn’t listened to all the dialogue (such as the dialogue that explains who The Vision is) finds this film a little confusing? What were you expecting?!

    Would any website / magazine send someone to watch (for example) the second part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows without any knowledge of the previous movies? It wouldn’t be wise, in my view.

    This is a cinematic universe, and there ARE points where you need no previous to understand a movie (Guardians of the Galaxy is one), but marvel have invested heavily in the back story for each character, and it’s somewhat disingenuous to dive straight in and both expect it to be clear and also to blame the movie for this entirely.

    It’s slightly trite to say this, but I will anyway. Marvel have made the effort to build a cinematic universe here, if you are serious about reviewing films in the universe, it might be worth making a little effort yourself.

  • ccdev

    jesus, the whole load of butthurt fanboys, out in tow like a gang of ladyboys. it’s just a bad review, ladies, take it easy and don’t get your panties all in a bunch 🙂

  • Read Movie Review: Avengers: Age Of Ultron right here,

  • RavenRandom

    I have to say, your disclaimers at the beginning convinced me that you have neither the knowledge, or inclination to review this film usefully or objectively.

  • Paul ‘Harry’ Harrison

    Although I don’t agree with everything you have said, I do agree that this was far too CGI heavy and – being a fan boy – I am not overly sold on the constant needs to have our ‘heroes’ fighting each other. And yes, there does seem to be a trend with an Avenger pissing someone off and them taking it out on the entire world (Iron Man, Iron Man II, Iron Man III, Thor, Avengers Assemble… not very heroic to constantly be the source of the villainy). However, as a fan boy and having read the comics since I was a tiny person and marveling at these larger than life heroes with remnants of Olympian Gods, I do feel the need to offer a more insightful rebuttal. What Marvel have created is nothing short of a masterpiece, albeit with some flaws. To be able to create a movie universe so tightly woven with an assortment of characters who should only work when in a comic, deserves applaud. If, as a movie fan, one would have made the effort to have sat through the previous back stories – including two of the highest grossing films of all time – you might have more of an appreciation for what has been created. Something Fox have failed to achieve with the X-Men franchise, MGM have failed to manage with Bond (although I can’t fault Casino Royale and Skyfall) – a consistent universe with one story, drawing people enough to want to see these characters that a relationship has been built with. We care enough to want to know how Bruce Banner is coping. We genuinely want to see Tony Stark deal with knowing there are aliens waiting to destroy everything he loves and no one else sees the bigger picture. Age of Ultron isn’t a perfect example of a Marvel movie (personally Guardians of The Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier are by far the most superior, with GoTG creating the most Star Wars movie since… well.. Star Wars and CA:TWS offering a brilliant modern espionage drama). And so yes, Age of Ultron falls short with shoddy pace and over the top fight sequences, with too much forced character plots and not enough actual story telling. And, as a fan boy, I disliked seeing Iron Man in his ‘Hulkbuster’ armour. It felt forced and just to appease fan boys like myself, which isn’t why we go. We go because we care for these people. I would recommend letting your Son write the review next time.

  • Mustafa Liiq

    So…is Scarlett Johansson playing Emma Peel?

  • Darrenaj

    You son didn’t say it is what it is and you certainly didn’t write this review with anything more than your ‘story’ in mind. You see creating characters validate your tale to some, if those characters question you or deride you it makes you seem honest. I’m not saying the film you watched was spectacular, or original but the way you reviewed it was like high school kid who has ‘make stuff up written’ all over it……………a review if critical should have quality enough to criticise and this is an old, well told story, poorly executed by a writer hoping his criticism will make him sound smart. The real shame is perhaps you are smart, perhaps you are correct but when you write garbage like this we’ll never know?

