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Nigel Farage’s class war

He's not motivated by winning. He's trying to mess with David Cameron's head

4 October 2014

9:00 AM

4 October 2014

9:00 AM

I initially thought Nigel Farage had made a mistake in unveiling Mark Reckless on the final day of his party conference. Wouldn’t it have been more disruptive to announce the news during the Conservative party conference?

But after spending the first half of the week with the Tories in Birmingham, I now think it was the right decision. It put the fear of God into the party faithful. The dominant topic of conversation at the bar of the Hyatt Regency was who would be next? My colleague Dan Hodges compared the atmosphere to the Antarctic research station in The Thing, the horror film in which an alien takes on human form before transforming into a giant insect. You could never be certain the Tory MP you were talking to wouldn’t suddenly tear off his mask to reveal a purple monster.

I’ve met Nigel Farage several times and enjoy his company a good deal, but it’s hard to dismiss the suspicion that this is what he got into politics for. Forget about securing Britain’s exit from the EU. After all, our best hope of doing that is to vote Conservative and get a referendum in 2017. What really excites him is messing with David Cameron’s head. Not because he hates him, but because it’s a way of forcing the Prime Minister to pay attention to him. He wants Cameron to regret not showing people like him more respect. To borrow another film metaphor, he’s like the villain in The Incredibles who devotes his life to destroying his hero after being rejected by him as a boy. Somewhere deep in Farage’s psyche is what Freud called a ‘narcissistic scar’ — an irreparable blow to his self-esteem that has left him with an unquenchable rage. He’s not in politics to create anything, but to bring down Mr Incredible.

How did Cameron come to be the object of this fury? I suspect it’s something to do with his upper-middle-class-ness. One of the standard complaints about Farage is that his populist attacks on the metropolitan elite are at odds with his own background. Like Cameron, he’s the son of a stockbroker who went to an ancient public school. But this observation ignores one of the paradoxes of the English class system: the closer you are to someone in the social hierarchy, the more distant from them you feel. To the untrained eye, the Ukip leader may seem to be just one rung below the Prime Minister on the class ladder. But what would be a small step for man is a giant leap for Farage and his kind.

Cameron’s poshness is surely at the root of why he’s so disliked by fellow conservatives. Just by virtue of having been to Eton and Oxford, Cameron has become a proxy for all those people that Farage and his followers feel rejected by. He’s the emotionally unavailable father, the most popular boy in school and the president of the fraternity, all rolled into one. At bottom, the anti-Cameron rage on the right is due to unrequited love. It’s not a revolt so much as a revenge. The Kippers want him to suffer for all those who have sinned against them.

I don’t say this as someone who is trying to put down Ukip or belittle its leader, but because I share a lot of the same feelings. I remember experiencing a jolt of recognition when I first heard Richard Nixon’s drunken ramblings to David Frost in Peter Morgan’s play about their televised encounter: ‘No matter how many awards or column inches are written about you, or how high the elected office is, it’s still not enough. We still feel like the little man. The loser they told us we were a hundred times — the smart asses in college, the high ups. The well-born. The people whose respect we really wanted. Really craved.’

Cameron doesn’t help himself by trying to play down his poshness and appear ‘normal’. In the eyes of his detractors, that just makes him seem even more of an elitist. It’s one of the oddities of British politics that Boris, who sounds much more upper class than Cameron, makes people feel less chippy. My theory about Boris’s success if that by turning his upper-class-ness into a panto routine he renders it harmless and that, in turn, enables people to give in to their toff-worshipping instincts. We enjoy playing Baldrick to his Blackadder. Cameron, by contrast, is General Melchett. Let’s just hope he has enough troops left to win the battle next year.

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Toby Young is associate editor of The Spectator.

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  • Guest

    A fools paradise, all sound and fury.Populist remarks without any
    scrutiny.A consequence of all three main parties being in government, the protest vote needs to go somewhere.But when
    choosing a government its about tax, education etc you no longer
    protest and become sensible.UKIP may become third party if
    the Lib Dem vote collapses and they retain sanity and realism.

