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Make no mistake: the Top Gear brouhaha is cultural warfare

The PC vipers are after Clarkson because they want to make all speech that they deplore into hate speech

28 March 2015

9:00 AM

28 March 2015

9:00 AM

It’s a famous quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald, one that Elton John should ponder (when he’s not out shopping, that is): ‘The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.’ Mind you, Elton John is a hysterical, spoilt, ugly fat man who thinks his opinions count. (Perhaps they do with non-talents such as Liz Hurley and Victoria Beckham.)

I now know who Dolce & Gabbana are because of the row over children conceived by IVF and surrogacy, and they seem like nice billionaires, except they threw in the towel right away and apologised. The catfight between three gay men is a bore, but what no one has mentioned is that by demanding a worldwide boycott of D&G products, Elton John could be putting lots of extremely poor Far East factory hands out of work, something that the short, squat drama queen couldn’t care less about. What kind of world is it, when a hysterical celebrity can jeopardise people’s jobs because someone has made a comment he disagrees with. I say boycott Elton John, and the less we hear or see of him the better.


The Top Gear brouhaha has now been resolved, but do not for a minute doubt that this is cultural warfare. The left wanted Jeremy Clarkson out because of his centrist opinions. The left believes in social regulation, and any speech the left does not like becomes hate speech. Remember what Lenin said: ‘We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, scorn and the like toward those who disagree with us.’ We all know the BBC is a malodorous cesspit run by and full of lefties. Clarkson seems to be a good guy with a good sense of humour and he says funny things that are true. Romanians do steal and Mexicans do sneak into the United States and Germans have been known to invade Poland, so what’s the big deal. The PC vipers were after Clarkson because they have a totalitarian mentality and hope to make all speech they deplore hate speech. Truth, after all, is hate to those who hate truth. When a rapper by the name of Kanye West uses the word ‘nigger’ 37 times during the Brit Awards, he’s given a pass because he’s black. When Clarkson mimes the word, he’s suspended and forced to apologise. Something is unhinged about a society that accepts the Kanye Wests of this world and punishes the Clarksons.

Mind you, this is nothing compared with the limitless airtime given to the sadistic serial killer Mohammed Emwazi, aka Jihadi John, by the media. During the Vietnam War, pro-Viet Cong celebs and pundits were given more time on network television than pro-government ones. The only two actors who were openly for Uncle Sam’s disastrous Vietnam adventure were James Stewart — a highly decorated pilot during the second world war — and John Wayne. Their airtime was nil. The American public soon turned against the war and we all know the results of that one.

During the war against Nazi Germany, anti-war thoughts were on a par with treason. And we know the results of that conflict too. So now that we’re up against the cruellest, most murderous bunch of religious fanatics, many of them living among us and on benefits funded by our taxes, why are we giving them the opportunity to tell lies and spread disinformation? Step forward Sky, the BBC and Channel 4, the last with Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Jon Snow. Offering airtime to apologists for murderers is not journalism, it’s subversion, yet the death wish takes second place to so-called equal airtime. Let’s put it another way. If I were to write that Muslims are all potential killers, the sainted editor would call me in and shake my hand and bid me goodbye. Yet the clown Asim Qureshi is given time on the airwaves to defend a murderer.

One of the reasons I left England, a place where many of my friends live, was the downgrading of the quality of life. I lived most of my adult life in Cadogan Square, once upon a time inhabited by gentle English folk who greeted me as a neighbour and even laughed at my antics when seeing me arrive home around 9 a.m. Then the Cadogan estate slowly squeezed out long-time residents and sold the flats to rich foreigners, many of them from the Middle East and Turkey. Bodyguards crowded the pavements, smoking and spitting and giving us hard looks. Once I stopped a football game between Turks in the middle of the green reminding them that ball playing was illegal. It was like trying to convince a fish to walk.

No, multiculturalism might sound good, but I’ll take Wyoming any day. It is a mostly white state with low crime and two Republican senators. It is a bit far away, so I’ve done the next best thing. I have bought a farm outside Gstaad, and am rebuilding the chalet that stands alone on top of the hill and is surrounded by farmland. It’s going to be my last residence. Farmer Taki has finally reached the pinnacle, king of the hill. Yippee!

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  • Doggie Roussel

    Mind you, Elton John is a hysterical, spoilt, ugly fat man who thinks his opinions count.

    An entirely apposite description from Taki and endorsed by many, I suspect

    • willshome

      From or of?

    • Gerard White

      Well said sir, clearly you have talent and no doubt the ability to create £billions in revenue for the British economy? Or perhaps you are just a twat?

      • Malus Pudor

        He may well be a twat, as you so subtly put it… but at least he’s not a prolix, self-contradictory, pompous d”””d, like you….

        • Gerard White

          Like your father before you, clearly a keyboard warrior basking in the glow of your LCD, complete lack of cajones, like your meek father who surrendered rather than fight, fat piece of lard
          left over from colonial times, yer nowt but a piece of s####. All mouth no action, come to Glasgow and talk about “parasitic Scots” an you’ll join your uncle, 4 hens and cockerel très rapidement conass aller te faire foutre avant que je te baise jusqu’a comme vous ne oblierez jamais!

          • Doggie Roussel

            What a nasty septic Barbarian you are…. much as one would expect from anyone from north of Berwick-on-Tweed…

            All of you Scotch koonz need lessons in anger management, as well as a litany of all your intellectual, social and sporting deficiencies… as has been well-illustrated recently.

            Next you have to reflect upon the qualities of your figurehead.. an obese, slavering, heavily-jowled bigot who believes he is the next William Wallace, although the executioner would have a tough task disemboweling that morbidly-obese monstrosity, Salmond, while he screamed freeeeeedoooom…

            You people are losers, whingers and scroungers… get over it…

          • Gerard White

            Would you like to come and say that to my face? Just cause you got a bit of hair on your face, don’t make the mistake of talking like a c###. As for a lesson in anger management, having seen active service, provided protection, and hostage rescue in places people like you dare not tread, I believe I probably know more about managing anger than a twat like you might have in your wildest dreams.
            To hear you denigrate the Scots, a nation of 5 million who spearhead every battle, comprise over 70% of our special forces, and have proven their mark on the world by inventing everything from penicillin, insulin, the steam engine, television, radar, a list so long as to outstrip almost any other nation on earth, is like listening to some harry hoofter talking through his a###.
            WTF are you on? Clearly you don’t know your history, from the Roman’s to the Taliban, any battle hardened warrior knows, the Jocks are a force to be reckoned with, without whom the English army wouldn’t wouldn’t have the motto “He who Dares Wins”.
            Go back to your boyfriend and knitting doggie boy cause facial recognition means ye canny hide behind yer nome de plume if somebody really wants to speak to your face

          • Doggie Roussel

            And to further your education still further… it’s cojones with two ‘o’s and nom de plume…. ignorant, bitter & twisted savage…

          • Gerard White

            So what? I’m dyslexic, in 4 languages. If you would like I could quite easily have you picked up by Mr Mahdi the London representative of the OGADEN National Liberation front and dropped off somewhere you might have some time to contemplate and come to appreciate the unique skills I do possess. Ignorant? Well, I’m not the one hiding behind the name doggie, bitter? No, I settle matters very quickly, twisted? Put your money where your mouth is, birdbrain, and let’s have a comparative IQ challenge… you are one seriously thick f…wit!
            Go back to your kennal hoofter boy troll

          • Doggie Roussel

            Kennel, perhaps….

          • Gerard White

            LOL: At least you know your place. I see from some of your other comments we at least share similar opinions on Catholic Clergy, difference being, I actually do something about it, not just gob off.

          • Malus Pudor

            You are one seriously sad bastard !

          • Gerard White

            My father was a SOB but he was married when I was conceived. With the greatest respect, you are the one who called me a “pompous d”””d” I merely responded in kind.

          • Doggie Roussel

            Your father must have rued the day when he sieved you through the bed sheets.

          • Gerard White

            At least I did not turn out to be such a disappointment, have produced grandchildren, established 3 multimillion £ businesses. What have you done with your life other than be a gobby tosser hiding behind your doggy name

          • Doggie Roussel

            Why are you suddenly ‘Guest’ ?

            Your toxicity, homophobia and limited intelligence have been exposed….

            Why are you hiding, Gerard White ?

            Get back to the Middle East… if you were ever there… and wait for some raghead to shoot you up your squirting, retreating fundament ….

          • Gerard White

            Dunno, thought you did it. So you asked what for”brief resume of exactly what actions you have taken against the Catholic clergy”. I’m still waiting your response, you gob off about the paedophile Catholic clergy. what have you ever done?

            I have seen active service, provided security for NGO’s in the OGADEN, rescued hostages from Mogadishu, sailed the Atlantic 6 times, speak 4 languages, established 3 successful businesses and 1 charity. I have four children in private education, no mortgage, retired from business, study Law for fun, enjoying sailing in the Med in the summer and Caribbean in the winter, I use my real name so you can type it into Google or YouTube to find out about me, I have no need to hide behind the name doggie as I have no fear, nothing to hide, I am fairly well known in media, legal and security circles for what I do and I am easy to check out.

            You little doggie boy, refer to my “toxicity and homophobia”, well yes I have dealt with toxic waste, and homophobia, I know plenty of shirt lifters, quite enjoy their company and they mine, they know I am straight and failure to appreciate that would be a painful mistake, you guys are free to do what you want, but I’ll look after the girls thanks very much.

            Strange thing is, although gay means happy, I don’t know many happy gays, they appear to live from one drama to the next, have no real relationships, and the older they get the sadder they become.

            Whereas I can take great pleasure watching my children grow, achieve, become artists, musicians, win scholarships and frankly take great pride in the fact that coming from a background of abusive Clergy I have raised such well balanced and talented children. And I am still young enough to enjoy every moment of it/

            And you doggie, do you do it doggie style? Planning on having children? Got a successful career, any good at anything. Why do you feel the need to hide behind a name like doggie?

            Clearly you know nothing about the tactics of battle, one advances, not retreat, retreating is what cowards do, so it is no surprise that is what you might imagine.

            Now why not f### yer self and try and get a life

          • Doggie Roussel

            I tried googling GERARD WHITE and the only response was a very boring bunch of accountants from Tunbridge Wells… please tell us more… I am fascinated about reading of all your incredible achievements…. Just a web reference will do ….

          • Gerard White

            Try YouTube and add + Reuters, Superdome, Opencall, Hewlett Packard, Ericsson, IBM, Intel,

          • Doggie Roussel

            Can’t be bothered… just give me a web address !

          • Gerard White
          • Doggie Roussel

            You are just so full of s..t … why don’t you get a job at Lufthansa ?

          • Gerard White

            Only if you promise to come fly with me, I have a Yacht Maters, and have flown little Cessna’s though never taken off or landed, but I’m sure we could work something out. 2e Rep.

          • Malus Pudor

            We’ll ask Colonel Benoît Desmeulles about your record in the French Foreign Legion, shall we, Gerard White.

            Quel con !

          • Malus Pudor

            Guest… aka Gerard White

            What’s the big deal about being a grandfather?

            Billions of men are; even me !

            My nickname is Doggie and I, unlike you, try not to boast and brag about my earthly achievements.

            However I am a published author and when presented with a completely unreconstructed prat and braggart, like you, I cannot resist ridiculing and exposing your lack of intellect, sense of proportion or rationality.

            Sadly you are typical of so many Scotch.

