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2 July 2022

9:00 AM

2 July 2022

9:00 AM

In news that won’t necessarily come as a surprise, a recent poll by the Lowy Institute claims that nearly half of all Australians feel unsafe or insecure; only 53 per cent of us feel ‘safe’ or ‘very safe’. This is in stark contrast to back in the period from 2005-10 when nearly everyone, well around 90 per cent of us at least, felt safe most or all the time. So what’s happened? Back then we were in the midst of the era of Isis and global Islamist terrorism; the London bus bombings, the Mumbai train bombings, etc. Are we really in a far more dangerous world now than we were then?

To some extent, yes. Ukraine, Russia and the increasing belligerence of China are all reasons for feeling uneasy.

But could a large part of the modern malaise and insecurity be due to the relentless campaign by the Left to terrify our young people and frighten the bejesus out of the most vulnerable and innocent in our society? Could it be because the neo-Marxists who run our education system have spent the last two decades terrifying our children witless about some imaginary climate change armageddon and terrifying them that their life is not worth living if they use the wrong pronoun? Could it be because our pusillanimous politicians have refused to fire a single shot in the culture wars being relentlessly waged on us, on our families and on our once-proud Aussie way of life? Could it be that our health bodies treated a virus not much worse than a cold as the scariest thing since the Spanish Flu?

That would certainly account for the feeling of being ‘unsafe’ amongst the young. When you’ve had it drummed into you from your earliest years via books, movies and the TV that we are heading towards a global inferno and an uninhabitable planet thanks to mankind’s use of energy, no wonder you don’t feel safe. Indeed, fear and anxiety are the key emotions associated with climate change activism.

It was Saul Alinsky, the neo-Marxist who penned the Rules for Radicals and who figured out that the best way to destroy capitalism and Western society was to erode and dismantle it from within, who wrote: ‘The organiser must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community, fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression.’ Then when ‘the despair is there; now it is up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanise them for radical social change.’

The common misconception is that it is conservatives who are fighting the culture wars and it is conservatives who are obsessed with identity politics. The truth, as is so often the case these days, is the complete reverse. It is the radical Left – willingly aided and abetted by the soft Left –  that is relentless and unforgiving in its quest to destroy our traditional family values and established institutions by attacking simultaneously every belief or opinion that was once considered common sense. These individuals have already inflicted massive and possibly irreversible damage on our institutions of learning, have torn down from every angle the intellectual and legal privileges bestowed upon us by the Enlightenment and wish to obliterate altogether the material health, wealth and prosperity bestowed upon us by industrialisation and our bountiful energy resources. No wonder people are scared.

Meanwhile, in pathetically small numbers and with virtually no significant institutions on their side, conservatives are fighting to preserve what they can of our dynamic and exceptional civilisation and traditional values as our kids sink into a swamp of racial tension, anger, fear, loathing, racial shame and guilt.

Most people don’t join the dots, but join them they should. The lack of education, the extreme climate alarmism, the pernicious racial division of  indigenous activism, the elevation of feelings over facts and rational debate, the irrational hatred of normal working activities, the craven modern mainstream media and its warped sense of priorities, the lenient judicial system and even the hopeless ‘moral equivalence’ that infests most of our religious institutions could easily be overcome. The Achilles heel in the Alinsky approach is that all of these institutions that are so effortlessly swayed to the Left are, on the whole, publicly funded. It is the hard-working, non-woke taxpayer who finances the woke revolution through grants, public education jobs and government bureaucracies.

The only way we will reverse this steady decline is when we have a conservative political leadership prepared to turn off the cash taps that are funding those outfits seeking to tear down our traditional values, beliefs and Judeo-Christian way of life.

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