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Omicron roars through, but I only hear crickets

25 January 2022

9:00 AM

25 January 2022

9:00 AM

Since Omicron has spread so vigorously throughout the fully vaccinated and unvaccinated alike, and considering too that the unvaccinated (or shall I say ‘jab free’ population) are still banned from most institutions and venues, I am reflecting now upon the remarkable and most memorable vicious words of some who felt the need to belittle and publicly shame those who were not willing to participate in the greatest medical experiment in history.

I’m wondering if they might be a little regretful…?

I have heard countless recollections from people who have lost good friends and relatives, or those who have suffered tremendous heartache as their children’s relationships suffer because of the vitriol that has divided us – fuelled by government and the media for two years.

Surely, the mistake is obvious? Omicron runs rampant taking no notice of vaccine passports, ‘green ticks’ are hospitalised, and Pfizer’s CEO has stated that ‘two doses of the vaccine offer very limited protection if any’ against Omicron. The virus does not discriminate against its hosts.

The labelling of the vaccinated and unvaccinated must stop. We should unite once again and show the world that Australia has not been swallowed into a medieval black hole of irrationality and lunacy. It is time to stop the nonsensical apathy as the leaders continue to flout their fear and their orders. They must be held accountable for their actions and a fractured nation needs to heal and find the courage to act.

It is as plain as day that the government simply got it wrong. They tried. But they failed. Miserably. The problem is how to politically survive this when you’re in too deep? How are Scomo, Dan, Anna, Mark and what’s his name from the NT going to backpedal out of this?

The answer is an oldie but a goodie – you simply double down on the lie. You keep peddling the narrative at all costs. Hence the recent message ‘get your booster’ and ‘you’re not fully vaccinated without it’. That’s right folks, step right up for jab numero tre you don’t want to miss it. It doesn’t matter that your healthy person under 60 with more chance of being struck by lightening than dying of Covid. It doesn’t matter that you were told 80 per cent vaccinated and we’ll head down highway national road map and blow this joint. Were you really told that it was two weeks to flatten the curve? Sorry, you must have been mistaken… They meant two years and, by the way, the hospitals are still preparing. The health system could crash should we detect too much coughing so watch it.

Yes, the government will never concede they got it wrong.

People do things they normally wouldn’t do when overcome by fear. We can act irrationally when motivated by emotion. We will look to any ‘evidence’ available that confirms the notion that we are in a fight for survival and must follow the advice of ‘health experts’. Once coerced into receiving an injection you never would have got had it not been for the fact that you need to work – well – you have now been abused. And you feel that if you have suffered the abuse then so should everyone else. It ought to be a level playing field. And to level it out, you call out anyone resisting the vaccine or projecting an alternate view. Things get nasty and the family gatherings aren’t so friendly anymore. There is always one black sheep in every family – one lone wolf seeing it for what it is and ostracised by those they love most.

It has been a hard time and what’s looming now is far worse. They are coming for the kids, and they are relentless. If we do not act now, the government will place further restrictions on the children by not allowing them to participate in certain social activities if not double, triple, and quadrupled jabbed. The mandates are not scientifically backed but, like almost every other ‘health orders’, they are politically motivated.

We are still waiting to see the health advise that led to the lockdowns, the closure of the playgrounds, the curfews etc… And should I even mention the Novak debacle? What an embarrassment. The evidence to support the orders is never shown by the government because there is no evidence. None of substance anyway. And now they want our kids injected – for what? A virus that is so minuscule in its impact on them that it’s negligible? But, I’ll volunteer my child to roll up her sleeve so you can drug her with a substance that has known serious side effects, known deaths and unknown long-term effects. Certainly, I see the benefits of injecting my child. She will protect others and herself. Oh wait, no that cannot be right. It does not limit the spread and it doesn’t stop her from getting Covid. Um hang on…

Speak up and tell the world you get it! Call your friend and tell them you did not mean the insults and the belittling, that you made a mistake and that your judgment was clouded by fear. It’s understandable so many only took the jab because it was believed things would go back to normal. That you believed the government when they insisted you do it to protect others. That it would stop transmission and that the vaccine was the way out of this mess. But now you realise that you were lied to, hoodwinked, played. It’s no wonder you’re mad as hell. It’s time to make some noise because the crickets aren’t going to get us out of this.

The greatest revenge they say is a dish best served cold, and it seems now is the time to harness that anger and plan for the moment of truth. The opportunity to take back what’s been lost and the best chance we have is at the Federal election.

Vote wisely. Vote for democracy. Vote for unity.

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