          • Gerard White

            Ah so Doggie and Malus Pudor are one in the same? Or is that your grandson?
            So what you are a published author, I got bored with being a successful film producer, that’s no big deal. Well except I did make enough money to retire young, and yourself, how is the book doing?
            You are ridiculing yourself, you started it and now you can’t stop.
            Lack of intellect? Well I have set legal precedents, assisted Universities of Law to facilitate access for people with disabilities, I assist those less fortunate, I take on legal battles just for the fun of knocking the stuffing out of windbag QC’s and I protect the rights of children. I guess having succeed early in life, in spite of a difficult back ground has given me the time to dedicate to do what I enjoy, helping others and sailing.

            Didn’t this conversation start off with a discussion about a smack in the mouth, haven’t you had enough yet old boy?

          • Malus Pudor

            You were referring to other bloggers as T..ts long before I made any reference to you, Richardhead !

          • Gerard White

            Yes and you were gobbing your mouth off at others long before I gave you a taste of your own medicine. Your father received the VC you claim? So he was a Captain, did he get the VC for surrendering his men? He NEVER spoke about it for VERY good reason.

            I’ve met many of those old boys, they let our country, their forces and men down, they were cowards who surrendered to an inferior force. The Japanese couldn’t believe their lack of honour.

          • Malus Pudor

            I said it was an MC… what are your brains scrambled with, haggis and Glenfiddich ?

          • Gerard White

            Sorry, I over estimated. So your old man surrendered to an inferior force, took his men with him, was treated with disgust and disrespect, he watched as his men and own brother died because he was too much of a coward to fight and either defeat the enemy or die an honorable death in battle. Was in part responsible for the loss of empire and you wonder why he never talked about it? Guilt, shame, self loathing, disgust, most of all regret that had he done what a soldier is trained to do, he would have either won and been able to hold his head high or died an honourable death. But instead he chose to surrender and then had to endure the humiliation of defeat, watching the long slow agonizing death of his men and own brother, one wonders what the coward did to survive?
            Certainly he had nothing to be proud of, nothing he wanted to talk about, nothing he could talk about. Not exactly his finest hour. He got an MC, an act or acts of exemplary gallantry? Or to keep his mouth shut.
            The Japanese at least had honour and dignity and as I am sure they would say were they to meet the putrid wretch which is the offspring; Kairu no Ko wa Kairu!

          • Malus Pudor

            My uncle was my mother’s brother and was beheaded in front of his troops for protesting about their treatment by the Japanese.

            Tough enough for you, w….r ?

            He only surrendered when he ran out of ammunition because of lack of supplies from the British.

          • Gerard White

            I speak Japanese, have lived in Japan, understand their culture and have studied martial arts. I have also served in the armed forces and seen action.

            In case you are ignorant of the history of war, it was the British who invented concentration camps and slave labour during the Boer war, how do you suppose the British treated dissenters or protestors? Trust me, a swift swipe with a Katana made of the finest steel and sharpest blade is a far more dignified and less painful way than hanging or any of the other many ways the British devised to kill their prisoners.

            Even to this day, you just have to read the news to know how we treat prisoners of war.

            Tough? I don’t think there is anything tough about surrendering.

            Ever heard of fixed bayonets? Only cowards surrender.

            Your father never spoke of his shame, his son takes that “honour”: Kairu no Ko wa Kairu! The son of a frog is a frog. Or to use your language; son of a w….r is a w….r

            At least I can hold my head up with homour.

          • Malus Pudor

            Gerard White aka Guest

            Is there anything you haven’t done ????

          • Gerard White


          • Doggie Roussel

            Confirmed my opinion that you have never seen combat… I have never heard your sort of boasting from any who have actually experienced combat…

            You, sir are a nauseating fraud !

          • Malus Pudor

            Gerard White aka Guest

            Could you write that in Japanese, please… I’d like to use it as a motto.

          • Gerard White

            That is the reason I wrote it in Romagi, so you could read it, remember it and use it. Can you read Hirigana, Katakana or Kanji?

            Is publishing a book best achievement? Any sales? Make any money?Any fool can write a publication, writing one that makes money is a different story.

          • Doggie Roussel

            OK Scotch bullshit maestro…. go and stick your head under some crazed Japanese banshee’s Samurai sword and test the relative humanity of having one’s head hacked off by some crazed Oriental nutter or whether you’d prefer the electric chair, say…. bzzzzzxxxxzzzzz

          • Gerard White

            So you are one in the same switching between two identities, Isn’t that schizophrenic?

          • Doggie Roussel

            What are you talking about ?

          • Malus Pudor

            Goodbye and good riddance, Guest, aka Gerard White, member of the French Foreign Legion Paratroop Regiment (2e REP), bullshitter and Walter Mitty….

          • Gerard White

            Kairu no Ko wa Kairu

          • Doggie Roussel

            Could you give us a brief resume of exactly what actions you have taken against the Catholic clergy ?

          • Gerard White

            Sure. I used my own money to hire private investigators and lawyers to bring the largest criminal case against the Catholic Clergy in Scotland in 2003.
            That turned out to be a bit of a whitewash, the Scottish knot sought to sweep it under the carpet, the Catholic Clergy released a press statement calling the victims “nothing but a bunch of money grabbing attention seekers”. That kind of riled me, so having my own media contacts, I struck back.
            I challenged the Procurator Fiscal when he gave immunity to the Clergy.
            And now since the Scottish Government (and Judiciary) has banned victims of historic abuse by the clergy from seeking compensation, I am in the process of bringing a landmark case to enable the victims to seek justice under English Jurisdiction.

            I am not quite the headbanger Jock you appear to think, I’ve traveled the world, learned a few languages, experienced different cultures and (I think) have a wider perspective on matters.

            I now study Law with the sole aim of assisting and defending those less able to defend themselves. And NO, I don’t want to be a bloody Lawyer, I do not charge money if I help someone.

          • Doggie Roussel

            The Catholic hierarchy in Scotland obviously realised what a d……d they were up against when you first launched your crusade… you are not the person who is needed in any crusade against the perversity of the Catholic Church….

          • Gerard White

            So basically you don’t have an answer, as I said, you are just gobbing off, or should that be gobbling? I’m the first person ever to bring them kicking and screaming into court using my own funds, and I will be the first person ever to break their defence against vicarious liability. As I say, I’m happy with what I have achieved in life, but breaking the defences of paedophiles in the Catholic clergy is in a league of its own.

          • Doggie Roussel

            Infantile response…. gobbling… just what I expected and I can’t find anything about your lawsuit on the net…

            You are a monster fraud…

          • Gerard White
          • Doggie Roussel

            A good savage rogering from McKinstry then ?

          • Colonel Mustard

            “I am not quite the headbanger Jock you appear to think”

            Well, that’s a relief. You nearly had us convinced though.

          • Gerard White

            And for all your gobbing off, what actions have you taken against the Catholic clergy? As you turned out a poofter I presume you enjoyed it.

          • Doggie Roussel

            So, you are homophobic into the bargain… I can assure you that I am entirely heterosexual, having several children, one of whom has served in Afghanistan…

          • Gerard White

            Oh where and what regiment?

          • Doggie Roussel

            You are even more stupid and naive than I had previously imagined….

          • Gerard White

            So you are a liar. Our lads are out now so there is no question of breach of protocol. I’m bored with you poofter

          • Doggie Roussel

            Poofters get lots of boring, I believe, whereas a…h…s like you are now subjected to frontal lobotomies.

            However I think a red-hot poker, a la Edward II, up your date, might have been a more effective cure for your own condition.

          • Malus Pudor

            My God, mods… we have a full-blown nutter and psychopath trolling on this blog….

          • Gerard White

            What, the son of a surrender monkey?

          • Malus Pudor

            At least he’s not hiding behind the pseudonym, Guest !

          • Doggie Roussel

            What a lovely fairy tale !

          • Michele Keighley

            There is no English Army – and ‘Who Dares Wins’ is the motto of the SAS. Ignorance indeed you lying bogan.

          • Monkswood

            Oh blimey, Taki will be loving this cat fight !

          • Phil T Tipp

            Maladjusted solipsistic sassenach cvnt. I’d pay fvcking good money to see you stand on the bridge over the Tweed and tell the locals to the Scottish end exactly what you think of them. Not gonna happen is it keyboard warrior, you simpering effete metrosexual.

          • Doggie Roussel

            Who funked the ‘Yes’ vote ?… the Scotch, I believe…

          • Phil T Tipp

            Scotch is whisky you ignorant dullard.

          • Malus Pudor

            If it was good enough for Dr Johnson and Shakespeare, it’s good enough for Doggie !

          • Gerard White

            Oh come on don’t be so hard on the cowardly wee poofter hiding behind his doggie name, it’s not his fault he is a complete tosser who can only be brave behind his LCD screed.

          • Doggie Roussel

            As indeed do you… quite surprised that you haven’t been moderated for all your obscenities and irrational ravings… not to mention your humongous and fantastical manifestations of acute paranoia….

            Have you sought psychiatric help ?

          • Gerard White

            What? I’m no hiding, type my name into Google or YouTube + most major communications companies and you’d find I’m real Doggie boy. And what about Doggie. As I said, a s### head like you don’t scare me. I came on this site to make comment on the Clarkson story, from the perspective of someone with experience in the industry, then I find this twat shooting his mouth off about Elton John, a twat who is so successful he has to hide behind a pseudonym

          • Doggie Roussel

            not worthy of any response…

          • Gerard White

            The more she doth protest

          • Gerard White

            He is just some little faggot, a disappointment to his parents, got no talent, no job, a different boyfriend every week like a socially transmitted disease, he wouldn’t have the balls to come out in the open, let alone across the border, he can only survive hiding in a corner of a small room wearing a yukata like some otaku.

          • Doggie Roussel

            not worthy of a response…

          • Malus Pudor

            Strange assertion from our foaming-mouthed Celt… my father received an MC for his efforts against the Japs…. and never talked about it…. unlike this gobby cretin from Scotland ….

          • Gerard White

            He had good reason never to talk about it. To receive the MC he must have been a commissioned officer? Captain or above. The British Colonial army numbered 2.5 million, what act or acts of exemplary gallantry during active operations against the enemy did he achieve before surrendering? If your father received an MC then why are you hide behind a pseudonym? Recipients of the MC are listed in the National Archives and are available online. http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/records/research-guides/prisoners-war-1939-1953.htm#31887

            As I say, you are the coward hiding behind a pseudonym gobbing off, you like to give, but seems you get upset when someone responds. And you call me a cretin, go look after yer cocks old man.

          • Michele Keighley

            You ARE a cretin, a loud-mouthed coward hiding behind an anonymous avatar. You are probably one of the most disgusting pieces of rubbish it’s been my misfortune to read. And a Scot to boot — now why is that not surprising.

          • Michele Keighley

            You are wrong again, MC’s are awarded to junior officers and are NEVER awarded to Majors and above.

          • Malus Pudor

            Guest… your identity !

          • Colonel Mustard

            Well, you don’t even have a pseudonym, you are just hiding. And drinking heavily judging by your foul-mouthed and low comments.

          • Monkswood

            Girls, girls, GIRLS !!!!

      • Doggie Roussel

        I see your web activity is private….. why ?

        • neoLiberal

          Probably for the very reason you looked. Few people are able to stay on point and discard a person’s views on other topics.

    • peter

      “Mind you, Elton John is a hysterical, spoilt, ugly fat man who thinks his opinions count.”