  • Nick Sepe

    Deborah Ross … you have no business reviewing a movie such as this… you discredit yourself right in the opening paragraph… didn’t need to read any further… people like you are crap… totally out of your element here… your boss is an idiot to allow this review to exist…

  • David J Timson

    Perhaps all true…and yet the film has a fundamentally conservative message: big government or big corporate solutions imposed to address humanity’s weaknesses will inevitably fail (and probably make things worse rather than better). In contrast, the Avengers, a bunch of oddball individuals who voluntarily come together are flawed but ultimately save the day.

  • Mark Cooper

    …maybe get someone to review the film who understands the universe? As a fan of “Marvel” in general I thought it was excellent and fast moving and made perfect sense. I thought the casting was great – Paul Bettany was fantastic… But then I am a fan…

  • kerouac50

    Whilst I was fully prepared for this to be a mess of a sequel with far too many narrative strands to be coherent, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was actually very good.

    Anyone who says that people who defend these films are just fanboys clearly doesn’t understand that a key aspect of online fanboyism is levelling vehement criticism against anything that doesn’t do justice to the original source material/previous films. For examples see internet discussion on Star Wars prequels, any modern Superman, most Marvel films pre-Marvel Studios,
    several Marvel films from Marvel Studios… you get my point. Essentially, the
    strongest critics will almost always be the people with the highest expectations.

    The action sequences in Avengers: Age of Ultron are not simply orgies of CGI. Unlike many other films in the genre, you can actually determine who’s who and what’s going on (if you actually know who the characters are, which after one direct prequel and eight/nine of what were essentially prequels isn’t an unfair assumption of the film’s part) and they do, for the most part, serve to progress the narrative.

    There is sufficient depth and intelligence to the dialogue and action sequences that children love it at face value, and adults can be amused by the way the film pokes fun at its own farcical elements – a staple of Joss Whedon’s work. The fact that some reviewers don’t seem to be able to differentiate between Whedon’s style (well-known and praised in television circles) would suggest that they are just seeing what they want to see – another lame script hashed together by a team of hacks and focus-groups. That, this film is not.

    This point leads nicely onto why I’m disappointed by this review. Unlike reviews such as that of The Times, which praises the film’s genuine merits and makes reasoned criticism (such as the limitations of a non-human antagonist), this simply goes for the cheap tactic of dismissing it as another episode in a genre only intended for children and simpletons. It is Radio 3 to Classic FM. And whilst giving the cinema going elite i.e. snobs a quick laugh on a Monday morning, it will do nothing to further what is a much loved genre with genuine potential. Only by accepting the genre and rightfully praising the good examples of filmmaking within it will studios feel able to elevate the standards overall (because there are a
    lot of superhero films which aren’t as good as this one). If filmmakers feel
    that they will be panned regardless then where’s the incentive to better the levels of storytelling? And who knows, if critics like Deborah Ross actually opened
    their minds a fraction, they might even find that they enjoy themselves too. Just a suggestion.

  • StarTripper

    The purpose of these type movies now is that they go quickly to the international market, especially Asia, with little translation necessary. You don’t need to translate CGI. With international sales these big budget CGI-fests make back all their costs and then some.

  • afsasaggsgs

    movie was a steaming pile of shit, since disney put their jew claws on marvel

  • Tallis Tallis

    Thank you much for the first review of the movie I’ve read that doesn’t sound like it was written by Marvel’s PR company. I’m a long time comic book and Joss Wheedon fan and I know the genre inside out. This film bored me and insulted my intelligence as a Marvel/action/scifi fan, and your points about a complete lack of drama or tension are spot on. Joss Wheedon should be ashamed of himself for phoning in this hackneyed mess. All of the comments by people telling you you don’t have the right to do a review because you don’t like or understand the movie are hilarious and I’m sure you had a good laugh! X, TT.

  • Mister Godiva

    i saw the movie. and i’m not impressed.

  • phylos

    I don’t care much for this movie… but this review showed such astonishing level of lack of professionalism it’s almost an insult that this person has a job.

    And this is coming from someone who actually agrees with her regarding the boring CGI fest and the repetitive and nonsensical plot.