    • Leo

      Nigel is trying to destroy Mr Incredible!
      Are you referring to Cameron? He’s the Leader who nearly lost us Scotland. He is now simply a Manager in Cessminster who does what he’s told by our Masters in the EU who make 75% of our Laws in the UK. He would have continued selling us down the river totally if it had not have been for Sir Nigel telling the British Public just what a shambolic institution it is.

      His many Spin Doctors wrote his speeches for the Conference. Who of our Masters in the EU signed it off and were they happy with the way it went?

  • NickG

    What utter bilge!

  • Mike

    Whatever the motivations Cameron needs to be taken out !

  • mandelson

    Usually like what TY writes but this is adolescent sixth form newsletter level. Frothy girly stuff and pure conjecture. I almost expected it to end with naming NF as a failed style icon.

  • Gareth

    Cameron treats politics as a conjuring trick; the voters are there to be duped. We have had the cast iron guarantee of a referendum on the EU constitution, now we have the promise of a renegotiation, which would require a new treaty, which would have to be ratified by every member state. He knows it is a sham, the Kippers know it is a sham, which is why they loathe him. Why does Toby Young not know that Cameron is a phoney?

    • global city

      Yes, Tory eurosceptic cognitive dissonance. Why do they still allow Cameron to kid them and therefore attempt to betray us?

    • MountainousIpswich

      The referendum will happen – he gave one on Scotland didn’t he. The reason it hasn’t happened this parliament is because of Clegg. The date has been set for 2017.

      All that Cameron has said is that it is that far down the line in order to give him the opportunity to attempt a renegotiation. Because he is pro europe. In some ways he is right. Militarily we stand up to Russia and ISIS much better as a Continent than apart even if economically things don’t work (because of idiotic eurocrats) Give him that chance, it’s a fair chance. It won’t work, but at no point has he said that a renegotiation will take the place of a referendum. The renegotiation is simply allowing the Yes campaign to have a fighting chance (that they will still lose).

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    The notion that Farage is simply trolling the Tories is absurd.

    • John Dalton

      Exactly. This article is tosh.

      What motivates those of us who have shifted from Tory to UKIP is simple:

      We resent being called loonies and r*cists. These are smears designed to bully us into submission – tactics we expect from Labour but not from alleged conservatives. We are not these things. We are patriots who have justified fears that our country is being turned into a hell-hole without our consent. The smears won’t work.

      Similarly we resent being belittled and denigrated by Cameron’s arrogant media luvvies in the press and at the BBC. The more you do this the more you strengthen our resolve. The Daily Politics on the BBC can barely disguise their contempt.

      We resent the arrogant supposition that our votes are “owned” by the Conservatives. The Conservatives have taken us for granted, ignored what matters to us and pursued policies that alienate us. Threatening us that voting UKIP will deny us any chance of a referendum is not the way to get us back.

      • mohdanga

        I know longer care if people think I’m ‘racist’, ‘Islamophobic’, ‘bigoted’ or ‘xenophobic’…I’m tired of my culture, country and customs being given back seat to 3rd world enrichers. If this is ‘racist’ so be it.

        • Rogsie

          “I know longer care if people think I’m ‘racist’, ‘Islamophobic’, ‘bigoted’ or ‘xenophobic’ ”

          Other people’s judgements create their own reality and that’s their problem to live with. They aren’t you and they aren’t me…

        • timinsingapore

          Well, at least we know where we are. What a relief. For me, I’m tired of UKIP pretending that they are not fundamentally ‘racist’, ‘Islamophobic’, ‘bigoted’ or ‘xenophobic’. 10/10 for honesty.

          • Vote UKIP

            Islamaphobic, what does that meanTim?

          • Vote UKIP

            Tim, tim……..

      • Agrippina

        ‘More immigrants now arrive on our shores in a single year than they did in the entire period from 1066 to 1950, excluding wartime flows and the Irish’ per David Goodhart.

        Cheap labour has undermined the standard of living for Brits. There are so many immigrants here, that they do not bother integrating as they can just join up with their countrymen. We have ghettos everywhere, no social cohesion at all.

        We have hostile folks who despise us and want us to change to their way of life and religion. They have abused our children and we allow them to walk freely amongst us.