      Certainly views shared by me. For a long time I have worried that I am the only person in the world who can see through this spoiled, selfish, shrill, fat, appalling drama queen. A man who for 30 years has been, well, a has-been. A man who once was an entertainer who had some hit songs (which for the most part he did not even write – well not in the case of some of the better songs).

      Who made Elton John queen of the world? He should get over himself. I certainly have.

      • Gerard White

        With respect, whilst I would agree EJ is hysterical, spoiled and Fat, I think he is something like the 3rd biggest selling artist. His opinion has made the career of many other artists, under his guidance many celebrities have significantly enhanced their career.
        Yes he definitely is a drama queen and from Single Man onwards nothing has touched the prolific output 69-75. But he can hardly be referred to as a has been, although how he, the Rolling Stones and McCartney have the balls to “rock and roll” when they all qualify for freedom passes is a mystery.

        I think he made himself “queen of the world” after dancing to Rock Around the Clock with the Queen of England at her 55th birthday.

        I guess earning the kind of royalties he does, he kinda got the royalty bit confused.

        • neoLiberal

          His opinion in the commercial world of the garment industry counts for nothing.

      • Shaheem Orkwa’an

        Let’s also not forget that he is simply a “musician” – not a doctor, engineer, university professor, scholar, etc. While art and music are very important, the inane musings of a pop star musician cannot and should not be taken very seriously.

        • Malus Pudor


          Especially for a Fat, squat, pretentious, ugly piano tinkler… who, in previous generations might have been a court jester, at best.

      • Michael Fairney

        it’s actually more like 40 years since his last good work (1975-2015=40 years)

      • Airey Belvoir

        He did facilitate one of the Sun’s best headlines ever: “Elton Takes David Up The Aisle”.

  • Margot

    Bringing the Clarkson affair into the argument is a mistake. He’s been given the push because he hit someone. If they were indeed looking for an excuse – which I doubt, given he was a gold mine for them – then he gave it to them on a plate. The whole Islam thing is incredible – no proper debate at all. Muslim countries are far worse than South Africa ever was but no-one dares criticise them. Islam is just an ideology for most of the world but it has made itself undiscussable.

    • freddiethegreat

      South Africa – the country that had to put up barriers to
      keep out all the poor oppressed blacks from up north who saw it as an earthly
      paradise. Now owned by the Chinese.

    • Gerard White

      I think you miss the point, it is the Politically Correct lobby of which you appear to be an ardent supporter he is having a dig at, Clarkson did slap his producer, but that is hardly a reason to end a £100 million franchise. As a former producer myself, I know it is the producers job to anticipate everything in advance, from food to weather conditions. That Oisin Tymon somehow thought that Clarkson would be happy with a cold platter at midnight is idiotic beyond belief. I once faced a similar situation, involving the crew, I paid the kitchen staff a weeks salary to stay on 3 hours, job done everyone happy. That the manager of the hotel knocked up a steak for Clarkson shows the problem could have easily been resolved. Oisin Tymon just didn’t bother.

      Now we have the drama queens at the BBC praising Oisin Tymon for his integrity, Tony Hall certainly has experience handling Prima Donna’s, the way he has handled the Clarkson affair shows hims as an over paid camp queen out of his depth and prepared to disappoint and audience counted in the hundreds of millions for the sake of a few pixies, fairies and unknown wannabes

  • freddiethegreat

    At last – somebody tells the absolute truth about the boring
    talentless John (NB – the American word for toilet). But how can an article
    featuring the said john have a heading containing the word ‘cultural’?

  • willshome

    Cultural war against the class that thinks striking underlings is basically OK? Where do I sign up?

  • Davey

    Sorry, isn’t Clarkson also an hysterical, spoilt, ugly fat man?

    • Gerard White

      And how would you describe yourself sir? Which God would give us the eyes to see ourselves with the eyes that others see us? Clarkson has a fan base in counted in the hundreds of millions, the BBC will lose a franchise which brings in £100’s of millions, because Oisin Tymon was too stupid to ask the manager of the hotel to cook a steak!

      • Davey

        Oisin Tymon may have be terrible at his job, but does that give anyone the right to abuse him verbally and smack him in the mouth? What world are you living in sir?

        • Gerard White

          Clearly you have zero experience dealing with Talent; I’m not defending them, but the more fame, the more money, the more full of themselves and difficult to deal with they become.

          “Stars” behaving outrageously is nothing new, if every time one of them whacked their manager, PA or another of the entourage or crew with their diamond encrusted mobile phone or whatever we sacked them, then there would be no entertainment industry.

          As I say, I used to work in the industry, couldn’t stand it, I hate the so called “talent” who are always preening themselves, they are ridiculous with less morals than prostitutes, which for the most part is what they really are. They are difficult to deal with and I have come close to giving some of them a slap myself.

          I founded and owned my own production company, so had many producers working for me; they are often prize twats in their own right. I once had one square up to me in front of the entire production team, threatening me with violence, with one finger I placed the idiot on the floor writhing in agony. I don’t know why, but he suddenly changed his mind about trying to threaten me.

          I don’t live in that world any more (thank God) but I do understand it. It’s not just the talent who are bullies, the whole lot of them are. It would come as absolutely no surprise to me to hear the end of the story was Tymon sacked his assistant.
          I’ve just had a look at Tymon’s IMDb profile, he does not appear to have done much other than Top Gear. There are no mentions of professional qualifications. I have employed a number of former Top Gear crew and talent in the past, they are a bit full of themselves and stuck in a single track. Like many in the BBC, they lack any professional qualifications, they gain their employment more through there ability of felching than any real talent.

          That is the world they live in sir

          • Mr TaxPayer

            I come from a military background where cock-up of Tymon proportions would also result in swift slap and no more said. I have both receieved and issued the slap.
            Best of all is your mention of felching. I gave a friend a polished metal felching straw for his 21st birthday many yeas ago 🙂

          • Gerard White

            ex 2e rep myself, agree entirely

          • Malus Pudor

            2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment….bolloxxx… another variety of the sort of “When I was in the SAS” bullshitter.

            What colour is the the boat house at Camp Raffalli ?

        • Malus Pudor

          The present politically-correct s..t hole, I imagine !

          • Gerard White

            Imagine you’ll be seeing stars mate

      • Margot

        Hitler had a fan base of millions so somewhat a weak argument methinks. Oisin Tymon has spoken about that night and things were quite clearly not as you are imagining them.
        PS To say I’m a supporter of PC is hilarious – I was anti before the term was invented.
        What I would say is that the BBC is more than Jeremy Clarkson who basically behaved like a toddler having a tantrum – which you are saying should be appeased. He had no right to verbally abuse someone (for hours apparently) and land them a punch in the mouth. OT can’t have been bad at his job as he’d been working on TG for years and seemingly had been on OK terms with JC. JC seems to have had a meltdown and made one huge mistake. End of.

        • Gerard White

          I think comparing Clarkson to Hitler is somewhat unhinged. Mind you, he did say “The only person who looked good in a 4-seated convertible was Adolf Hitler.”
          Do you have any experience of the entertainment industry or know what you are talking about? According to IMDb Oisin Tymon has little experience other than Top Gear and there is no mention of any professional qualifications.
          Having founded and run my own production company, employed numerous producers including Top Gear presenters and crew, I do know a little about what actually goes on. The “talent” like many “stars” are so far up their own a#### I’ve come close to giving at least one of them a slap myself. As for the producers, well I had one producer face up to me in front of the entire crew and threaten me with violence, only to find himself writhing on the floor in agony after I touched him with my thumb.
          The fact is, the crew are just as much a bunch of hot air bullies, just with less talent other than felching.
          The BBC is bloated with windbags, drama queens and fags many of whom could never work in commercial reality. Tony Hall has more than his fair share of dealing with Prima Donna’s at the Royal Opera House, he has simply shown his lack of commercial sense by destroying a £100 million a year income over some twat who was stupid enough to think an oaf like Clarkson would be happy with a cold platter at midnight after a days work and far to much to drink.
          In case you don’t know, a producers job is to ensure everything and everyone is in place, and taken care of. That includes everything from the weather to the food, no producer worth his paycheck would dream of serving a cold platter to the crew let alone the talent. Verbal abuse!!! Have you ever been backstage when some minor little detail isn’t to the “stars” liking?? A punch? The size and weight of Clarkson, a punch would have broken Tymon’s jaw, he got a slap from an oaf who had too much to drink; hardly worth destroying a £100 million a year income over.
          JC did not make “one huge mistake” Clarkson will survive and thrive. Doubt very much Tymon’s will

          • Doggie Roussel

            Jeeez…. you are such a hard bastard !!!!!

          • Gerard White

            Why do you have the balls to find out?

          • Grace Ironwood

            I think that’s about right, Gerard.
            Whatever the issue of high principle, this is the realpolitik of commercial life. Who in business would destroy such a huge asset ?

            Someone who doesn’t have to worry about shareholders & income, that’s who.

            The decision shows an unworldly, naive decision maker.

            For a competent, more flexible management, there were other options to keep everyone happy – an apology plus an agreement to take a fine or pay damages to the “victim” ; a suspension.

            But no, Hall preferred the attitude of (ruinously) high principle & ‘destroyed the joint’.

            After all, to be honest, “we” never liked Clarkson anyway.

          • Gerard White

            Spot on. Hall is an overpaid idiot, in the Commercial world he would be gone. I can’t believe the sheer volume of idiots posting comments who know absolutely nothing what they are talking about. The PC brigade are out!

          • Margot

            Wow. Hitler was lazy shorthand. Could have written any other name of someone who thinks they can get away with anything once they’re up a greasy pole. You, and @Grace Ironwood following, are saying that anything goes as long as it makes a profit. The BBC is still representing the country (and yes there’s a whole other argument there) and they couldn’t have let this go. You say you’ve worked in the industry and give some examples of behaviour within it. Most people would say such behaviour is wrong full stop. You are defending Clarkson’s behaviour quoting that of others. To use some lazy shorthand again – you seem to be saying what Hitler did was right because Stalin did some nasty things as well and they both saw them as means to an end – your ‘end’ being the profit regardless of how it’s come by.

          • Gerard White

            I got your point, I was merely pointing out that you have absolutely no experience in the industry, you don’t know what you are talking about and the realities of working in the industry.
            Let me try and put it in other terms. There is such a thing as “horseplay” and no one can deny the Top Gear team is full of it.. Now there have been many legal cases where horseplay resulted in grievous bodily harm.
            R v Aitken and Others [1992] 1 WLR 1006
            R v Jones [1986] 83 Cr App 375
            @Grace Ironwood is a pseudonym of someone currently working at the BBC.
            I agree with you, most people would say such behaviour is wrong, I don’t condone it, I am merely stating a fact. The other fact being, most people don’t work in the industry, but there are a staggering amount of wannabes, so much so, they work for nothing.
            The BBC is representing the country? And Top Gear is (was) the most popular and profitable show, it has in audience of something like 340 million in over 240 countries, the format is also franchised and brings in a £100 million a year.
            For Christ sake woman, you already don’t know what you are talking about so stop using stupid meaningless uneducated shorthand, if you think Stalin had anything to do with profit you are seriously deluded, talking out your A### again, Go read Marx and stop making stupid remarks about stuff you know nothing

          • Margot

            Cripes – that’s bit OTT. Well, to reply – which I guess I must although was sorely tempted to leave it – not because I didn’t have an answer but I think you lost a bit of credibility when you start addressing me as Woman. The ultimate put down – bit like Cameron’s Calm down dearie or whatever he said. Right – Sorry Macho Boy but your arguments just don’t wash. Just because you have worked in the industry and seen certain practices doesn’t make them OK. That argument could be applied to make just about anything OK! The Hitler/Stalin thing was just that – a lazy form of shorthand. Maybe I’ll make a bit more effort next time! I guess your argument has been used for the whole support of Saudi thing – forget what they’re up to as long as the oil keeps flowing. Well, that argument is certainly coming home to roost now. You must realise even from reading this site that the arguments pro and contra JC and the BBC are pretty evenly split – and I would say leaning ever more towards criticising him. Add to that the fact that, apart from being a prima donna, he’s obviously had a load of personal problems, I would bet quite a sum that he is bitterly regretting now what happened – and the light it’s shown him up in. Actually, maybe I should use Cameron’s comment to you – Just calm down dearie! We’re only talking a TV show and presenter here which despite how it may seem at the moment isn’t that important to the majority of the population. Next week’s chip paper.