    • ccdev

      Her job was to convey the her thoughts on the movie. And judging from the reactions, that she did astonishing well. (whether a person agrees with her points or not, or not is a separate matter). And i believe she wrote the review for ‘normal’ people. So please get off your high horse, pal. you sound like a smartass know-it-all who’s just asking to be slapped.

      • phylos

        You don’t know what a review (specially a professional review) is supposed to look like, methinks.

        So please get off your high horse, pal. you sound like a smartass know-it-all who’s just asking to be slapped.

        This is never not anti-intellectual 😀

  • Boofalicious Washington

    This is nothing but hating on Marvel and there fans. Jealous much??

  • Richard Baranov

    Who cares what you think Ms Ross, your simply being a poseur, the Movie is fun and that is the reason it was made. If I want sophistication then I watch Almodovar. Not everyone thinks that you need to be pretentious and precious all the time.

  • Darby_Forever

    Age of Ultron sucked. The amount of willful ignorance needed before enjoying a Marvel film gets greater and greater. Awful costume design, stiff acting, utterly synthetic and clean look. Yeah I’ll take BvS.. a movie that appears to have actual balls and astounding design

  • Daniel De Filippis

    Hate to say it, but you Ms. are spot on. I am a Marvel (comics) fan and love capes and powers and all of that… but this was just BORING and messy. If you eliminate story and character development almost completely in favor of “exciting fighting” I can deal with it – really, I can – but… these characters are never in any danger. You KNOW nothing is gonna happen to them (unlike the Xmen for example) as they mostly all have their own franchises with planned releases ahead of them. So what are we watching it for… the explosions? Weeeeeeeeee.

  • Still_Mantis

    More like Age of Boretron. Not anywhere near as good as Guardians or Cap 2. Major snooze fest with tons of jokes that had the theater collectively rolling their eyes and timidly chuckling. Super hero movies need to go away for awile. Maybe I’m getting old (27) but they all seem extremely right wing anymore.

  • Leila Santos

    Not bad actually… depends how technically you are engaged with its past story lines on the comics..

    Watch Avengers In HD

  • ccdev

    i tried to watch Avengers:AOU again to see what the fanboys saw that i did not. well, not only did the 2nd viewing confirm my original feelings (the movie was shit) but i noticed a “cowboy circling the wagons” theme, where the Avengers formed a circle to protect the drill-thingy or whatever the fuck it was. and the ultron bots were playing the role of the injuns LOL!

    and how stupid can Ultron get? even baron strucker knew to target the weakest first. in a circle, that would have been widow n hawkeye. this, and so many illogical stuff really stood out to relegate this movie to level of “disposable nice-looking junk” movie. and with the hawkeye-family emotional angle shtick, well, he just made Hawkeye (the fast living archer/assasin) boring. If however, you’re a pimply faced attention-deficit gadget-needy emo teen you’d probably go ‘It’s the BEST movie evah!’ or “Best marvel movie to date!” or “absolutely gripping, the action was like …Woohhhh” due to the CGI-orgy & Loud Sound combo given to you courtesy of joss ‘overated’ whedon. and the pitiful attempts at humor/one liners got really tiring. I can tell you straight up that the old-gang of Donald Duck And Pluto & Goofy was a lot funnier.

    But the worse was the action…nowhere did you feel like the major characters were in danger, nowhere. it was just all “sound and color – “pow, peww,peew, bish, thudd…,”. there is no weight to the fights, just some choreography and fancy editing. And the action was so often chaotic, inconsequential (like Cap took a couple of point blank shots from Ultron and was hardly fazed wtf) & so quickly cut u mostly couldn’t tell what was going on. it’s was like mixing different flakes of color and just shaking it around.

    Overall, this “marvel” movie made me feel like i was in a carnival, and that i overstayed and my brain ate way,way too much candy floss. MARVEL movies as it stands, is synonymous with lighthearted,colorful, ‘heavy’ fluff. a comic book fan deserves much more than this piece of fluff.

  • Steven Kelly

    It was just so damned stupid. Period.