        That is why I will vote UKIP and I know that conliblab have no intention of changing any of the issues that impact on my life. This has had a major impact on housing, jobs, education & the NHS but still the Westminster clique do nothing. UKIP for change.

  • procapitalist

    come on Toby, you can normally do better than this… Are you 1 short of your monthly article quota?

  • Simon_in_London

    Cameron is upper class, not upper middle class, as you well know.

    “vote Conservative and get a referendum in 2017” – On past form there is no guarantee that a Conservative government would actually hold a referendum. We were promised a referendum on the EU Constitution. Then it became “Oh, it’s too late for a referendum, and anyway it’s the Constitutional Treaty now, completely different…” – That’s what UKIP and other Eurosceptics resent. We can hope Cameron will stick to his word on this, and on a new Constitutional settlement for England. But we can’t trust him.

    • Fergus Pickering

      Cameron is not upper class. He married into it. His father is in trade, if a stockbroker cand be said to be anything as honest as trade.

  • bobby_r

    Toby you can do better than this..

    1. Nigel left a high-paying career to enter politics in the early 90s as a response to the Maastricht treaty.
    2. Reckless was unveiled as a highlight to end the UKIP conference.

    1. has nothing to do with Cameron, 2. has nothing to do with the Conservatives. It’s not all about you and your mates.

    • MountainousIpswich

      Indeed. I like Toby’s columns usually, even if I disagree, but this is well below par and nonsense to boot in its analysis of both Farage and Cameron.

      • John Carins

        Toby would really like the Conservatives to have a pact with Ukip. This is Toby’s attempt to reconcile the differences between the two leaders. Of course we all know that Toby’s psychoanalysis is straight from an episode of Frasier – farcical.

  • Sean L

    Surely Cameron is upper class. Ditto his wife. Have you no idea of his background and family origins?

    • Alistair Kerr

      I think it is generally known that the Prime Minister is directly descended in the female line from King William IV and his mistress Dorothea Jordan. As a result he is HM The Queen’s first cousin a few times removed. I guess that that makes him upper class.

      • Aberrant_Apostrophe

        Is that why she purred at him?

      • Fergus Pickering

        Descended from a female bastard eh?

  • Mick Norris

    jokey article

  • Bonkim

    Cameron has all the attributes of becoming a great PM. Farage is just envious – will never become one.

    • Mike

      Was that your attempt at sarcasm ?

      • Bonkim

        No Farage is a loser – people are misguided UKIP will achieve much vis a vis Europe – just loud mouth.

        Cameron will if he gets in in 2015 achieve what will benefit most British people and what they want. – not just gut-feel.

        • alfredo

          Are you sure that shouldn’t be Bonkers?

  • AJ

    I sometimes wonder if we are governed by clever people how are having us on, or imbeciles who actually believe what they are doing is right. Either way, its time for a change in this country and as a former Tory voter, all my life, I’ll be voting UKIP in May 2015. The country is a Multi Cultural Politically Correct cesspit, the truth is the political elite don’t have to live with the changes they have wrought on us and as a result they don’t give a shit. There’s going to be a civil war here soon if things don’t change.

    • mohdanga

      Yup, exactly right. Same holds true in the rest of the West. There will be war….

    • Blindsideflanker

      Indeed it is very difficult to tell sometimes.

      This Ebola thing I find it very difficult to understand the actions of the Government. If we get an outbreak of Ebola here they are going to be toast.

      Yet , with their careers on the line their actions are incredibly complacent. The only reason flights have stopped from coming here from infected West African states, isn’t because the Government has quarantined the countries, but because Airlines won’t fly there any more.

      We have also seen that the medical professions claims about Ebola being difficult to catch are rubbish, shown by the way medical people , who should be expert in barrier nursing techniques, manage to get it.

      I sometimes wonder if the foreign do gooding has got to such a perverted stage within Government that they want us to catch Ebola as a way to show solidarity with West Africa, and would consider it racist if we tried to protect ourselves. But as I said if they do get their wish they are toast, as such they screw up the country, their party and their careers so what is pushing them down this suicidal road? A question I cannot come up with an answer to.

  • rtj1211

    I really don’t agree with this analysis at all.