          • Doggie Roussel

            Lovely !

          • Gerard White


          • Gerard White

            WTF are you babbling on about? Are you on medication or something you keep jumping all over the place prattling complete uneducated nonsense as if you actually know what you are talking about. So you responded because I referred to you as a woman? Well forgive me, you might be a drag queen, but your profile pic does sort of look a woman in need of some dental work, so I guess you could be a bloke, though your other posts seem to beat the drum for woman’s rights, I’m confused, are you?
            My argument has been used to support the whole Saudi thing? What one earth does that mean? I’ve no idea what you are on about, but as you look American I will assume you are ignorant of history or geography. So let me try and help you. So on 20th February 1945 President Roosevelt met with King Abdul Aziz aboard the US warship USS Quincy. Roosevelt was concerned that America could not sustain a war with the Soviet Union as America didn’t have enough oil, so he done a deal with the ruler of the House of Saud. America could have as much oil as they wanted, and set the petrodollar as the international currency for trading oil in exchange for 1 promise; never to interfere with Saudi religion, Wahhabism the most orthodox, ultraconservative, austere, fundamentalist and puritanical form of Islam. Thereafter, flush with petrodollars the Saudi’s opened thousands of Madrassas around the Islamic world to educate children in the Wahhabist way.
            As you may know the Taliban, the Mujahideen, Al Qaeda and Islamic State all declare themselves to be Wahhabists.
            The Saudi’s are Sunnni Muslims and the Iranians are Shiite Muslims, just as in the 80’s they fought a proxy war in Lebanon, now they are about to fight another in Yemen and we are seeing the beginnings of a religious war among Muslims pitting Sunni against Shiite, that’s mostly what both Gulf wars were about, the US, Israeli and Zionist interest converge in sparking a Muslim Jihad, the danger is it could easily spread to Europe, US, Australia and Asia, or perhaps that is the intention?
            So when you say “that argument is certainly coming home to roost now” I presume that is what you mean? Or didn’t you know what you were talking about?
            As for the people commenting on this site, I can see who actually know what they are talking about, two of whom you have lambasted with a load of uneducated rubbish.
            I doubt very much Clarkson has personal problems on a par with yourself, if I thought you had any money I would gladly take your bet “that he is bitterly regretting now what happened”. I used to employ a former Top Gear presenter and quite a few of the production team, in comparison Clarkson is a world wide phenomenon, it is Clarkson, not Top Gear that has 340 million fans around the world. I don’t think he will be job hunting for very long. Truth be known, Clarkson’s contract ends this month, there have been rumors that he had no intention of renewing, and was demanding a far better deal. So last year he made £30 million give or take a few quid, so shall we make a bet that he makes at least double that over the next year?

            Seeing as you seem to jump from one subject to the next without having a clue what you are talking about, allow me to divert to another subject, of which you clearly do have a passion.

            I see you are a happy clappy God Loving Christian fundamentalist (sure do put the fun into mental)

            So what is your position on paedophile clergy? Do you think the Vatican should be held vicariously liable for the paedophile actions of their clergy? When a Bishop moves an accused paedophile out of legal jurisdiction, should the Bishop be prosecuted for aiding and abetting a criminal?

            Paedophilia within the Catholic Church has been rife for millennia. The pope and bishops claim that members of the clergy are not employees but servants of God and therefore the Church cannot be held vicariously liable for the sins of their fathers:

            As you will know:

            Exodus 20:5 “You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me.”

            Exodus 34:6-7 “The Lord passed before him and proclaimed, “The Lord, the Lord, a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast
            love and faithfulness, keeping steadfast love for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, but who will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children and the children’s children, to the third and the fourth generation.”

            So in the words of God, his servants here on Earth are responsible for at least 4 generations of the abuse they have committed against innocent children.

            Would it not be rightful and just to seize the assets of the Roman Catholic Church, just as we would any other criminal organization, and paedophilia is as heinous a crime imaginable, sell the assets of the Vatican, strip them of their palaces, jewels, treasures and properties and make them do penance for the sins they have committed for millennia.

          • Margot

            What the hell are YOU on about. You seem to be replying to someone else. I haven’t got a pic on here – plus or minus dental work! though actually I’ve got perfectly good nashers – not that that’s particularly relevant to the Clarkson matter!! Though oddly enough everyone seems to comment on Clarkson’s teeth – again can’t see the relevance unless they’re saying toothache made him behave like that.
            On what do you base your opinion that I am a fundamentalist Christian/American – neither of which is true incidentally. As for being on medication – I think that anyone reading your latest epistle would seriously question just what you are on. Anyway – am calling this a day now as it’s just getting silly with all the bible quotes. Before I go, the chickens are coming home to roost as Saudi is now having to attack Yemen in order to protect its totally corrupt country. An Iran/Saudi war would be two absolutely rotten theocracies trying to put each other out of existence so maybe the best that could happen for all of us.
            Just a thought – maybe you’re in the state Clarkson was in when he lashed out – after three hours drinking apparently.

          • Mr B J Mann

            ” You must realise even from reading this site that the arguments pro and contra JC and the BBC are pretty evenly split – and I would say leaning ever more towards criticising him. Add to that the fact that, apart from being a prima donna, he’s obviously had a load of personal problems…..”

            The fact that the arguments are evenly split has no relevance to whether either or any side is right.

            You state that Clarkson’s “obviously had a load of personal problems”.

            Shouldn’t then his producer, his boss and the BBC have been more supportive of him previously?

            Instead he’s been given no support, and even been punished, for trumped up charges (getting warnings for trying not to say the “n-word” in a rhyme in which it traditionally features and then cutting the scene because his attempts to replace it could still be construed to sound like it, and failing to say the bridge has a “slant”?!?!?!? on it anyone?!).

            On top of that his boss, who is openly wacist, sexist, misandrist and ageist against middle aged white men has obviously been bullying and harassing him and is pretty open about trying to get rid of him and people like him.

            On top of that another BBC manager has compared him to a paedophile.

            How many of his managers have been reprimanded, given warnings, suspended, or sacked?

            That would be none then!

            On top of that a BBC manager has been promoted after biting a subordinate:

            To DIRECTOR GENERAL!

            And while the BBC instantly dropped its biggest money spinner because of its associations with an ALLEGED assault:

            It continues to fork out a fortune to show football matches not only involving players who have been caught on camera committing assaults, but that probably contain several assaults in the footage screened.

            Talk about PC hypocrisy.

            The argument isn’t about whether what Clarkson did was nice, acceptable, or even legal.

            It’s not even about what any other employer would or should have done.

            It’s about why the BBC is so hypocritically politically correct and treated Top Gear, despite being their biggest money spinner (though not their biggest source of income – that’s US!) so differently from the football matches they pay a fortune of our money, topped up with what Clarkson earns them, for.

            It’s about why the BBC is so hypocritically politically correct and treated Clarkson, despite being their biggest money spinner (though not their biggest source of income – that’s US!) so differently from the PC managers they pay a fortune of our money, topped up with what Clarkson earns them, for.

            It’s about why the non-PC Clarkon, who has been the victim up until now, has been victimised by his managers, but bone of them have ever been reprimanded, given warnings, suspended, never mind sacked.

          • Margot

            Yu will have read the Nick Cohen article by now who has said it all far better than I could so I’ve been saved having to reply here. I do find it slightly odd though that you’re speaking here about Clarkson as though he were some innocent fresh in the media world and unable to defend himself. Plus you seem still to be able to divide what the BBC may or may not be like, Clarkson’s relations with them and what he actually did. As many others have said, whether they were looking for something to get rid of him or not, he certainly handed it to them on a plate.

          • Mr B J Mann

            Not actually bothered to read my earlier reply to yourself before “not” replying to me then?!?!?!

            More than “slightly” odd!

          • Mr B J Mann

            Isn’t it just so handy you’ve been spared the need to reply.

            As you’ve missed it the last few times:

            The BBC buys and screens football matches that don’t just involve people who haven’t merely been accused of assault, or been caught on camera committing it:

            But that show people on camera committing assault.

            Yet they refused to screen Top Gear the moment they heard an accusation of assault associated with it.

            The BBC in general, and the executive who warned, suspended and then sacked Clarkson is openly racist, sexist and ageist against middle age white men.

            Yet, as part of an ongoing campaign of harassment and bullying against Clarkson continually sanctions Clarkson for trumped up racist and sexist incidents.

            When he was neglecting, instead of fulfilling, his duty of care to an under pressure (professionally and personally) presenter.

            Then there’s the matter of him being compared to a paedo by another BBC manager.

            And the fact that instead of being sacked, a BBC executive who bit a subordinate was promoted.

            To Director General.

            Oh, and mustn’t forget:

            There’s the question of:

            “they were looking for something to get rid”!

            So, guess what, this isn’t about whether Clarkson can look after himself (can’t the producer?!):

            This is about the PC BBC hypocrisy, double standards, and waste of taxpayers money!

            And those, like yourself, who support it!

          • Margot

            The BBC owns football teams? New on me!

          • Mr B J Mann

            They don’t own football teams, but they buy the rights to, and screen, football matches that not only involve players that have allegedly been involved in assaults, but that actually show assaults caught on camera.

            They probably also don’t “own” Top Gear, per se, they bought or buy the right to screen shows from the Top Gear company.

            But at the first hint of an alleged assault they refused to screen shows.

            They did “own” the executive they PROMOTED to DG even after biting a subordinate.

            And they still “own” the executive who failed in his duty of care to Clarkson, repeatedly (and the rest of the team vis a vis “Argentina”), who has repeatedly harassed and bullied Clarkson, has tried to drive him out of his job, and is openly racist, sexist and ageist against middle aged white men in general, and Clarkson in particular.

            And the manager who tried to tar Clarkson as a paedo.

            Are you really a male chauvinist pig who is masquerading as a woman to try to give the impression that women are incapable of rational, logical, un-hysterical thought?!?!?!

          • Margot

            JC (just thought – a lot of people – you included – seem to think those initials stand for something else!) was in a totally different relationship with the BBC than a football player. The BBC also show the ISIS beheadings but haven’t noticed that they’ve tried to ‘dismiss’ whatever nutter was doing them. Their relationship with the producer left them with no option.

          • Mr B J Mann

            “JC (just thought – a lot of people – you included – seem to think those initials stand for something else!)”



            Or “TG”?!?!?!

            “was in a totally different relationship with the BBC than a football player.”

            I didn’t say he was in the same relationship as a football player.

            I said that they refused to screen “TG” as soon as they heard it might be associated with someone accused of assault.

            Whereas they continua to continually buy and screen matches not just associated with people with people accused of assault, but that actually catch the assaults on camera.

