Tommy Robinson: Double standards, not fear of diversity, provoked the EDL

The ex-leader of the English Defence League on politicians, police, the press — and beheading threats

19 October 2013

9:00 AM

19 October 2013

9:00 AM

The first time I met Tommy Robinson I told him to fuck off. The English Defence League (EDL) had just formed and Robinson came up to me after a public interview I was doing in London. Without knowing anything much about them, I am afraid I assumed (white, working-class, Cross of St George at demos) that the EDL were a British National Party front. Which was why I ended up advising him of the procreative way in which to travel. He took it very politely, said he understood that I didn’t know their views and then said, ‘We’re not racists — we’re just working-class guys who are losing our country and can’t bear it.’

Last week, four-and-a-half-years on, we met again. Several days earlier Robinson had announced he was leaving the movement he had formed, saying — to some guffawing — that he was no longer able to control the genuine far-right elements who sought to hijack his movement. He was aided by the Quilliam Foundation, an anti-extremism think tank, and it was a close Muslim friend of mine who had been guiding Robinson through some of this who called me up to ask if I would hear Robinson out. I agreed.

How has the reaction been since leaving? ‘Difficult,’ he says. ‘People saying I’ve been bought out.’ It’s not just some former friends in the EDL who have it in for him. While walking through his home town of Luton, accompanied by a film crew, he was attacked by a gang of Muslims who punched him to the ground. ‘I went flying back on my arse,’ he says. ‘Another three came over and said, “We’re going to decapitate you.” It’s all on camera: “You need to be decapitated.” I’m sat there thinking, this is what the world needs to see, this is what middle England needs to see. But then at the same time I said, “Am I going to hate every Muslim for that?” It’s been a difficult week.’ But, he adds, ‘For me it [leaving the EDL] was the right thing to do.’

Robinson had been thinking about leaving since a stint in jail earlier this year. Sent down for travelling on a friend’s passport, he was put in solitary confinement to protect him from Muslim gangs in the jail. It was probably the best thing that could have happened to him. ‘Before I went to jail I was a mess. I was a complete mess — drinking and just sessioning. I was put on solitary confinement for 18 weeks and it was like a break. But that’s then the first time that I started questioning where it was going. Because there is violence. I don’t believe it’s been English Defence League committing it, mainly it’s been provoked. There is racism. I call Muslim leaders apologists all the time. If I don’t admit the problems — which I haven’t done really for four years, I’ve made excuses for a lot of it — then I’m an apologist myself.’

EDL March In Woolwich

So was the organisation far-right? ‘It’s not a far-right organisation. We’ve been battling from the inside of this movement for four and a half years to be all-inclusive. To not be far-right at all.’ They have had problems. To hear him describe some of the groups which circled around to get onto the EDL’s bandwagon is to glimpse a very dark corner of our society. But Robinson says that the politicians and press did not help. He claims that by calling the EDL ‘far-right’, politicians and the media have actually sent such elements their way. ‘It’s like they want it to be a far-right bunch of lunatics, instead of a bunch of ordinary normal people.’ Why would they want that? ‘So they don’t have to have the debate. So the issues that we’re raising don’t have to be spoken about.’

And there certainly are issues. Robinson was in Luton town centre in 2009 when the Royal Anglian Regiment’s homecoming parade was barracked by the radicals of Al-Muhajiroun. In a disastrous policing decision Al-Muhajiroun were protected by the police and angry locals threatened with arrest. Any politicians or opinion formers who think there is not a problem in places like Luton have never been there.

Robinson boasts of the diverse racial and religious background in which he grew up and in which he appears genuinely comfortable. It wasn’t the diversity but the double-standards that, he says, provoked the EDL. When he and his friends organised a protest to oppose the Islamists, they were prevented from getting to the Town Hall through which Al-Muhajiroun had previously walked. And while Al-Muhajiroun had flyered mosques for their protest with impunity, Robinson says he and his friends were stopped by police from handing out leaflets. ‘They knew it had a potential,’ says Robinson. ‘They put their hands in our pockets, cameras in our faces, made people take their shoes off. I was like, “You didn’t do this to them. What are you doing this to us for? Why are you treating us like this when you didn’t treat them like this?” ’


He now acknowledges, however, that the EDL’s professed message — opposition to Islamic extremism — was lost almost from the outset. Some of this, including some disastrous generalising about Muslims, Robinson now admits to be his fault. Other problems, including the opposition which formed against them, were not. Supporters of Unite Against Fascism often got involved in serious violence when they turned up to ‘oppose’ the EDL. But UAF receive significant political support, whereas from the beginning the EDL were pariahs whom no one in power could dream of supporting. Robinson and his friends see some of this as a class issue and perhaps they are right in part. Certainly there is a disenfranchisement issue. Robinson says he does not know anyone who votes, and Luton borough council, which talks to Islamic extremists, said it would ‘never’ sit down to hear -Robinson out.

He does have a litany of charges against him. Robinson is currently awaiting trial after a tax investigation carried out by the police and says all his immediate family have had their finances examined by the police in recent years. He says his own bank account and all assets have been frozen for four years and his businesses run into the ground. He is apparently allowed access to only a small sum of cash each week.

There is a video of Robinson being arrested while attempting to walk through Tower Hamlets and he tells me that he was arrested for incitement after (by his account) one EDL demonstration went three minutes over its allotted 30-minute running time.

Then there are the ‘constant, constant death threats’. When somebody posted his mother’s address online and promised to ‘chop up’ Robinson’s kids he finally went to the police. He says they told him they could do nothing about it. He began retweeting Twitter threats, but says he was told by police that if he continued doing so he could face arrest himself.

He has been repeatedly attacked. On one occasion, when set upon by a Muslim gang in Luton, the police handcuffed and arrested him. On another, the perpetrator was caught on camera but has still not been arrested. He says he’s given up on the police: ‘They’re scared.’ April this year saw the trial and conviction of six Muslims from the West Midlands who planned to carry out a terrorist attack at an EDL demonstration in Dewsbury last June. They missed the demo by minutes but while returning their car was stopped by police and found to contain nail bombs, knives, sawn-off shotguns and a -message to ‘To the EDL. O enemies of Allah!’

Robinson tells me that he has spent four and a half years being called a racist while fighting to keep actual racists out of his movement. But now he has given up that struggle. There will be those who will rejoice at that. Most of us will breathe a sigh of relief if the EDL’s brawling protests now cease. But even if it does go away, our authorities would be very unwise to keep ignoring the issues that gave rise to this reactive -movement.

As we say goodbye, I cannot help reflecting that our society would never have heard of Tommy Robinson if it had dealt with Islamic extremists with anything like the severity it has meted out to him.

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  • Joachim Schlicht

    Great admirer of both Douglas and Tommy… it must be difficult to risk your life for a cause that is so under appreciated and misunderstood ie. the battle against militant Islam.

    • blindsticks

      Many of us would still prefer none of it – militant or otherwise .

    • freepeoples

      You havin’ a laugh.

      Murray the contrarian, the other fellow uses a football hooligans name, that’s suspect on its own, he then ‘sells out’ to the- keep the lid on socialism / stop the boiled frogs from finding out they’ve been had- Quilliam lot.

      C’mmon get real.

      Tick tock.

    • paul

      hardly sold out more “lived to fight another day ” he has done all he can from where he is time to take stock

  • angus

    What nonsense. Really. The apologist here is the author of the article.

    • Joachim Schlicht

      huh? Murray is an apologist for Islamism? Give me a toke of that shit your smoking please!…

  • asffaf

    Told him to f’k off for being against Islam?
    Had a ‘close Muslim’ friend who helped to guide him into leaving the EDL?

    Douglas, it you who needs to f’k off.

    Anybody who doesn’t see that Islam (not militant Islam) is the main problem is just as much of the problem as it is. The prophet Muhammad was a warlord and he instructed Muslims to fight against everybody else until Islam reins supreme, that’s the bottom line.

    • Fasdunkle

      “The prophet Muhammad”


      • Jackthesmilingblack

        He`s the tea-boy in Heaven. Catholic Heaven, obviously. Makes a mean cappuccino.

    • Jams N. Roses

      I saw a great talk given by Sam Harris making a similar point; so-called “moderates” get in the way of putting this religion (more so than others) under the critical scrutiny that it deserves.

    • James Lovelace

      Muslims have concealed what they are doing brilliantly. Even the Koran is very crudely encrypted. People do not realise that the last words of the Profit of 20% are contained in Surah 9 and Surah 5 – the sections that promote the most violence and apartheid in the entire misbegotten book.