    People have lost respect for toffs, that’s the truth. Toffs are supposed to be superior, when the truth is that they are pig-ignorant, totally unqualified for high office and yet expect us lot to bow down before them.

    Most people I know respect those who are good at what they have done, do do and share with others. They couldn’t give a stuff if they were born dirt poor, speak with a right oikish accent and call a c***s**ker a c***s**ker.

    What they can’t stand is someone who thinks that going to Eton and Oxford means they are superior. All that means is that daddy was rich and connected, they worked hard enough at Eton to get in to Oxford with superior teaching and got fawned to at Oxford because Daddy might give the University a million if they treat him well.

    They have no issues about Old Etonian Oxonians who rose to the top because they were damned good, worked jolly hard and played hard but fair.

    But what people see in politics now is people who’ve barely worked outside the Westminster village, know nothing outside of PR, opinion polls and political campaigning. They’d like a person with 20 years financial services experience as Chancellor, a person with 10 – 15 years of R+D/technology company experience working as the Minister for Universities and SMEs. They’d like an ex Doctor, an ex Nurse and an ex-porter on the Select Committee for Health. They’d like someone with active service experience in the MOD and they’d like someone who’s been unemployed to be working in the DWP.

    It’s nothing to do with David Cameron. Nigel Farage thinks Ed Miliband is a prize buffoon as well. I’m sure he’ll have plenty of respect for Sarah Woolaston, Andrea Leadsom and the like who actually worked for 20 years before entering politics. He ran his own stockbroking firm after all…….

    Journalists should stop mistaking their own personal egos for the egos of the population.

    The two are entirely dissimilar……..

  • Gerschwin

    Yet another article from the grammar school boy on class, Eton, Oxford, blah, blah,, etc, etc… get over it Toby Young… you are becoming a bore.

  • Damaris Tighe

    I see. So it’s nothing to do with Cameron being a serial liar who has removed conservatism from the Conservative Party & transformed it into Blairism Lite.

  • IainRMuir

    So it’s not about the fact that Cameron isn’t a Conservative then?

    Can’t help feeling that this is just another not-so-clever attempt to besmirch Farage’s motives.

  • Peter Stroud

    I originally thought Cameron was the right leader for the Tories: not anymore. I realise I fell for a good speech, forgetting that PR men are trained to convince you of something, by talking the talk. I knew I had made a mistake when he did his scene with the huskies in the snow: and came out from the green closet. Since then I have been disappointed many times. But, it would be fatal to change leaders now. We just have to hope that the great British voter will realise that Miliband’s Marxism could be collective suicide and vote the Tories in. Then we can think again about electing a better leader.

  • HamtunscireKippa

    I dont think it is a class issue although Farage is a very different animal to Cameron. Farage is happy to speak to ordinary people, het gets a buzz out of the interaction and he thinks that everyone he speaks to matters, from burger van to golf club. It isnt a matter of his background but his attitude to others. He doesnt pretend that he is a bricklayer, but he doesnt see any barrier between himself and someone who is. Cameron just isnt like that, he looks fake when he tries it and every now and again his contempt for ordinary people slips through.
    The whole Mark Reckless attitude has looked too much like he enjoys being mean to someone and it is looking like voters dont much care for that. The fact that Cameron is blind to how people outside his bubble will react to what he says and does is the real difference between himself and Farage.

    • Mike

      Very similar to Gordon Browns bigot moment, it just alienates the electorate and Camerons managed to do that in spades.

  • John Carins

    I thought class war was something that the socialists liked to engage in.The socialists have a monopoly on this envy driven rubbish. Are Conservatives now becoming socialists? Shame on you..

  • John Carins

    This attempt at psychology is scrapping the barrel. The only bit that may be correct is that Farage has successfully messed with Dave’s mind

    • stewart

      And Toby’s by the sound of it.

      • John Carins

        Jolly good observation. Toby is tormented by the thought that deep down in his heart he knows Ukip are right.

        • stewart

          Hadn’t thought it through that far ,but think you’ve nailed it.
          By the way what ever happened to his ‘unite the right’ campaign is it still going ,now the Tories have inched ahead of labour?