            A point you have failed even to address, never mind refute.

            “The BBC also show the ISIS beheadings but haven’t noticed that they’ve tried to ‘dismiss’ whatever nutter was doing them.”

            Have they? Where and when?

            But if they have, they won’t, I hope, have paid (out of taxpayer funds) for this “news” footage.

            But that still doesn’t address the fact they pay a fortune (of taxpayers’ money) to screen matches in which assaults being committed are captured on camera.

            For entertainment.

            Whereas they immediately pulled “TG”, which earns them £millions (offsetting the taxpayers’ money they waste on other things) because of a possible connection to an alleged assault.

            A point you have failed to even address, never mind refute.

            “Their relationship with the producer left them with no option.”

            What relationship is this?

            Are you saying he is an employee of theirs, and not Clarkson’s?

            And are you saying that they owe him some kind of duty of care?

            But not Clarkson?!

            Who has been harassed and bullied by an employee of the Beeb’s for ages.

            And a racist, sexist and ageist one at that.

            Another point you have failed even to address, never mind refute.

            And you’ve also “forgotten” to deal with the “DG” bit man bit!


            You’ve convinced me:

            You’re really a Male Chauvinist Pig trying to give people the impression that wimmin can’t argue logically!

    • WillyTheFish

      Possibly so. But at least he isn’t a drug addled pervert.

      • Davey

        I believe he was completely sloshed when he assaulted Tymon. Alcohol is a drug isn’t it? Maybe not a pervert, just a completely spoilt brat and a fool!

      • Doggie Roussel

        His septum looks a bit dodgy…..

  • Dan O’Connor

    Look, let’s get a sense of proportion here.

    Unlike the Left, at least Clarkson is not guiilty of criminal complicity in the Muslim rape, torture, sex slave industry pf thousands of British White children and unlike the Left he cannot be blamed for Sweden going from having the lowest rape rate in the world , to the 3rd highest, thanks to Left wing mass immigration , just behind South Africa and Botswana.
    Unlike the Left , Clarkson will not be blamed for the ever expanding 751 officialy listed no-go zones in France, and the no-go zones Germany ; the Netherlands , Belgium, Denmark, Sweden , and Norway
    Unlike the Left , Clarkson is not responsible for the thousands of native Europeans who have been maimed and murdered by third world immigrant street thugs over the ælast 30 years
    And ulike the Left, Clarkson will not be blamed for waging a wicked war of cultural and dempographic terrorism against their own people and for creating the ideal conditions for a future of decay, chaos , mayhem and death

    • Gerard White

      I’m fairly sure he will be disappointed to hear that 🙂

      • Dan O’Connor

        Er… no .. I don’t think he would be disappointed to hear that .

        • Gerard White

          I meant getting a sense of proportion

          • Doggie Roussel

            Something you might benefit from…

    • jim

      If I were a billionaire I would buy Dan a television station to run.Or a university.

    • Max Sommers

      You are quite mad you know.

      • Shaheem Orkwa’an

        No, he’s actually making a good point – you’re just unable to understand it.

        • Ignazio Palmisano

          If by that you mean he’s sarcastically quoting lies and BS spread by extreme right wing parties and websites, I agree. I’m afraid I cannot take Dan seriously, though.

          • biffula

            Sorry, no lies in Dan’s facts Paisano.

          • Ignazio Palmisano

            Citation needed my friend. I want the numbers on this mass immigration he claims exist, and the police statistics on the crimes he claims were committed by these same immigrants. Reliable numbers, or it didn’t happen.

          • Mr B J Mann

            Can I refer you to the recent documentary by Trevor Philips, the right-on, trendy-lefty, bien-pensant, P-C, woolly-liberal, yoghurt-knitting, bleedin-heart, sandal-wearing, formerly-bearded, former head of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.

            Or the admission about their immigration policy by the New Labour bod a while back.

          • Ignazio Palmisano

            Double barrelled adjectives notwithstanding, you can. But I don’t see links in your post.
            It would be more convenient if, instead of a documentary, it was links to verifiable figures. But, if those are not available, I’ll settle for the documentary.

          • Mr B J Mann

            Channel 4’s Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True, presented by Trevor Phillips, 9:00pm on Thursday 19th March, available on 4onDemand for another three weeks.

            Of course, the big problem is that even the Conservatives try to bury the truth, because they like their au pairs and cheap factory fodder too.

            For example, who properly queries the amount immigrants contribute in taxes?

            The left will tell you that immigrants pay more in taxes than they claim in benefits, maybe even than they claim in benefits, and cost schools n ospitals.

            The right will complain that they don’t.

            And the left will retort that the biggest beneficiaries are the indigenous population.

            But the elephant in the room is that benefits, and even schools n ospitals are only part of the picture:

            What about libraries and roads and policing and wars and……

            (Feel free to come up with the full list of verifiable figures for all areas of expenditure that aren’t benefits for your own amusement).

            And as for the indigenous population being the biggest recipients of welfare, that’s because they paid NI all their lives and are now claiming their pensions, so slightly different from an immigrant claiming their benefits.

            Just as all those emigrants in Europe:

            They are spending their UK pensions in EU countries, again not the same as EU, or other, immigrants claiming benefits here without having paid in.

            And if an immigrant is a brain surgeon, and his taxes cover the benefits claimed by other immigrants, then he’s NOT covering his fair share of the cost of roads and libraries, etc, etc.

            And he’s NOT covering his fair share of the general welfare bill.

            And so he’s NOT making a positive contribution to the economy!

            None of which seem to come up in any “debates” on the subject!

            Or perhaps they do but the media censors them?!

            And before anyone starts: I’m from immigrant stock!

          • Ignazio Palmisano

            Ah yes I’ve seen this. It is a masterful use of subgroup analysis. It is also misleading. http://handbook.cochrane.org/chapter_9/9_6_2_what_are_subgroup_analyses.htm

            But, where are the numbers about crimes carried out by immigrants? I’m sure police and tribunals have precise numbers on this.

          • Mr B J Mann

            Are you saying that most of the street crime in Brixton is carried out by whitey?

            Or that Phillips and the ethnic minority PC police who carried out the studies, that were sat on, are statistically illiterate?!

          • Mr B J Mann

            But perhaps, with your analytical skills, you’d like to address the other points I raised in the post you didn’t reply to most of.

          • Ignazio Palmisano

            No I’m saying that I want to see the numbers and the stats to be convinced. Because I don’t get convinced that thousands of criminals are coming in just because someone tells me they are.

          • Mr B J Mann

            Perhaps you should speak to Trevor Phillips then, who was convinced by the analysis done by the ethnic officers from the Met, but sat on by the PC PCs in it?!

          • Thomtids

            I seem to recall that Government spokesmen whenever asked for these statistics would state that the Home Office do not keep them based upon race or ethnic origins. Thus such is not available, but we all know what’s going on.

        • Max Sommers

          I understand that he is obviously some kind of obsessive who brings up immigration on a thread that has nothing to do with the subject. I could say “At least Clarkson is not an irresponsible banker who helped wreck the global economy blah blah etc. etc…….” but I wouldn’t because it would be nothing to do with the subject under discussion, and although I have rather strong views on the damage caused by irresponsible capitalists gambling with other people’s money, I would not introduce them on a discussion about Jeremy Clarkson because people would then be entitled to consider ME to be insanely fixated upon the subject.

      • Richard Baranov

        Mad for stating fact!

      • Dogsnob

        Must have hit a tender spot there Dan!

    • westgatehill .

      While we’re on the subject of who gets blamed for what, the object of the article and most of the comments seems to be to blame the left for the ruination of the country which has supposedly been the result of immigration, but the only concrete fact that’s mentioned is that the Cadogan estate sold their flats to rich foreigners. Isn’t this an example of the wooly thinking etc that everyone’s blaming lefties for, or alternatively can I expect to find the owners of the Cadogan estate selling copies of Socialist Worker on my high street? I would sympathize with the view that everything that’s good about British culture is being tarnished, but anyone with eyes to see can tell that this is the fault of the greedy individualism of the rich, not of the fast-diminishing numbers of those with left-wing views.

    • evad666

      Shush musn’t mention the islamic sex slavers preying on young white children while their communities are supported by Labour.http://www.rochdaleonline.co.uk/news-features/2/news-headlines/86094/flag-raised-for-pakistan-day
      Musn’t mention the current totals of 4827 young victims spread across 35 English Towns and Cities.
      Remember Social Services and the Police support their victims lifestyle choice even if they are under age.

    • Stevie Mac

      True, he has not done those things but he has also not been punished for doing those things. He has been punished for what he actually did: berate and punch a junior member of staff.

    • huhster

      Which all has bugger all to do with Clarkson punching a co-worker 😉

    • Loïc Depailler

      Do a bit of fact checking before posting on internet. There is not a SINGLE no-go zone in France. Are you a Fox News fanboy ?

  • Icebow

    That picture reminds me of Herr Lipp in The League of Gentlemen.

    • Dan O’Connor

      Well spotted.

    • Miss Floribunda Rose

      Al is klar…….

  • Fritz123

    Dear Taki, let me speak as an expert on Estern German Neonazis, that are mostly nice kids looking for fun that is easy to have if you break any tabu, but are spoiled by people who hate “PC”. Those spoilers say nothing, they start with a the first half of a sentense, that is meaningless, but a reminder to some very stupid prejudice based on incredible ignorance, and they end that completely meaningless half sentense with something that I do find here too as “and we all know the results of that one.” This is not really serious and not really entertaIning and IMHO not all that is “PC” is wrong.

  • UmUmUmUmUmUm

    Love it, love it, love it. A rant yes, but with some sharp shards of truth in it. There is a social and cultural death wish abroad among the left wing elite in this country. The ordinary indigenous English, have been sold down the river and our cultural and historical inheritance has been smeared and demonised with increasing success for over 50 years.

  • evad666

    Clarkson should have grilled the party leaders.
    Paxman had all the malevolence of neutered tabby.
    So far Clegg and Farage are ahead on points.
    Perhaps we should look to encourage a Farage/ Danny Alexander Pairing to run the country.

  • Tim Spencer

    Wow, what an exceptionally poor article.

    • Vuil

      Probably you see it that way because you are an exceptionally PC person.

      • Tim Spencer

        Nice try sausage.

  • Will

    The amount of hilariously awful opinions in this article strike me as an over the top effort to get comments and views. So, congrats on that buddy! You will go down as someone who incited a series toxic arguments. Jeremy Clarkson signed his own death warrant, he brought this on himself for being a racist, misogynistic and entitled butthole.

    Also can I just say I love the phrase PC Brigade, I wish there actually was one. Maybe we could have a little car or a parade float or something and we could use it to harass people who think it ok to share a bit of banter and basically be enormous tools.

  • Will

    The amount of hilariously awful opinions in this article strike me as an over the top effort to get comments and views. So, congrats on that buddy! You will go down as someone who incited a series toxic arguments. Jeremy Clarkson signed his own death warrant, he brought this on himself for being a racist, misogynistic and entitled butthole.

    Also can I just say I love the phrase PC Brigade, I wish there actually was one. Maybe we could have a little car or a parade float or something and we could use it to harass people who think it ok to share a bit of banter and basically be enormous tools.

    • Mr B J Mann

      “PC Brigade”?!?!?!

      Considering that an aide to a B1&ck US Mayor(?) and an anti-racist activist got driven out of his job for complaining that his anti-racism budget was:


      (A totally unrelated word).

      And as for “racist, misogynistic and entitled butthole”?!?!?!?!

