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Supporting Ms Deves

23 April 2022

9:00 AM

23 April 2022

9:00 AM

At this election, Australians not only get to decide who governs the nation – Liberals or Labor –but they could also get to settle the ongoing civil war within the Liberal party itself. This is the struggle for power between those on the right side of politics whom Margaret Thatcher politely called the ‘wets’ and the more pragmatic and conservative ‘dries’. With the defeat of John Howard, the war, once fought around differences in approach to social policies and economics, took on a vicious and ruthless hue, as the Fabian Malcom Turnbull successfully sought to tear down and discredit the traditionally conservative values of Tony Abbott, blithely dismissive of the fact that it was those very values that had won the Liberals government in 2013’s landslide victory. For a decade now the Liberals have continuously sought to suppress those differences, failing miserably. It’s now up to conservatives across the nation to take matters into their own hands – and save the Liberal party from itself.

If the polls are anything to go by, the vast number of ‘undecideds’ in this election has the potential to throw up an array of unexpected and bizarre results. There will be those familiar faces who will astonishingly disappear from our TV screens and there will be new and surprising MPs who make their maiden voyage to Canberra. Expect a few new versions of Ricky Muir – he of the kangaroo droppings and racing cars fame – to materialise.

The legacy of Covid is impossible to predict, but there is no doubt that the residual anger and frustrations of those who were so disgracefully treated by draconian state laws and policing tactics, not to mention mandates of all description, will boil over into the ballot box. On the one hand, we have an army of small business people who unfairly lost their jobs, vaccine hesitant individuals who were forced to resign despite years of loyal service, family members kept apart or those who who were so cruelly and callously denied the chance to see their loved ones before they died. They all get a vote. On the other hand, you also now have a generation of welfare addicts who will be finding it very hard to shake themselves free of the nostrum that governments are there to generously provide you with whatever it is you stick your hand out for. They too get to vote.

This week, the Liberals internal war erupted on the northern beaches of Sydney’s ‘insular peninsula’, with the (largely confected) controversy surrounding Katherine Deves, Scott Morrison’s ‘captain’s pick’ candidate to challenge Zali Steggall in Tony Abbott’s old seat of Warringah.

Katherine Deves is the co-founder of the lobby group Save Women’s Sport. The goal of the group is summed up in its three-word title; it wishes to ensure that female sports in Australia are the sole preserve of biological females. Transgender women (i.e. biological men) should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports at either the amateur, schoolyard or professional levels. The reasons are self-evident: allowing biological boys or men to participate in the intimate activities that sports involve is not only unfair in terms of the sports themselves but poses physical and sexual risks to the safety of the girls. As Ramesh Thakur points out in this week’s cover story, there are now ‘brilliant women being robbed of recognition and rewards by men who can’t beat other men. No surprise that amateur girls and women are reported to be quitting sports in droves after facing male-bodied opponents.’

The bedwetters in the NSW Liberal party, led by the likes of Matt Kean and Trent Zimmerman, are desperately trying to disendorse Katherine Deves, falsely labelling her ‘transphobic’ and smearing her with misquotes from her social media accounts and words taken out of context.

Could, in this election, conservatives actually restructure the Liberal party to their own liking? By voting IN the anti-woke Liberals and voting OUT the bedwetters. By simply demanding of every Liberal or National candidate whether they support Ms Deves or not, conservatives in every electorate will immediately know whether to put the Liberal/National candidate for the House of Reps in the number one spot, or instead, to vote for all three minor ‘freedom’ anti-woke party candidates (One Nation, Lib Dem and UAP) in the 1, 2 and 3 positions BEFORE the Liberal/National candidate.

Similarly, when voting for the Senate, ignore ‘how to vote’ cards and instead vote in order of the senators YOU would prefer, from whichever parties. Start with those who are vocal in supporting Ms Deves and her desire to save women’s sport.

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