          • John Carins

            Yes. Toby always has wanted a pact between the Conservatives and Ukip. Is this an attempt to aid that process or a final realisation that it isn’t going to happen?

  • Mike

    Not sure what the point of this article is in all honesty. Camerons head has been messed up for years and it didn’t need Farage to highlight that fact but this surreptitious attempt to smear Farage by trying to doubt his motives doesn’t wash.

    Ukip supporters don’t give a s*** what his motives are providing LibLabCon get savaged at the polls as even though Ukip can’t win yet, they can sure send a strong message to all the left wing snouts in the trough at Westminster and by that I mean all of them.

    So its a change a tack for the Ukip smear campaign after their direct attempts failed but do you believe the public is that gullible over the dumb assertions made here.

    • Jamie Stevenson

      The point of the article is pretty obvious, isn’t it? To trigger the avalanche of nutty, off-the-wall comments which has had me in stitches for the past ten minutes. Or is the joke on me and I am showing myself to be a total irony-free zone? Are all the coded bloggers here just indulging in a little practice for the satirical routines which they are preparing for their alternative careers on the stand-up comedy circuit? That would be a relief. It is slightly disconcerting to believe that any normal sentient adult human being could believe any of this jibbering other-hating rubbish.

  • RichardBaranov

    What a stupid article!

  • stickywicket

    Toby. You just don’t get it do you.

    This is not about class. If it were, Farage and BoJo would be as unpopular as Cameron.

    It is about connecting with people; saying what is on your mind, rather than pre-programmed garbage form central office; being straightforward, open and honest.

    That is what politics is missing, and what Cameron personifies (although Clegg is the better exemplar). Cameron has done three things to undermine trust in him:

    1) Reneged on the cast iron guarantee of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Yes, he did it before the election, so he hasn’t won power on a false prospectus, but he set expectations that he hasn’t kept.

    2) Carried out top down re-organisation of the NHS when he said he wouldn’t. As it happens I do think the NHS needs significant reform, but if Cameron did too, then he should be honest to the electorate about it.

    3) Introduced gay marriage when it wasn’t in his manifesto. Again, personally, this doesn’t bother me much one way or the other; but it clearly is a big issue for many Tory members and they feel he undermined and belittled their opinions.

  • Chingford Man

    Rubbish from start to finish. I guess we’ll never confuse Toby with T.E.Utley.

  • rugby god


  • Daniel1979

    So you doubt Nigel Farage is being honest about his intentions or motivations, but I see no evidence of that. He’s been pretty open in his autobiography and in his speeches about what he believes and why he is campaigning. Tories just can’t seem to get their heads around the fact that people don’t believe the Tory offer of a referendum is going to be a straight-up, honest fought vote delivered by 2017. We have history with Dave and his cast-iron guarantee’s.

    The notion (as someone else below says) that he is trolling the Tories because he really really wants David Cameron to like him is truly absurd.

  • Christian

    Always the same with the left: playing amateur psychologist because they know what you ‘really’ think.

  • greggf

    Are you trying to say he likes taking the p**s out of Cameron ….and presumably some of the others?

  • cambridgeelephant

    “Forget about securing Britain’s exit from the EU. After all, our best hope of doing that is to vote Conservative and get a referendum in 2017.”

    That is now so lame an argument that it should be put down to save it from further suffering.

    I read over the weekend that Reckless had to move his family to an undisclosed destination for their own safety. What a bunch of Notting Hill ‘charmers’ you and your ‘mate’ Dave are.

  • pobinr

    Our membership of the EU & the ECHR is unlawful.

    We should withdraw from both immediately.

    Our politicians were not entitled to abandon our rule of law by handing over the powers of British governments to a foreign power.

    It was treason to sign us up to it.

    22 January 1972 was the day Edward Heath surrendered our sovereignty over to the EU via the European Communities act.

    The real face of the EU

    22 minutes in

    In 2001 a market trader was convicted for selling a pound of bananas weighed with British imperial measures rather than metric ones.

    In passing judgment Judge Morgan said – ‘We are now living under a new legal order. The 1972 European Communities act was a one off, not an ordinary treaty, but a new way of life. These are new constitutional powers. The British Parliament surrendered its sovereignty in 1972. European laws have overriding force with priority over our own laws… The articles on the supremacy of the British parliament are now only of historical perspective – They are non binding.’