      Considering that the guy who “sacked” Clarkson is a rich, public school, openly wacist, sexist, misandrist, ageist against white, middle aged men (despite being one himself).

      A classic poster boy for the “PC Brigade”!

  • Max Sommers

    I used to quite like Clarkson, but frankly, if I were to punch one of my colleagues, I would expect to get the sack, as would moost people. I can’t see what Clarkson has to complain about. He shoulld also face charges for assault. again, as anyone else would.

    • Gerard White

      Ever heard of horseplay?

      You have elevated a slap to a punch, if a man the size of Clarkson landed a punch, it would have broke his jaw.

      Do you earn over £100 million a year for your company? Would they sacrifice a £100 million income earner because you got drunk and slapped someone in a working environment where horseplay was common place?

      I don’t think Clarkson is complaining (other than about being served a cold platter at midnight) Clarkson will survive and thrive, he does have 340 million fans around the world.

      As far as being charged with assault, well I suggest you look up case law on horseplay

      R v Aitken and Others [1992] 1 WLR 1006
      R v Jones [1986] 83 Cr App 375

      • Max Sommers

        Horseplay my arse. Is there any suggestion that Clarkson was behaving in a playful manner? He hit the guy hard enough to make his lip bleed. That is called ässault” and is very properly considered a crime.As for your apparent belief that the law should treat you differently according to how much money you make for your company, well, words fail me.

        • Gerard White

          I don’t know about your arse, clearly you are talking out of it and lack knowledge of what is coming out. So in R v Aitken and others the defendants were 3 air force personnel, following completion of their training and no doubt drinking heavily they got into their flight suits and started setting each other on fire, when the claimant got bored with his friends larking around and tried to leave his colleagues set him on fire causing 3rd degree burns. The defendants were prosecuted under s.20 Offences Against The Persons Act 1861. When you say, “That is called assault” can you define exactly what you mean, particularly if you are going to make criminal accusations. Otherwise you are just making noise (or breach of the peace 🙂

          It has nothing to do with money, it is a matter of Law and anyway, Ois has made it clear he does not want to press charges. You can be darn sure a lot of people at the BBC wanted him to.

    • Dylan

      He hasn’t complained, though. In fact he’s openly told Twitter trolls to leave the producer in question alone, because Top Gear being cancelled is not Tymon’s fault – it’s his [Clarkson’s].

      In fact, it’s the BBC’s, but…

      • Max Sommers

        Fair enough. I can’t see what all of those complaining on his behalf have to complain about, then. But in what way is it the BBC’s fault? Have you ever hit a colleague in the face at work? Do you even know anyone who has done such a thing? I was defending Clarkson throughout all the various campaigns against him on account of various things he has said, and would still do so, but if hitting a colleague is not a sackable offence, I don’t know what is, and I can’t see how the BBC could be responsible in any way for his behaviour..Clarkson, as you say, has accepted this, and so should everyone else.

        • Dylan

          It’s not so much that punching someone is a sackable offence, it is in my view and the BBC should view it as such. But if it is in the BBC, why didn’t they sack him when he punched Piers Morgan?

          It’s the inconsistency that I find particularly troubling, it smacks of BBC image-control at a time when public opinion of them is at its lowest.

          Heck, when he punched Piers, they even had Clarkson go on Parky and they all joked about it. Glorified it, even, because… well… it was Piers Morgan.

  • Edith Grove

    Jeremy Clarkson, as I understand it, assaulted his producer. End of story. If you think it’s OK to get away with bad behaviour because you’re rich and a good earner for the BBC then I would recommend you look up ‘Savile, Jimmy.’

    • Dylan

      Tymon hasn’t expressed any wish to press charges. In fact he’s said he won’t. Assault is a matter for the police, and whilst it shouldn’t go unpunished at work, an enforced sabbatical or some other measure would’ve sufficed for a minor scuffle. Cancelling the biggest show on your network is just shooting yourself in the foot in search of a scapegoat for all the worst things the BBC has ignored over the years.

      The BBC has been heavy-handed in dealing with this, in particular, because of its timing. And it’s also not the first time the BBC has been inconsistent in doling out suitable reprimands for improper conduct.

      Nick Conrad still has his job, despite telling his listeners that women shouldn’t be surprised when they’re raped if they’ve poked the bear, so to speak.

    • Lorenzo

      Savile never got in trouble; his crimes weren’t made public until he was dead.

  • Chamber Pot

    The Clarkson episode has been a media lynching by the ‘ left ‘, for which read the ‘ settled ‘ and bankrupt status quo but using different tactics than those directed at Farage and his kids over the weekend.

  • Bela Patkai

    Let’s say you go to a gas station and don’t leave a tip. The cashier punches you on the face and you end up getting your lips stitched. Or what if it happens to your son, or your daughter? Would you say it’s cultural warfare? Why is it so deeply engraved in us that those successful men can get away with basically anything? When I saw James May with a pale face announcing that “I don’t have time to give an interview, I am too busy selling my Ferrari on eBay” I burst out in laughter. Are all men equal?

    • Mr B J Mann

      Didn’t a BBC employee once leave an imprint of his dental records in a subordinates arm?

      And get promoted?!

      To DG?!?!?!

      Hasn’t Clarkson’s “boss” (he’s not employed by the BBC) failed to support him through several crises, bullied and harassed him over imaginary, trumped up, or blown up out of all proportion accusations, and been racist, sexist and ageist against middle aged white men:

      Without getting sacked, or even being given a warning!

      Hasn’t another BBC manager libelled Clarkson as a paedo:

      Again without being sacked!

      And as the BBC refused to show any more Top Gear programmes as they involved Clarkson, and he’s merely been accused of haranging and assault, can you confirm that they have also refused to show any football matches involving players who have been caught on camera committing assault, never mind haranguing anyone.

      And while we’re at it:

      How many right-on BBC managers have been suspended for haranguing anyone for 20 minutes?!?!

  • forgot-about-income-taxes

    Clarkson was sacked because he punched a coworker in the face. Take your stupid communist conspiracy theory and shove it.

    • Dylan

      Except he wasn’t. He once punched Piers Morgan in the face and 99% of the world’s population applauded it, whilst the BBC made no investigations into whether he should keep his job or not.

      There are three truths here.

      Clarkson got into trouble for something of his own doing.
      Punching anybody in the face is a childish and wrong course of action.
      The BBC has been inconsistent in punishing the exact same type of misconduct.

      Clarkson was sacked because the world at large currently regards the BBC as a bunch of paedophilia/rape apologists, with no sense of morality, and it wants to rehabilitate its image.

  • Tomasz Carter

    Remember what Lenin said: ‘We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, scorn and the like toward those who disagree with us.’ We all know the BBC is a malodorous cesspit run by and full of lefties.

    Do you see the irony of this juxtaposition? I can’t tell if it’s deliberate.

  • Me

    Clarkson hit someone coz he didn’t ike his dinner. He should e charged with a assault.

  • omgamuslim

    Sometime people such as murderers are not only defended but are given medals and eulogised in organs such as The Spectator. It can be argued that all those who took part in the Iraq war are complicit in murders. Has there been a vituperative offering here in denunciation?
    Is the author suggesting that people who throw punches at their colleagues should not be disciplined?

  • Rob

    So did Clarkson use the n word to display his pride in a sense of identity, as an African-American form of self-identification, or, as a label, a slur? Let me suggest the latter because you don’t whisper things you admire or hold as important under your breath. But you might want to take to the stage and sing or rap to crowds of fans about it.

    • Malus Pudor

      I think he was repeating an English nursery rhyme that our mothers used to recite to us in the 50s…. before all this PC shite surfaced !

  • tonyofthewoods

    Wow. It’s a long time since I’ve heard this level of deranged rightwing ranting. Maybe I should read the Spectator more often. I seem to remember that Mr. Clarkson was sacked for a violent assault on a colleague following a vicious bullying tirade in which foul and racist language was used. He has also used racist language on air and is a climate change denier.

    • James

      Why does a racist like Dianne Abbott feature on two weekly slots on BBC?

    • Malus Pudor

      Is abusing the Welsh now considered racist ?…. Lordy Miss Claudie… point me to the asylum !

    • GraveDave

      He has also used racist language on air and is a climate change denier.

      Is that as bad as being a holocaust denier – or nearly as bad?

      And if a white man can be racist to another white man then we need to bring the bruvvers in line too with the ‘N’ word.

    • Mr B J Mann


      So he should be sacked for being a Climate Change Denier.

      It’s a long time since I’ve heard this level of deranged leftwing ranting!

      Actually, I lie, it’s all you hear from the left!

      Now what about the Cohen who sacked him being sacked for being racist, sexist and ageist against middle aged white men?!?!

      And how about sacking whoever was involved in not just failing to sack, but promoting, the Beeb executive who bit a subordinate:

      To Director General!

    • lindzen4pm

      A ‘climate change denier’, eh?
      Explain. No-one has yet.

  • James

    Clarkson did not get sacked – BBC would have had to face legal action and the whole truth would have come out in the open – according to James May it was nothing that has been blown out of proportion. Pulling the show and not renewing the contract of Clarkson is not justified if they do not take correct disciplinary action, ie, officially sack him for an offense.

  • ziggypop

    Let us not over-think this. Clarkson hit a fellow employee in a fit of rage. Enough said.

  • Shaheem Orkwa’an

    “Political Correctness” – the new fascism.

  • Ignazio Palmisano

    Have you considered Clarkson might have been sacked because he punched a guy in the face? Hate speech conspiracy my foot.

    • Lorenzo

      That’s my take too. Who, other than a professional boxer, wouldn’t get canned for punching out someone at work?

      • Mr B J Mann


        And a Beeb Exec bit a subordinate.

        And got promoted.

        To Director General.

        • Lorenzo

          I wouldn’t defend any of them either, and certainly not on the basis of their politics.

    • GraveDave

      No, he smacked some lazy Irish c –t in the mouth. Let’s get it right.

      • Ignazio Palmisano

        Aaaand here comes the racist troll! Clap your hands everybody!

      • I can’t believe I just read that.

  • Malus Pudor

    How dare you, Taki, be so rude about the Blessed Elizabeth Hurley and Vicki ‘Posh’ Beckham….

    These two Madonnas are the icons to whom our modern womanhood aspires… the former suddenly ‘fell pregnant’ and spent many months identifying the possible creator of her predicament…. it appears the riddle has been resolved, after the exchange of many spondulicks and a proliferation of DNA…..

    The latter, reputedly Posh, moved in with a goofy protege of football thug, Alex Ferguson who finally booted (sic) his golden boy out of the MU changing room and sent him on to reproduce sproglet clones to contribute to his wife’s fashion designer pretensions while undergoing trials with the Arsenal Academy.

    These sad bastards are beyond parody and yet continue to manage global headlines and the furtherance of their tinseltown empires.

    Hurley ensnared the greatest leg spinner in history, but even his finger spinners, googlies and Chinamen were not enough to keep her trapped in the crease.

    ‘Posh’ (anything but) poses frequently next to her pretty, disingenuous toy boy… crouching, stoop-backed, like a female Richard III, while scowling like a witch who has had the quality of her latest brew questioned….

    God preserve us from these ghastly pseuds and arrivistes….

  • Bungdit Din

    Oooo’eck, watch it, You’re talking sense. Watch’it youth, you’ll be in trouble.

  • Richard Eldritch

    Pah all this fuss over a little punch up, nobodys even asked if the producer had it coming. The media have been united in their idoicy by claiming Clarkson and Co are replacable, they just aren’t. However if the BBC were looking for a group of presenters with a similar bond, they should look at the Red Dwarf team.