      The normal Koran does not have it’s chapters in chronological or thematic order. They are, effectively, randomly shuffled. That means that it requires someone with additional knowledge (e.g. that contained in the Sira by Ibn Ishaq) to put the chapters in the right order. And works like Ibn Ishaq’s show that Mohammed was a murderous, treacherous, sadistic war-lord. Thus most muslims, not reading “the context” (which is Ibn Ishaq) have no idea that they are part of this murderous ideology.

      When the time comes, some imam (“leader”) tells muslims the context, and already brainwashed, they are ready to go out and do the final bidding of Mohammed. They go out and become killers.

    • Joachim Schlicht

      Islam is not a monolithic religion, but I agree its dangerous and worthy of criticism even in its most moderate form. Having said that, as a tactic you’d be best advised to focus on militant Islam, as otherwise you serve only to reinforce the view that we’re all bigots.

      • scousebounce

        There is no “militant Islam”, show me the justification for such a claim in Islamic ideology – there is simply no reference to it.
        The mistake we are making is not bothering to learn about basic Islamic ideology or Islamic history.

  • Jez

    He lives in Luton Douglas, not Leeds.

  • Jez

    Hopefully the level of blame that can be attributed to the media for blatantly lying, attacking and ruining anyone they deemed guilty of daring to not get obliterated into obscurity by their post University social experiments within the UK, will one day be made public.

    “But UAF receive significant political support, whereas from the beginning the EDL were pariahs whom no one in power could dream of supporting. Robinson and his friends see some of this as a class issue and perhaps they are right in part.”

    We had no-one. After the riots of 2001, the media and system smash into the victims of these riots, then took more and more. As this was happening you lot Douglas, attacked venomously the people who desperately had only one thing left- to vote for anyone that could bring themselves to say that they would help.

    And you (and i expect all of your media colleagues), in your own words just turned around and told people like this to ‘F*ck Off’.

    So 13 years later, after the riots, the attacks, the Grooming Gangs, the bombs, the be-headings, the no-go areas- the working class that’s been (that word again) basically obliterated finally gets an article like the one above.

    And that’s only down to the sacrifice and outright courage of Tommy Robinson putting his life on the line for the last 5 years.

    Great situation. Thanks everyone.

  • Fasdunkle

    Try this on for utter hyprocrisy


    • crosscop

      And this for utter, grovelling stupidity. Warning – this is a message to our Muslim colonists from Eid Miliband – so have a sick bag handy.


      • Icebow

        That was bad. Should have been in Arab head-dress; would suit him. Lesson of George Galloway learned. No flies on him, even though he’s a turd.

        • crosscop

          Keep that sick bag handy – here’s grovelling Cameron telling Muslims they should be heading our armed forces!

          • James Lovelace

            Not much chance of that. Among muslims of army recruitment age, they are 21% of the prison population, but 0.4% of the armed forces.

            Positive discrimination can only go so far.

          • Simon

            I think you mean 12% of the prison population but 20% of youth offenders.

            We can count ourselves lucky not many choose to join the armed forces. It makes me sleep easier at night.

          • Icebow

            Yes, seen and heard much of it and so inured; I know what you mean though.
            Cameron’s hopeless, Miliband’s hopelesser, and Clegg is probably of less significance than the horse-fly he sounds as if he were named after. Farage would be better, but there are grounds for wondering whether even he’s fully clued up about the Muzz.

  • 1Freedom

    “The first time I met Tommy Robinson I told him to fuck off”
    So initial media aim to falsely label a working class street protest movement as racist worked. Snobbery leak there Murray.

    • blindsticks

      Well at least he’s making an effort now. You want to hear what that twat Tim Stanley writes over at the Daily Telegraph blogs.

      • Seymour Clufley

        Good God, what an utter shameless and despicable shill Tim Stanley is.

        • Arturaski

          Nice use of the word ‘shill’. Doesn’t get out often enough for my liking.

      • Shazza

        Agreed, but have you seen the comments we make concerning his articles? Another one is over at the DT blogs, is Dan Hannan. Both dhimmi ostriches with their heads in the sand.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Arise you victims of oppression
      For the tyrants fear your might…

  • Ricky Strong

    So much venom spat at Tommy and the EDL, yet nothing regarding Al-Muhajiroun. Our troops should have stopped marching that day, formed rank, lock, loaded and sent those vile scum to their 50 or 75 or whatever bloody number child virgins they desire.

    • Keith D

      I’m pretty sure our vast security network knows who all these would be terrorists, rapists and vile inbred scum are. The Hereford boys should be invited to have a word.

      But whatever we do, we cant upset those that have invaded the country, can we?
      As far as our feeble three main parties are concerned, it would be an admission of complicity if they were now to admit theres a problem with Islam.
      Our rights are a mere inconvenience in the way of their disastrous and treacherous social engineering.

      Occupying armies rape, murder and pillage. They keep their barriers firmly up against cohorting with the locals. Behaviours I’m sure all of us who live in the proximity of a ghetto will attest to.

      I admire the courage Tommy Robinson has shown in confronting these betrayals over the years, but no man can stand alone forever. The rest of us ,some of whom demonised him, should be thankful he was there. He did more to expose the evils of militant Islam than anyone. And he did it under constant duress from the very police who were supposed to protect him.

      • paul

        perfectly put Robinson is a hero to the people having to live each day in the shitholes that used to be our towns having to walk past mosques and shanty town style fkin shop fronts scared to look gangs of devious muslims in the eye

      • Diamond Draw

        If the facts are as stated in the article, then didn’t the extremist elements in Muslim ranks do that almost all by themselves? If Tommy R hadn’t founded EDL, you mean nothing of the sort of militant Islam or extremism, and the gangs, etc. wouldn’t have happened or wouldn’t have been reported? Why wouldn’t it have come to light except by EDL exposing it all to the world? How long has this Luton problem gone on exactly? Obviously I’m an outsider, but I want to know, how did it get so bad, if you are catering to all the Muslims like they are your honored guests, and then they stabbed you in the back, in Luton – or how did it go down?, really? Where are the police if these are merely gangs of thugs, and not real terrorists? And where is the federal government agency or agencies responsible for terrorism if it is a terrorism problem. I’m not understanding the complexities or what the hell led to this situation. If it’s all the police’s fault then hang the police, stop blaming just islamists or a few rowdy soccer fans for your socieites greatest problems. Maybe the society as a whole is the problem. Robinson was no choir boy or even a law abiding citizen, as stated.

  • Blazeaway

    There is a strong degree of class prejudice against Mr Robinson.
    He speaks out against islamism and in favour of free speech and freedom of assembly – yet people just assume he must be a far-right thug.
    The way he has been treated is a travesty. He has merely spoken up for the values of liberal democracy and secularism, yet the police have been able to traduce him. Precious few people have spoken up for him – and I say that is because the politically correct are leaping to simplistic conclusions because he is working class.
    They believe the working class are incapable of intelligance and insight.
    An observation: my wife works for a council in the North West. The EDL were holding a demonstration in Blackburn. The council issued a warning to its staff that any staff seen at the event would face disciplinary action. What makes the council’s senior officers and politicians think they can deny people their civil rights in that way?
    Good article Douglas.

    • blindsticks

      observation: my wife works for a council in the North West. The EDL were holding a demonstration in Blackburn. The council issued a warning to its staff that any staff seen at the event would face disciplinary action.
      And yet if she had defied them there would be nothing they could do in the legal sense. Though in the other sense of making your wife’s workload and career life as miserable as possible, they would have. Utter scum.

      • Blazeaway

        I think that fear is very pervasive for people wanting to speak/write about these matters. It can’t be right.
        It’s all a bit East Germany.

        • Jez

          A bit?

          I really would like to go to East Germany mid-eighties, to see if Democracy seekers were actually hounded down and persecuted in the same way Tommy Robinson and anyone else who ventures from the official Party doctrines are being right now in this country.

          • Colonel Mustard

            They were. The practice was called Zersetzung (‘decomposition’) and it has been gradually creeping in here. Political disapproval manifested in direct and indirect persecution. The type of indirect harassment involved, which is politically motivated, is deniable. So that anyone attempting to bring attention to it can be scorned as a conspiracy theorist, tinfoil hat wearer, etc. All very clever, all very sinister. Essentially what that council were doing – and Rotherham SS – was along these lines. Persecuting political dissent – straight out of the Stasi manual.

          • everyoneIsOnBathsalts

            the difference was that the stasi werent helping install the russian mafia to take over after the reunification

            this govt seems to be working hard to assist islams takeover of the UK

        • ArchiePonsonby

          And what do we do about it? Keep voting for the same scum!

          • De Mad Hoor

            ‘Common Purpose’ they all network and share a common purpose. Your taxes pay for their training. They are everywhere, fuckin’ weird!

