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The naughty underground non-compliers

31 January 2022

12:00 PM

31 January 2022

12:00 PM

You wouldn’t know it but there are thousands of naughty non-complying Victorians enjoying access to their taxpayer-funded amenities and venues. They go about their daily business as if they were entitled to. They play the part and blend into society without anyone noticing. There were meant to be consequences for the dissidents and yet they defy, they organise, they act.

Though the consequences of making the ‘wrong choice’ (choosing liberty and personal sovereignty over one’s body) are felt among those who many regard as the diseased, super-spreader lepers of Victoria – there is a growing number of them that are finding ways to live life.

In what must be abhorrent news to the ‘Covid cult’ groupies, freedom fighters have found one another and are prospering.

After all, it was inevitable that this kind of social revolution from within would emerge as state repression elicits ‘give me liberty, or give me death’. For those democratically inclined anyhow… Who would have thought excluding people from participating in civil society and demonising their very existence would lead to an underground movement? Whilst we hear talk of the ‘digital identity’ plan, the ‘vaccine economy’, and the ‘great reset’ – the underground talk is of ‘parallel societies’, ‘unschooling,’ and the ‘great awakening’.

My own introduction to the underground players was at my first protest in Melbourne where I had a random encounter with someone who happened to live near me. Through this kind stranger I discovered a group which was well established, organised, and resourced. I connected with the others through social media and I was catapulted into a world of like-minded individuals with solutions, information about my rights, and education alternatives for my children. This is what a parallel society looks like. It was fascinating and, quite frankly, exciting to explore. What’s more intriguing is that the mainstream does not even realise it exists.

Much of the underground movement’s success is due to social media and other networks developed to counter censorship and infiltrators. As people turn off mainstream news (being fed up with its one-sided trajectory), more appealing independent media outlets are gaining traction. In the USA, for example, Josh Rogan has surpassed Fox News, CNN, and Tucker Carlson Tonight – annihilating the ratings which he averages 11 million per podcast. Tucker places a distant second with an average of 3.24 million each episode. In Victoria, independent journalists such as the Real Rukshan, Avi Yemini, and Topher Field represent figures of hope and sources of truth.

As the UK and Ireland repeal Covid restrictions, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand have gotten increasingly despotic. But what fate awaits Victoria known as the most locked up city in the world? It seems we have a long way to go before Chairman Dan officially releases the jab-free from their shackles.

What of his ‘rule by decree’ and how will he utilise his unchecked powers this year? It’s no secret Andrews feels a deep desire to inflict as much pain as electorally acceptable on those refusing his orders. He seems to be keeping good on his word that the unvaccinated will be punished well into 2022. Instead of waiting for Daddy Dan to grant his selective permissions, the persecuted have found other ways and are thriving.

It is largely going unnoticed in Victoria that draconian measures are still enforced. Herein lies the trap. Apathy provides a breeding ground for corruption and misuse of power. Letting the government mistreat others, despite if you agree with their choices or not, is a grave mistake. It means you are just as susceptible should you not continue to comply.

And what does it mean for the future? How will the social credit system be received by the majority? How will ever-increasing overreach be tolerated? Do we want Big Brother controlling and surveying us? How many jabs is too many?

A declared state of ‘emergency’ or ‘disaster’ does not mean the government has the green light to infringe upon our human rights and civil liberties. We have already seen the crumbling of free speech and that seems to have been an easy win for the government. They ought to be commended for the brilliant smear campaign on alternate views which was relentlessly attacked with armoury such as the ‘facebook fact checkers’, alarmist headlines, name-calling and labelling the ‘other’ as a ‘terrorist’, ‘fascist’, ‘right wing extremist’ and ‘anti-vaxxer’. It’s no wonder the ‘others’ are seeking an alternative social system. Maybe they’re onto something?

Social media has proved a double-edged sword during the Great Covid Panic. It has aided the tightening of government control and simultaneously provided a platform for like-minded free-thinking strangers to connect.

The influence of social media will be documented at large in future history accounts. As will the evolution of technological advancement that has bought us to this point whereby a virus that posed a threat to a specific cohort (the elderly and those with underlying health conditions), was perpetuated by social media to cripple, divide, and destroy the very fabrics of Western democracies around the globe.

Yet this same medium has brought hope, connectedness, and fashioned innovative ideas. It has inspired a disparate group of people holding onto their humanity, dignity, and unshakable moral compass. Many more people have joined their cause, having complied at first but now recognising the lies, abuse of power, and the manipulation exerted by a government they literally trusted with their lives.

Besides the protests that these players frequent, the movement has grown quietly, keeping secrets, maintaining low profiles, and acting the part. Just as Varys had his little birds, perhaps Dan has his too? Despite the threats, the exclusion, and the enormous risks – the players keep playing.

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