  • Damaris Tighe

    Taki, you won’t find the gentility you’re looking for in Switzerland. Switzerland is finished. When I first visited the country in the mid 80s I was struck by its cleanliness & absence of graffiti (graffiti is important – the presence of meaningless, incontinent, narcissistic ‘tags’ tell you all you need to know about the nation).

    When I returned in the 90s every possible surface on the rail system was covered with graffiti, even far out in the countryside. The centre of Lucerne, to my amazement, was dirty, rubbish-strewn, & full of middle easterners. It was fairly difficult to find a proper mid-price Swiss restaurant & we were forced to eat in a middle-eastern style cafeteria (nothing wrong with middle-eastern food – it’s just that when in Rome …).

    • EHGombrich

      I live in Zurich. Immigrants aren´t creative so graffiti has not much to do with immigration. It´s a part of the indigeneous left wing youth culture.
      Don´t worry Switzerland is still great. A little expensive and in the summer full of Arab tourists, that is true and rather unfortunate, but places like Lucerne, Zurich, Lugano or Geneva (a little less) etc. are still perfectly clean and safe.

      • GraveDave

        I live in Zurich. Immigrants aren´t creative so graffiti has not much to do with immigration.

        Lol. Well, we keep hearing different over here. So which is it?
        And what is so ‘creative’ about graffiti? Surely it’s something any idiot with a spray can, can do.

      • Damaris Tighe

        There’s absolutely nothing creative about spraying your tag on a wall. It’s more like a dog cocking a leg. And Lucerne wasn’t at all clean when I visited, as I said.

      • Richard

        We were eyeing it as a place to which to flee Britain when it finally makes the Royal Family defenders of Islam, but the reports aren’t good. Guards on trains now, mass-migration of Muslims, all the same stuff that afflicts the UK. What do you think?

  • Twerfy

    Wyoming has a population lower than a medium-sized city so yeah, crime’s gonna be low there. It’s also filled with mountain hicks, so I’m glad you found somewhere you fit in.

  • Jacob Flindt

    What keeps baffling me is that the article skirts over the fact that he committed GBH against a work colleague. Are we supposed to abolish the law for celebrities? A work place that allows one employee to physically assault another, not to mention the mental assaults he reportedly lavish on a regular basis, MUST act accordingly.

    You can call it a cultural war, perhaps it is. It is a war between the new world of mutual respect and one law for all, against the old world of country gentry being above all else due to influence and status. It is the same war that finally brought cases against pedophiles who were not investigated due to their status and influence (by no means do I call JC a pedo!, but it is the same mentality that rules). It is the progression of the world and as someone called him “Clarkson was the last casual racist on TV”. Non-public racist on a train in France get’s hauled in front of the law in days, yet JC has gotten away with it for years – finally leading him to think he can run around throwing punches as well… good riddance of him. (Same goes for the author for leaving Blighty).

    It is not so bad to clean up our public TV and leave our public money to go to people who can voice 2 thoughts without violating someone else.

    • Mr B J Mann

      As you’ve missed it:

      What keeps baffling me is that you skirt over the fact that he has had personal issues for a while, but, rather than his BBC boss providing support for a work colleague, he was overloaded with work stress, and then bullied and harassed, and even, attacked with trumped up charges (failing to screen a clip where he didn’t use the “N” word, failing to say “the bridge has a slant on it”……) and then disciplined by his boss for said trumped up charges.

      Whereas his boss wasn’t disciplined, never mind sacked, for his failings, despite him getting away with being openly racist, sexist and ageist against middle aged white men for years.

      And his boss isn’t the last casual PC anti-white racist, anti-men sexist or anti painfully white middle aged ageist in BBC TV.

      The BBC has also promoted, rather than sacked, a PC executive despite him biting a subordinate, ie “he committed GBH against a work colleague”. Are we supposed to abolish the law for BBC executives? A work place that allows one employee to physically assault another, not to mention the mental assaults they reportedly lavish on a regular basis, especially against people like Clarkson, MUST act accordingly.

      And the BBC instantly shelved Top Gear, which earns it £millions, at the first hint of a possible assault allegation.

      While it forks out £millions for football matches which aren’t just associated with possible assaults, but actually catch them on camera.

      As for was your Non-public racist on a train in France getting hauled in front of the law in days:

      If you watched the clip, everyone else on the platform was standing well back letting the full, packed, overcrowded train pull away.

      Whereas the “victim” was trying to force his way on despite there being no room for him.

      If the incident involved Algerian Frenchmen pushing a fat white Brit off and calling him a fat Brit, never mind a white Brit, would you expect them to be charged with anything?

      Oh, and Clarkson makes the Beeb £MILLIONS.

      Which then goes to people like you who can’t voice 2 thoughts without violating someone else to make their right-on, nipple-piercing, P-C, lentil-munching, trendy-lefty, sandal-wearing, woolly-“liberal”, yogurt-knitting, bleedin-heart, soaps, dramas and “docu”soap dramas from their “news” division.

      • Jacob Flindt

        So let me see if I understand you right:

        1: someone else committed GBH in BBC, so now everybody should be allowed to do it?

        2: Clarkson has had personal proplems for a decade (give or take), and the prove is that he wasn’t sacked for being a racist in a clip that was not publicly aired and you think he should have been forced into therapy for that as a condition of his continued employment?

        3: As long as you make millions for your company then the company should accept any behaviour from the employees/contractors

        4: if you think it is NOT ok to hit co-workers and that ANYBODY (regardless of previous offences committed by anybody else) should risk going through weeks of investigation before having their contract terminated.

        THEN…such person is able to defy the laws of physic by violating others by committing “yogurt-knitting”? Did I get it right?

        BTW you should try the tube in London before claiming that train was full AND that the chanting was not aimed at the guy trying to get onboard what we’d call a half-empty carriage. There is remarkably little discrimination and chanting against us white middle class men going on – with the exception that MORE talented women and minorities do OCCASIONALLY get a job a half-assed white man could have filled. And if that somehow violates someones rights then as a white middleclass middel aged male, without piercings, then I can live with that.

        • Mr B J Mann

          Are you being deliberately obtuse, or just continuing with your trolling?

          You said, in case you’ve forgotten, and can’t manage to check above:

          Jacob Flindt:
          “What keeps baffling me is that the article skirts over the fact that he committed GBH against a work colleague. Are we supposed to abolish the law for celebrities? A work place that allows one employee to physically assault another, not to mention the mental assaults he reportedly lavish on a regular basis, MUST act accordingly.”

          But an executive of the BBC bit an employee: “committed GBH against a work colleague,” and not only did the BBC “abolish the law for” executives, not only did the BBC demonstrate that it was a “A work place that allows one employee to physically assault another”:

          But the BBC promoted the biter to DIRECTOR GENERAL!

          Now, you may not have been aware of this fact, but, having been appraised of it, “What keeps baffling me is that” YOUR ‘reply’ “skirts over the fact”!

          So much for:

          Jacob Flindt:
          “You can call it a cultural war, perhaps it is. It is a war between the new world of mutual respect and one law for all, against the old world of country gentry being above all else due to influence and status.”


          1: As someone else committed GBH in BBC, and got promoted, to avoid charges of hypocrisy, and double standards, not to mention harassment and bullying, and unfair dismissal, clearly sacking Clarkson was not the right remedy.

          2: “Clarkson has had personal proplems for a decade (give or take), and the proof is that”:

          The BBC in general, and his boss in particular, not to mention the bleedin-heart, trendy-lefty, bien-pensant, woolly-“liberal”, P-C brigade have been bullying and harassing him over trumped up racism charges (and his boss has been acting and talking like a racist, ageist, sexist against middle aged white men like him).

          He could hardly bet sacked for NOT being a racist in a clip in which HE replaced a racist word with a NON racist one but as it still SOUNDED LIKE he MIGHT have said the original version HE ENSURED that was NOT publicly aired.

          And yet he was given a WARNING for NOT being racist.

          AND ONE for failing to say a bridge had a “slant” on it (perhaps English is not your first language: so you are excused for not appreciating why it had to be slope and not slant, or lean……).

          And where have I said I “think he should have been forced into therapy for that as a condition of his continued employment”?

          And where did I say:
          3: “As long as you make millions for your company then the company should accept any behaviour from the employees/contractors”

          However, THE SHOW makes £MILLIONS for the BBC, and yet, unlike football matches, for which they PAY millions, despite them ACTUALLY SHOWING SERIOUS ASSAULTS CAUGHT ON CAMERA:

          The BBC instantly suspended THE SHOW, risking over a hundred jobs, and £MILLIONS of revenue, AND £MILLIONS in compensation to other networks?!?!?!?

          Jacob Flindt:
          4: “if you think it is NOT ok to hit co-workers and that ANYBODY (regardless of previous offences committed by anybody else) should risk going through weeks of investigation before having their contract terminated.”
          “THEN…such person is able to defy the laws of physic by violating others by committing “yogurt-knitting”? Did I get it right?”

          Sorry, you’ve totally lost me there!

          Jacob Flindt:
          “BTW you should try the tube in London before claiming that train was full AND that the chanting was not aimed at the guy trying to get onboard what we’d call a half-empty carriage……”

          Have you actually seen the video?!?!

          Even in Japan the carriage would be considered full!

          The guys pushing him away were practically on the outside of the carriage.

          Why do you think everyone else but the “victim” was standing back from the train?!?!?!

          Jacob Flindt:
          “There is remarkably little discrimination and chanting against us white middle class men going on – with the exception that MORE talented women and minorities do OCCASIONALLY get a job a half-assed white man could have filled. And if that somehow violates someones rights then as a white middleclass middel aged male, without piercings, then I can live with that.”

          Have you been in one of those Amsterdam coffee shops recently?!?!

          • Jacob Flindt

            Dear me, I do seem to have wandered into troll on troll action here. I’ll quietly back out the door to the real world where people can argue rationally and read a sentence with mor than 1 point without getting confused.
            Let me not confuse anybody with logic or facts, so best of luck to both sides – you seem to deserve each other in here.

          • Mr B J Mann

            Did you mean to post that to yourself under your previous “reply”?!

            And it’s probably for the best you don’t try to confuse anybody with your version of “logic or facts”:

            You were confusing enough last time.

  • James

    Apparently my culture is being born and becoming a bigoted racist – that’s why I must be wiped off the planet and burned in hell.

  • Scion

    This article was a very good takedown of PC nonsense and the BBC, until Taki went full retard at the end, going on about the virtues of living somewhere inhabited only by Anglo-Saxons and possessing two Republican senators. This is why the Right is losing the cultural war, because it is full of idiots who pick the wrong things to defend.

    • GraveDave

      He’s only an idiot because he’s white. in praise of their own, Blacks and Asians and Chinese people can say that sort of thing anywhere, anytime, and in whatever country and in front of whomever they like, and no one – least of all Whitey- dare bats an eye.

      But for all that White flight is very real.

  • Angus Maclean

    Unless I am much mistaken, he (a Greek) is complaining about foreigners (specifically Turks!) buying up the London property market…

  • The Gorfeins’ Cat

    I can never see EJ now without thinking of Matt Lucas’ brutal and brilliant take of him on ‘Little Britain’. As ever truth outdoes fiction.