          • ArchiePonsonby

            You said it, mate!

      • Paul

        my wife works for a council in the North West. The EDL were holding a demonstration in Blackburn. The council issued a warning to its staff that any staff seen at the event would face disciplinary action.

        She could have gone in a niqab. 😉

        • James Lovelace

          Nope. I’ve seen videos where the police pull any face-covering off men or women in EDL demos. Including burkas.

      • “And yet if she had defied them there would be nothing they could do in the legal sense.”

        Take care, this is quite untrue. Google the case of Chris Knowles, a governor-support worker within the education service of Leeds City Council, and a European anti-Sharia activist who was summarily dismissed from his job after attending international human rights consequences.

        Despite a lengthy employment tribunal, the council presented no evidence in support of his sacking, other than the vague statement by his employer that Mr Knowles’s “values” made his position in the post untenable. Despite a barrister’s request, no further justification was ever given and his career was destroyed.

        Mr Knowles’s own employment union, UNISON, into which he had paid for his whole professional life, instead of representing his interests as they should have done, cooperated in this dismissal process and refused even to represent him.

        The vague cultural sensitivity regulations binding public servants are very real, and little discussed; and responsible for many of the calamities that public servants are just not willing to admit exist in the UK. The grooming gangs operating with impunity for 25 years being a case in point.

        This is why the 2009 Islamist anti-troop homecoming process was the spark which created the EDL as Mr Murray identifies; and Daniel Hannan reinforced.

        The moment crystallized in the minds of working class Luton locals, that for all the post-97 talk of fairness, equality and service, what these principles mean on the ground, in policing terms, is officers prioritizing potential community fallout higher, than the punishment of lawlessness.

        • Pootles

          On the legal basis of such sackings. The previous government put, for example, a legal obligation on universities to pursue the ‘equalities agenda’. This means more than preventing discrimination, it means actively pushing ‘equality’, and it is under such legislation that university staff can lose their jobs and see an end to their careers.

        • freepeoples

          The likes of Knowles & others will never make a difference if they just go along with the status quo that is socialism.

          It’s the dialogue of the deaf on the ship of fools which suits the governing socialist caste.

          They might as well be Dougal etc., on the Magic Roundabout just going round & round in some sort of Kafka-esque dance.

          The contrarian Murray is party to this too as is the man calling himself Tommy Robinson- after a football hooligan!

  • Dogzzz

    It is now time that those hypocrites on the left, who proclaim to oppose
    intolerance and racism, took a long hard look at how they HAVE pandered
    to extremists, racists and bigots.

    Every liberal lefty who has rightly fought against racism, yet has wilfully turned a blind eye to the extreme hatred, intolerance, racism, homophobia and extreme mysoginy expressed by SOME parts of the Islamic community, especially when done openly, brazenly in public, should hang their heads in shame.

    Every council and local authority which turned a blind eye to Islamic grooming gangs, has the destroyed lives of the young girls on their hands.

    Every single person who refused to even listen to Tommy and the EDL, is partly responsible for the way that EXTREMIST elements within the Islamic community get away with their gotesque racist abuse of all of us.

    It is the myopic and intolerant prejudice and bigotry of the left, who are wilfully blind to bigotry in anyone who is NOT white, that is soooooo frustrating to those of us who have been fighting against ALL racism and prejudice for so many years.

    I admit, that I was brought up to be a racist. As a child, from a 100% white working class community, I was profoundly racist.

    Then when I turned 18 in 1997, I travelled to London and visited Brixton and had a life changing evening, with the most amazing, friendly, open, non-judgemental people I had ever met. ALL my racist beliefs were challenged. It was a truly life changing event.

    I vowed from that day on, to never be racist again. To tackle racism and prejudice wherever it appeared.

    I delighted in the massive gains in tolerance and multiculturalism I witnessed since then. There were massive gains made until 2000.

    Then as the century turned and the naughties progressed, I began to become alarmed at the way people who rightly fought racism, hatred and intolerance in my culture, turned a blind eye to an identical racism and intolerance, in any OTHER culture and instead attacked those who raised it as an issue at all. Who branded those of us who pointed out and attacked intolerance and racism in other cultures as racist. I still find it hard to stomach, when people who profess to be liberal supporters of multiculturalism, attack their OWN culture and pander to a foreign culture whose ultimate goal is the eradication of OUR culture and the imposition of a totalitarian monoculture.

    I have heard all the attacks by the liberal intelligencia against the EDL. Unlike those tribal liberal lefties, I am (since my wake up call in 1997) an independent thinker who looks at evidence and facts before making up my mind. I searched the EDL website, followed Tommy Robinson on Twitter, and except for a tiny minority of nutters on the fringes, saw NO evidence of intolerant racism anywhere in the EDL. I saw LOTS of evidence of prejudice, intolerance and hatred in the UAF, however. I attended marches by both. The UAF were far more extremist, full of hatred and violent intent. The EDL were defensive, but many of the EDL supporters I spoke with were pro-multiculturalism, so long as ALL cultures were included, especially our own. They have been involved in charitable support for Hindu communities, Sikh communities and there is even an LBTG EDL group.

    The blind hatred from the liberal left for the EDL simply is nonsensical. The liberal left are the only group of people who can agree 100% with every single objective of an organisation, whilst blindly rejecting giving any support whatsoever to that organisation, based purely on their own left wing prejudice.

    I have spoken with many left wing people who privately admit that they are concerned with elements of extremist Islam and want to see it tackled. But not if it means having anything to do with the EDL.

    I asked them the following questions…

    1. Do you support LBGT issues? Yes
    2. Do you oppose sexist mysoginy? Yes
    3. Do you oppose paedophile grooming gangs? Yes
    4. Do you support the Sikh community? Yes
    5. Do you support the Hindu community? Yes
    6. Do you think that a tiny minority of extremists in one organisation/religion/community should make you think everyone in that organisation/religion/community is extremist? No
    7. Do you want to expose and tackle intolerant racist extremism? Yes
    8. Do you support this country having a single dominant monoculture? No

    The answer after each question was the answer given by the liberal lefty….

    It was the exact same answer as would be given by most supporters of the EDL.

    These liberal lefties do not want to be tarred with the racist far right tag. Neither do most supporters of the EDL.

    If it is wrong for any supporter of the EDL to tar ALL Muslims as being extremist, due to the extremist minority. Then surely it is equally as wrong for liberal lefties to tar ALL EDL supporters as extremist racists, because of the tiny minority of extremist nutters, who the liberal left media caused to be attracted to the EDL cause in the first place.

    All the EDL is trying to do is raise the alarm at the threat to every culture in the UK by the extremist’s openly admitted goal of imposing a totalitarian monoculture here under Sharia law. They admit to deliberately using multiculturalism to grow their organisations here, until they have the numbers to take over and then impose their own monoculture. They are not shy in admitting that is their plan, and that the plan is progressing and the liberal left are HELPING Them to achieve that totalitarian monoculture.

    If tackling fascism in the 20th century taught us anything, it is that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. We are NOT being vigilant if we turn a blind eye to intolerance, hatred, mysoginy, homophobia within ANY culture.

    To raise awareness and to raise the alarm at such intolerance by a culture that we have welcomed here, is NOT racist.

    For multiculturalism to work, we MUST offer protection in law to every culture, INCLUDING our own, against any culture which seeks to impose a totalitarian monoculture. That is what Tommy Robbinson is trying to do. That is what I give him 100% support in continuing to do.

    My philosophy is that I stand firmly AGAINST racism in EVERY community. Intolerance and bigotry exist in every community and it should never be excused. We are all humans and as individuals are created and blessed with the equal and same rights and opportunities, regardless of background, race, religion, gender, lawful sexual preference.

    Such a philosophy has no room for intolerant racism, prejudice and bigotry. Such philosophy cannot support discrimination, negative or positive, on the grounds of race, gender, lawful sexual preference etc…

    It is now time that those hypocrites on the left, who proclaim to oppose intolerance and racism, took a long hard look at how they HAVE pandered to extremists, racists and bigots.

    They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and now give their full and unstinting support to a man whose values, and bravery, mark him out as being a far better man than they could ever hope to be. Tommy Robbinson.

    • blindsticks

      All those thugs of the UAF who got arrested at the Lee Rigby ‘counter demonstration’ got released and all charges dropped within days.
      So bragged Weymouth Bennet later. What are the chances for this happening for the EDL or any other ‘far right’ organisation. What powers are at work behind all this Also compare the treatment of Tommy Robison and the investigations into his family and finances to that of Lutfer Rahman and his followers in Tower Hamlets.