    • ccdev

      absolutely fuckin stoopid movie. Period. fantastic for Tranformer fans though.

  • Jason

    “I am not among the target audience, and neither am I an ardent fan of these films.” Well perhaps you shouldn’t be reviewing them then! No one cares about the opinion of people who go to review things hating them before they step through the door, saying things like “I don’t get this type of movie” or “I’m not the target audience”. Stupid.

    • ccdev

      another one sitting on his high horse, like anyone gives a hoot about your criticism of a critic. and when u watch enough marvel candy-fluff, it’s easy to hate on these kind of movies, fanboy. now, please get a life or a real job.

      • Jason

        You know what’s funny? I knew you’d reply to me since you have replied to almost every single person who has said that this reviewer is full of shit, which is a lot of people because she is. Re-read my comment before you reply with such nonsense please, since you obviously didn’t. Let me tell you something ccdev… no one gives a hoot about your defense of a terrible critic. You tell other people that they are on your high horse? That’s hilarious; I wish you could see how you look. You sound like a right wanker.

      • Crimson

        Wow ur really butt hurt when they insult your gf

      • Crimson

        Wow u really got buthurt when they insulted your gf

  • Crimson

    if you cant go into a film with an open mind then why do this job maybe look for a job writing for the tories

  • great review!

  • Chris Minato

    I’m in the target audience and am a big comics fan and even i thought it was the definition of mediocre. Lousy plot, bad acting, uninteresting villain, horrible one liners drag the film down. Its like in futurama when Zoidberg is filming a serious movie to enter in some movie contest everything keeps going wrong and the entire set fall overs right at the most climatic scene and he says, “good, now all the tension is out of the scene.” They hypest part of avengers 2 was the jurassic world trailer #3 before the film where we finally learned the raptors will be teaming up with the humans. Finally a reason to see that movie.

  • dick van dike

    so i watch about 20 minutes of the movie on a cam rip. Granted probable a hundred times better in better quality doesn’t take away from the fact i lost interest in the movie in about 20 minutes. i m waiting for it to come out on dvd and hoping the special affects make up for the boring story line so far. The action was great so far though. i haven’t seen the whole movie only 20 minutes. i am afraid if its good the low
    quality will ruin it completely for me

  • Linus Scheithauer

    Alright, I’m a 22 year old filmmaker and when your son said “sometimes you just gotta go with it, mom!” my face swiftly entered my palm. That’s the attitude that is getting us dumbass movies.
    I quite liked the first Avengers, but the second one was pretty much as you described.
    I believe movies should be accessible to a lot of demographics if they have such a gigantic blockbuster release, and that means making things clear even to people who haven’t seen agent freaking carter or something. The whole movie achieves nothing, the characters learn nothing, and I can’t believe Tony Stark activated a super powerful AI of unknown capabilities from some random staff (that staff can pretty much do anything plot-relevant as far as these movies are concerned) and give it full access to not only the computer that runs his whole freaking company (Jarvis) but the internet as well! WHAT.
    To the other dude in the comments, “It’s not meant to make sense, Ultron was insane” thats a really poor motivation for a villain to just be plain random. Compare that to the Joker and you’ll realise that even with an insane villain, there has to be a point, and a reason to the madness, even if that reason is chaos. GAWD.

  • SkulloManiac

    The movie isn’t good, but it’s not good for the reasons listed in this review. Which is kind of funny. XD

  • Sarah Goodwich

    I stopped watching it after the red guy showed up… it was so boring and stupid, with loud noisy battles…. like the one on the city train. Or the little party where they took turns trying to lft Thor’s hammer; likewise hanging around Hawkeye’s house “laying low,” or how the Avengers are able to be mind-controlled– AGAIN. BORRRR-RRRING!

  • Kevin Petersen

    Avengers : Age of Ultron Reviewed – Confusing, Undramatic, Repetitive and Loud and you can watch Online it from

  • helder

    One of the worst heroes movies ever. Even Howard the Duck is better than this.