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The strong stink of an election on the nose

15 May 2022

9:00 AM

15 May 2022

9:00 AM

The Liberals cannot be trusted to control Australia without adult supervision, but to replace them with an ALP/Green/ABC/Teal government would be a disaster.

Next weekend, voters must ensure that Liberals can form government, providing they have mature overseers… Australia needs sensible people holding the balance of power – fresh faces that understand a few basic truths.

  • The ‘Man-made Climate Crisis’ is a fraud. Natural cycles control the climate.
  • ‘Net Zero Emissions’ is a destructive, impossible green dream.
  • Hydrogen, Pumped Hydro, and Big Batteries are all net consumers of energy. They can store energy and recycle it, but that round-robin process consumes energy.
  • Carbon Capture and Storage and ‘Clean Coal’ are con games designed to consume more hydro-carbon energy for no public benefit. They would enrich big businesses.
  • Reliable affordable electricity for industry and homes is best supplied by coal, gas, hydro, or nuclear power.
  • While the world scrambles to get coal supplies, Australian bureaucrats have delayed coal exploration and development for decades. And we can mine and export uranium, but not use it. These follies must stop.
  • All electricity generators should be treated equally – no special taxes or subsidies. They should be obliged to provide their own backup power and their own connections to the grid. 
  • Electric cars may suit rich city folk (who forget they are powered mainly by coal), but battery-electric engines are an impossible dream for dozers, tractors, harvesters, road trains, aeroplanes, and bulk carriers. The supply chain that delivers daily food and fuel to the cities relies totally on hydrocarbon energy.
  • To moderate the effects of droughts and floods we need more dams right now.
  • We need a regulatory firestorm to clear the legislative litter of green and red tape.
  • We have far too many complicated tax laws. We need to slash and simplify taxes everywhere, starting with the abolition of payroll tax (the tax on jobs) and capital gains tax (the tax on capital improvements).
  • Most politicians since the Whitlam era as having helped to create a huge national debt. Unless we reverse this, our currency will be destroyed, opening the door to digital money, electronic rationing, and The Great Green Reset. 
  • We must abolish federal/state/local duplication, leaving more control with state and local authorities and with families.
  • The federal government should focus on defence, foreign affairs, quarantine, and maintenance of free trade between states.
  • We need a ‘back-to-basics’ in public education, with less green indoctrination.
  • Australia has a shortage of labour, and a surplus of people receiving welfare. Welfare for able-bodied recipients with no dependents should be reduced.

It is time to vote for real change.

Australia is facing a national security crisis. We hold a large, rich continent with a small population. It is lightly defended with inadequate weapons. Wars are often fought for living space and resources. To our North (and sneaking down to the East with a few spy ships) we have China’s claws.

Australia is in possession of huge resources regarding minerals, energy, timber, and food but too much is sterilised in nationalised parks, world heritage areas, or buried under rainbow serpents. We have to import farm labour while we pay Australians not to work. Now, grasslands and farms are being suffocated beneath subsidised green energy paraphernalia while speculators tout capital-destroying dreams like hydrogen. Our education system devalues maths and science, despises educational excellence, and offers an expanding array of soft options. Australia’s immigration policy seems to encourage racial tension while our military leaders seem more concerned with diversity and zero emissions than with discipline and skills.

It requires thoughtful dedication to save Australia at this late stage.

It will get worse before it gets better, and we cannot allow those who created this crisis to control our next chapter.

Australia’s revival must start with this election.

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