    • lionsingh

      Well said. The mission statement of the EDL will continue. Not violent,Not racist but no longer quiet

      • scousebounce

        It seems from your name that you’re a Sikh. I didn’t really know much about the SIkhs before the EDL but I really admire them now.

    • MikeF

      “Every liberal lefty who has rightly fought against racism” – except that the definition of ‘racism’ that such people employ is so sectarian and selective that it is itself ‘racist’.

  • Gerard Spekboom

    The way Tommy and EDL has been treated by the press, police and politics, says everything about the total corruptness of the ‘politic correct’ mindset that is ruling these entities. It is just to say that people who are complying to politic correctness should be classified as ‘useful idiots’, a term defined by wiki as follows:

    In political jargon, useful idiot is a pejorative term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.

    The term has been used to refer to Soviet sympathizers in Western countries. The implication was that, although the people in question naïvely thought of themselves as an ally of the Soviet Union, they were actually held in contempt and were being cynically used. The use of the term in political discourse has since been extended to other propagandists, especially those who are seen to unwittingly support a malignant cause which they naïvely believe to be a force for good

    This is certainly true for those who are not willing to acknowledge the true violent nature of Islamic Jihad.

  • Knives_and_Faux

    Nuke Mecca.

    • crosscop

      Eventually it will come to that.

    • therealguyfaux

      You laugh, but an American Member of Congress, Tom Tancredo, made that same rhetorical point that, what if the only way to stop radical Islam were to do just that? Who would, indeed could, take that decision?

      And Jeez Louise, did he get his head handed to him for that one! (And if the muzzbots had had their way– literally.)

      • crosscop

        If the boot was on the other foot and Islamic states had better weaponry than us ( including having nukes and we didn’t ) – they would not hesitate for a moment to destroy the infidel West.

        • James Lovelace

          Israelis live in very real fear of that happening to them.

    • Icebow

      This is highly irresponsible of you, but boys will be boys, so I would suggest a low-yield groundburst aimed at ensuring vaporization of their idol, the Black Stone. It would be dirty, of course.
      Melanolitholatry: there’s a word.

  • blindsticks

    Then there are the ‘constant, constant death threats’. When somebody posted his mother’s address online and promised to ‘chop up’ Robinson’s kids he finally went to the police. He says they told him they could do nothing about it.

    Liam Stacey (and there have been others since), they did plenty about him.

    He began retweeting Twitter threats, but says he was told by police that if he continued doing so he could face arrest himself.

    I don’t know about Robinson being bought off, but the police were bought off long ago. Only now, after thirty odd years of the grooming gangs and other menaces against the white working classes, are the politicians allowing them to start doing their jobs. Bloody right. Because many of us are wont be bought off or threatened by the state into eternal compliance.

  • Daniel Maris

    I never agreed with Tommy Robinson’s approach. An “English Defence” League sent all the wrong messages and summoned up images of Ulster. An Anti-Sharia League would have put the focus where it should be. However, I feel immense sympathy for him, as it seems to me he has had to put up with a lot of state oppression for his beliefs.

    My concern about the Quilliam Foundation (which Murray appears to be friendly towards) is that it sees nothing wrong in Sharia and in fact states explicitly on its website that one can be pro-Sharia without being an extremist. They simply state they are not arguing for Sharia to become “state law”. If you know your Sharia, you’ll know Islam doesn’t have states and therefore doesn’t have state law. So it’s a meaningless bit of misdirection.

    Has Murray really been taken in by Quilliam?

    • James Lovelace

      Wasn’t it you who said the EDL should be handing out free newspapers at suburban train stations? If so, it was put to you then that there’s nothing stopping YOU from doing that, apart from your own cowardice.

      • Fasdunkle

        a reasonable cowardice though. Handing put free papers detailing the horrors of islamic extremism could be extremely dangerous

        • Paul

          It’s basically putting a target on your head.

          And the police would not protect you from attacks either.

      • Daniel Maris

        I’ve put myself in the line of fire before now. It’s not pleasant getting an abusive threatening phone call in your home. I never disputed the EDL’s right to protest against a totalitarian movement. Cowardice is a relative word. Are you now calling Tommy Robinson a coward after all he has been through? I don’t.

        My suggestion about free newspaper distribution was a suggestion of an alternative to street demonstrations that carry the risk of serious violence.

        • James Lovelace

          “Are you now calling Tommy Robinson a coward after all he has been through? I don’t”

          No. I’m not. I suspect this move required more courage than anything he’s done before.

          The point is: they have their way of protesting, which you criticise. The way you want them to protest can be done by you yourself. Yet you don’t do it. You want them to fight your battle for you, and to fight it the way you see fit. That’s cowardly and disloyal. They are fighting your battle for you, and you have the temerity to criticise them.

    • Paul

      An “English Defence” League… summoned up images of Ulster.

      We’re coming!
      We’re coming!
      We are coming down the road!
      We’re the…
      And we’re coming down the road.

      Excellent song.

      • Jackthesmilingblack

        A tad repetitive.

        • arrowsmithwoman

          That’s just the refrain, the lyrics are better – “Those who want sharia law have now become our foe”!

        • anotherjoeblogs

          yes you are.

  • therealguyfaux

    The Yanks have had a sense of how “populist” leaders are often backed by much more powerful forces, who wish to “keep their hands clean” till it shall have developed as to whether the movement their “leader” fronts is indeed a viable political force– the joker in the deck is the leader himself.

    Two films, one a political bildungsroman of sorts and the other one a melodrama, point out what I’m saying. All The King’s Men, the more “serious” work, details how the originally-somewhat-more-idealistic Willie Stark, a country lawyer on his local school board, is catapulted to prominence after it comes out he had fought the County Council over the shoddy construction of a school in which, subsequently, children died as a result of a fire. The political forces in the capital city see him as a charismatic leader for the “hicks”– and plan to use him to cut into the vote of another candidate, to keep their fellow in. Willie cottons on after a while– but then turns as vicious and cynical as they were, once he builds his power base, and when the following election comes in four years, he has become an unstoppable force.

    The other, a “Capra-corny” named Meet John Doe, is the story of how a charismatic tramp-type is built up, by a Rupert Murdoch-type media mogul, to be “The Common Man,” a secular version of Christ, if you will; the movement fronted by the tramp is more successful than anyone had dared hope, and the Murdoch type looks to ride that to political power by running for President. The tramp, who all along had known the movement was a “con” and who was not a saint by any means, all of a sudden, you will pardon the expression, “gets religion” and looks to put the movement on the up-and-up as a real force for good, not just a cynical political ploy.

    One must question how a man like Robinson emerges from nowhere, a man with shall we say a spotty past, to become a Willie Stark, or John “Doe” Willoughby the “Common Man,” a Voice-Of-The-Voiceless, who would lead a movement of the ordinary citizen against the powers-that-be. What sort would take a punt on Robinson, on the theory that those he would lead can be “channeled” into some sort of viable political force going forward? And now, having achieved some notoriety but with his movement’s momentum perhaps having plateau’d for now, has Robinson been dropped, or is there an attempt to “clean him up”? And is it because he’s “playing ball,” or because he ISN’T, that he’s been taken out of the picture for now?

    There is much about the EDL and Tommy Robinson, and the quantity and quality of the press coverage of them and him, which fails a “sniff test” and always did, if you ask me. This latest bit of drama does nothing to convince me otherwise.

    • montana83

      9/11 was an inside job
      The Titanic was all about an insurance scam
      Elvis is alive
      therealguyfaux – I suggest you brush up on Occam’s Razor
      There is a reason we have tea parties in America. It is ground up, controlled by no one and directed at tyranny. I suggest you join Tommy before it is too late regardless of whether you think the Koch Brothers are his secret backer.
      In Montana we have a castle law. You walk on my property and threaten me, then I pull out my .45 and shoot you. Cops do their due diligence, find out that is what happened and no trial. You eloi need a right to bear arms so King George Cameron or King George Milliband don’t take all your rights away. If Tommy Robinson could “pack”, he could defend himself without expecting your Marxist PC police to “help” him.
      Help yourselves, England!!!!!!!!!

      • therealguyfaux

        Possibly the reason you are getting up-votes is that you are Poe’s-law’ing the American-patriot-movement positions on, inter alia, gun control, anti-immigration and the like. Well and fine. Of course, implying that to question the emergence of a “leader” of a “populist” movement, a man who does not even go by his “government” and has assumed a new name, is somehow getting into tinfoil hat territory, is the usual MO of those who merely look to shut off debate on an issue– it is done all the time in e.g., the global warming debate, amongst others.

