20 July 2013

9:00 AM

20 July 2013

9:00 AM

Running scared

Three participants were gored at the Pamplona bull run. The event has reputation for danger, but how risky is it?
—Since 1910, 15 deaths have been recorded, the last in 2009. Five of the deaths have been since 1980.
— Counting of the participants began only 2011, when 20,500 people were recorded as taking part in the eight bull runnings of that year. If this is typical it suggests a mortality rate of about one in 140,000.
— This compares well with another mass outdoor event: the London marathon. Since 1981, there have been eight deaths during or immediately after the marathon. Over 32 years the number of participants has grown from 6,500 to 32,000, suggesting a mortality rate of approximately one in 67,000, or about twice that of the bull run.

Taking sides

Two sprinters, Asafa Powell and Tyson Gay, tested positive for banned substances. Which sportsmen are most likely to take performance-enhancing drugs?

% who admit to having taken them

American football 13%
Lacrosse 12%
Baseball 9.1%
Ice hockey 8.8%
Basketball 8.5%
Football, golf 6.9%
Track 5.1%
Wrestling 4.7%
Swimming 4.5%
Tennis 3.9%

Source: National College Athletic Association (US)

Who the cap fits

The £26,000 a year benefit cap in figures:
40,000 households will be affected
49% of which are in London
— The mean loss of income will be £93 a week; the median loss £62 a week
20% of affected households will lose more than £150 a week. These include 80,000 adults and 190,000 children
Source: DWP

Greatest escapes

A man wanted in connection with a murder in Hertfordshire was a convicted murderer who had been on day release from an open prison. In 2011/12, 183 prisoners escaped or absconded. These were the most escaped-from prisons:

Ford (category D) 27
Thorn Cross (category D, young offenders) 27
North Sea Camp (category D) 24
Sudbury (category D) 21
Kirkham (category D) 20

Source: Ministry of Justice

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