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Consequences for kids, but not Dan and his ‘image-makers’

16 February 2022

2:00 PM

16 February 2022

2:00 PM

Most of us bring our kids up right. They know there are consequences if they misbehave or are disrespectful – certainly if they lie or flat out don’t do what they are told. But every night on the news and internet they see adults totally misbehaving and getting away with it.

No matter what Daniel Andrews (the supposed leader of Victoria) does, he never seems to suffer any consequences. At all.

In fact, over the last few days we have been told that he has over 150 staff members working on his ‘image’, largely through social media. Victorian taxpayers are forking out each and every week to make the Premier of Victoria ‘look good’. Are there any consequences to this revelation? No wonder he feels he is invincible and thinks he will win the next election.

Does anyone remember the legislation the Andrews’ government brought in to hold CEOs accountable for any workplace accidents? After all those quarantine deaths, you never hear about that anymore – but it’s still on the books.

Making vaccine mandates for kids five and up look like both kids and parents are loving it must take up the time of at least four or five of the image-makers we pay for. Even worse, elite private schools are parroting the safety and efficacy of these mandates as the only normal way to achieve ‘health and safety’ for the kids in their schools.

Of course parents and communities are intimidated into complying. If the principal and school board say it’s true, it must be.

It’s kind of weird and Machiavellian. Common sense and logic would suggest natural immunity – at the very least – might be a reason not to vaccinate young children (amongst other viable data collected about adverse reactions from around the world). But maintaining the level of ‘certainty’ within school communities must have at least 20 or 30 of the 150 Dan image-makers working full time.

There are no consequences to this blatant self-aggrandisement. Let’s stop this immediately.

Changing things at the ballot box does not exactly fix this problem either. When you have 150 people working full time to make sure you look good and show that people appear to love you, how do you come close to being the real person underneath the ‘image’?

Consequences need to be obvious and swift, otherwise – as the kids say – it’s just not fair.

What do we tell our kids when they are in trouble for not doing homework, but that the people they see on television every night leading Victoria get to keep their jobs, salaries, and benefits when they don’t do the right thing?

It’s great that so many things are called out in the news, but what are the consequences for people acting in bad faith? It doesn’t seem like those responsible are even embarrassed by their actions.

As a nation and community, how do we demand consequences for the political class?

Just before the pandemic, a couple of Labor ministers were called out for the inappropriate use of travel funds. Despite this – and many other incidents – Labor maintains its popularity with voters. So many political indiscretions have passed under the bridge that the prospect of consequences seems lost forever.

The repercussions of 150-strong PR machine are mind-boggling.

I’m thrilled we have alternative news sources that will call bad behaviour out, but it cannot and must not stop at just providing the information. There much be both legal and follow up groups that actually mandate consequences, regardless of what they are, and this must be done quickly and not relegated to a vote in the next election.

Lily Steiner is an active member of the community, radio host on www.J-Air.com.au and lifelong advocate for Israel. She is an entrepreneur and Founder of American Business Gateway.

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