        The Kochs on one side of the ledger, and George Soros on the other, DO engage in the “seeding” of political organisations. One would expect that they, being clever investors, look to see “bang for their buck” (no pun), or in the case of Stephen Yexley-Lennon alias Tommy Robinson, “pow for the pound,” and if Robbo isn’t quite cutting it at present for whoever his backer might be, a stand-down on Robbo’s part would be called for.

        As far as there being a true “patriot movement” in Britain, it would need to be so secretive and so individual, that it could never coalesce overtly in the form of a Tommy Robinson. It would need to be full of those who keep their own counsel politically (lest hate speech allegations and investigations be levelled against them), and would need to masquerade as “disaster preparedness” and the like– and even at that, bulk buys of food, potable water, ammunition for still-legal weapons etc, can more easily be monitored in Britain. The spirit that got the nation through the early 1940’s sadly disappeared a long time ago; “We will surrender on the beaches, we will surrender on the landing grounds, we will surrender in the fields and the streets, we will surrender in the hills– we shall never fight!” is more like what you’re liable to hear today.

        For most kids today, Winston Churchill is a dog that sells automobile insurance. Sad, but true.

    • Keith Thomas

      Yanqui Go Home.

  • Icebow

    I’m getting fed up with the Sunday Times, the most recent issue of which carried a disgusting partisan article on Robinson by a useful idiot called Rosie Kinchen. Here are some quotations.
    ‘Robinson is a short, frantic man who smells of Lynx, hair gel and bravado. A former tanning salon owner, he seems to have spent the last four years transforming himself into the poster boy for British racism.’
    ‘…is 30 but has the attention span of a toddler’.
    ‘Without a rabble, Robinson cuts a far less intimidating figure: today he is wearing a track suit and looks like he works in Sports Direct.’
    ‘He believes the police are targeting him’.
    Well, I wonder how he got that impression? I don’t think it gets much more ad hominem than this piece.
    Mind you, Rosie’s as fit as f**k. That open-neck top’s just too teasing; should be topless. No, full length netherlips naked. Phwoar. Rowrrr. Hubba hubba.

    • Slevdi


  • James Lovelace

    So, due to his own prejudice and condescension, Douglas Murray held back this fight for another 4 years. Tell us Douglas, what was stopping you in the last 3 years, once EDL had a Mission Statement that contradicted your prejudices, once it had a LGBT Division and a Jewish Division which contradicted your prejudices, a Sikh leader, etc. what on earth stopped you from reporting on this?

    Surely at the time you are referring to, you were Director of The Centre for Social Cohesion? In that position, you had a professional responsibility to speak to people like Tommy Robinson, or Anjem Choudary. But you are openly admitting you had the opportunity, but decided not to do so, because of your own class hatred for people unlike you and your cosy elite.

    Congratulations on your part in the media cabal who directed average people away from EDL, shoring up the position of the far-left, that EDL was supposedly a racist/Nazi group.

    When the history of this is written, your position won’t be one of great honour.

    • Blazeaway

      Essentially true but a bit harsh. There will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance etc etc.
      At least Douglas has seen that he was shortsighted and has done so publicly. In doing so he lays himself open to attack from those who wilfully won’t see what the real issues here are.
      Growing numbers are now seeing the threat that freedom faces and we should welcome all support.

      • James Lovelace

        I’m old enough to know that during the 1970s and 1980s, even the IRA and Paedophile Information Exchange had members of the Great and the Good, and members of the Leftist elite who spoke out for them.

        I notice that none of that was extended to EDL, despite at least 99% of them being people of far greater virtue than the IRA or paedphiles.

        Instead, the elite (of which Mr. Murray is part) made sure that incidents like the black and white leaders of EDL going on Newsnight in 2009, denouncing National Socialism and burning the swastika were never, ever remembered.


        The elite do not believe that anyone outside the top 30% of society are allowed to run political movements, or even have political opinions which should be heard. So, the elite (along with their public-school friends who run the SWP/UAF) made sure that Nazis and racists were sent along to EDL to repel for the last 4 years. Those Nazis (and no doubt some police agents provocateurs) meant that Tommy Robinson could not stay as leader of EDL.

        EDL was a very noble cause, and the vast majority of the people involved in it should be proud of stepping up, when the middle class abandoned the defence of liberalism 30 years ago.

        We have now got to the stage where the excessively politically-correct gay community are saying they want muslims removed from Britain.

        How’s that Social Cohesion working out, Mr. Murray?

        • Blazeaway

          James – I didn’t know that (about the upvotes) but I am flattered. Thanks.
          I agree that EDL members have fought a lonely battle of which they can be proud.

  • Radford_NG

    The charge against Robinson [video above] was dropped on Wednesday by the CPS for lack of evidence.He is to appear in court on 9 Jan.on the other charge. He tweets today the police have informed him of al-Shabar (?) death threats against him;and have advised him of security measures to take at his house and suggested he might want to leave Luton.

    • Slevdi

      nice of them to drop in to let him know they are helpless, but why do it at 3am? sounds like the stasi to me.

    • Eddie

      Typical Islamophiliac police and authorities. Same thing happens all over Europe – where those threatening to behead innocent people get protected and treated as victims, and those who are their targets get told to shut up, move, leave the country etc.

    • Steve

      Islamic death threats have been all over the BBC today – death threats against ‘moderate’ muslims that is. I haven’t heard a single mention that TR was also threatened. Not one.

  • Eddie

    Compared to many Muslims, this guy is a total wimpy liberal. If he had a dark skin and a religion, no doubt he’d get a council grant and an OBE…

    • roccolore

      But Anjem Choudary gets police protection.

  • James Lovelace

    Since Al Shabab have now threatened to kill Tommy Robinson, it seems obvious that Mr. Robinson should be put in charge of MI5. Since muslim terrorists haven’t threatened to kill Andrew Parker, it seems clear that muslim terrorists fear Mr. Robinson not Mr. Parker.

  • Viking.

    Islam is Muslims and Muslims are Islam. You cannot seperate the two. Islam is a violent extremist belief system that makes every Muslim a potential terrorist. There can be no such thing as a moderate Muslim. Islam (Mohammed) demands that every Muslim fights until Islam triumphs everywhere.

    • Icebow

      Although I loathe Mohammedanism, I have a reservation here. There are moderate Mohammedans, but they are deluded (would soon be put ‘right’ by the just-pre-posthistoric Caliphate). A bit like Schrödinger’s cat, they don’t yet know what they are. Unlike that uncertainty, there’s ultimately only one outcome, unless they wish actually to die at the hands of true Arseliftery.

      Terminator Faith. Spread it.

      • Kennybhoy

        Thoughtful post. But the same might be said about many belief systems. Most Germans were no’ Nazis …

        • Icebow

          I don’t know whether under a triumphant Third Reich membership the party would have been mandatory; but I think it a safe bet that under a global Caliphate, moderate Mohammedans would not be tolerated. I know of no other religion that has world domination as an explicit aim.

          • Kennybhoy

            Depends upon how one defines “world domination”…

          • Icebow

            Well, ‘world domination’ means what it what says, though of course such domination might take various forms. If you’re not too familiar with the Mohammedan scenario, a little Googling should soon have you reasonably in the picture. If you’d like a book recommendation, I suggest Robert Spencer’s The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran.

          • Kennybhoy

            Personally I prefer libraries to the internet for research. I am familiar with Robert Spencer’s works.I prefer those of the late John Laffin. Particularly “The Dagger of Islam”.

          • Icebow

            Those were the days, before the internet indulged my tendency to laziness.

  • monkey for sale

    Islam is not a religion. Islam has always been an ideology, and Muslims are
    very adept at using our democracy as a weapon against us.

    The muddled and befuddled liberal left has backed an intolerant and anti-democratic ideology : Islam. There are many people, myself included, who used to say they were liberals/left of centre politically, and now feel politically homeless.

    Misplaced white guilt and a hatred of the white working class goes a long way to explaining where we are today when it comes Islam in Britain.

    • global city

      because they see so many instincts in the ideology with their own.

      Everyone must remember just how callous and hideously doctrinal the liberal elite and their thinkers are.

    • Youssef Muhammed

      For the last and umpteenth time, you retarded and deluded people. Islam is NOT a ideology, but it is a Abrahamic monotheistic religion. If you find it so hard understand this concept, I suggest you go and get your head checked out instantly. Clearly, this blog is full of anti Islam/Muslim haters, who are bent on spreading hate against us.

      • roccolore

        Muslim fascists like you are the ones spreading hate.

