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Our kids deserve to be happy

8 June 2022

8:00 AM

8 June 2022

8:00 AM

Enough of terrifying our kids on a daily basis.

Climate Change activists have a lot to answer for in terms of the mental health of children of all ages around the world. Then came the lockdowns, which completely damaged their social and relationship skills, particularly for the very young. Now, they see kids in schools being gunned down.

The filter through which our children see the world has become the very opposite of what it should be. 

I don’t want to get into a debate about how real Climate Change is, as the whole thing has become an accepted religion for too many people. All I want is to suggest that you do your own research into the predictions of Climate Change activists and check for yourself how many of those predictions have eventuated in the last twenty years.

In the meantime, a huge number of children have been led to believe the planet will cease to exist and that they are responsible. The number of related stress and psychological issues developed is astounding.

Adults have also been scared senseless, but my focus is on getting our kids back to being happy, healthy, carefree little Vegemites – globally.

We need an educational curriculum – not one that teachers are tasked with implementing in classrooms, but one that starts in schools and on social media. Even better if it spawns into live events that reconnects kids with the wonderful beings they really are.

Essentially this would be a movement that reinforces how special and loved they are. How they make a difference to the world, their family, community, and to individual others. A movement that encourages kindness to others and smiling. It would involve looking for and finding things they like and love in this world, regardless of their circumstances or environments. 

The bullying, suicides, and discomfort children feel in their own skin can absolutely be helped by a program that I envision being created by experts like Tony Robbins, Esther Hicks, The Wiggles as well as people I know personally that have been working in this arena for many years.

Certainly, include educators and psychologists in the process, but this collaboration can start slowly and build on its successes. There are technologies available that can encourage participation and corporations should participate in providing products and services to enhance this movement. 

Russia and China know full well that if you educate children from a young age, you have them for life. This insidious communist paradigm is what has created the destructive Woke culture we have today.

It took many years, but the regiment of Woke indoctrination took hold in perfect circumstances. Governments, universities, and even corporations exploded in a collaborative acceptance of destroying our history, implementing unacceptable language distortion, and officially agreeing that there are no longer two genders. I have every respect for anyone in a gender morphing crisis or distress, but that is a long way from teaching small children in schools about sexual orientations that adults struggle with.

How did we go from America having a two-term black President in Barrack Obama and African Americans holding offices at the highest level of every profession to believing in systemic racism?

Why didn’t the ‘privileged’ African Americans in those positions cry out to save our society from a radical race movement by denouncing the lie of systemic racism before it spilled out into the Western world?

Has Oprah gone into senility? I would love her to explain how she reached the heights she did within such a systemically racist country. Not to mention her friend Gail, the wonderful Tyler Perry, and others who jumped on the systemic racism bandwagon ignited by George Floyd. 

How did all of this happen? We were groomed, folks…

We were groomed and the education started in our universities and crept all the way down to our kindergartens.

One of the few benefits of the Covid lockdown was that parents woke up to what their children were being indoctrinated within the school system. All of this did not happen by accident, but that is a subject for another article. 

So, let’s take back our kids.

Let’s highlight the wonderful world they live in.

Every child should feel good about who and what they are. Every child should know how to smile and be kind to others. Every child should know they can do and have anything they want.

Let’s start a movement from kindergarten to high schools to take our children back to appreciating how good their country is, how good their community is, and how good life can be. 

Lily Steiner is an active member of the community, radio host on www.J-Air.com.au and lifelong advocate for Israel. She is an entrepreneur and Founder of American Business Gateway.

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