    Question – Were our politicians entitled to abandon our rule of law by handing over the powers of British governments to a foreign power?

    Answer is a simple NO – We have much written constitution which is not really fully appreciated in this country. These documents our bill of rights & declaration of rights along with Magna Carta & many other legal instruments make it quite plain that allegiance is owed to the queen & that allegiance is returned by her through the contract of her coronation oath to the people & that is not something which may be broken & our politicans are not entiled to break their oaths of office.

    The question you can ask our ministers is – How is it they have sworn oaths of office that say they will defend all jurisdictions & authorities belonging to her majesty against all foreign powers & then they give away those powers of governance or are purporting to give away those powers of governance to those that owe no allegiance to this crown?’

    John Bingley – consitutional expert

    • alfredo

      You’re absolutely right.

  • evad666

    Will the Spectator realize UKIP are here to stay. The public can see that in the hysteria from the pro Tory media and the rather puerile repetitive propaganda from Labour.

  • global city

    Toby the psychoanalyst…..does it as badly as he has most things!

  • McQueue

    What drivel – Farage as an attention seeker….. it would be funny if you weren’t trying to sell this delusional wishful thinking as serious. Still, good to see your subconscious defence mechanisms kicking in to try and mitigate the existential fear you are clearly experiencing, doing everything it can to comfort itself, no matter how far from reality it clearly may take you.

    You’d do better seeing a shrink than pretending to be one.

  • sayithowitis

    Perhaps Nigel Farage is just fed up with the Tories not actually doing anything e.g. on the EU and immigration for 5 years they have done nothing

    Petition to release Marine A passes 85,000 signatures- please take 1 minute to sign it needs 100,000 to go to Parliament

    • AJAX

      You think Sgt. Blackman doesn’t deserve imprisonment?

  • AJAX

    So, … Farage got involved with UKIP in 1993, & has built UKIP over 2 decades from scratch…. in order to “mess with Cameron’s head” … when Cameron up to 2005 was virtually an unknown Tory boy wannabe? =/

  • DrCrackles

    Cameron – Mr Incredible?
    Farage – Incrediboy?

    Give up now Toby. We’ll make sure you get a round of applause.

  • Vote UKIP

    Do not split the UKIP vote by voting Conservative.

    • red2black

      Another split UKIP will have to deal with is the one that’s evident in their own ranks, between free marketeers and interventionists.

  • montague_stjohn

    “We enjoy playing Baldrick to his Blackadder”. Blackadder was supposed to be the middle class career officer and General Melchet and Lieutenant George were the upper class men.

  • CraigET

    Are you really suggesting that Farage’s political beliefs and actions derive from a desire for attention and personal self loathing? Sounds like the liberal commentariat pot calling the kettle black.

    I think he dislikes Cameron for the same reasons I do:

    1. He has never earned his own living; his money comes from his marriage, his family and the taxpayers.

    2. He has continued Blair’s Machiavellian politics of showmanship and deceit.

    3. He, and this for me is the most infuriating, belongs to a party that talks of individual freedom and responsibility and the promotion of capitalism but does not practice these things. In so doing they poison these words; to the point where many people become convinced that humanity in chains is necessary, that the ills of the world are the fault of a free market that does not exist.

  • ohforheavensake

    Erm, Toby…. I don’t like Cameron: I don’t like Farage, for that matter. But you ain’t no psychologist.

  • misomiso

    I give this article 6/10.

    There is a lot of truth in what you say, but its wrong to try and demean the position of leaving the EU by saying it’s leader just wants Daddy’s approval.

    The leadership of the Tory party want to negotiate a soft deal that they can put to the British people as they know they can win the referendum. For Farage, its better to burn the entire political system to the ground rather than let this happen.

  • global city

    The reason for this absurd article?

    Toby believes that he is an opinion shaper….some sort of guru, like.

  • JonBW


    Farage’s career and its success are a simple result of Camreon’s untrustworthiness: he’s a liberal managerialist pretending to be a conservative.