  • keith

    don’t worry everyone, we have a great working class hero who has stepped forward to speak for us, from his own lips i have heard the word of the prophet, for it is he the great ” Owen Jones “, all is not lost while we can look to him for leadership, he will sweep all away that stand in his way, i know i can sleep easy with him guiding us, already his followers are legion, the great Ed Milliband, professor Polly Toynbee, the legend that is Ken Livingstone, who needs pretend white working class like Tommy Robinson.

    • Icebow

      Jones and Robinson seem in the same weight division. Fight?

  • DurkaDurka

    Dhimmi writes a column. Tells interviewee to go F himself. Interviewee gets threatened with decapitation by YET ANOTHER ‘MODERATE MUSLIM’. And Dhimmi forgets it ever happened.

    I have a simple question Dhimmi and Tommy. How many people have the EDL killed, and how many people have your Moderate Muslims killed?

    • James Lovelace

      Our country is spending £3.5bn per year to stop muslims killing us. All the fuss about the Royal Mail sale raising £.75bn. The money raised from the sale of Royal Mail only pays for about 11 weeks of policing muslim terrorism in Britain.

      For this £3.5bn the police have been able to stop most of the 330 muslims who have been convicted of terrorism in Britain from killing anyone. How do we fund the next 11 weeks of policing muslim terrorism?

      By comparison, the cost of policing EDL demos over 4 years was peanuts. I think £0.01bn was the price that the muslims complained about. And if muslims and the fascist Left didn’t threaten to murder their enemies, the policing bill for EDL demos would be much lower.

      Yet it’s the EDL that is considered dangerous and expensive, not islam.

  • Margot

    Is there anyone else out there who feels slightly uncomfortable about the new woman on Today? I would feel as uncomfortable about anyone who adheres to (and doesn’t repudiate) any extreme ideology. I shall probably stop listening to the programme – anyone suggest alternatives?

  • Colonel Mustard

    Paxman utterly baffled. No better demonstration of the problem than his obtuse attitude.

  • JabbaTheCat

    I would suggest that Tommy Robinson, or whatever is his current nom de guerre, has undergone this miraculous conversion because he’s due to face the beak in January…

    • James Lovelace

      He’s “faced the beak” many times before.

  • shambobble

    What’s up y’all. Considering that it’s only Muslim countries that have been invaded by Western armies in the past decade, resulting in the deaths of millions of Muslims, I’m surprised they’re not more pissed off. I guess the complete takeover of British ‘culture’ by Islam is something you can justifiably get upset about. I mean, the proliferation of curry-houses across the UK is England’s shame. Where are all the roly-poly houses and the Yorkshire pud-pud emporia. Take your country back, losers. And a few other countries that have oil while you’re at it. 🙂

    • Eddie

      Oh dear. Funny though how most Muslims who are killed are killed by other Muslims though; or how Muslim demand countries to be invaded and bombed by us when they are ruled by a Christian (Syria); or how Britain and others intervened to help Muslims in Bosnia and elsewhere. I would also argue that we intervened to help liberate Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, by overthrowing fascistic Muslim regimes.
      Islamism started long before the invasion of Iraq – that is just the same tired lie and excuse of the Muslims. The real reason Islam is such a problem is Saudi oil money funding the expansion on Wahabbi Islam all over the world, brainwashing young Muslims. That, and our complacency as our useless governments promoted the ideology of multiculturalism, which is anti-integration.
      Read some Bruce Bawer. He’ll tell you why the Islamist Somalis feel great living in Islamophiliac Norway.
      I am sick and tired of the constant hypocrisy of Islam and Muslims – who support other Muslims against The West and this country. Why don’t they just leave? Most people I speak to wouldn’t mind if many of them did.

      • James Lovelace

        Quilliam claim “islamist” terrorism began with the foundation of Israel. But that is an attempt to stop people tracing it all the way back to Mohammed.

        Even Wikipedia records that a whole range of core muslim texts admit that Mohammed beheaded 900 people in one day, including children. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invasion_of_Banu_Qurayza#Hadith_literature

        Mohammed led an army, he created a constitution (which muslims crow was “progressive”), he merged church and state, he even stated he was “made victorious through terror”. How is this not islamist terrorism?

        • global city

          The sword on the Saudi flag also sort of state something.

          Perhaps the UK should put a Maxim gun on the union Flag

          • shambobble

            Might be more honest if they did.

        • Kennybhoy

          “Quilliam claim “islamist” terrorism began with the foundation of Israel.”

          They are wrong. The current pulse dates from the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

          • James Lovelace

            No. It begins much further back. Wahhabis assassinated Lord Mayo in India in the 19th century. General Gordon was killed by the Mahdi Army in Sudan in the 19th century. Jihadi muslims attacked a train carrying holiday makers in Australia (around 1910, if memory serves me right).

            The Muslim Brotherhood was created in 1928 in Egypt. Israel did not exist until 1948. The Brotherhood were killing jews in Palestine in the 1930s.

            Quilliam are just typical of all muslims, looking for any excuse to blame Israel, and distracting from the fact that there is no difference between a violent islamist and the founder of Islam.

          • Kennybhoy

            “…current pulse..”

          • James Lovelace

            I agree that 1979 was a pivotal moment. However, the attacks by arabs on jews in the 1970s was part of the same jihad.

            And in 1979, it wasn’t only Iran where jihadis attacked the US – they also attacked the embassies in Libya and in Pakistan (both of which prefigured what was to happen in Benghazi last year).

            The Indian/Pakistani Mawdudi is described by muslims as being the most influential man of the 20th century. Both Said Qutb and Ayatollah Khomeini were influenced by him. Mawdudi can be seen as the pivotal figure who set about restoring the Caliphate, following its dissolution in 1924.

            I would imagine that to an Israeli the jihad has been going on since at least 1920. What we have seen in the rest of the West has mostly been a ceasefire, between about 1815 and 1979, although it’s interesting to note that the Armenian massacre happened almost halfway through that, and there are elements of that where it takes on the appearance of jihad too.

    • vieuxceps2

      You’re a provoking little fellow,but your remark about taking your country back losers, strikes a resonant chord.

  • Daniel Maris

    One for Fraser Nelson –

    Mohammed now the third most popular name in Oxfordshire…


    • FrenchNewsonlin

      Curious. The French stats institute has just announced it expects to see a huge surge, in Republican France, of popularity for the name “Georges”, thanks to young Prince George! Meanwhile despite its 6 million Muslim population, Mohammed does not rank among the top 20 names in France. This, some say, is due to emphasis on integration rather than multikulti ghettoisation.

      • Pootles

        Footnote: at current rates of growth & immigration France’s Muslim population will be 30 million by 2040. And then what?

        • FrenchNewsonlin

          Well before then Madame le Pen will have closed the borders!

          • James Lovelace

            Britain can expect an exodus of French muslims. The number of non-muslim French in Britain has rocketed these past few years.

            About 10 years ago, huge numbers of muslims left Germany for Britain, because the British institutions were falling over backwards to promote anything Islamic at the cost of everything else.

          • Pootles

            Do you really think so? I wish it would be so, but there’s nothing in our recent European history to suggest that will happen.

          • global city

            WWII… have you not heard of it?


          • Pootles

            By ‘recent’, I meant post-World War 2 (including its ethnic cleansing aftermath) – that being a widely used definition of ‘contemporary history’. Let’s hope, however, we don’t go for the Yugoslavian option.

          • global city

            yes. I should not have contradicted your original post

  • RobW

    Mr Murray, have you ever actually been to or been direct witness to an
    EDL demonstration? I think this point is important because while I agree
    with you about the threat of Islamofascism and the fundamental
    incompatibility between the principles of Islam and the principles of liberal pluralistic democracy, the EDL is definitely not a group we should have any positive feelings about.

    was witness to the demonstration in Manchester by the EDL earlier this
    year. The EDL turned up late, drunk and shouting obscenities. They were
    late for their own protest and only let in on the grounds that they had
    got drunk and started fighting each other before they had even got
    anywhere near the site of their “demonstration”. As the day went on they
    threw smokebombs, held up signs containing racial slurs and untruths
    and, towards the end of the day, some even began giving Nazi salutes to

    The impression I got was not of a civilised, organised
    or reasonable group voicing legitimate concerns, but of a group of
    uneducated, violent and drunken football hooligans who just wanted
    someone to kick the crap out of when there weren’t any Luton Town
    matches on. If anything their thuggish and violent behaviour and overt
    racism (please don’t claim they aren’t racist, I’ve heard them use the
    words “nigger”, “wog”, “paki” and “yid” quite casually) prevents a
    serious and much needed discussion on the evils of Islamism from taking
    place by further enhancing the notion that it is a racist concern of the
    ignorant far-right.