  • Stevie Mac

    Clarkson got fired for berating at length and punching a junior member of staff. Every un pc thing he said, the BBC stuck with him. I like the guy and his light hearted xenophobia and bigotry is amusing but he was obviously acting like an absolute prat to that staff member. Whether he should be fired for it I don’t know but he should know that his behaviour was out of order and he’s not above having to treat people decently.

    • Mr B J Mann

      Except that Clarkson’s boss didn’t just repeatedly berate him at length, but disciplined him on trumped up charges (for not showing a clip where he didn’t use the “N” word, for failing to say “the bridge has a slant on it”……..

      Hardly sticking by him!

      Unlike the BBC employee who bit a subordinate and got promoted:


  • SacredKaw

    Clarckson hit a fellow employee because a hot meal wasn’t available for him after a day of filming a television show about over priced transportation for the rich. This is not a cultural warfare issue but a class warfare issue about, and I quote from this a article, a hysterical, spoilt, ugly fat man who thinks his opinions count.

    • Mr B J Mann

      Except that the guy who sacked him was a rich PC public school boy.

      And the guy who was “hit” was an overpaid meeja person.

      And the Beeb didn’t sack the employee who bit a subordinate:

      They promoted him:


      Neither did they sack the employee who failed to support Clarkson over the weeks, months and years when he was subjected to trumped up allegations.

      Despite the fact that the employee actually harassed and bullied him over them, and subjected him to unwarranted disciplinary action.

      And was openly racist, sexist and ageist.

      But that was against white, middle aged men.

      So that’s OK then!

  • John Mountfort

    I too hate PC speech regulation. But this is the dumbest and most obviously self-serving article on the subject I have read in a long time. The author clearly has some “issues” he would like both him and us to not see. We have a lot of people like this in the US. They want to be called libertarians and be cheered for their defense of liberty. They are really blind people addicted to the easiness of privilege. I do not wish for my own dislike of the PC crowd to be associated with the rationalizations of this sort of person.

  • Fenman

    Taki my dear man, do you not realise multi-culturism was a strategic weapon adopted by the socialists because they wanted to destroy British society? As they nearly all read PPE or its equivalen they knew damn well ‘a multi-cultural’ society is an oxymoron. A functioning society must have its core values in common, such as seperation of powers, free speech, tolerance, personal responsibility and so on. Guess which groups hate these? And now after their initial success the leftie elite are moving to eradicate free speech.
    As my son and his pals told me after their masters ceremonies 10yrs ago, ‘Papa Europe is finished get used to it’.

  • PaulMcKechnie

    Culture war? Hey, Taki stopped the Turks laying football in Cadogan Square! So that’s a victory, if your culture war is against football and foreigners.

  • huhster

    But his sacking has nothing to do with “speech” he physically assaulted a co-worker!

    • Mr B J Mann

      Perhaps he should have bit him.

      Then the Beeb would have made him DG!

  • Nizami Thrteen

    What bollocks. Clarkson had it coming. Anyone can see he’s a cock. Anyone fetishising the wanton burning of carbon fuels for the sake of blokery needs to be stopped––and fast. That’s not Leftist, Centrist or Regulationist, it’s logic based on climate change science.

    • Mr B J Mann

      This would be the “scientific logic” that says that look, here’s a graph of temperature change and CO2 change and they look the same so CO2 must cause the temperature change?

      When the graph the (Man Made) Global Warming “Scientists” were showing actually showed that the temperatures changed FIRST, and the CO2 levels changed AFTER!

      Or perhaps you’re referring to the “scientific logic” they displayed when they responded that, yes, OK, we have no idea what triggered the temperature change every time it happened since the dawn of time, until just before now, but, honest, CO2 makes the temperature rise, even though it never did in the past, so this time the trigger must have been 4x4s, not whatever was the trigger all the previous times before 4x4s, and then the CO2 caused feedback and forcing, causing the temperature to continue to rise as the CO2 rose.

      Even though every time it rose in the past the temperature then started falling despite the CO2 continuing to rise?!?!?!

      Or maybe you’re referring to the “scientific logic” they demonstrated when they insist that it’s the hottest/wettest/whatever since 1860 or whenever.

      Even though that means it must have been just as hot/wet/whatever, if not hotter/wetter/whatever, in 1860, or whenever, well before 4x4s.

      Or perhaps you were on about how they keep insisting they’ve got this marvellous millennia long poxy, sorry, proxy, record of manky old tree rings, ice cores with most of the gasses diffused out or converted or whatever, sediment layers, etc, which we can rely on to give accurate indications of the temperature thousands of years ago.

      Oooops. But when it comes to the present day, when we can chop down a tree and be 100% sure of the date of the latest ring, apparently we can’t trust the proxy data, and have to resort to the fiddled, oops, sorry, fully optimised figures from urban hot spots, because, all of a sudden we can’t trust the proxy figures, because they don’t show global warming, so we have to use the scientific “trick”, which isn’t a trick, honest, it’s scientific, because they show runaway global warming.

      Running away to temperatures that are the hottest, oooh, since 1883, or 1869, or………..

  • Torybushhug

    I notice certain unspeakable traits amongst minorities.
    Turks I deal with in North London are all into fraud, do not pay tax, their wives are on sickness benefits, they own large property portfolios and super markets (‘Food Centres’), and of course on paper they form part of the wretched poor the left spills it’s tears upon. These people love the way they can manipulate British weakness and naivety. And in return they give us fast food to fatten the kids with (many own fried chicken and kebab shops as part of their portfolio).
    Asian shop keepers (usually Pakistani heritage) are generally supposedly good and observant Muslims, and yet again through business I find they have a huge propensity to take most of their income in untraceable cash and pay almost nothing in taxes, whilst building property portfolios (go to auctions, you will meet many that often own dozens of properties), and all the while their main business has no issue at all selling the gentiles alcohol. They never have holidays, amassing money is their passion.
    I wonder if naive lefty immigration surveys interview these types, lol!

  • Andrew R

    “when he’s not out shopping, that is”

    I’m not an Elton John fan, but to be fair he also writes million-selling records, which is how he funds his shopping, not being able to rely on inheriting his money off the back of the hard work of his ancestors. Unlike Taki.

    As for calling Elton John ugly – what’s that got to do with anything? When you’re resorting to attacking his physical appearance it suggests a paucity in your argument.

    “What kind of world is it, when a hysterical celebrity can jeopardise people’s jobs because someone has made a comment he disagrees with.”

    Isn’t that the kind of free-market economics of which you claim to approve?

  • ADW

    The left hate who they call the ‘right’, no question. But real leftie hatred is reserved for members of their own tribe who do not march in step. Thus, while the Catholic Church holds exactly the same views on IVF as D&G, and a whole lot more views that Elton would not like, he says nothing about them as they are the expected enemy. D&G being gay fashion designers must, according to leftie thought police, hold every PC view going. When they detect the merest hint otherwise, they go completely bananas.

  • FF42

    It’s cultural warfare if people choose to make it so. As a purely disciplinary action, it’s a clear case of summary dismissal on gross misconduct. If you run a business you have to deal with this stuff, although in reality valuable employees get a bit of leeway. Jeremy Clarkson pushed that leeway to the limit.

    • Mr B J Mann

      We’ve been through this already!

      A BBC executive bit a subordinate……

      And got promoted to DIRECTOR GENERAL!

      Clarkson has been harassed and bullied over the months and years by racist, sexist, ageist BBC management who hate middle aged white male talent and have been trying to force him out with trumped up final warnings over NOT being racist (the bridge has a “slant” on it anyone?!?!?!?), including NOT being racist and then NOT broadcasting a scene because the NOT being racist still MIGHT HAVE STILL SOUNDED A BIT like it was?!?!?!

      And then when he finally snaps (after a death in the family and his marriage breakdown on top of the harassment, bullying, and being overloaded with stress at work) and hits someone (I’ve heard rumours he broke down in tears and his “victim” wiped them away with a slice of the cold meat, prompting his “pushing the leeway to the limit”?!?!?!), instead of providing him with the support he should have had all along (or a promotion to DG) they sack him?!?!?!?

      Have you ever worked in HR?!?!

      And on top of THAT, as soon as there was a hint of an alleged assault, the BBC suspended Top Gear, on which over a hundred jobs depend directly, and which makes the BBC £MILLIONS!

      Compare and contrast that with football matches, for which the BBC pay £MILLIONS, despite them actually showing talent caught on camera committing serious assaults!!!!!

  • nadrag

    Birds of feather….. I seem to remember, a long time back, our esteemed diarist saying something about New York Latinos that got him in a little hot water.

  • Lee RavenGod Ingram

    Wow, only got 2 sentences in and the writer already embarks on ad-hominem. Congratulations on being a trash author that can’t articulate an argument without trashing someone.

    • Mr B J Mann

      Except that I suspect that the “ad hominem” embarked on was at least an ironic reference to how the “liberal” upper, middle, intellectual and pseudo-working “class” articulate their arguments against Clarkson.

      At worst a quote of a “liberal” upper, middle, intellectual or pseudo-working “class” intellectual articulating their “arguments” against Clarkson.

      Wasn’t from you, was it?!

      Anyway, if it was further than 2 sentences in would the “liberal” upper, middle and pseudo-working “class” intellectuals who articulate their arguments against Clarkson like that have read that far, never mind be able to count so high?!?!

  • A_Hidell

    Punching someone for not giving them the right food – yes, I agree – cultural warfare.

    • Mr B J Mann

      I read a rumour that was caused it all to kick off was that Clarkson broke down in tears from all the stress he’s been under and the producer tried to wipe them away with a slice of the cold meat he’d been offered in lieu of the steak the producer had known all along he was expecting (and the hotel proved to be perfectly capable of providing even at that late hour).

      Classic example of Beeb double standards.

      Drive someone over the edge then sack him for their own lack of care.

      On a par with employing openly racist, sexist and ageist executives, as long as it’s against middle aged white men.

      Or persecuting a middle aged white man for NOT saying the N-word, and then NOT allowing it to remain in the final cut because it sounded like he might have.

      And punishing him for NOT saying there’s a “slant” on the bridge?!?!?!

      Nearly as bad as having an executive BITE a subordinate…..

      And then promoting them to DIRECTOR GENERAL!

      As for them spending £MILLIONS to buy the rights to, and air, football matches that don’t just involve players accused of committing assaults, but which actually involve them being caught on camera doing it.

      While refusing to air a show that employs over a hundred people directly and enables the employment of thousands more from the £MILLIONS it BRINGS IN…..

      Immediately on hearing of an alleged assault associated with it?!?!?!?!?!?!?

      • A_Hidell

        (That was sarcasm right?)

  • Ruth Blackburn

    Absolutely no point to this article whatsoever… What a waste of pixels…

  • mikewaller

    Absolute bullshit! It broke the BBC’s heart to sack Clarkson because he made so much money for them and kept a key demographic sweet. Trouble is he is an out of control egomaniac who smashed a guy in the face. End of story; unless, of course, you are an admirer of the Goebbels’ school of journalism.

  • Fritz123

    But to prefer Dolce and G over Elton John is like Prada in Dubai, the book. Elton J once made some not so bad music, the better part of the rtadio, but I have never though about buying, to buy is ugly anyway if is isnt cleasp or whatever and good, any designer trash of the D and G kind. They sell to golden rappers. Well, maybe to some ladies in Sanremo too. As a matter of fact, the best things are rathers cheap, the best jeans I ever had were from Aldi, the best ink pen I ever had was a Pelikan for kids and you can wear some more expesive classic shoos and simple pullovers etc forever and they allways look better. How low can we go?

  • Fritz123

    Spitting is really a good reason to hate foreigners.