    UKIP represent the real Conservative Party.

  • Ed  

    I think Toby’s quite aware that Nigel is actually not after his lot.

    And is offended by this.

    Watching this is amusing.

  • thomasaikenhead

    “Somewhere deep in Farage’s psyche is what Freud called a ‘narcissistic scar’…”

    Anyone who can believe in the charlatan and cokehead Freud and then compare David Cameron to ‘Mr. Incredible’ has surely lost the plot?

  • Malcolm Stevas

    This piece is utter twaddle. Amateur psychoanalysis is always to be distrusted, and here’s a prime example. I didn’t attend nearly as posh a school as Farage or Cameron: it’s not a factor in my thinking, never occurred to me, and since Farage is bright & capable I doubt sincerely whether he is motivated by envy or resentment of Cameron. Probably like many sensible people he simply dislikes DC’s shallow PR-style management of his Party and resents both his attachment to the EU and his less than Tory handling of the economy. Seems simple enough.

  • Polly Radial

    Toby Yong, just another social democrat hack looking for a story.

  • Blindsideflanker

    I wouldn’t want to speak for Farrage but for myself I despise Cameron, not because he is upper class , but because he has lurched to the cultural left to compensate for it, and rather than challenge Labour he instead turned on conservative minded voters as a way to endear himself to the left. That is why I despise Cameron.

    Meanwhile, while Cameron has engorged himself with self loathing modernisation the left have been allowed to get away with murder.

  • Toby, hand this to one of the English teachers at your school, and get them to critique it for substance, direction, and clarity.

    • English Aborigine

      ‘ Tries too hard ‘

      To slag off Farage subliminally

  • Paddy Kilshamus

    It has always seemed to me to that there is a distinct homo-erotic dynamic occurring between Farage and Cameron. Nigel is the rough blunt-talking lower class butch dominating the effete upper-class David. This symbolical degradation of the dominant ideology by the marginalised class and the unacknowledged suicidal desire to be violated exemplifies the socio-political dynamic operating within the establishment today. Hermann von Rumpey and the EU is a voyeur who is paying to watch the sexual and political destruction of post imperial Britain enacted by the MPS of all sides. It is a sexual floor show played out at the behest of the dark forces who have a stranglehold upon the West through their agents in all the institutions. The ultimate aim is for the libidinous forces released into the political and cultural sphere to create so much anarchy that the need for totalitarian governmental control becomes paramount. Dave and Nigel are the symbols of the last self-destructive act of Liberal Democracy played out in the lurid light of a sleazy Mayfair nightclub.

  • jeffersonian

    “He’s not in politics to create anything, but to bring down Mr Incredible.”
    With all respect to the excellent Toby Young, but Cameron as Mr Incredible? I’m sorry that’s where he lost me….

  • timinsingapore

    I think there’s some truth in this … the popular notion that Farage is somehow less ‘posh’ than Cameron is misplaced

    • Fergus Pickering

      Well of course he is less posh. Dulwich, the school that produced two of the 20th century’s greatest writers, is less posh than Eton that produced…. er… a lot of politicians.

  • Fergus Pickering

    Toby, you are a terrible snob. You have no right to be. Your father was a second-rater promoted by Maggie, whose father was a grocer. Your Eton education did you no favours. Are you going to arse-creep Cameron, whose father s a Stockbroker, for the rest of your life.

  • TheHutt

    “Forget about securing Britain’s exit from the EU. After all, our best hope of doing that is to vote Conservative and get a referendum in 2017.” Sorry, that’s just rubbish. If there were to be a clear, non-rigged, vote do you think that Messrs Carswell and Reckless would’ve walked away? It’s because the Tories aren’t serious about the EU and the whole referendum thing was just a ploy (which didn’t work) to scupper UKIP that they and thousands of others have walked.

  • Fergus Pickering

    Putting it as shortly as I can, you are a wanker, my dear Toby. It pains me to say this. Well, it pains me a bit. Vote UKIP. These Tories are dead meat. Including your good self, I fear.

  • Jay Walker

    ukip have two things working for them they are more Tory than the Tories and they are willing to say anything to get a vote… appealing to a lot of Tory voters – apparently!