    • James Lovelace

      ‘please don’t claim they aren’t racist, I’ve heard them use the
      words “nigger”, “wog”, “paki” and “yid” quite casually’

      And yet strangely, I’ve seen a video of one of the muslim supporters of EDL being given a hero’s welcome when he arrived at that Manchester demo. I will see if I can find the video evidence I saw.

      Moreover, there is evidence of non-white people being on many EDL demos.
      Yet there is not one photograph or one video of such supporters ever being attacked on those demos in the past 4 years. Considering all the hostile media and fascist Leftists hanging round their demos, why is there no evidence of the racism you claim is so prevalent?

    • James Lovelace

      There you go. It took me just a few minutes to find video footage that proves you are a liar.


      You can see them cheering someone around 4mins into that video. The camera pans and it is one of the muslim supporters.

  • Uncle Mort

    Tommy Robinson is attacked for making a stand against the Islamification of our country whilst the powers that be protect an ideology and its followers who think its ok too treat women like this


    • James Lovelace

      We should never forget that Nick Clegg, the man who supposedly enshrines “liberal democracy”, made national news after the murder of Lee Rigby, lying about the contents of Koran 5:32. The last words from Mohammed were to kill unbelievers, to kill those who criticised islam, to institute apartheid between muslims and everyone else, and the head of the “Liberal Democrats” goes on national TV and lies about this.

      His version of Koran 5:32 removed the very words from the koran used by the killers of Lee Rigby. He could hardly have covered up the responsibility of islam better, unless he’d given the killers an alibi on the day.

  • Mark

    Matthew Goodwin, some sort of professor of far-right extremists, put this article out yeaterday on Twitter, with a “Yawn”. A few hours later, Al Shabab threaten his Muslim media mates with death threats. Does he still think the EDL are more dangerous that Islamic extremists? I cannot fathom why he thinks that way.

    • James Lovelace

      Because he has to carve out a niche for himself in academia. If you spend any time with those parasites socially, you will hear them say things like “there’s a book in that”, “there’s an article there”.

      Goodwin has never bothered to write a report on why the police Domestic Extremism Unit said in 2010 “EDL are not far-right”. Goodwin and his chums live in an echo chamber. Despite the most prominent muslim of the 20th century saying “the Islamic state is like the fascist state”, despite muslim fans of the Muslim Brotherhood admitting it was modelled on the Nazi Party, despite the founder of the SWP admitting that the MB were fascists, Goodwin is only interested in claiming that white secularists are “far right”.

  • itbeso

    I loath UKIP but still I will have no choice but to vote for them. Sickens me what this country is coming to.

    • I have been a lifelong supporter of the Conservative party but like you I intend to vote for UKIP the next chance I get; not out of approval but despair.

  • Steve

    I am a huge fan of Douglas Murray and am somewhat relieved to see that, at last, he is putting his intellectual & class snobbery aside for just long enough to re-assess Tommy Robinson.

    There is a very serious problem in this country generally with regard to the middle-classed elite and their attitude towards ordinary people. There is a clear war on the inarticulate which regularly shows itself in the hysterical denunciation of some poor sod who has, usually un-wittingly or in a moment of stress, said something stupid. Tommy Robinson suffers from this more than most, compare the total disgust on the face of Paxman when interviewing Robinson with the warm fuzzy love that the former terrorist supporter Maajid Nawaz – the hypocrisy is sickening.

    Tommy Robinson is an ordinary guy with a limited education who actually usually makes a bloody good fist of expressing himself in very difficult circumstances. Until he had a couple of Muslims standing next to him, very few people of Douglas Murrays’ ilk have made any genuine attempt to actually try to understand what he has been saying, it’s been all projection and insinuation and there is still absolutely no acknowledgement of the basic fact that a lad like Robinson has absolutely no way of being heard aside from street protest. If Robinson has been misunderstood for the past 4 years it is 100% the fault of those not listening to him and practically 0% the fault of Robinson.

  • john p reid

    apparently Hasan thinks it’ll make people be sick at breakfast, but not while reading their daily mail articles ,that he wasn’t to write!!

  • paul

    so you like all the rest of the media are a spineless cowardly liar who reading between the lines is as aware of the fact that our towns are being taken over by radical muslims and moderate for that matter but you would rather make sure your fkin mortgage and your childrens school fees are paid by keeping your head down and throwing the rascist slur every now and then against poor bastards like tommy robinson than stand up and be counted you are a shit house of the highest order good luck tommy in whatever you do god bless you and your family

    • global city

      I think you have missed the bulk of Murray’s work in this area if you really think that!

      Murray’s head is well above the parapet, has been for years, so much so that (as usual) it’s been threatened with being cut off by adherents of the ROP.

      Have you been threatened with being beheaded because of your high profile issue raising?

      • paul

        no but im labelled a rascist by ignoramuses like murray and the other media cronies which sticks like shit to a blanket with other less informed joe`s who then are to frightened to raise their concerns for fear of being labelled the same so dont give me any bull “the first time i met tommy robinson i told him to fuck off” hardly raising your head above the parapet is it !?

        • global city

          Yes, I think that DM almost admits as much himself in the title of this blog. Racism is such an easy stone to cast, as those throwing it will cause everyone to immediately go to ground, especially the person targeted. It is a classic left wing twat’s tactic… though I am sure that I’ve committed that sin myself… and I’m no Left winger.

          • paul

            what youve labelled people rascist who arent ?what a surprise ! you are forgiven (not)

          • global city

            I am not seeking yours or anybody else’s forgiveness.
            I have not called anyone a racist personally, but I have been caught up in some of the silly arguments about civic and ethnic identities.

            I don’t care about the colour of somebody’s skin, but have dismissed an argument too early when someone making an ‘ethnic’ case was actually just complaining about the levels of immigration and the fact that it is being done on purpose, which I entirely agree is evil.

            Some of the stuff on here about blood and soil though are cringe makingly irrelevant, like silly German kids stuff.

      • paul

        reply removed

  • scousebounce

    I am surprised no-one has even mentioned events in European history like The Battle of Tours or the Siege of Vienna.
    800 Italians were recently canonized for being beheaded by the Ottomans for refusing to convert to Islam.
    Europeans had to sacrifice their lives to stop Islam from conquering Europe but it is now allowed to openly promote it.
    Islam should be banned in Europe for these reasons alone.

  • scousebounce

    If you are from the nicer “upper class” towns then just load up Google street view and take a tour around the Towns such as Blackburn starting near the main Mosque. You will be able to see the genocide that has been committed on us by own own leaders with your own eyes.
    Imaging you had to live on a street where one side of it is England and the other is Kashmir, imagine what that would be like – its a reality for a lot of people.
    More and more people are waking up to the fact that the “multicultural diversity” scam is just an attempt to twist Genocide into something positive.
    How dare these so-called “leaders” just hand over our territory without even asking us.

  • GCHQmonitoring


    Tommy Robinson opposed the agenda of Parliament

    and has only himself to blame for being

    Politically Persecuted by the Authorities


    PS a Tax audit for him, his family friends and neighbours is our favorite. Saddam Hussein had nothing as sophisticate as our methods.

  • Guest









  • wattys123

    can anyone tell me what/whom is driving mass immigration, it would seem it has no economic benefit and those already here believe the cultural negatives greater than the positiveness, in fact 40% believe we are heading for war. How can a society be destroying itself?

    • Ish Shiv

      “It would seem it would have no economic benefit” What a moronic thing to say, we have an ageing population and a low birth rate without young working immigrants we would be in trouble like Japan with its anti-immigration policy nobody can fill jobs and look after the elderly. Go to your local hospital it would practically collapse without the help of immigrants let’s face it they do the gritty work you don’t want to.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    “The first time I met Tommy Robinson I told him to fuck off.”
    So much for journalistic objectivity.

  • Guest

    Frozen accounts, frequent arrests, heightened scrutiny by the Tax authorities, relatives of dissidents being targeted:

    if you tolerate this then your children will be next.

  • The BBC Sucks BBCs

    The EDL were finished when their brief political tie-in with the British Freedom party failed, the street rallies became pointless & their foray into actual politics, which could have worked, failed leaving them finished.
    Lennon’s excuse that while he was in prison far right NF types were allowed back into the fold doesn’t seem to make much sense when you realise that whilst in prison, his cousin Kevin Carroll became EDL, so if what Lennon is saying is true, then his cousin must take some responsibility, Carroll also became leader of the British Freedom party & didn’t make a success of it. Meanwhile former British Freedom party head, Paul Weston has formed LibertyGB an anti Islamic political party, which everyone is ignoring because Weston is a cool, intelligent, articulate, educated opponent of Islam, whereas the EDL were a rabble who could easily be accused of racism & violence.
    I believe the constant police harassment & death threats by Muslims have made Lennon leave the EDL, I can’t blame him, but soon he’ll fade from public view completely, the BBC aren’t gonna have him on question time or any questions, he will simply disappear by next year.

    • James Lovelace

      “everyone is ignoring because Weston is a cool, intelligent, articulate, educated opponent of Islam, whereas the EDL were a rabble who could easily be accused of racism & violence.”

      Everyone is ignoring LibertyGB because the media work in cahoots with cross-party groups like “Nothing British” or “British Influence” to ensure that the menu options offered by LibLabCon are the only items the public gets to hear about.

      Within 10 years, Europe will have flipped. France, Holland, Switzerland will be banning islamic practices. And muslims will flood into Britain. At that point, the British people will flip. And if the only anti-islam party with a national infrastructure is the BNP, then the BNP will be in power.

  • Martin Jennerson

    If he made exactly the same points in exactly the same way but from a non-white ethnic perspective, he would be absolutely feted by our media, what with his constant hat-tips to liberal values and gay rights The fact that attempting to suppress our senses of ethnicity through “anti-racism” leads to such perversions shows how corruptible these senses are.

  • nobody will stop the English being English; nobody can, it’s in the blood and heart

    • Kennybhoy


  • tigerlily

    This is the way all dissent on the issues surrounding immigration is treated. No matter how reasonable and moderate the speaker even now the loudest response is always to try and cow them to silence (eg last week’s BBC Question Time). I’m sick of it.

  • wilfulsprite

    One of the most alarming aspects of this story is the behaviour of the police, which has passed largely unnoticed, and unchallenged. Those worried about the nature of recent immigrants can apparently add the police to their list of enemies, along with UAF, HNH, and the three main parties. Even more worrying than the previous threat from ID cards, which was at least an official policy.

  • David Brown

    I don’t have a problem with generalizing about Muslims. The so-called Moderates have demonstrated repeatedly that they really aren’t so moderate after all. These Moderates continue to fail to reign in the radicals and are largely silent about the atrocities committed in the name of their god, yet they out number the radicals 9 to 1. Additionally, those Moderates are typically the parents of the radical Muslim youth to whom they impart their own disdain for non-Muslims. These youth become empowered by the cultural ties the parents maintain, the parents ignoring the dangerous teachings in the Koran. It still comes down to what is in the book. Moderates pick and choose the portions they want to incorporate into their lives, but the message ‘from god’ is still there waiting to be acted upon. Hence Moderates being deemed apostate by their own brethren. The Koran is a book of hatred and war, and Islam is not a religion of peace by any means.

    • James Lovelace

      People have no problem generalising about nazis, communists, christians. It’s only with muslims that people start to say “you can’t tar them all with the same brush”.

      The only way you can identify or define a muslim is based on the belief system which they claim to follow. There is not sect of islam that rejects the koran, even if they reject everything else.

      And to all intents and purposes, the last words to leave the mouth of Mohammed were “kill the unbelievers”. Surah 9, the verse of the sword, is number 113 of the 114 verses in the koran.

  • Ralph Ellis

    The politicians and media in this country are disgusting. They will apologize to Islam again and again, until there is no more Westminster and no more Fleet Street, and we are all exiles in Canada.

    No, sorry, Canada will have gone as well. Columbia anyone?

  • Ralph Ellis

    Has anyone else noticed, that if you post the koranic verses that inculcate this hatred of kuffer-unbelievers, they are immediately deleted by any media outlet. Islam is a Religion of Peace, but if you dare reproduce those verses of peace on a comments site, you will be banned from the thread immediately.

    I won’t even bother posting the verses here, as I know what will happen. There are about 520 of these verses of peace (hatred), so I have a reasonable choice. If the Spectator wants to see them I would be most happy to oblige, but I will not hold my breath.

  • Mahmoud

    There was a UAF demonstration in Swansea yesterday. On their banner was the word “Islamophobia”. (not Hinduphobia, or Judeaophobia, mind). I tried to point out to them that fear of people who have murdered thousands of Europeans is entirely rational and lots of sane people feel it. I also pointed out that Sharia does not recognise individual human rights, and that ‘Islamic States’ where freedom of speech and conscience are outlawad are by any definition fasicist. A waste of time of course. They were secure behind smug, left wing, politically correct humanism. I hope they remember meeting me when their “dhimmi” children stand before a qadi sentenced to amputation for shoplifting.

  • Margita

    How typical to look down on the working classes and ignore them…how disappointing of you Mr Murray…

  • Betty

    Its a pity ,Tommy was talking about the problems of the white working class,thats why he’s branded a racism,white working class didn’t invent racism,the upper class invented racism to rob poor people of colour,this show you how the white working class are paying for crimes commitment by the ruling class, to freeze this man bank account for four years is wrong,how they expect him to eat and pay he’s rent or mortgage,I don’t know. No wonder he’s got to do interview’s to make a living ,I don’t thinks he’s a racist I just don’t think he likes Islam and he’s not the only one

  • Diamond Draw

    The media is sometimes to blame for problems, to some extent. But when you yourself generalize about a group of people and especially when they are not only in your back yard but live all over the globe, and mostly in their own countries, then you are a bigot. Take responsibility for your actions – Tommy Robinson did in one sentence, say he had been generalizing and admits that was wrong. If he can learn, so too can others. The policing problem seems quite unique. How come in Muslim countries with literally millions of Muslims and millions of Christians you still don’t see the level of animosity or constant problems between groups as in one city or area in Britain? Is it just a policing problem or a terrorist problem? If it’s terrorism, then shouldn’t it be dealth with? How would one know? If it’s just a policing problem, then it has to be dealt with by police. I don’t understand why this is the case, or even know if I can believe everything that is being reported.
    Uttering death threats seems to fall under a “police problem” and Tommy R’s case should be followed up by the police. I am not familiar with Luton in the news, or whether there have been any bombings lately or terrorism. If there is, then “smoke em out” should be your (local police and MI5 or MI6, whichever is responsible) MO for the terrorists. Peace. Even citizens are permitted to post emergency calls or tips about terrorism or terrorist activities, aren’t they?

  • Essgeebee

    The police are emasculated by political pressure to ‘celebrate diversity’. That’s been translated to celebrate anything but Britain and the indigenous British. All others are better and to be protected. Oh, and Muslims get violent if you tackle them so go for the soft, civilised British.

  • Hobbes Brundige

    When it comes to harris haters i think it telling that they call him islamaphobe but not christianaphobe. He uses the same logic to call out both religions yet his detractors are only concerned with his views on muslim beliefs. If their problems were with his logic or how he “generalizes” religious people they would be equally as scrutinous of all his problems with all religions. But they arent. So when he says not all christians hate gay people but the main group that is stopping pro gay rights legislation in the us is almost solely christian therefore it is a christian problem harris haters dont come to christians defense. This is because they agree with him on this point. But when he uses the same logic on muslims he is an islamaphobe. They dont hate his logic or disagree unless it is used toward a group they like.

  • Child_of_Thatcher

    Really there are no comments on this story? When I read it I was reminded of Cologne and the way the establishment reacted there. Media censored and police more concerned with so called racists than rape.

    • Quest for Liberty

      Upon the refurbishment of their site, the comments on all articles previous were erased unfortunately, however they may be available via Disqus.

  • Ronke

    Even Douglas gets brainwashed by the press….

  • Patrick

    What happened in Rotherham alone should of had 100,000s of people out protesting (let alone all the other places) yet only hundreds, if that many even, could be arsed. We are truly f@@cked as a country.

  • Darren Clapson

    I used to write Tommy off as a hooligan. Then I watched more and more media online and I have changed my thinking. The way he has been treated in the press is generally shameful – his appearance and treatment on a BBC 3 audience Q and A style morning show was nothing short of shameful. I watched his Oxford Union address, and it was a thoughtful and compelling insight into where this man comes from and who he is, I am sure I was not the only person who watched it that was quietly impressed. He has certainly grown in stature and as time goes on and his views have matured, and he has become a more articulate voice. He is certainly no angel, and he has a violent past. Working class whites in the UK are a neglected voice, treated with sneering contempt; especially by inner city leftists, who long ago gave up any pretences of standing with the common man.

    I don’t always agree with him, but the trumped-up hyperbole that exaggerate and fabricate everything that surround this man is genuinely alarming; and is instructive in that Tommy is giving a voice to millions of disaffected lower class men, and it’s a voice the elite clearly don’t want to hear. The treatment he has been subjected to by the authorities is deplorable, and the actions of police in particular certainly warrant investigation or legal proceedings; they have clearly set about using dubious means to shut this man up.